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The Journey of Self Discovery

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Arguably indispensable to all wine enthusiasts. I could wave my magic wand over Doris the princess doll, or Boris the stuffed panda, and practically feel them come to life under the gravitas of the spell. Later in life, as a Harvard-trained scientist and researcher in the field of mind-body medicine, I discovered that abracadabra is more than magic-speak or a song by the Steve Miller Band. Tell a story. Believe the story. And voila! We embody our stories quite literally, as these days we have the brain scans and hormonal assays to prove it. Mark Matousek, who is a writer rather than a scientist, knows this as well.

He sometimes refers to us humans as Homo Narrans—the storytelling species. Stories slay and stories heal. Their transformative magic resides in our ability to identify them, learn from them, and—when necessary—change them. Where The Path Between us is different from the previous two books I have read is that it is focused on relationships, understanding the Enneagram so that you can related to others better. I think that focus is helpful.

It is limited because traditional Enneagram advice is to never type others but allow them to discover their type on their own. So relationships that use the advice in this book either have to try to type others or to have enough background to know other people's types.

Choose to arrive.

Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Aisha Abdul Rahman is an Expressive Art Facilitator with Dive Deep (A Journey of Self Exploration & Discovery (Journey Guide Book) Book 1) - Kindle edition by Aisha Abdul Rahman. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like. Dive Deep (A Journey of Self Exploration & Discovery (Journey Guide Book) Book 1) eBook: Aisha Abdul Rahman: lirodisa.tk: Kindle Store.

But even without specific typing of people, there is helpful advice about how you as a person with a known type tend to related to others with a potentially unknown type. Jan 11, Nikki Kamp rated it it was amazing. Great, clearly written guide on enneagram relationships. Very very helpful for my perspective on other people. Jan 12, Rachel mrs. I enjoyed furthering my knowledge of the enneagram through this book. It also corrected some misinformation that I previously held about stress and security numbers. I enjoy continuing to learn about this personality system, and Suzanne Stabile is a trusted voice for me to listen to in b I enjoyed furthering my knowledge of the enneagram through this book.

I enjoy continuing to learn about this personality system, and Suzanne Stabile is a trusted voice for me to listen to in both her books and her podcasts. View 2 comments. Jul 28, Heidi rated it it was amazing Shelves: read-in Review coming soon! Sep 04, Laura rated it it was amazing. I found it helpful, concise, and very practical. All personality types can learn how to better understand themselves in an effort improve and relate more effectively with others. Jan 21, Amber rated it it was amazing. This is a fantastic survey of our relationships to each type. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to explore the enneagram and learn more about how to relate to those around them.

Sep 06, Stefanie rated it really liked it Shelves: non-fiction , library , 21st-century , american , philosophy , The Enneagram is an ancient fluid personality framework. The Path Between Us shows how the Enneagram can help us to improve our relationships through self acceptance and empathy. I'd recommend this as a level 2 book in your Enneagram study, only once you have a good handle on the basics and feel confident in knowing your number. I have already read a number of basic Enneagram studies over the last few years and feel a solid handle on my identification with Enneagram 5.

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I had been asking myself "w The Enneagram is an ancient fluid personality framework. I had been asking myself "what's next" with my journey and The Path Between Us was a great next step. Being a 5 means that relationships are not my jam.

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A 5 lives in her head - 5 likes to gather information and study something before doing it, before being exposed to feeling it. Relationships are something that comes with life and a 5 can feel ill prepared to show-up without studying up. Stabile wants us to relate and empathize with the various numbers. She gives stories and quotes that help the reader see through the eyes of another number. She helped me understand how the various numbers can relate to each other in brief. My one piece of criticism is that some of the characteristics for each number feels stereotypical.

I furrowed my brow as Stabile showcased 5 characteristics looking like Sheldon Cooper my assessment, not hers.

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At first I was critical and questioned her expertise. But giving a reread and time to sit with it - although not as apparent or rigid - I see where my own internal Sheldon tries to pull me towards safety. I've evolved through experience and developed beyond these stereotypes. But her quote that 5s like to give the "right" answer versus exploring "possibles" didn't jive with me.

I realize though she's got a point, just not thoroughly explained. I don't give an answer unless I can stand by it - I run through endless possibilities in my head and am open to discussing before standing by an answer. I rarely believe there are "right" answers but I don't give an answer unless it's been well researched. As challenges come up in relationships - I find I can leverage this book to help me gain perspective.

