What Determines Our Destiny

Your Beliefs Really Do Determine Your Destiny
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I feel like I have complete control over my fate because this is my life and i will do with it what I want to do with it. No one can determine your fate but yourself. They make me want to be the best that I possibly can and they support me in everything that I do in my life.

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I think that I did inherit those qualities stated because since I can remember my whole family, both sides have been that way; they have always had the compulsion to strive, the talent to prosper, and the ability to overcome failure. I have completely inherited those because I am the exact same way.

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Absoulutely none , what happens happens , no mater what you do everything is going to turn out how it was suppose to form the start. I think that we do have control of our fate. I think that we have the opportunity to determine our fate and can do things to change it. Can you believe in God and still believe in free will?

I think that I am in control of my fate. I make my choices to how my far my life can go. Yes our ancestors have made decision that might affect but we make the choices to get out of it or continue with it. We just needs to think but acting. We all need to choose the best choices. Even though fate may have decided what our future is like, i think we can change it ourselves because only we can control our future. So our fate changes because of what happens. I certainly do not believe that my fate is determined by my ancestors.

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I also do not agree with the fact that my parents determine my fate. Fate is simply fate, whatever happens happens. I have more opportunities then my parents did back when they were young, so of course they want us to take them and be better. Many people seem to believe that they have control over their fate but i disagree. We have control over the outcome from certain situations but not our fate which could mean our future.

To be honest I don,t think have any control over my fate. Absoulutely none , whatever happens, happens , we have no control no mater what we do everything is going to turn out how it was suppose to form the start, at least thats what I think. I believe I have a little control over my fate because its my life and I can do what I want with my life.

I believe that I have control over my fate.

I am the person who makes the choices that determine my success. See next articles. Questions about issues in the news for students 13 and older. I think you have control over your fate you just have to work hard to get where you want to be. Make your eternal salvation secure today. You are not going to be filled with love until you have evaluated, appreciated, and appropriated the love of God, which is in Jesus Christ, our Lord. Only Jesus can put this kind of love in your heart. You Are Free to Choose Every day God gives us the freedom to make choices about what we think is going to be good, or even best for us.

We see it played out every day. And lastly, 7.

Four Decisions That Determine Your Destiny

This is essential. Now I was asking, control of what? Are you allowing your fears to define your future? Defining our destiny, therefore, starts with our decisions. I say we have little to no control of our faith, we can make our own choices in life, but fate has already been decided for you and you will always somehow end up being controlled by fate.

Choose Jesus because… You can know immediate joy. Why wait to have joy when you can have it right now? You may die tonight. These may be the last words you ever read about salvation in Jesus Christ. After you die, there are no second chances to get saved. Choose life.

Jesus Christ is coming back. Each time you decide against Him, you harden your heart. You can become a professional Christ-denier.

If everything is destined by Allah and if anyone commit any sin then, who is to blame?

Dear Friend, the day of choice is today. Your decisions will determine your destiny.

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Read More from Adrian Rogers. Four Lies that Ruined the World Have you heard them? Bought into them? Do they control your life today? The Expedience of Obedience Where are your purpose and passion for God?

Your Choices Determine Your Destiny

Could they be waiting on your obedience? Jesus holds the key. Come inside to a beautiful life!