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Review: THE FANTASTIC FOUR #6 Shows Us the Best of Marvel’s First Family
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Freddy Freeman

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The Marvel Family Web - The Unoffical Home of the Original Captain Marvel!

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Free postage Image not available Photos not available for this variation. Add to basket -. Add to watch list Watching Watch list is full. Power of Shazam! Shazam moved to Fawcett City in the winter of , bearing the Egyptian mummy of Ibis , and secreted himself away. Soon, however, the Axis threat forced Shazam to awaken Ibis and to gather all Fawcett City's heroes to fight. They would team repeatedly throughout the war. When Shazam lived in ancient Egypt, he granted power to a hero called Teth-Adam. At one point, Adam apparently went berserk and Shazam was forced to entomb his acolyte along with the scarab that powered him.

There Adam rested until the 20th century, when his sarcophagus was disturbed by an expedition from the Sivana Foundation. This expedition was led by Marilyn and C.

Something Is Not Quite Right

The Batson's were betrayed and killed by their expedition partner Theo Adam , who sought to obtain the scarab. Adam absconded with the treasure and the Batsons' infant twin children were separated and returned to the States. Billy eventually stumbled upon Shazam's longtime secret lair and the wizard gave him access to his own ancient powers. By saying the wizard's name, Billy became Captain Marvel and was powered by the the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, stamina of Atlas, power of Zeus, courage of Achilles and speed of Mercury.

Power of Shazam Graphic Novel. Billy and Mary did not meet until they were teenagers. Soon after their meeting Mary discovered that it was also her birthright to access the awesome powers of Shazam. She too was known as Captain Marvel II. The Marvel family was completed with the addition of one of Billy and Mary's friends, Freddy Freeman. One day Freddy and his grandfather were fishing when Captain Marvel was battling Captian Nazi overhead. Nazi landed in the nearby lake, but was not grateful to be rescued by the Freemans. Instead he killed Freddy's grandfather and crippled Freddy himself.

Power of Shazam 7, 1st app.


But any ill will was outweighed by the magnitude of Marvel's gift, which Freddy truly came to own. Billy was a charter member of the newly formed Justice League International.

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This book has pages and was uploaded by on. The file size is. Publisher is Suspect Folder. [no title indexed] (Table of Contents). The Marvel Family / cover / 1 page (report information). Pencils: Pete Costanza; Inks: Pete Costanza; Colors? Letters?.

Legends 6 His tenure was short-lived and he soon departed. Justice League International, v. JSA 33 After Ultra's defeat, he joined the team officially. The Flash, who didn't know that Marvel was really a teenager, became concerned when he noticed the two together. He confronted Marvel about the relationship and rather than reveal his identity, Billy quit the team.

Billy was approached by Maxwell Lord , who was forming a new team with old Justice League members. Billy declined but Mary took up the offer instead. Her time with these " Super Buddies " was rather traumatic; she was mind-controlled by the villain Roulette and pummelled Captain Atom nearly to death. Things became dire for Billy when the new Eclipso, Jean Loring, was born. Eclipso took over Superman's body but was repelled by Billy and Shazam.

Shazam bade the Spectre to intervene, and Eclipso's black diamond prison was recreated. But the diamond was immediately drawn to its new host, and Shazam was charged with the burden of containing Eclipso. When Eclipso reappeared in league with the Spectre, Shazam sent Billy in search of aid. He returned to the JSA, who were also alerted to trouble. JSA Billy is very protective of Mary. He has disapproved of the budding romance between she and Freddy.

He also tried to forcibly remove her from the Super Buddies' headquarters. When Alexander Luthor began his plot to remake the universe, he unleashed an unstable Spectre on the World. Without a mortal tether, the Spectre began a rampage to eradicate magic from the Earth. This prompted the formation of a magical super-group called the Shadowpact. Their chief sorceress, the Enchantress managed to keep the Spectre at bay. Day of Vengeance The Enchantress called upon the magicians of the world to channel their power into Captain Marvel. Soon, both combatants were exhausted, but the Spectre was spirited away by the new Eclipso.

Once revived, the Spectre made a beeline for the Rock of Eternity, where the wizard Shazam had been preparing for the Spectre's arrival. This also released its most dangerous prisoners: the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man. Infinite Crisis 1. In the midst of the Crisis, Dr. Fate called all the world's remaining mystics to defeat the Spectre and reconstruct the Rock of Eternity. Teams of mystics coaxed the Seven Enemies back into submission and Zatanna prepared the spell to cement the Rock anew. Once assembled, she informed Billy that in the absence of Shazam, it was now his responsibility to guard the Rock.

