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To me, she still has a sister; we just never see her. The girls don't smoke, Lindsay isn't portrayed as bulimic in the film, and the song the kids used to taunt Sam as a kid is different. Again, filmmakers have to consider a run time and they probably don't want to promote teenage smoking, but there is another reason some of the stuff was cut. I just didn't know how to make different ones.

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Blige, which plays every single time Sam relives the day. The music choices are plucked from Oliver's own experiences, but the filmmakers give the soundtrack a bit of an update. In the book, there's one scandalous day when Sam comes onto Mr.

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Daimler and he ends up making out with her. It's a turning point because she realizes she's actually disgusted by him and he is a creep, just like Kent has been saying. In the film, she sexily teases him in front of the class, but he doesn't take advantage of her. Sam's pursuit of Kent varies ever so slightly in the film.

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Events like their kiss happen at different times, and though most of Kent's backstory remains the same, it's Kent's father who had died rather than his grandfather. This may be the biggest change of all: During one of the days, Sam goes through with losing her virginity to a drunken Rob. Then to immediately cut to seeing her have this wonderful interaction with Kent, it's a pretty strong statement about how women's worths are not determined by their sexual choices. Little things throughout Sam's day are different. Sam doesn't skip class with Lindsay to go to frozen yogurt.

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[PDF] The Last Swing (The Anna Series Book 9) by Carol Petrie. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online The. [DOWNLOAD] The Last Swing (The Anna Series Book 9) by Carol Petrie. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read.

Celebrity Interviews Movies Popsugar Interviews. Around The Web. You May Also Like. The Royals. Author Anna Todd originally published the fan fiction on Wattpad , which is favored by a young demographic and is absolutely rife with One Direction fic.

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The story became so popular that it was published , albeit with names and identifying features changed. For example, Harry Styles became Hardin, and the butterfly tattoo on his stomach was changed to a tree. In October, Paramount acquired the movie rights. Cult hit Clueless is based on yet another Austen novel, Emma.

The flick follows Cher Alicia Silverstone , as rich and privileged as the title character in Emma , as one who sees herself as much more sophisticated and sensible than she is, though no less charming for it. Need we say more? The novel, written by Seth Grahame-Smith and listing Austen as co-author, is as much a parody as it is AU fan fiction.

In the play, Countess Olivia falls in love with Viola, who is disguised as a boy, though Viola is in love with Duke Orsino.

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Meanwhile, Sebastian falls in love with Olivia. The contemporary movie depicts a soccer rivalry but does have Viola Bynes dressed as her brother, Sebastian James Kirk , and falling in love with Duke Channing Tatum while fending off the advances of Olivia Laura Ramsey. Old-time play set in a modern setting?


AU fic. Dalloway was remixed by director Stephen Daldry for the Oscar winner The Hours , based on the Michael Cunningham novel, which won the Pulitzer for fiction.

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