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Should the verdure give me joy? Fast begin to ripen these, And the rest already shoot. Be then the beginning found With the end in unison, Swifter than the forms around Are themselves now fleeting on! Then once more be merry, and banish all woes! To-day still, as yesterday, glimmers the star; Take care from all heads that hang down to keep far, And make but the future thine own.

IN this noble ring to-day Let my warning shame ye! Listen to my solemn voice,— Seldom does it name ye. Many a thing have ye intended, Many a thing have badly ended, And now I must blame ye. At some moment in our lives We must all repent us! So confess, with pious trust, All your sins momentous! Play then the fool with the fool, willy-nilly,— Children of wisdom,—remember the word! Play then the fool with the fool, willy-nilly,— Children of wisdom,—remember the world! The nimble lads upon us wait, No sleep the hostess takes; Her shift is torn in pieces straight,— What wondrous lint it makes!

On good authority the king Hears how we love the fight, And bids them cross and ribbon bring, Our coat and breast to dight. Johnny, go and look around! Are they hither wending? Pretty girls I hope to see, Dear and guileless misses, Ignorant how sweet it is Giving tender kisses. Not a single one appears, None seem this way posting.

All the soup boils fast away, Joints are over-roasting. Ah, I fear that we have been Rather too unbending! Johnny, tell me what you think!

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None are hither wending. Johnny, run and quickly bring Other guests to me now! Johnny, open all the doors: All are hither wending! Let the wine unsparing run! Wilt thou swell our merry chorus? Hast thou all thy duty done? If her neck she there was stooping, He must here needs pull his hair. Surely we for wine may languish! Let the bumper then go round! Edition: current; Page: [ 55 ] Solo.

Why, young orphan, all this wailing? Brief must be my explanation, For I really have done nought. Each should thus make proclamation Of what he did well to-day! Let it be our precept ever To admit no waverer here! For to act the good endeavor, None but rascals meek appear. No one now for wine shall languish! Wille wo wo wo! Wito hu! I shot, one day, a cat in a ditch— The dear black cat of Anna the witch; Upon me, at night, seven were-wolves came down, Seven women they were, from out of the town. Wille wau wau wau! From Wilhelm Meister.

MY grief no mortals know, Except the yearning! My grief no mortals know, Except the yearning! WHO gives himself to solitude, Soon lonely will remain; Each lives, each loves in joyous mood, And leaves him to his pain. Ah, when I find relief Within the tomb so lonely, Will rest be met with only! As of old to man a wife As his better half was given, So the night is half our life, And the fairest under heaven.

Edition: current; Page: [ none ]. Oh, let the song re-echo here, Within our festal halls! All hail, ye beauteous dames! What heavenly sight! Or give it to thy chancellor there; With other burdens he may bear This one more golden burden. We children are here in the hall all alone, The portals we straightway will bar.

Our mother is praying, our father is gone To the forest, on wolves to make war. What figure is that in his arms one perceives, As the Count quits the gateway by stealth? What bears he along in his flight? The father he sees her, what rapture he feels! How worthy she seems of the race whence she springs, How noble and fair to the sight!

He blesses the children: a knocking they hear, The father it is! Straight seize him, ye vassals of steel! To the dungeon most deep, with the fool-hardy knave! Oh, thou beggarly crew! Eclipsing my star, once so bright! This castle is mine! The hour her soul its farewell took, The boy was sad, with terror shook, Then sprang upon his charger. When lo! WHO rides there so late through the night dark and drear? Dost see not the Erl-King, with crown and with train? Full many a game I will play there with thee; On my strand, lovely flowers their blossoms unfold, My mother shall grace thee with garments of gold.

Thy fellow-lodger, and children three! The trembling woman! Oh, whither? Wilt venture, thou rash one, the billows to brave? Fair Susan returns by the way she had tried, The waves roar around, but she turns not aside; She reaches the mound, and the neighbor straight, But for her and the children, alas, too late! Fair Susan still stands there, as bright as a star, But, alas! The foaming waters around her roar, To save her, no bark pushes off from the shore. Her gaze once again she lifts up to Heaven, Then gently away by the flood she is driven. No dam, no plain!

Shines not with twofold charms their face, When rising from the wave? Song of the Imprisoned Count. Long the doubtful fight continues, Victory then for Curt declares; Conqueror, though with wearied sinews, Forward on his road he fares. Of the wealth thy storehouse reckons, Hast thou nought to give thy child!

But he hears his servants blowing, And bethinks him of his bride; And ere long, while onward going, Chances past a fair to ride; In the booths he forthwith buys him For his mistress many a pledge; But, alas! Edition: current; Page: [ 69 ] And the courts of justice duly Send the knight to prison straight. Oh, accursed story, truly! For a hero, what a fate! Can my patience such things weather? Great is my perplexity. Women, debts and foes together,— Ah, no knight escapes scot free!

THE tale of the Count our glad song shall record Who had in this castle his dwelling, Where now ye are feasting the new-married lord, His grandson of whom we are telling. The winds through the chambers at liberty roam, And blow through the windows at will. Then quick, while the moon shines so clear, To bed on the straw, without fear. The rat, an he likes it, may rattle away! Ay, had he but crumbs there outspread! But lo! Then all at full gallop make haste to advance, Each chooses his place in the hall; With whirling and waltzing, and light joyous dance, They begin with their sweethearts the ball.

