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Plus, what grammer materials should I be studying? You need 10, hours to master anything. This includes a language. In three months, you can definitely know quite a bit if you completely immerse yourself in the language; i. But I doubt you will have full mastery of a language within 3 months. My girlfriend on the other hand, after 7 years in this country, still sounds like she came straight off the boat because she converses in her language at work, and when she comes home, she constantly watches foreign t.

I think the biggest obstacle with learning a language is pronunciation. I found a software for Spanish, that actually had voice recognition and gave visual feedback on the speech of the language. I found it very useful! I recommend a similar program. Hi all. Since I assume everyone on here is the kind of person who wants to use intelligent shortcuts to achieve maximum gain in [whatever], it seemed nuts to me that anyone reading this and keen to try it would be incentivised to make up their own language table individually, seemingly representing a collective waste of effort.

If you want to add a language, the quickest way is 1. Copy this down to B Choose your target language on the right 7. On the online spreadsheet, insert a column in order to insert your language in alphabetical order 9. Your principles are a good guide for most finance or tech employees, but are certainly not universal for all workers.

Thanks in advance for your response. I want to improve my English, both spoken and written. But when someone wants improve the studied foreign language, we have to climb up to another step. A while ago Tim published a website that helped you learn Japanese characters by providing a drawing interface and the character with associations. Does anyone know what that site is? Thank you so much for the informative article. Hey Tim I wonder if the same techniques could be applied to learning a computer programming language. Any thoughts or experience with this?

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The vocab for a programming language is quite limited. You can write substantial programs with relatively limited means. The main thing is to understand the concepts and use of each item e. This kind of essential conceptual understanding is not present in a natural language. You can use a spoken language in as simple a way as you like and say as much nonsense as you like.

The basic difference in my opinion is the need to grasp the concepts behind the vocab terms without which they are unusable. Music is another one. The comparison possibly stems from the idea that everything can be reduced to a computer model, a persistent notion which seems more in line with s sci-fi than real life but is still peddled by geeks out for world domination.

I have NO IDEA where to put this and I know this is not the right place, but: The books have plenty of affiliate links which seem to be broken, which sucks. Is there a way that this will be solved? I do have a question, one I am betting you never heard before. The only reason I ask is becuase my traditional language is on the extinct language speakers list.

There is less than fluent speakers of my traditional language and we are currently in the process of trying to save it. It was illegal for us to speak our language here in Canada up until , and it was almost lost. I really want to learn it but there are no videos, novels, tv shows with this language. We do have some books, and some short stories, but like I said we are desperately trying to save it.

I could be curious to see what your opinion is. I have even thought about contacting some of the major language teaching companies like the rosetta stone makers and see what kind of advice they have. Thanks, and I look forward to hearing what you think. I have been struggling to learn Arabic for years. I wonder how best to apply this to my Arabic study? The best thing for me to focus on is news articles and political subjects, but how does one get over the issue of memorizing massive amounts of vocabulary once those most used words are firmly ensconced in the brain?

Are flashcards recommended or simply move forward and learn the words as they come up in additional articles? I know that this is a great way to learn initially but what is the next step? I love this comment, because it jives with everything I believe about language learning. Similar to your 3 criteria, I like to break it down into 4 criteria that make language learning the most useful: 1 Effective Good method that enables learning and remembering 2 Efficient Fast and to the point 3 Fun Enjoyable, Challenging, fun quotes and sayings.

Thanks for the interesting lists. In our household we have people learning English, Thai, and Nepali and this has been a great exercise. You mentioned that you started to learn Vietnamese.

Or any special tactic you applied to this particular language. I was watching TV series. Really inspiring your post! I have some friends who want to learn English and ask for help, and I guess this post of yours is going to be very inspirational e motivational for them as well as for me. Thanks for your great knowledge and your will of sharing it! A very latin hug from Brazil for you, Wilson. Great, great article!!!! What are the top common words in the french language that i could study and learn to practice this method?

You have an amazing ability to capture things. I am late in my life of learning a new language. But better late than never. Any help really appreciated. I have no idea where you got the spoken-frequency list from, but a reference would be helpful. Ignore the numbers. I simply pasted wholesale from a word search I did over the most frequent words of spoken English, but the rightmost show the frequency ranking. This is academic spoken English, but it will not differ materially from that of most intelligent speakers elsewhere, and will perhaps have the benefit of making you sound more intelligent.

