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Moukhtar Pasha's army was cut in two, and his principal position occupied by the Russians, and the Turki are said to have retreated towards Kars, after having suffered enormous losses in killed and prisoners. The Turkish right flank, at tight o'clock in the evening, was surrounded and drirea from the Aladja Dagh with great loss. In consequence of this intelligence a battalion of sailors has been despatched by special train from St. Petersburg to goard the Government establishments in the south, and at Nicolaieff itself the governor has authorised the forma- tion of a vigilance committee, composed of functionaries and citizens, and presided over by the chief naval offioora of the port.

Pickets of committee men, armed with re- volvers, patrol the town at night, and the authorities believe that the leaders of the plot having been arrested no scenes of violence will occur. The procoodin. The speeches of the evening were delivered by the Hon. Cordes, M. Lord Aberdare pre- sided. The inquiry terminated without a decision. It is understood that, with the sauction of the Marquess of Bute, the monument of the lute Marquess will be removed from Higu- street, Cardiff, to the south-eud of St.

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The charges preferred against the captain were proved. Trade, at the lapse of two years, upon proof of good behaviour being given. The Prince of Wales, accompanied by his two sons Albert Victor and George, arrived at Dartmouth on Thursday, The town was illuminated for the occasion. When he was in Anatolia he found all classes united in their detestation of the corruption of the Russians, the duplicity of their diplomatists, and the orueltr of those whom the authorities sent out to rule their distant provinces. Writing previously. Ia his lftg ride he found the Tark always courteous and obliging, while the Russian WM full of deceit.

The impression among the pashas with whom Captain BURNABT conversed was that Great Britain and Turkey would again be found fighting side by aids as in , but whan the gallant officer re- minded thtm of the unsatisfactory condition of tlio Turkish loans, the pabhas admitted that it was a mistake on the part of the SULTAN to alienate the capitalists of Europa.

We how, however, that if the Cos- sack ruled at Constantinople the position of the Turkish exterior debt would be in a far more perilous condition than it is at present, as Russia would make a clean sweep of the whole of it. One pasha spoke hopefully ot the facility with which Turkey could put seven hundred thousfind men in the field, wiiich drew dowli a chorus of exclamations, "Prllilje be to A LLAa I" from the Anatolian Turks present. Captain BURNABY draws a striking contrast between the Russian system of secrecy and the thousand facilities offered him on all sides for the prosecution of his jouiney of observation through Asia Minor, amouir a people whose recollections of the part which Great Britain played in the Crimea was a constant theme of praise and congratulation.

All the labours of the RoY. THOMPSON and the minority are like those of t-isvpHus, as they only roll the education ball up the hill, whence the majority seem to take a supreme delight in rolling it down again. THOMPSON is a Churchman who is anxious for the advancement of education, but he finds both poet and architect arrayed against him, and determined that no larger number of children shall boedueated in Cardiff than at present until that far-distaut time when the town shall be dotted all over with Board Schools, and Mr.

The action of the majority, by opposing the use of the com- pulsory powers, has the effect of keeping uiauy hundreds of children in the streets, where they learn rowdyism instead of reading, and help to swell the calendar at the assizes and quarter sessions. PRICB avowed that he would sooner send a boy to a Catholic school than to a Ritualistic one, but he practically voted against them both.

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JtiEEs said that he could show them a Pro- testant school with a nun at one ord and an image of the crucifixion at the other. This is a discovery worthy of the attention of the Curator of the Cardiff Museum,who ought to go and capture the "rlUB" and lodge her, if he can find sufficient room, among the curiosities of that nlethoric establishment. We hope that in any future alterations of the Elementary Education Act, Lord SANDON will introduce a clause making education compulsory on the part of candidates f r seats at School Boards,so that the governors shall be better than the governed in educational matters Ai well as in other departments of public life.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, at the Mon- mouthshire Quarter Sessions, congratulations all round were excimnged on the completion of the new Court House at Usk. There is no question the new building is a great improve- ment on the old. And to it ought to be. Wyatt designed it after the model of the W inchester Assize Courts, and they are held in gieat Repute. Possibly itoine impi ovemoiita may be effected after a little further experience. Our main object now, however, is to draw attt ntiou to the suggestion made by Mr. Smythies, that a portrait of the chairman, Mr.

