Return to Crutcher Mountain (Cedar Hollow Series Book 2)

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Determined to teach her a lesson she would never forget, they orchestrated a brutal attack that changed the dynamics of the tiny coal mining village of Cedar Hollow, West Virginia forever. If you receive an error message, please contact your library for help. The sequel is When I discovered that Melinda Clayton had written a sequel to "Appalachian Justice," I wondered where the story might go. Different Seasons. Opportunity House.

Library Journal Review of Appalachian Justice: Tackling such issues as misogyny, sexuality, and domestic abuse, Clayton deftly presents the social climate of the sheltered mining town of Cedar Hollow, WV. At the helm is Billy May Platte, reflecting on her troubled life as she lies dying in a hospice. Having learned long ago about the difficulties of being different, Billy May tries to come to terms with the violent beating she suffered at 14 owing to her romantic interest in another girl.

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The cast of characters who surround our protagonist are disturbingly authentic, representing the victims of intolerance and their brutish oppressors. The tale she weaves brings Cedar Hollow and its mountain to life in brilliant and horrifying color.

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The Authors Guild is the nation's professional organization for writers, aiding and protecting author's interest in copyright, fair contracts, and free expression since Learn More. Unsure what to expect, Jessie returns to West Virginia in search of answers and finds more than she bargained for.

Series: Cedar Hollow Series

Along the way she falls in love with the residents of the Platte Lodge for Children, none more so than year-old Robby O'Brien, a freckle faced, earnest little boy who was diagnosed at birth with Down Syndrome and who, upon the death of his grandfather, finds himself alone in a scary world. As Jessie searches for answers, determined to save not only the Lodge but Robby as well, she must open her heart to the truths she discovers and place her trust in a lonely little boy.

It's only by doing so that she can save herself. Language: English.

On a sweltering July morning in rural Tennessee, fifty-year-old Rebecca Reynolds visits the family farm, where she literally stumbles across the dead bodies of her parents and younger sister. Words: 57, Words: 60, In her latest novel, Blessed Are the Wholly Broken, the award-winning author of Appalachian Justice weaves a harrowing tale of a family in the midst of self-destruction.

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Words: 63, Beth Sloan has spent the majority of her life trying to escape the memories of a difficult childhood. Born into the infamous Pritchett family of Cedar Hollow, West Virginia, she grew up surrounded by homemade stills, corn liquor, and an impoverished family that more often than not preferred life on the wrong side of the law.

Just when she thought she'd finally escaped, she's been called home. Words: 71, As recounted in Appalachian Justice, Jessie is an adult survivor of horrendous childhood abuse.

At the age of thirteen, she was rescued by reclusive mountain woman Billy May Platte.