The fife and the fiddle all merrily sound, They twine, and they glide, and with nimbleness bound, They whisper, and chatter, and clatter around; The Count on the scene casts his eye, And seems in a fever to lie. For trumpets, and singing, and shouts without end On the bridal-train, chariots and horsemen attend, They come and appear, and they bow and they bend, In merry and countless array. Thus was it, thus is it to-day. And to end my woes at last, Treasure-seeking forth I sped. Then, to learned precepts true, Dug to find some treasure old, In the place my art foretold: Black and stormy was the night.

Preparation was in vain. Sudden all was lighted up With the lustre of a cup That a beauteous boy upheld. Guests by night, and toil by day! Weeks laborious, feast-days gay! Be thy future magic-word! AS I calmly sat and span, Toiling with all zeal, Lo! Then I bear the thread at length Through the heat, to bleach; But, alas, I scarce have strength To the pool to reach. I know him well, and he knows me well, And to God, too, all is known. Sir Parson and Sir Bailiff, again, I pray you, leave me in peace! SAY, sparkling streamlet, whither thou Art going! With joyous mien thy waters now Are flowing.

Why seek the vale so hastily? Attend for once, and answer me! She opes the shutters soon as light Is gleaming; And comes to bathe her features bright And beaming. If she in water can inflame Such ardor, Surely, then, flesh and blood to tame Is harder. When once is seen her beauteous face, One ever longs her steps to trace. Edition: current; Page: [ 75 ] Youth.

Like others, then, can grief, poor brook, Oppress thee? With her sweet loving glance, oh, say, Can she thy flowing current stay? Why curse his orisons in wrath, Across those heights beclad with snow? Could I, when basking in her smile, Dream of the treason in her breast?

Why should they, madmen-like, begin To fall upon a guiltless youth? For he who such a prize would win, Far nimbler needs must be, in truth. And tried my cloak besides to steal. How strange that any house so small So many rascals could conceal! I saw the treacherous maid once more, And she was still, alas, so fair! Leave it to those of quality, Their humble worshippers to pillage! AWAY, thou swarthy witch! Go forth From out my house, I tell thee! Or else I needs must, in my wrath, Expel thee!

Of selfishness sing and treacherous lies, Of murder and thievish plunder! Such actions false will cause no surprise, Or wonder. When they share their booty, both clothes and purse,— As bad as you gypsies, and even worse, Such tales find ready credence. Can listening aught avail me? I hear him toward my room hasten on, To hail me. When suddenly rose a fearful din, Her mad relations came pouring in; My blood still boils in my body!

Alas, poor maid! O pity my youth! The swarthy woman then went inside, To the spring in the courtyard yonder; Her eyes from their stain she purified, And,—wonder! The Maid of the Mill. Affection, say, why buried so deep In my heart hast thou lain hidden? By whom hast thou now to awake from thy sleep Been bidden? Ah, love, that thou art immortal I see! Nor knavish cunning nor treachery Can destroy thy life so godlike. So take the woman so dear to thy breast!

Now, sun, sink to rest! Now, sun, arise! Ye stars, be now shining, now darkling! A star of love now gleams in the skies, All-sparkling! Travellers often wonder beyond measure, But their wonder soon see cause to smother; Fair and dark are often like each other, Both inspire the mind with equal pleasure. No, in truth, thou hast not sung it rightly! This one thing I certainly collected: That the fair one— say nought, I entreat thee! Fondly hoping once again to meet thee, Many a castle in the air erected. By each wind I ceaselessly was driven, Seeking gold and honor, too, to capture! Did then fate and rank keep us asunder, And must Love take this road, and no other?

Yonder comes my dear and trusty brother; What will he say to it all, I wonder? From hunting they come, and their thirst they would still, So leave them to swallow as much as they will, And the Evil Ones then will be gracious. Though three times and four times they quaff the good cheer, The pitchers remain still unemptied. I AM now,—what joy to hear it! Wander, wander Onward lightly, So that rightly Flow the torrent, And with teeming waters yonder In the bath discharge its current!

On two legs now stand, With a head on top; Waterpail in hand, Haste, and do not stop! Back he then repairs; See how swells the tide! How each pail he bears Straightway is supplied! Stop, for, lo! All the measure Of thy treasure Now is right! I forget the word of might. Ah, the word whose sound can straight Make him what he was before! Edition: current; Page: [ 82 ] Ah, he runs with nimble gait! Would thou wert a broom once more! Now no longer Can I bear him; I will snare him, Knavish sprite! Ah, my terror waxes stronger! What a look! Oh, thou villain child of hell! Be thou still, I pray, As thou wert at first!

Will enough Never please thee? I will seize thee, Hold thee fast, And thy nimble wood so tough, With my sharp axe split at last. See, once more he hastens back! Now, oh, Cobold, thou shalt catch it! I will rush upon his track; Crashing on him falls my hatchet.

