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Romanzo rosa
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Romanzo rosa Super ET Italian Edition and other options as Romanzo matematico Romanzo nella storia della matematica Matematica divertente Vol 1 Italian. Buy Romanzo rosa by Stefania Bertola (ISBN: ) from Start reading Romanzo rosa (Super ET) (Italian Edition) on your Kindle in under a minute.

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Other books in this series. Amori Sospesi Alberto Asor Rosa. Add to basket. Feria d'agosto Cesare Pavese. La famiglia Manzoni Natalia Ginzburg. Tutti i racconti Primo Levi. Nane Oca rivelato Giuliano Scabia. Interviste e colloqui Luciano Berio. Alla ricerca del tempo perduto Marcel Proust. Preferirei di no. Evola developed a doctrine of the "two natures": the natural world and the primordial "world of 'Being'".

He believed that these "two natures" impose form and quality on lower matter and create a hierarchical "great chain of Being.

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By "organic preformation" he meant that which "gathers, preserves, and refines one's talents and qualifications for determinate functions. Evola was introduced to esotericism by Arturo Reghini , who was an early supporter of fascism. The group employed techniques from Buddhist, Tantric, and rare Hermetic texts. Articles on occultism from the Ur Group were later published in Introduction to Magic. Julius Evola believed that the alleged higher qualities expected of a man of a particular race were not those expected of a woman of the same race.

He held that "just relations between the sexes" involved women acknowledging their "inequality" with men. Evola regarded matriarchy and goddess religions as a symptom of decadence, and preferred a hyper-masculine, warrior ethos. According to Goodrich-Clarke, "Evola's celebration of virile spirituality was rooted in Weininger's work, which was widely translated by the end of the First World War. He did not neglect sadomasochism , so long as sadism and masochism "are magnifications of an element potentially present in the deepest essence of eros.

Evola held that women "played" with men, threatened their masculinity, and lured them into a "constrictive" grasp with their sexuality. Evola translated Weininger's Sex and Character into Italian. Dissatisfied with simply translating Weininger's work, he wrote the text Eros and the Mysteries of Love: The Metaphysics of Sex , where his views on sexuality were dealt with at length.

In Evola's view "power and civilization have progressed from one to another of the four castes—sacred leaders, warrior nobility, bourgeoisie economy, 'merchants' and slaves". The law of the regression of castes places racism at the core of Evola's philosophy, since he sees an increasing predominance of lower races as directly expressed through modern mass democracies.

It provides an overview of his ideas concerning race and eugenics , introducing the concept of "spiritual racism", [52] and "esoteric-traditionalist racism".

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Prior to the end of War, Evola had frequently used the term "Aryan" to mean the nobility, who in his view were imbued with traditional spirituality. Evola continued to write about elitism and his contempt for the weak. His "doctrine of the Aryan-Roman 'super-race was simply restated as a doctrine of the 'leaders of men' Evola spoke of "inferior non-European races".

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Evola wrote: "a certain balanced consciousness and dignity of race can be considered healthy" in a time where "the exaltation of the negro and all the rest, anticolonialist psychosis and integrationist fanaticism [are] all parallel phenomena in the decline of Europe and the West. Furlong noted that this article is "among the most extreme in phraseology of any he wrote, and exhibits a degree of intolerance that leaves no doubt as to his deep prejudice against black people.

For his spiritual interpretation of the different racial psychologies, Evola found the work of German race theorist Ludwig Ferdinand Clauss invaluable. Like Evola, Clauss believed that physical race and spiritual race could diverge as a consequence of miscegenation. He argued that both Italian fascism and Nazism represented hope that the "celestial" Aryan race would be reconstituted. He felt that Indo-European men had devolved from these higher mythological races.

Instead, they make obvious their materialism, their sensuality, their indifference to loyalty and sacrifice, together with their consuming greed. How do they differ from 'inferior' races, and why should anyone wish, in any way, to favor them? Concerning the relationship between "spiritual racism" and biological racism, Evola put forth the following viewpoint, which Furlong described as pseudo-scientific:. The factor of "blood" or "race" has its importance, because it is not psychologically—in the brain or the opinions of the individual—but in the very deepest forces of life that traditions live and act as typical formative energies.