Fate ended the Spectre's threat and a new "Tenth Age of Magic" was begun. All the old magics were gone, changed, or disrupted — and many new threats were borne. Day of Vengeance: Infinite Crisis Special. Cap struggled to keep his sanity as grew accustomed to Shazam's power and kept the Seven Enemies contained. Soon skill grew and he became strong enough to leave his new home. In time, Billy began to master his new job.

He built his home in the Rock of Eternity and developed a fuller understanding of Shazam's magic. Much of Shazam's power still roamed free, but when the wizard's spells began to heal themselves, Shazam's power was reclaimed from all his other champions.

Shazam Full Cast Revealed: Explaining The Shazam Family Surprise From the Movie

Freddy was left merely confused, but Mary fell from the sky at a horrible distance and was left comatose. In this moment, Billy was judged fully ready to assume all Shazam's power. It transformed him into a much older person, with long white hair and wearing a white uniform. Trials of Shazam Marvel soon summoned his friend, Freddy, who had been living in New York City.

Cap unveiled the many changes that had occurred and declared that the power of Shazam needed a new acolyte to maintain the balance between magic and humanity — Freddy was chosen to undergo the Trials of Shazam. In them, he would be tested by all seven gods. If he failed, the magic would pass to a different lineage. If he succeeded, he would become the new Shazam! To begin the trials, Marvel sent Freddy to meet the magician Zareb Babak.

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Freddy's new mission drew the attention of others who hoped to acquire Shazam's magicks: the Council of Merlin , led by a man named Terrom. The Council attempted to kill Freddy before he could acquire any powers. Their first attempt failed, and Freddy successfully completed the Trial of Solomon who disguised himself as a tattoo artist Rachel Zallman. As Lt. He loses six men on a black ops mission. Freddy and Barak find him there. Achilles recognizes them for magical folk immediatly.

He now serves as a gatekeeper, stopping dangerous entities from entering Earth's realm. The go after a Hate Empath, which could be very powerful in the Middle East. Sabina follows and diverts them while she tries to summon the Empath. Achilles uses a Banishment stone against the Empath Demon. Fawcett sold DC the rights to the characters in , by which time Shazam! DC retconned Captain Marvel in with their Legends miniseries, establishing him as a solo hero without a team.

Following several attempts at relaunching the Shazam! Captain Marvel Jr. The Shazam Family was reintroduced during DC Comics' continuity-altering Flashpoint miniseries in , as six kids who all spoke "Shazam! In the later company-wide " New 52 " reboot that followed Flashpoint , the Captain Marvel character was renamed "Shazam" and starred in a backup segment of the Justice League series second volume from to The "World's Mightiest Mortal", Captain Marvel is the superpowered alter-ego of Billy Batson, an orphaned boy who speaks the name of the wizard Shazam to become an adult superhero.

Billy has the powers of Solomon wisdom , Hercules strength , Atlas stamina , Zeus power , Achilles courage , and Mercury speed ; and served as the wizard Shazam's champion and herald. Billy chose to share his powers with his sister Mary and his friend Freddy Freeman, creating the Marvel Family. After the New 52 reboot of the DC characters, Billy Batson is a troubled foster child who has inherited the name, powers, and seat on the council of magic of the wizard Shazam. As Shazam , Billy has powers and a red-uniformed appearance similar to the traditional version of Captain Marvel with the added ability to wield magic via the "living lightning" that powers him.

In traditional Shazam! The Golden Age Mary Marvel remained a teenager in superhero form, while the modern version is transformed into an adult like her brother. She temporarily became a villain working for Darkseid and possessed by the New God Desaad. She shares Billy's secret, and by saying "Shazam! In both the Golden Age and s versions of the Marvel Family, Billy's friend and classmate Freddy Freeman was attacked and left disabled by the supervillain Captain Nazi , and was given the power to become a Marvel to save his life.

This created the odd problem that he could not identify himself without changing back to his regular form. He was a member of the Teen Titans during the late s and later the Outsiders in the early s. The Trials of Shazam! In current DC Comics continuity from on, Freddy Freeman now a blond teenager instead of the traditional black-haired youth, though still physically disabled is Billy Batson's foster brother, a pickpocket and trickster whose parents are in prison. He shares Billy's secret and by saying "Shazam! Eugene Choi is Billy Batson's foster brother, an intelligent, bookish teenager about his age of Asian descent with a love of technology and video games.

Introduced in the Flashpoint miniseries, Eugene can share Billy's power by saying "Shazam! Introduced in the Flashpoint miniseries, Pedro can share Billy's power by saying "Shazam! Introduced in the Flashpoint miniseries as a teenager the same age as the other kids , Darla can share Billy's power by saying "Shazam!

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