Bosanquet, should be placed in one of the courts. We have no doubt it is the intention to carry out the sug- gestion. It is a very proper one. Bosau- quet has sat in the chair and guided the deliberations of the magistrates for a great number of years, with a great deal of ability and with eatisfaction to the bench. Whatever may be said to the contrary, the chairman has always been scrupulously watchful over county expendituie. We do not sup- pose he has always produced cou- viction as to what he has done, but his aim has been a high one, and in the main he has succeeded.

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Whether the Cleopatra will remain afloat, is now. Captain Carter, who was in charge of her, ia inclined to think blie won't. Her ballast shifted, and her stability waa lost. Under the buffeting she would receive from the waves, after being at,mdoned, her woodwork would probably soon be knocked to pieces, and then there would only remain the air tight iron case containing the ttone.

Its loss will be a mis- fortuue for the country, but more especially for Mr. Erasmus Wilson, the eminent surgeon, to whose liberality, coupled with the engineer- ing skill of Mr. Dixon, Wit were to have been indebted for the possession of the wonderful monolith once the pride of the priests of On, the City of the Sun, 3, years ago The TifNel the other day gave some French election news in its second edition, and stated that amongst the distinguished MiuisterialUts who had been elected were the Marquis d'Hareourt, M.

Relapse of infection was uncommon. Rates of hospital-acquired bloodstream infections in patients with specific malignancy. Prospective surveillance of hospitalized patients with leukemia or solid tumors was performed in order to define the rate of nosocomial bloodstream infection according to specific diagnosis. In the patients with malignancy, the diagnoses associated with the highest rate of bloodstream infections were chronic myeloid leukemia In contrast to patients with leukemia, those with solid tumors, as a group, were at no greater risk of bloodstream infection than those without malignancy.

In preparation for prophylactic trials of antibiotics or immunotherapy this study has more clearly defined the risk of bloodstream infection in cancer patients. Reducing or eliminating hospital acquired infections is a national quality of care priority. The majority of the 12, children diagnosed with cancer each year require long-term intravenous access to receive intensive and complex therapies. These children are at high risk for infection by nature of their disease and treatment, which often involves use of a central venous catheter CVC.

Throughout the nation, nurses assume frontline responsibility for safe, quality CVC care to minimize the risk of potentially life-threatening infections. Substantial financial and human costs are associated with CVC-related bloodstream infections , including prolonged hospital lengths of stay and increased care required to treat these infections. The purpose of this review of the literature is to summarize existing adult and pediatric data on CVC-related bloodstream infections and explore nursing models of CVC care that may improve pediatric oncology patient outcomes.

We report the presentation and management of 17 cases of Exophiala dermatitidis and Rhodotorula mucilaginosa bloodstream infections caused by a compounded parenteral medication at an oncology clinic. Twelve patients were asymptomatic. All central venous catheters were removed and antifungal therapy, primarily voriconazole, was administered to patients. Three patients died. Epidemiological investigation of Candida species causing bloodstream infection in paediatric small bowel transplant recipients.

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Small bowel transplantation SBT can be a life-saving medical procedure. However, these recipients experience high risk of bloodstream infections caused by Candida. This research aims to characterise the SBT recipient gut microbiota over time following transplantation and investigate the epidemiology of candidaemia in seven paediatric patients. Candida species from the recipients' ileum and bloodstream were identified by internal transcribed spacer sequence and distinguished to strain by multilocus sequence typing and randomly amplified polymorphic DNA.

Antifungal susceptibility of bloodstream isolates was determined against nine antifungals. Twenty-two ileostomy samples harboured at least one Candida species. All but three bloodstream isolates showed susceptibility to all the antifungals tested. One C. Results are congruent with both endogenous C. Continuing to work towards a better understanding of sources of infection -particularly the exogenous sources-would lead to targeted prevention strategies. Central line-associated bloodstream infection in childhood malignancy: Single-center experience.

Central line-associated bloodstream infection CLABSI is a common complication in children with malignancy, often leading to prolonged hospitalization, delay in chemotherapy or catheter removal. Symptoms, laboratory and microbiology characteristics, subsequent treatment and outcome were recorded and analyzed. All the collected data were processed through SPSS for statistical analysis. Invasive mycosis was isolated in 7. Intensive chemotherapy and prolonged hospitalization proved to be independent risk factors for CVC infection.