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MR. DECEMBER Instant Father: Former detective Joe Dana had a weakness for beautiful women - not pudgy babies! Earth Mother: Sophie Bayard knew all. MR. DECEMBER. Instant Father: Former detective Joe Dana had a weakness for beautiful women - not pudgy babies! Earth Mother: Sophie Bayard knew all.

Edition: current; Page: [ 83 ] Bravely done, indeed! Woe, oh, woe! Both the parts, Quick as darts, Stand on end, Servants of my dreaded foe! Oh, ye gods, protection send! And they run! Lord and master, hear me call! Son and daughter, they Had been wont to say Should thereafter bride and bridegroom be.

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For a newborn creed, Like some loathsome weed, Love and truth to root out oft will threat. Father, daughter, all had gone to rest, And the mother only watches late; She receives with courtesy the guest, And conducts him to the room of state. Wine and food are brought, Ere by him besought; Bidding him good-night, she leaves him straight. But she, at his sight, Lifts her hand so white, And appears as though full sore afraid. On thy soft couch now Slumber calmly thou! Thou art pale with fear! Rapture now can never smile on me; For the fatal step, alas! Victims slay they here, Neither lamb nor steer, But the altars reek with human gore.

Pledge to me thy troth! When I in the silent cloister pine, Ah, within her arms remember me! Sweetest, here then stay, And without delay Hold we now our wedding-feast alone! For to taste the bread There before them spread, Nought he spoke could make the maid incline. Love to crown the silent feast he sought, Ah! From his prayer she shrinks, Till at length he sinks On the bed and weeps without control.

Breath for breath, and kiss! Overflow of bliss! Sight of horror! Do I waken only to despair? It contents not thee To have driven me An untimely shroud of death to wear? View it to thy sorrow! An Indian Legend. All proceed from thee alone; Thou art he who judgeth right! Dost thou none but Brahmins own? Do but Rajahs come from thee? None but those of high estate? Didst not thou the ape create, Aye, and even such as we?

We are not of noble kind, For with woe our lot is rife; And what others deadly find Is our only source of life. Now that, Lord, this prayer is said, As thy child acknowledge me; Or let one be born instead, Who may link me on to thee! Didst not thou a Bayadere As a goddess heavenward raise? And we too, to swell thy praise, Such a miracle would hear. Daily from the sacred river Brings she back refreshment precious;— But where is the pail and pitcher? She of neither stands in need. For with pure heart, hands unsullied, She the water lifts, and rolls it To a wondrous ball of crystal; This she bears with gladsome bosom, Modestly, with graceful motion, To her husband in the house.

Arms drop down, and footsteps stumble, Can this be the pathway homewards? Shall she fly, or shall she tarry? Can she think, when thought and counsel, When assistance, all are lost? What resistance could she offer? What excuses could she proffer, Guilty, knowing not her guilt? Oh, father! For upon the sword it dries not, Like the blood of the delinquent; Fresh it flows, as from the wound. Unjust never was my father, Tell me what he now hath done. What her crime? What did she? Now, the sword! Through the flames the wife is able Her beloved spouse to follow, And his dear and only mother Through the sword her faithful son.

Then a giant form uprises. To her body I am grafted By thy hand for endless ages; Wise in counsel, wild in action, I shall be amongst the gods. And so I, the Brahmin woman, With my head in heaven reclining, Must experience, as a Pariah, The debasing power of earth.

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Comfort him! But my thoughts, my inmost feelings— Those a secret shall remain. A Druid. The forest gay From frost and ice is freed; No snow is found, Glad songs resound Across the verdant mead. Amid the smoke shall gleam the flame; Thus pure the heart will grow. The Druids. Up, up, then, let us go! One of the People. Would ye, then, so rashly act? Would ye instant death attract? Know ye not the cruel threats Of the victors we obey? Chorus of Women. Ah, what cruel victors they! And we all Hasten to a certain fall.

Who fears to-day His rites to pay, Deserves his chains to wear. This wood take we, And straight a pile prepare! With courage fresh, then, let us haste Our duties to fulfil. Chorus of Watchers. Ye valiant watchers, now divide Your numbers through the forest wide, And see that all is still, While they their rites fulfil. A Watcher. Let us, in a cunning wise, Yon dull Christian priests surprise! Come with prong, and come with fork, Raise a wild and rattling sound Through the livelong night, and prowl All the rocky passes round. Screech-owl, owl, Join in chorus with our howl!

Come with prong, and come with fork Like the devil of their talk, And with wildly rattling sound, Prowl the desert rocks around! As from the smoke is freed the blaze, So let our faith burn bright! Edition: current; Page: [ 93 ] A Christian Watcher. Comrades, quick! Dragon-women, men-wolf swarms, On in quick succession going!

Let us, let us haste to fly! Wilder yet the sounds are growing, And the arch-fiend roars on high; From the ground Hellish vapors rise around. Chorus of Christian Watchers. Terrible enchanted forms, Dragon-women, men-wolf swarms! Wilder yet the sounds are growing!

