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Deep Sea Fishing Frequently Asked Questions
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North Shore was lined with youngsters. Jacob, visiting from Auburn, had figured out how to cast on his own and set sail with a lure called a Kastmaster.

Do you fish in rough seas?

A big trout struck, his rod pulsed and danced, and Jacob hung on for the ride. As he retrieved the big fish, it came to the surface and left a swirl as big as a washtub, while the other youngsters in the area let out cheers and ran to the site. The fish jumped once, and Jacob kept reeling, and eventually brought the big trout to shore. Email: tstienstra sfchronicle. More by Tom Stienstra. Top of the News.

Captain Jason Long

It is it normal for worms like these to inhabit our waters? It may also stem from dealing with anglers that would not show up. Activity of trying to catch fish. I do not encourage eating raw oysters due to the possibility of contracting a naturally occurring bacteria Vibrio vulnificus and becoming sick. How long bull sharks live in the wild is unknown.

We do fish in uncomfortable seas from time to time. Actually, we would rather fish in calm seas but that does not always happen.

If you have small children, we are not going to force you to go out in uncomfortable seas. To tell you the truth, We don't like fishing in rough seas anymore than you do.

Do you fish in rough seas?

Toddlers as young as two can begin fishing with the assistance and A 5-year- old, or even an 8-year-old, cannot handle adult-sized rods and reels comfortably. 3 reviews. Minimum age for fishing charter/trip. 8 years ago. Save. What is the minimum age for fishing charters and trips? We were considering taking a trip with.

The sad thing about deep sea fishing is that some people are prone to motion sickness. The good thing is that there are over the counter medications such as non-drowsy Dramamine or Bonine. For more severe cases of motion sickness, you may have your local physician prescribe the Scopolamine patch that you wear behind your ear.

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Regular Dramamine is best for those who you want to go to sleep. Sometimes the cure is worse than the symptom. The price you see on our website is the price to charter the boat for the hours agreed upon. This price is for up to 6 people or anglers in your group. We do not charge a per person charge.

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The price also includes your license, your bait and the use of the tackle. Fish cleaning is complimentary and is provided free gratis by Lem after we return to port. The tip for the deckhand or mate is not included in the price of the charter. You are expected to tip Lem at the rate of about 20 to 25 percent of the price of the charter after we get in from the trip. He provides complimentary fish cleaning and bagging for you after we return to port.

You will need to bring your own food and beverages. You will also need to bring your small cooler, your own ice, sunscreen, hat, hand towels and non-skid tennis shoes. You are welcome to bring your own fishing tackle with you. However, if a fish breaks it, we are not liable for the damages incurred. Fly fishermen bring theirs all the time.

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Their tackle is especially suited for saltwater fishing. Our busiest time of the year is during May, June, July and August and on weekends throughout the year. You should book your fishing charter as soon as you have your final plans together and you know when you are coming to Gulf Shores. You need to go online and submit your fishing request form so we will know which dates you want to go fishing. We offer two reef fishing charters daily. If we do not have the morning trip you want, we may have the afternoon trip available.

The fish usually bite just as well in the afternoon as they do in the morning.

We do offer our charters on a first come, first serve basis. The first person to give us a credit card number is the one who gets the first choice of charters. There are a lot of species of fish we can catch and release. During the summer charter season, we like to depart on time to make sure our second trip of the day is on time and those customers get a great fishing charter also. We usually request that you arrive at the dock and be on the boat 20 minutes prior to departure so we may go over our safety checklist and prepare for departure.

During the summer charter season, we normally can always catch you nice fish. Catching a specific species of fish may be rare during different charter fishing seasons. You would not realistically catch tuna on every trip, nor would you catch keeper Grouper or Amberjack on a trolling trip.

Captain Jason Long

Bull Redfish are rarely caught during the summer months because they are a winter species for offshore fishermen. We will tell you what is biting when you contact us.

You may also read our fishing reports or fish stories to see what other anglers are catching. We are a six passenger boat.

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The coast guard only allows us to take up to 6 passengers on any paid fishing trip. I understand that you have a larger group and want our services. We do offer an option for those with 10 or 12 people. Having a second boat is dependent upon availability. The earlier in the charter fishing season you book your trip, the better opportunity you will have of getting the date you want.