Younger age, neutropenia, hematologic malignancy and longer catheterization are important risk factors for CLABSI, but further research is required for the prevention of catheter-related infection in children with malignancy. Modeling Intraocular Bacterial Infections. Bacterial endophthalmitis is an infection and inflammation of the posterior segment of the eye which can result in significant loss of visual acuity. Even with prompt antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and surgical intervention, vision and even the eye itself may be lost.

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For the past century, experimental animal models have been used to examine various aspects of the pathogenesis and pathophysiology of bacterial endophthalmitis, to further the development of anti-inflammatory treatment strategies, and to evaluate the pharmacokinetics and efficacies of antibiotics.

Experimental models allow independent control of many parameters of infection and facilitate systematic examination of infection outcomes. While no single animal model perfectly reproduces the human pathology of bacterial endophthalmitis, investigators have successfully used these models to understand the infectious process and the host response, and have provided new information regarding therapeutic options for the treatment of bacterial endophthalmitis. This review highlights experimental animal models of endophthalmitis and correlates this information with the clinical setting.

The goal is to identify knowledge gaps that may be addressed in future experimental and clinical studies focused on improvements in the therapeutic preservation of vision during and after this disease. Bloodstream infection in paediatric cancer centres--leukaemia and relapsed malignancies are independent risk factors. Eventually, patients with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia ALL or acute myeloblastic leukaemia AML , relapsed malignancy and patients with a Broviac faced an increased risk of BSI in the multivariate analysis.

This study confirms relapsed malignancy as an independent risk factor for BSIs in paediatric cancer patients. On a unit level, data on BSIs in this high-risk population derived from prospective surveillance are not only mandatory to decide on empiric antimicrobial treatment but also beneficial in planning and evaluating preventive bundles. Blood culture contamination with Enterococci and skin organisms: implications for surveillance definitions of primary bloodstream infections. Enterococci are a common cause of bacteremia but are also common contaminants.

Such isolates are probable contaminants. The specificity of the current definition of primary bloodstream infection could be increased by excluding enterococci mixed with skin organisms. Published by Mosby, Inc. To investigate the clinical features of invasive candidiasis in children and the risk factors for Candida bloodstream infection. A retrospective study was performed on children with invasive candidiasis and hospitalized in 5 tertiary hospitals in Urumqi, China, between January and December The Candida species distribution was investigated.

The clinical data were compared between the patients with and without Candida bloodstream infection. The risk factors for Candida bloodstream infection were investigated using multivariate logistic regression analysis. A total of Candida strains were isolated from children with invasive candidiasis, and non-albicans Candida NAC accounted for The incidence of invasive candidiasis in the PICU and other pediatric wards were Sixty-eight patients The incidence of invasive candidiasis is similar between the PICU and other pediatric wards. NAC is the most common species of invasive candidiasis.

Candida bloodstream infection is the most common invasive infection. Younger age months and NAC infection are the risk factors for Candida bloodstream infection. Incidence of colonization and bloodstream infection with carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae in children receiving antineoplastic chemotherapy in Italy. Few data are available on the incidence of carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae CPE infection or colonization in children receiving anticancer chemotherapy.

This first nationwide Italian pediatric survey shows that the circulation of CPE strains in the pediatric hematology-oncology environment is increasing. Given the mortality rate, which is higher than for other bacterial strains, specific monitoring should be applied and the results should have implications for health-care practice in pediatric hematology-oncology. To test this, vertebrate IgM was examined for protein A cross-linking. High VH3 binding activity occurred with human and guinea immunoglobulin, whereas mouse and rabbit immunoglobulins displayed little and no binding, respectively.

Establishing a guinea pig model of S. Immunization with SpAKKAA, which cannot bind immunoglobulin, elicits neutralizing antibodies that enable guinea pigs to develop protective immunity. Using mice to model staphylococcal infection , earlier work identified protective antigens; however, corresponding human clinical trials did not reach their endpoints. We show that B cell receptor IgM cross-linking by protein A is an important immune evasion strategy of S.