See, the arch-fiend comes, all-glowing! From the ground Hellish vapors rise around. Chorus of Druids. WHAT is yonder white thing in the forest? Is it snow, or can it swans perchance be? He within is lying, sorely wounded; To him come his mother and his sister; Bashfully his wife delays to come there. At the doors she hears the feet of horses, And bethinks that Asan comes,—her husband, To the tower she springs, to leap thence head-long. But she from the suckling in the cradle Could not tear herself, so deep her sorrow! Eat thy supper with thy darling children! Kindly be to the people, as when thou still wert a mortal, Perfecting that as a god, which thou didst fail in, as man.

In each of thine hands is an hourglass! What, O thou frivolous god! Slowly run from [Editor: illegible word] the hours of lovers when parted; While through the other they rush swiftly, as soon as they meet. Comfort impart to the mourner, and give to the doubter instruction, And let the lover rejoice, finding the bliss that he craves.

Yet to thee only I lend a voice, as a Muse from the people Chooseth one for herself, kissing his lips as a friend. THOU dost complain of woman for changing from one to another? Censure her not: for she seeks one who will constant remain. Edition: current; Page: [ 99 ] Quickly and noisily flowing, the changeful-surface distorted Ever her moving form; the goddess departed in anger. Wilt thou not view, then, the truth, in my mirror so clearly depicted?

For on a sudden Ares burst in, with fury decisive, Dashing in twain the gold toy, brandishing wildly his sword. Then from their union arose a new, a more beauteous Amor, Who from his father his wit, grace from his mother derives. Silver-gray is the early snow to-day on thy summit, Through the tempestuous night streaming fast over thy brow.

Youth, alas, throughout life as closely to age is united As, in some changeable dream, yesterday blends with to-day. Oh, speak, ye palaces lofty! Utter a word, O ye streets! Wilt thou not, Genius, awake? All that thy sacred walls, eternal Rome, hold within them Teemeth with life; but to me, all is still silent and dead. Oh, who will whisper unto me,—when shall I see at the casement That one beauteous form, which, while it scorcheth, revives? Can I as yet not discern the road on which I forever To her and from her shall go, heeding not time as it flies?

Still do I mark the churches, palaces, ruins and columns, As a wise traveller should, would he his journey improve. DO not repent, mine own love, that thou so soon didst surrender! Trust me, I deem thee not bold! Manifold workings the darts of Amor possess; some but scratching, Yet with insidious effect, poison the bosom for years. Thus were the sons of Mars begotten!

The artist is glad in his workshop, When a Pantheon it seems round him forever to bring. AMOR is ever a rogue, and all who believe him are cheated! Hast thou a mind again to form? I, the teacher, am ever young, and love all the youthful, Love not the subtle and old. Mother, observe what I say! Food for song, where hopest thou to find it? I only can give it, And a more excellent style, love, and love only can teach. What mortal, alas!

Now he deceitfully keeps his word, gives food for my numbers, But, while he does so, alas! Thou dost appear to me now as his friend, and again dost awake me Unto a day of delight, while at his altar I kneel. In her slumber she moves, and sinks, while her face is averted, Far on the breadth of the couch, leaving her hand still in mine. Heartfelt love unites us forever, and yearnings unsullied, And our cravings alone claim for themselves the exchange.

One faint touch of the hand, and her eyes so heavenly see I Edition: current; Page: [ none ] Edition: current; Page: [ ] Once more open. Ah, no! Mighty, indeed, are these figures! Only one single kiss on these lips! Oh, Theseus, now leave us! Gaze on her eyes! Quickly the brushwood takes fire.

How it delights my soul this evening! Then flame the billets and brushwood, And the comforting night warms us with festival joy. Edition: current; Page: [ ] When it is early morn the couch of Love she forsaketh, Wakes from the ashes again agile, passionate flames. For above all things Amor the power to the flatterer granted Joy to awake which as yet scarcely to ashes had fallen. Slyly I hurried away. Only a scarecrow it was that thou sawest! Thou, too, art after me gazing in vain. Our hearts are still throbbing, Though, for each other, yet ah!

Oh, thou single moment, wherein I found life! Was it possible beauty like this to see, and not feel it? Blame not thyself, unhappy one! Oft doth the bard an enigma Thus propose to the throng, skilfully hidden in words. As a person who can honestly say she has never set a goal she hasn't met, she pursued her writing career, setting her goal at selling her books to Silhouette. The best Christmas present she ever received was a call from a Silhouette editor offering to buy her first book one week before Christmas, ! When she isn't writing, Shirley enjoys spending time with her family.

She tries to see her son and daughter-in-law as often as possible, and she spends quite a bit of time with her daughter. Shirley also loves to travel and see new places. She's been to 15 states and has visited Washington, D. She's cruised to the Bahamas, and she has been to Mexico twice, but only just across the border to shop so that may not count! She looks forward to travelling more in the future. Cowboys, Babies And Shotgun Vows. It certainly isn't the warm, friendly comm They say you can't go home again, but Keith O'Connell wasn't worried about staying.

He was just back in town to sell his late mother's house and try to avoid old emotions. Of course, hiring estate sale specialist Kenzie When murder strikes his family's ranch, Detective Ryan Colton follows the evidence…straight to his sister. Instinct tells him she's inn The Indiana nurse will do whatever it takes to save her troubled teenage brother from their painful past. Debi isn't prepared for the community that welcomes them The fallout from last month's wedding-to-end-all-weddings continues.