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I am curious about the Study Guide and if anyone has looked through it? I know right. Apr 15, Bob rated it really liked it Shelves: christian-spiritual-formation. Summary: Using the tool of the Enneagram, this explores how each "number" interacts with the other numbers, how each number relates in stress, and security, and what is helpful for other "numbers" to understand about relating to a person with this number.

In this sequel, Suzanne Stabile builds on the insights of how each of the nine "numbers" Summary: Using the tool of the Enneagram, this explores how each "number" interacts with the other numbers, how each number relates in stress, and security, and what is helpful for other "numbers" to understand about relating to a person with this number. In this sequel, Suzanne Stabile builds on the insights of how each of the nine "numbers" on the Enneagram views and engages with the world uniquely and how this shapes the ways we build and maintain relationships with others, both those who share our "number" and those who differ Enneagram types are summarized by the number for that type.

Before discussing relationships for each number, Stabile offers very helpful advice for those concerned about the misuse of the Enneagram: "First, please don't use your Enneagram number as an excuse for your behavior. Second, don't use what you've learned about the other numbers to make fun of, criticize, or stereotype, or in any way disrespect them. Third, it would be great if you would spend your energy observing and working on yourself as opposed to observing and working on others. The next nine chapters are devoted to looking at each number beginning with Eights the Gut Triad.

Each chapter begins with a story of an interaction involving a person with the number being considered. This is followed by a description of the world of this number, how they respond in relationships under stress and security, and the path together with this number. A sidebar in each chapter considers relationships between this number and each of the other numbers, including those sharing the same number. The chapter concludes with two summaries, one focused on key things a person with this number need to remember that they can, and can't do in relationships and what they need to accept; and one focused on what others need to keep in mind in their relationships with a person with this number.

I found this book extremely helpful both for self-understanding, and understanding the ways I relate with others. In my case, I'm a five. I value competence that comes through knowing, independence, privacy, and guarding my energies. I listen and observe well, but I'm not always good at communicating my feelings. Instead, I will tell you what I think. I learned that I'm not always good at picking up innuendo or indirect communication true. Being laid up for a couple of months at the end of told me how hard it is for me to let others care for me, and the truth that the best way to live is neither dependent nor independent, but interdependent.

Stabile's title for my number really fit: "My Fences Have Gates. There is a resource advertised at the end of the book on knowing your number but little guidance given about how one may go about discerning this. Stabile has been trained by Fr. Richard Rohr, whose approach is that one discerns one's number as one reads the different types and finds one that makes you uncomfortably squeamish, saying "how did you know that about me? I know there are some who are critical of the Enneagram.

I won't try to defend this tool, except to say it has been useful for me and those I work with.

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For Bone, music allows him to channel a vital message and to preserve the unique culture of his ancestors. Are you listening? What was this reality I was experiencing? Coming from the Philippines, saving enough money to be able to do a round the world trip was not easy. It remains alive within her. The Self, however, will never permit this.

Those who work with the Enneagram often like to say that the purpose of the Enneagram is not to put us in a box, but rather to help us understand the box we are in. Often, I'm tripped up by the things I don't understand about myself. As I grow in self-understanding this opens up new dimensions in relationships with both people and God, and frees me to more skillfully use my gifts and pursue the things I care about.

Only Jesus fully knows me, and can form me to be the person he envisions, both fully who I am, and in his image. The Enneagram has been one way among many he has used in this process. Stabile's work is a great introduction to this way, this tool. The Path Between Us Study Guide is a companion guide for both individuals and groups who want to pursue this material further.

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The six studies are titled: 1. What We Want 3. What We Fear 4. What We Offer 5. Keeping Each Other Forgiven and Free 6. Ways to Help Ourselves and Others There is a section for those facilitating group discussions with a plan for each session. I have not used this guide so I cannot evaluate it. It appears that it can be used independently of reading the book, though I'm sure the book content will enrich discussions and insights.

The author has also recorded eight short YouTube clips accessible via the publisher's website or through this link. I have to confess that the author photo gave me the impression of a stern school principal, an impression immediately dispelled in listening to her on the videos! Stabile's book and accompanying guide are the best resources I've seen for extending the framework of the Enneagram to our relationships and giving practical insights for relationships between the different numbers.

As she has written, we all probably have much room to "grow in our ability to accept, love, and walk beside one another on the path with loads of compassion and respect. The opinions I have expressed are my own. Feb 12, Susy rated it it was amazing Shelves: audio-books. Great in depth book about personalities. It's a good follow up and gets deeper than her first book.