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Further, immunization with nontoxigenic protein A enables infected guinea pigs to elicit antibody responses that are protective against S. Thus, the guinea pig model may support preclinical development of staphylococcal vaccines. To estimate the association of 1 activity of the Prevention and Public Health Fund with hospital bloodstream infections and calculate the return on investment ROI. The activity was funded for 1 year A difference-in-differences specification evaluated hospital standardized infection ratios SIRs before funding allocation years and and after funding allocation years and in the 15 US states that received the funding compared with hospital SIRs in states that did not receive the funding.

We estimated the association of the funded public health activity with SIRs for bloodstream infections. We calculated the ROI by dividing cost offsets from infections averted by the amount invested.

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Public health funding of carefully targeted areas may improve health and reduce health care costs. Risk of vancomycin-resistant enterococci bloodstream infection among patients colonized with vancomycin-resistant enterococci. Vancomycin-resistant enterococci colonization has been reported to increase the risk of developing infections , including bloodstream infections.

In this study, we aimed to share our experience with the vancomycin-resistant enterococci bloodstream infections following gastrointestinal vancomycin-resistant enterococci colonization in pediatric population during a period of 18 months. A retrospective cohort of children admitted to a bed tertiary teaching hospital in Izmir, Turkey whose vancomycin-resistant enterococci colonization was newly detected during routine surveillances for gastrointestinal vancomycin-resistant enterococci colonization during the period of January and December were included in this study.

All vancomycin-resistant enterococci isolates found within 18 months after initial detection were evaluated for evidence of infection. Two hundred and sixteen patients with vancomycin-resistant enterococci were included in the study. Vancomycin-resistant enterococci colonization was detected in patients Vancomycin-resistant enterococci bacteremia was present only in three 1.

All these patients were immunosuppressed due to human immunodeficiency virus one patient and intensive chemotherapy two patients. In conclusion, our study found that 1. Contaminated product water as the source of Phialemonium curvatum bloodstream infection among patients undergoing hemodialysis. We investigated a cluster of cases of bloodstream infection BSI due to the mold Phialemonium at a hemodialysis center in Illinois and conducted a cohort study to identify risk factors. Environmental assessment and cohort study. A hemodialysis center in a tertiary care hospital. A case patient was defined as a person who underwent dialysis at the center and had a blood sample that tested positive for Phialemonium curvatum on culture.

We reviewed microbiology and medical records and tested water, surface, and dialysate samples by culture. Molds isolated from environmental and clinical specimens were identified by their morphological features and confirmed by sequencing DNA. We identified 2 case patients with BSI due to P. Both became febrile and hypotensive while undergoing dialysis on the same machine at the same treatment station, although on different days. Dialysis machines were equipped with waste handling option ports that are used to discard dialyzer priming fluid.

We isolated P. The source of P. To our knowledge, this is the first report of patients acquiring a mold BSI from contaminated product water. The route of exposure in these cases of BSI due to P. Waste handling option ports have been previously implicated as the source of bacterial BSI due to the backflow of waste fluid into a patient's blood line.

No additional cases of infection were noted after remediation of the water distribution system and after discontinuing use of waste handling option ports at the facility. Bedell, Richard A. Background Tuberculosis TB and serious bloodstream infections BSI may contribute to the high early mortality observed among patients qualifying for antiretroviral therapy ART with unexplained weight loss, chronic fever or chronic diarrhea.

Subjects with positive expectorated sputum smears for AFB were excluded. Investigations Bacterial and mycobacterial blood cultures, cryptococcal antigen test CrAg , induced sputum IS for TB microscopy and solid culture, full blood count and CD4 lymphocyte count. Sixty-five additional TB cases were diagnosed on clinical and radiological grounds. Multivariate analysis of baseline clinical and hematological characteristics found significant independent associations between oral candidiasis or lymphadenopathy and TB, marked CD4 lymphopenia and NTS infection , and severe anemia and either infection , but low positive likelihood ratios infected outpatients.

Baseline clinical and hematological characteristics were inadequate predictors of infection. Bloodstream infections are a leading cause of morbidity and mortality. Early and targeted antimicrobial intervention is lifesaving, yet current diagnostic approaches fail to provide actionable information within a clinically viable time frame due to their reliance on blood culturing.

The PID platform provides species-level information in under 2. Bloodstream infections continue to be a major cause of death for hospitalized patients, despite significant improvements in both the availability of treatment options as well their application. Since early and targeted antimicrobial intervention is one of the prime determinants of patient outcome, the rapid identification of the pathogen can be lifesaving. Unfortunately, current diagnostic approaches for identifying these infections all rely on time-consuming blood culture, which precludes immediate intervention with a targeted antimicrobial.