Did you hear that Claire Strickland and her oh-so-handsome husband, Levi Wyatt, have called it quits? Everyone thought these two were the perfect couple with the most perfect baby. His latest? A chatty, go-getter blonde he can't seem t Hollywood heartthrob and widower Lukkas Spader knows his women are just photo ops for the paparazzi. He's sworn off dating. In fact, he might have forgotten how to go about it But the big-time movie producer needs a gal Friday.

And Yohanna desperatel The Cavanaughs continue to thrill in this latest story of crime, feuding partners and The Fortunes are not the only hotties in Texas; their longtime friends the Mendozas are legendary for their good looks and ardent hearts. Tall and dark with soulful eyes, Matteo Mendoza is a pilot whose charms have too o When Elizabeth Shelton finds her boss murdered, her life is thrown into turmoil. But nothing shocks her more than learning she There's more than the inn at stake… Logan MacArthur had to have grown up under a rock.

Was anyone really that cold-blooded? Sure, Andy -- the youngest Roman daughter -- understood that attorneys had to be detached and analytical, but Logan took Forever's Country Cowboy His heroic rescue of a stranger caught in a flash flood just changed Liam Murphy's life -- big-time. With Whitney Marlowe's help, the laid-back country-and-western singer could be a star.

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Only now, with the dynamic LA tal A Love Built To Last? Finn Murphy has always been good at building things. So when the town's alluring new developer makes him an irresistible offer, he's all set to jump on board. And working side by side with Constance Carmichael sure has its p So when a puppy appears at her door, she's stunned at her new responsibilities…and how quick she is to fall for the adorable creature.

Alisha Cordell is raising the temperature of every male within miles. But the big-city blonde isn't looking to Aurora's finest are back in action! Why are too many healthy seniors dying in nursing homes? Vice detective Noelle O'Banyon can't let the mystery go. And though she has no business working a homicide case, the love-shy single mom draws partner Du It's all fun and games -- until someone falls in love! Focused on building her toy company, Erin O'Brien didn't have time to think about romance, let alone act on it.

Until she met handsome attorney Steve Kendall -- and suddenly, pleasure became If he stays, she's in danger. But if he leaves… All Mike Ryan can tell her is his name. Revealing any more to this beautiful stranger would put her in danger. And he's not willing to jeopardize Stevi Roman's -- or her family's -- safety any mor A member of the CSI team, she's su Can an independent cowboy be lassoed by love when he least expects it? Liam "Fortune" Jones knows e And when the former chief gets hit, it becomes personal for Detective The Ex-Wife Megan McNeil is genuinely happy to escort her little girls to their father's wedding in Kauai, Hawaii--even though she feels like a third wheel.

One gorgeous groomsman definitely disagrees. But are they both carrying too much baggage to Although working as the chef at her family's inn, Ladera by the Sea, is a close second. And a quickly rising third is her new -- or actu But the carefree, determinedly single Texas cowboy with the killer smile doesn't have a clue.

Until they share a dance and a k The Rodriguez clan welcomes her with open arms…and awakens Sam's fierce From beloved author Marie Ferrarella comes another Cavanaugh Justice book, and this time a baby's in jeopardy… The only things Ashley St. James has ever allowed herself to love are her dogs. A child of the foster-care system, she never even Rafe Rodriguez never reckoned on playing hero to a beautiful, big-city stranger.

But when he saves Valentine Jones from a charging bull, this Rodriguez brother's fate is all but sealed. The Hollywood photographer is on As ranch security, he has to step in -- yet this time getting justice is personal. From foes to friends to…forever? Screenwriter Wyatt Taylor can't let his dying father's work on a book about century-old Ladera Inn by the Sea come to naught, even if fulfilling that promise means going toe-to-toe with the innkeeper's spitfire d And Danni couldn't deny the immediate zing she felt for the handsome, gre As an undercover narcotics detective, Esteban wants to hunt the scum who killed his brother-and put his stepfathe Sebastian Hunter, heartbreaker extraordinaire, had actually shown up to their high school reunion.

All at once, she felt that unshakable Little Jace Fortune is determined to make his new nanny a permanent part of the family. The problem is he hasn't bo In one corner we have Jared Winterset, who's "not" in the market for a wife. He knows too well how few marriages succeed-and Jared hates failure. So he'll keep it light. In the other corn But tonight, she's waiting up for her husband, Peter, to tell him she wants a divorce. Instead, she learns he's been murdered. And the sexy detective Philly detective Tate Colton will go under cover to bust the sex trafficking ring targeting young Amish women.

He doesn't count on his sting operation falling apar So he's shocked the morning he discovers a car teetering on the edge of a deep ravine with an unconscious wom Detective Logan Cavanaugh thinks it's an open-and-shut suicide case. But Destiny's convinced Folks in Thunder Canyon all remember the broad-shouldered, blond cowpoke with the green eyes and somber expression. We haven't seen Cody Overton smile much in the years since She has enough troubles with her family's latest secret, which calls her w When Kasey Stonestreet's husband walked out on her and their newborn son, her best friend, Eli Rodriguez, was her rock.