Blood registers the effects of this action, and indeed offers through heredity, a matter that is already refined and pre-formed Evola endorsed Otto Weininger 's views on the Jews. Evola argued that The Protocols of the Elders of Zion —whether or not a forgery—accurately reflect the conditions of modernity.

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Following the murder of his friend Corneliu Zelea Codreanu , the leader of the Fascist Romanian Iron Guard , Evola expressed anticipation of a "talmudic, Israelite tyranny. In this work, Evola called Italy's fascist movement a "laughable revolution," based on empty sentiment and materialistic concerns. He applauded Mussolini's anti-bourgeois orientation and his goal of making Italian citizens into hardened warriors, but criticized Fascist populism, party politics, and elements of leftism that he saw in the fascist regime.

Evola saw Mussolini's Fascist Party as possessing no cultural or spiritual foundation. Scholars disagree about why Benito Mussolini embraced racist ideology in —some scholars have written that Mussolini was more motivated by political considerations than ideology when he introduced anti-semitic legislation in Italy. Aaron Gillette has written that "Racism would become the key driving force behind the creation of the new fascist man, the uomo fascista. Evola later recounted that Mussolini had found in his work a uniquely Roman form of Fascist racism distinct from that found in Nazi Germany.

While not always in agreement with German racial theorists, Evola traveled to Germany in February and obtained support for German collaboration on Sangue e Spirito from "key figures in the German racial hierarchy. Evola blended Sorelianism with Mussolini's eugenics agenda. Evola has written that "The theory of the Aryo-Roman race and its corresponding myth could integrate the Roman idea proposed, in general, by fascism, as well as give a foundation to Mussolini's plan to use his state as a means to elevate the average Italian and to enucleate in him a new man.

In May, , Evola was arrested and charged with promoting the revival of the Fascist Party, and of glorifying Fascism. Defending himself at trial, Evola stated that his work belonged to a long tradition of anti-democratic writers who certainly could be linked to fascism—at least fascism interpreted according to certain Evolian criteria—but who certainly could not be identified with the Fascist regime under Mussolini.

Evola then declared that he was not a Fascist but a "superfascist". He was acquitted. Finding Italian fascism too compromising, Evola began to seek recognition in Nazi Germany.

Evola spent a considerable amount of time in Germany in and , and gave a series of lectures to the German—Italian Society in SS authorities initially rejected Evola's ideas as supranational and aristocratic though he was better received by members of the conservative revolutionary movement. Despite this opposition, Evola was able to establish political connections with pan-Europeanist elements inside the Reich Main Security Office.

Italian Fascism went into decline when, in , Mussolini was deposed and imprisoned. At this point, Evola fled to Germany with the help of the Sicherheitsdienst. During one such raid, , a shell fragment damaged his spinal cord and he became paralyzed from the waist down, remaining so for the rest of his life. Evola's occult ontology exerted influence over post-war neo-fascism.

Orientamenti was a text against "national fascism"—instead, it advocated for a European Community modeled on the principles of the Waffen-SS. During the post-war period, Evola attempted to dissociate himself from totalitarianism, preferring the concept of the "organic" state, which he put forth in his text Men Among the Ruins. He later recalled Evola's calls to violence. The Aryan Doctrine called for a "Great Holy War" that would be fought for spiritual renewal and fought in parallel to the physical "Little Holy War" against perceived enemies.

Thomas Sheehan has argued that Evola's work is essential reading for those seeking to understand Eurofascism , in the same way that knowledge of the writings of Karl Marx is necessary for those seeking to understand Communist actions. Evola has also influenced the alt-right movement, [17] which also cites Oswald Spengler , H. Spencer said that Bannon's awareness of Evola "means a tremendous amount". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Italian philosopher and esotericist. Rome , Kingdom of Italy. Dizionario d'ortografia e di pronunzia. Rai Libri. Retrieved World Fascism: a historical encyclopedia, vol 1. Secret agents popular icons beyond James Bond. Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote. Season 2 will explore the consequences of that attack as well as the illusion of control.

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