I focus strictly on the highest frequency words, but I have yet to master even the first Hello Tim. Just finishing read you book and start to work under new life style. Effect are amazing. Hello, Being so far to understand your English, I choose to learn another language.

So, thanks for first :- Katerina. I love the method used here, however in my opinion the only way to really learn a language is to go and live abroad. Fascinating post about learn any language.

Wish language teachers would take some time break things down like you do before teaching people. It would make learning easier and faster. This is a great article about language learning. I cannot understand why more schools are not using technology such as skype to connect native speakers with non native speakers.

This is why the fastest way to master a language is to live in that country, as you have nicely articulated in this article and your book. Post reading time: 15 minutes. Some background on my language obsession, from an earlier post on learning outside of classes : From the academic environments of Princeton University Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Italian and the Middlebury Language Schools Japanese , to the disappointing results observed as a curriculum designer at Berlitz International Japanese, English , I have sought for more than 10 years to answer a simple question: why do most language classes simply not work?

The ideal system — and progression — is based on three elements in this order… 1. Finding the Perfect Office Chair: Aeron vs. Swiss Ball vs. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. Thanks for the insights, and I would really like to read more on language learning from you. Daniel Like Like. Thank you so much for the kind words, Daniel! Hi Tim, or anyone else that can help me here. So the question is: Is it best to study Japanese using Mandarin as the base language, or English?

Great article! Many thanks Matt Like Like. Wiktionary Frequency lists Like Like.

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Anyone know of a similar list for Italian? Cheers, Sjors Like Like. It is one of the best ways to make better use of time I would normally just be listening to music or the radio Like Like. Good time and fun! Thank you for your great post, Tim! Challenge for Tim, I would love to see your results if you applied your principles to learning a musical instrument. It is a life changing book. Like, like, like Like Like. Hi Tim, Thanks for the great post.

Hugs Like Like. Thanks Like Like. Great post though. Keep it up!

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Thank you! My eventual goal is to reach near-native proficiency, I am also working on learning Dutch and Italian on the side, but at a much slower rate than I am learning Polish. If you are interested, just email me at esadov AT yahoo Later. I am wondering what is the best program to buy to learn a foreign language. Hasta luego James Like Like.

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Master German Modal Verbs in 15 Minutes: Beginner Flashcards - Kindle edition by Otto Flashcards. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC. Jun 17, Master German Modal Verbs in 15 Minutes book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Flashcards are a great way to.

Much better than any book… Like Like. You should try learning language by music Like Like. Tim, What do you think of language Hi Tim, I know it sounds silly, but how can I learn English with your method? Jacopo ps: I love the way you approach life and learning. I am not affiliated with flashcardmachine. Russell UK Like Like.

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Dear that is useful best regard Like Like. Thanks sincerely Like Like. I took the test once and failed.

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Hi Tim, I want learn English fluently within 3 three month. How it is possiable. Pls adivce, Regards, Tamil Like Like. Hi, Tim Ferriss! Russ, UK Like Like. Hey Tim I love this post on learning a languge in 3 months. Very inspirational, just like your book! Hey Tim, I love this comment, because it jives with everything I believe about language learning. Thanks, David Like Like. Thanks man. Keep up the good work. Amazing stuff! Fortunately, vocabulary is one of the easiest things to work into your day.

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Get the PDF on the subjunctive online and more on www. The subjunctive mood is rarely used in English, but it is widely used in Spanish. Fascinating post about learn any language. In our household we have people learning English, Thai, and Nepali and this has been a great exercise. Lern Deutsch mit Peppa Wutz! Subjunctive French is a hard verb tense to master but very useful to know! Lesson Plans Bundled , Activities , Multimedia.

Whether you use flashcards or an app, any time you have a few minutes of just standing around or waiting, you can work on getting the words into your head. There are also a lot of different ways to learn vocabulary. Starting with basic reading books, even if they are for children, you can start to absorb a lot in a short amount of time. Over time, incorporating new words will be easier. Learning vocabulary words is always pure memorization, but once you have learned the basics, you will find that there are many related words to the ones you already know.

Since you will be learning survival skills soon, memorize the words you can now. The survival phrases give you a way of seeing how the most common German words are used. This provides a fantastic introduction to the grammar. Ultimately, fluency is not something that you can learn without a considerable amount of memorization.

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Learn German Audio Book. Free german audio books listen to german at home or on the go with novels, stories and other books Learn German Greetings Online. German phrases. Learn German Possessive Adjectives. Possessive adjectives: free exercise to learn german.