Eli took them in at his Forever, Texas, ranch without hesitation. As a suddenly single mom with nowhere else to go, Kasey expected If there was one thing single dad Micah Muldare lacked, it was time! The busy widower didn't have enough hours in the day for his too-full to-do list -- his high-profile job demanded focus, and the rest of his not Can He Rope Her In? Ten years ago Cash Taylor said goodbye to his close-knit hometown and hello to the fast track of big-city success. Now a criminal lawyer with a guilty heart and a lot of soul-searching to do, he's back in Forever, Texas, for hi She was a long-lost Cavanaugh Being a Cavanaugh had advantages for Detective Bridget Cavelli -- the Cavanaughs practically ran the department.

But this sudden identity crisis left Bridget off balance and vulnerable. Perhaps that explained the unc It's been eighteen years since Kara Calhoun laid eyes on David Scarlatti, the one man who'd always gotten under her skin -- the wrong way! That doesn't stop a pair of matchmaking moms from believing their son and daughte Neighbors and longtime friends, she and Blake made a great team. Katie dreamed they'd someday be more But time wa Then why are its once-decaying streets gleaming? And why are there only beautiful, smiling Stepford-like wives in those streets? Hawk Bledsoe wants to know Her own troubled childhood still shadowing her, Kaitlyn is determined not to Trading kisses under the mistletoe is not what brought Johnny Donovan to Rancho Diablo.

After all, he's a diehard bachelor -- and Jess St. John's the most undomesticated woman in New Mexico. Then why does the petite horse trainer fill Johnny with suc Seduced by Dr. He first saw Dr. Nika Pulaski hyperventilating in a trapped elevator. Ever the rescuer, Detective Cole Baker felt an instant protectiveness Her cheerfulness, not to mention her killer looks, had him reconsi Bachelor, Lawman And Daddy? Montana has always been in Sheriff Cole James's blood. Nothing -- and no one -- could make him walk away from his home.

Not even Ronnie, his best friend and the woman he'd let leave even though he loved her. But now, Now we've seen everything. Jake Castro has come to Thunder Canyon The decorated police officer is clearly hoping the family-friendly town will prove the per A family rocked by secrets When a senator is disgraced by scandal, his hotshot attorney son, Dylan, rushes to pick up the pieces for the sake of the splintering Kelley family.

Dylan's only ally is the feisty Cindy Jensen, whose loyalty to her bos How had levelheaded Isabelle Sinclair let herself fall head over heels in love with Brandon Slade? No matter how great he made her fee Still, when she accepted an assignment to transf Atlanta heiress Wendy Fortune was used to being overlooked by the rest of her powerful family.

But when a last-ditch job at Red Rock's best restaurant revealed her hidden talents in the kitchen, she was determined to prove to ever Big-city radiologist Dan Davenport is ready to take New York by storm. But when an accident robs him of the most important person in his life, he decides to honor his brother by taking his place as the Aleksandra Pulaski tells officer Zane Calloway exactly what she thinks when he shows up in her E. But Zane isn't leaving her E. A former domestic violence ca In A Rebel's Arms Deputy Joe Lone Wolf never would've guessed that helping someone at the side of the road in a thunderstorm would throw his carefully controlled world into a tailspin.

But that's exactly what happens when he realizes the sexy "st As rakishly handsome as he was successful, attorney Kullen Manetti was a "love 'em and leave 'em" kind of guy. Until Lilli McCall, his long-lost love, suddenly appeared in his office -- and turned his carefully crafted world up Before he has a chance to say "who's the mommy" big-city lawyer Olivia Blayne arrive An arsonist is loose in Aurora, and Ethan plans on stopping him.

But the beauty is no victim, oh no. Private investigator Jewel Parnell doesn't believe in fairy-tale romance. What she does believe in are low-risk, short-term flings and ignoring her mother's constant matchmaking attempts. But her newest clients -- a solemn, sexy professor and his gri Some things don't change -- like Duke's sexy half smile and the way it leaves her breathless. What's different now is Susan's all grown up with ve Now a witness in a drug trial, Detective Greer O'Brien sees the spark of recognition in the ju She didn't want a new relationship -- especially not with a client, and certainly not one sent by her matchmaking mother.

Then wealthy bank When she spied Lucas Wingate in the exam room, Nikki Connors was only too happy to take charge of his irresistible seven-month-old daughter. But it was the sexy widower who seemed more in need of Nikki's special Her new partner: the force's most notorious bad boy Police officer Riley McIntyre is less than thrilled at being teamed with former academy classmate Sam Wyatt.

They're assigned to solve a string of home invasions. The man is as mi But Paul Armstrong, the gorgeous head doctor of the Armstrong Fertility Institute, was a serious obstacle to unearthing the famous facility's secrets. And now Ramo Thinking she's got her killer, Taylor handcuffs him to a railing. The next morning, she's shocked when sh So she struggles to resist Officer Morgan Donnelly's charms even though he'd gallantly come to her mother's aid. But when her family insists on meeting the man who'd s Eve is pregnant with your baby.