To address this, we have developed and characterized a new and comprehensive methodology, from patient specimen to result, for the rapid identification of both bacterial and fungal pathogens without the need for culturing. We anticipate broad interest in our work, given the novelty of our technical approach combined with an immense unmet need. Detection of bloodstream infections and prediction of bronchopulmonary dysplasia in preterm neonates with an electronic nose.

We show that smellprints of volatile organic components measured with an electronic nose Cyranose ; Smiths Detection Group Ltd, Watford, United Kingdom differ between tracheal aspirates from preterm neonates with or without laboratory-confirmed bloodstream infections and with or without subsequent development of bronchopulmonary dysplasia. Tracheal aspirate smellprints could be useful noninvasive diagnostic markers for preterm neonates.

A case of persistent bloodstream infection with Kocuria rhizophila related to a damaged central venous catheter in a 3-year-old girl with Hirschsprung's disease is reported. The strain was identified as K. Arbitrarily primed PCR analysis showed a clonal strain. The repeated septic episodes were resolved with the catheter repair.

Diagnosis of catheter-related bloodstream infections among pediatric oncology patients lacking a peripheral culture, using differential time to detection. Current methods for in situ diagnosis of catheter-related bloodstream infections require concurrent collection of central venous catheter CVC and peripheral vein PV blood cultures. Both the pain and inconvenience of PV cultures are undesirable.

A prospective study was conducted August to March to assess the accuracy of diagnosing catheter-related bloodstream infections based on the difference in time to detection of blood cultures drawn concurrently from 2 lumens of a multilumen CVC. This difference in time to detection between 2 lumens was compared with results of the standard criterion with paired CVC and PV blood cultures. Twenty-one infectious episodes were categorized as catheter-related bloodstream infections and 38 as non-catheter-related bloodstream infections. Within the context of its limitations, this novel method provides an alternative for diagnosing catheter-related bloodstream infections among patients with a CVC, without PV cultures.

Optimizing empiric therapy for Gram-negative bloodstream infections in children. This retrospective cohort study explored how data elements in the electronic health record could potentially optimize empiric antibiotic therapy for BSIs caused by GNB, via the construction of customized antibiograms for categorical GNB infections and identification of opportunities to minimize organism-drug mismatch and decrease time to effective therapy. Our results suggest potential strategies that could be implemented at key decision points in prescribing at initiation, modification, and targeting of therapy.

Published by Elsevier Ltd. Time to positivity of blood cultures in patients with bloodstream infections : A useful prognostic tool. The time to positivity TTP of blood cultures in patients with bloodstream infections BSIs has been considered to be a possible prognostic tool for some bacterial species. However, notable differences have been found between sampling designs and statistical methods in published studies to date, which makes it difficult to compare results or to derive reliable conclusions.

Our objective was to evaluate the clinical and microbiological implications of TTP among patients with BSI caused by the most common pathogens. A total of episodes of BSI were reported for patients. The survival of the entire cohort was measured from the time of blood culture sampling. In order to compare our results with those of previous studies, TTP was divided in three different groups based on log rank short TTP 27h. Cox proportional hazard models were used to calculate crude and adjusted hazard ratios HR.

It seems that TTP may provide a useful prognostic tool associated with a higher risk of mortality, not only in patients with shorter TTP, but also in those with longer TTP. Nanomechanical sensor applied to blood culture pellets: a fast approach to determine the antibiotic susceptibility against agents of bloodstream infections.

The management of bloodstream infection , a life-threatening disease, largely relies on early detection of infecting microorganisms and accurate determination of their antibiotic susceptibility to reduce both mortality and morbidity. Recently we developed a new technique based on atomic force microscopy capable of detecting movements of biologic samples at the nanoscale. Such sensor is able to monitor the response of bacteria to antibiotic's pressure, allowing a fast and versatile susceptibility test.

Furthermore, rapid preparation of a bacterial pellet from a positive blood culture can improve downstream characterization of the recovered pathogen as a result of the increased bacterial concentration obtained. Using artificially inoculated blood cultures, we combined these two innovative procedures and validated them in double-blind experiments to determine the susceptibility and resistance of Escherichia coli strains ATCC as susceptible and a characterized clinical isolate as resistant strain towards a selection of antibiotics commonly used in clinical settings.