The gorgeous veterinarian had stormed out of his life upon discovering the "truth" about his identity. Though it nearly k A gruesome killing spree hits the streets of Aurora Someone was murdering the city's elite, and anyone could be next. Ever since the detective teamed up with fellow cop Frank McIntyre, she found herself opening up. The proud, irresistible member of the Cavanaugh clan cle Her yearning for a home and family had her shedding her habit and moving back to California. But her true calling definitely wasn't with sexy single dad Caleb McClain. But, Irena Yovich noted with relief, the resemblance he bore to his late playboy brother--Irena's philandering ex-boyfriend--was purely physical.

Still, she knew she'd b But when fresh-faced Shana O'Reilly appeared at his office door, she threw no-nonsense attorney Travis Marlowe's carefully ordered world into a tailspin. For the first time ever, he couldn' Yet the rugged Texan who suddenly appeared at Jane Gilliam's side was real enough I know you can.

What were the odds that Laurel would just reappear after vanishing seven years before? She'd turned his heart to stone and he wanted The Secret Service agent had come to the tiny Texas town to unmask a potential threat to From the moment he pulled the unconscious woman from the sea, Trevor Marlowe knew his life would never be the same. But even the celebrated restaurateur couldn't have predicted how passionately he'd fall for his beautiful, mysterious merma Decades later, the last thing she needed was some sportswriter digging into their bu The woman had secrets no cop could ignore Undercover police officer Zack McIntyre couldn't make sense of the beautiful, mysterious stranger who had saved him from death.

She cared for him with skilled, gentle hands, awakening passions within him, Somebody had shot him Dr. Marja Pulaski knew she was inviting danger by treating the wounded stranger. The man called Kane wasn't what he pretended to be. But she couldn't begin to guess how much of a threat he really was--or the passion he'd awak Everyone has something to hide One long-ago night changed Dr. Tania Pulaski's life forever. Now the fourth-year resident depended on the frantic pace of the E.

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But hiding in the con Trust him with your life They were devoted partners--until a bullet separated them. Suddenly, they were worlds apart. And yet, when she started getting disturbing At least Peter knew he had every member of th He held her life in his hands Hardworking cardiologist Kady Pulaski was dedicated to healing people. Now a patient was dead One man could keep her safe. She knew him only as Byron, the handsome, enigmatic pos Being stranded without electricity in a houseful of orphaned dogs wasn't high on Alain Dulac's agenda.

But when a car accident landed the West Coast attorney in the care of Kayla McKenna, he had a change of heart. Something ab She was just what the doctor ordered. Georges Armand wasn't prepared for his reaction to the petite blonde. Vienna aroused his most protective instincts. And that Ivan Munro wanted to be feared, not loved But Bailey DelMonico, his new intern, is determined to prove she isn't afraid of him--and more.

In her own way, Bailey is as brilliant as Ivan--and people like her. Having realized she wanted to be a su I, Philippe Zabelle wealthy software designer, callous playboy, totally un-handy man , do hereby hire contractor Janice Diane Wyatt to renovate my home but not make significant changes in my life, like making me fall for her, a single mom. The Taming of the Spy Daring, bold, secretive--Joshua Lazlo loved living life on the edge.

Rescuing the prime minister's daughter from kidnappers was just the challenge he thrived on. But nothing prepared him for the woman who yelled out fiery Maid of honor Shannon Donovan hates the fact that she's at a wedding without her fiance and that the best man is Josh McClintock, a cad she hasn't seen since college. But it turns out her fiance may not be the man she thought he was She'd vowed never to get involved with another man, yet she co Murder on the line Someone else might crave excitement, but Dr. Natalya Pulaski was enjoying her ordinary life. Then she received a chilling call from her best friend--and the line mysteriously went dead.

She felt in her bones something bad had ha Handsome, ruthless attorney Jordan Logan had an amazing track record: he'd never lost a case. So when he agreed to do a favor for his sister and become a substitute lawyer at Advocate Aid, he thought it would be a piece of cake. What Jordan didn' Sasha Pulaski wasn't going to just stand by and do nothing. She believed in her work and would do anything for her patients. But how could she help when she was next on a murderer's hit list? The only By the way, did you know you're pregnant? Eight tiny words, but strung together in one sentence For after twenty-five years of wedlock and three grown children, starting over with th Meticulous and by-the-book, corporate lawyer Jack Lever was used to order--not the disorder of two small children.

When his babysitter abruptly quit, the single dad didn't know where to turn. He couldn't believe his good luck when Zooey Finnegan agre Assistant district attorney Janelle Cavanaugh understood how dangerous working on a high-profile criminal case could be. But when her assignment took a deadly turn, she was given a ruggedly handsome and infuriatingly It's not going to stay cold up here in Alaska for too much longer The best-looking man the town of Hades has ever seen isn't just toiling in the town's only medical clinic; I hear he's also do Hotel Marchand: Four sisters.

A family legacy. And someone is out to destroy it. A city in darkness The minute he meets his date for the n Consider carefully before that first call to the local contractor: Can your marriage take it? Stacey Sommers certainly hoped so After the stunning news that her uncle had passed away and left her his dog Detective Troy Cavanaugh had never met a woman who didn't like him -- until Agent Delene D'Angelo gave him the cold shoulder at a crime scene.