On the basis of the variance of the sensor movements, we were able to positively discriminate the resistant from the susceptible E. By combining the nanomotion sensor with the rapid preparation method of blood culture pellets, we obtained an innovative, rapid and relatively accurate method for antibiotic susceptibility test directly from positive blood culture bottles, without the need for bacterial subculture. Published by Elsevier Ltd.. The systemic host response to microbial infection involves clinical signs and symptoms of infection , including fever and elevated white blood cell WBC counts.

In addition, inflammatory mediators are released, including activated complement product C3a, interleukin 6 IL-6 , and the acute-phase reactant secretory phospholipase A2 sPLA2. Microbiological culture results for 7 days after inclusion were collected. This may help in the designing of entry. Significant reduction of central line-associated bloodstream infection rates in a tertiary neonatal unit. To evaluate the effectiveness of a quality initiative in reducing central line-associated bloodstream infections CLABSIs in our neonatal intensive care unit, we designed a prospective study January September estimating CLABSI incidence before and after our implementation.

CLABSI rates were significantly decreased after our intervention, from 12 cases per 1, central vascular catheter CVC days during the preinterventional period to 3. Nanoparticle Approaches against Bacterial Infections. Despite the wide success of antibiotics, the treatment of bacterial infection still faces significant challenges, particularly the emergence of antibiotic resistance. As a result, nanoparticle drug delivery platforms including liposomes, polymeric nanoparticles, dendrimers, and various inorganic nanoparticles have been increasingly exploited to enhance the therapeutic effectiveness of existing antibiotics.

This review focuses on areas where nanoparticle approaches hold significant potential to advance the treatment of bacterial infection. These areas include targeted antibiotic delivery, environmentally responsive antibiotic delivery, combinatorial antibiotic delivery, nanoparticle-enabled antibacterial vaccination, and nanoparticle-based bacterial detection.

In each area we highlight the innovative antimicrobial nanoparticle platforms and review their progress made against bacterial infections. A coagulase-negative and non-haemolytic strain of Staphylococcus aureus for investigating the roles of SrtA in a murine model of bloodstream infection. As a result, SrtA has become an important target in the development of therapies for S.

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In this study, we used the new reference strain S. The results suggested that deletion of SrtA reduced the bacterial burden on the heart, liver and kidneys by blunting the host proinflammatory cytokine response at an early point in infection. Kidneys, but not heart or liver, formed abscesses on the sixth day following non-lethal infection , and this effect was diminished by SrtA mutation. These findings indicate that SrtA is a determining virulence factor in lethality and formation of renal abscesses in mice followed by S. We have thus established a convenient in vitro and mouse model for developing SrtA-targeted therapeutic strategies.

Outbreak of Tsukamurella species bloodstream infection among patients at an oncology clinic, West Virginia, To determine the source and identify control measures of an outbreak of Tsukamurella species bloodstream infections at an outpatient oncology facility. Epidemiologic investigation of the outbreak with a case-control study.

A case was an infection in which Tsukamurella species was isolated from a blood or catheter tip culture during the period January through June from a patient of the oncology clinic. Laboratory records of area hospitals and patient charts were reviewed. A case-control study was conducted among clinic patients to identify risk factors for Tsukamurella species bloodstream infection. Clinic staff were interviewed, and infection control practices were assessed. Fifteen cases of Tsukamurella Tsukamurella pulmonis or Tsukamurella tyrosinosolvens bloodstream infection were identified, all in patients with underlying malignancy and indwelling central lines.

Other infection control deficiencies that were identified at the clinic included suboptimal procedures for central line access and preparation of chemotherapy. Although multiple infection control lapses were identified, the outbreak was likely caused by improper preparation of saline flush syringes by the clinic. The outbreak demonstrates that bloodstream infections among oncology patients can result from improper infection control practices and highlights the critical need for increased attention to and oversight of infection control in outpatient oncology settings.

Factors associated with suitability of empiric antibiotic therapy in hospitalized patients with bloodstream infections. Bacteremia is associated with high morbidity and mortality rates. Initiation of inadequate empiric antibiotic therapy is associated with a worse outcome. The aim of this study was to establish the prevalence and the factors associated with inappropriate empiric antibiotic therapy in patients hospitalized with bacteremia.