Thrown together by a murder investigation, Troy's attempts to woo the sexy parole officer For as long as Princess Amelia could remember, Prince Reginald had always been a royal pain. But to secure an alliance for her country, she had to marry Dear Diary: The first face I saw after hitting my head on my brother's boat was that of a gorgeous stranger Taylor Conway is the type of man that no one forgets, so I thought it was my brothers' ide A day of rest And a day to die A serial killer who strikes on Sundays is back in business, and workaholic FBI agent Charlotte "Charly" Dow will do anything to catch him.

For Charly, the investigation is personal. Her sister was one of the vict When Detective James Munro discovered a cameo necklace on a New York City street, he hoped only to return the keepsake to its rightful owner. He certainly didn't expect that owner to be so adorab Meet the Editor Elisha Reed loved working at her lucrative publishing house. On a daily basis, she wrestled with the literary world's divas and won. Her sterling reputation was the icing on the cake. Yes, Elisha knew the essential ingredients of l When the vivacious MacKenzie Ryan met her dour new neighbor, it was hardly love at first sight.

Not only was the self-contained research scientist gruff and rude, but MacKenzie was also grappling with a heartbreak that had shattered her heart -- and Now a devoted single mom and assistant to ever Since her mother's death, FBI Special Agent Cate Kowalski had to cope with the deep emptiness she felt -- and the shocking revelation that she was adopted.

The news came too soon after losing her fiance and destroyed the very foundation of her identi She loved him so much, but felt that his backbreakin When talk show host Dakota Delany agrees to allow bodyguard Ian Russell to shadow her for two weeks, she doesn't count on constantly battling the drop-dead-gorgeous man who monitors her every move. And she definitely doesn't expect the strong and sil With he Back home in Texas and ready to get her life in order, Gloria Mendoza knew men were a distraction she couldn't afford.

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So when she was offered assistance from CEO Jack Fortune to get her business up and running, Gloria sensed it would take incredible Peter Sullivan might be the only one who could save Raven Songbird's little brother, but who was going to ease the widowed neurosurgeon's secret sorrow? Raven figured she was more than up for the job. The barefoot, black-haired beauty was a he Heck, the reclusive officer hardly spoke to anyone other than his faithful K-9 companion.

So what harm could come from Patience Cavanaugh letting the haunted rebel protect her from a dangerous stalker? She mig Event planner Jenny Hall didn't have time for men. Between organizing a bachelor auction and caring for her son, she barely had time for herself! So she was stunned when her friends pooled together the money at the auction to buy her a date with Eric Blond, beautiful Brenda York could make a good cop cross the line. And when that cop was Dax Cavanaugh, on the trai When the tall, dark stranger walked into her father's bookstore, sheltered Brooke Moss was more than ready for romance.

In the blink of an eye, the beautiful dreamer saw beneath the wounds of the emotionally scarred private eye and gave herself to hi Subject: Telekinetic Elizabeth Caldwell. Family history: Like her siblings, she has powers people would kill for. Deepest secret: She walks just this side of the law.

Relishing her newfound freedom from a domineering brother, Elizabeth wanted on Handsome, hardworking Shaw Cavanaugh defined the term "top cop. Male detectives wanted to be "Hawk. Teri simply wanted Her friend was accused of killing a young woman, and Lorrayne believed in his innocence The Danger Zone Detective Patrick Cavanaugh survived by the skin of his teeth, and was one of the fiercest law enforcers west of the Mississippi.

He wasn't friendly or popular, but he waged a war against crime with a ruthlessness that scared his p When Clay appeared as thei But he wasn't prepared to clash with the one woman he'd secretly loved for years, Detective Callie Cavanaugh, whose job it was t Between raising his three siblings and running a successful business, Kevin Quintano's hectic life left no room for love.

But when his sister announced her upcoming wedding, Kevin headed to Hades, Alaska, to en Accepting the secretary position at prestigious Mallory and Dixon had been step one in Mindy Richards's makeover. After all, she was newly single in the city But her new life took a turn down me Lori O'Neill surprised herself when she kissed her late husband's brother. Maybe it was pregnancy hormones, but this mother-to-be was looking at Carson in a whole new light. Carson had been there for Lori ever since she'd lost her husband, but, as he Special Agent C.

Jones looked forward to impending motherhood but cursed being sidelined on a serial killer case because of it. And her irresistible partner Byron Warrick made it hard for her to play it safe. Then, one night, C. When corporate dynamo Rick Masters returned to Bedford, he had to see if old flame Joanna Prescott was still in town. No sooner did he reach her street than he saw Joanna's house going up in smoke! Rick rescued the pregna John "Sin-Jin" Adair. Despite his generosity, he disliked her because s When he began his mission at Blair Memorial, undercover agent Terrance McCall collided with the only woman capable of rattling his equilibrium.

Alix DuCane had grown haughty over the years, and he'd been the one to put the ice in her soul. With his killer smile, his bone-melting charm and his medical dedication, hospital hunk Dr. Harrison "Mac" Mackenzie could thaw an iceberg at twenty paces. Collecting willing women like baseball cards, he hadn't met resistance since high school physi From the moment she was rushed into Blair Memorial's emergency room, Dr.