A cross-sectional study was conducted during January December at the medical wards of the Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Israel. The records of all patients with bacteremia were reviewed. Clinical and laboratory characteristics, bacteremic pathogens and antimicrobial agents were retrieved from the medical records.

Factors associated with appropriateness of empiric antibiotic therapy were assessed. A total of eligible adults were included in the study. Antibiotic therapy was found to be inappropriate in The rate of appropriateness was not related to the type of antibiotic regimen and the type of bacteria.

Patients with healthcare-associated infections were more likely to be administrated inappropriate antibiotic therapy. Patients with primary bloodstream infections were also more likely to be administrated inappropriate antibiotic therapy. Empiric combination therapy was more likely to be appropriate than monotherapy, except for an aminoglycosides-based combination. Combination empiric antibiotic therapy should be considered in patients with healthcare-associated infections and in those with primary bloodstream infections.

Outbreak of Serratia marcescens postsurgical bloodstream infection due to contaminated intravenous pain control fluids. Serratia marcescens is an important nosocomial pathogen causing significant outbreaks. Here we report an outbreak of bloodstream infection caused by S. The effective cooperative efforts of both laboratory personnel and infection control practitioners ICPs jointly contributed to the total control of the outbreak. A sudden increase in the isolation of S. The information was passed to the ICPs and an investigation was initiated. Pulsed-field gel electrophoresis was used to study the relationships among the isolates.

Pulsotype A was identified in 43 They were isolated from 52 patients distributed across 22 wards that were surveyed by seven ICPs. All patients had undergone surgery before the infection , and fentanyl-containing intravenous fluids were used for pain control in 43 of them. Isolates from 42 belonged to pulsotype A. Three S. All fentanyl-containing fluids that were in use were withdrawn and the outbreak was stopped.

The outbreak of S. Cost-effectiveness of a quality improvement programme to reduce central line-associated bloodstream infections in intensive care units in the USA. Objective To assess the cost-effectiveness of a multifaceted quality improvement programme focused on reducing central line-associated bloodstream infections in intensive care units.

Design Cost-effectiveness analysis using a decision tree model to compare programme to non-programme intensive care units. Setting USA. Population Adult patients in the intensive care unit. Costs Economic costs of the programme and of central line-associated bloodstream infections were estimated from the perspective of the hospital and presented in US dollars. Main outcome measures Central line-associated bloodstream infections prevented, deaths averted due to central line-associated bloodstream infections prevented, and incremental cost-effectiveness ratios.

Probabilistic sensitivity analysis was performed. Results Compared with current practice, the programme is strongly dominant and reduces bloodstream infections and deaths at no additional cost. The opportunity cost of a bloodstream infection to a hospital was the most important model parameter in these analyses.

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Conclusions This multifaceted quality improvement programme, as it is currently implemented by hospitals on an increasingly large scale in the USA, likely reduces the economic costs of central line-associated bloodstream infections for US hospitals. Awareness among hospitals about the programme's benefits should enhance implementation. The programme's implementation has the potential to substantially reduce morbidity, mortality and economic costs associated with central line-associated bloodstream infections. Reports of bloodstream infections caused by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus among chronic hemodialysis patients to 2 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention surveillance systems National Healthcare Safety Network Dialysis Event and Emerging Infections Program were compared to evaluate completeness of reporting.

Many methicillin-resistant S.

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Central venous catheter-associated bloodstream infections in a pediatric intensive care unit: effect of the location of catheter insertion. To compare the rate of central venous catheter-associated bloodstream infections between pediatric intensive care unit admissions where central venous catheters were inserted within the same hospital internal central venous catheters and those where central venous catheters were inserted before transfer from other hospitals external central venous catheters. Retrospective analysis of prospectively collected data.

A tertiary care pediatric intensive care unit in London, UK. Consecutive pediatric intensive care unit admissions between May and March Catheter-associated bloodstream infections were identified using a widely accepted surveillance definition. The rate and time to occurrence of catheter-associated bloodstream infection were compared between internal and external nontunneled central venous catheters.

A multilevel Cox-regression model was used to study the association between location of central venous catheter insertion and time to catheter-associated bloodstream infection. In total, central venous catheters were studied internal; external accounting for a total of 1, central venous catheter days. There was a higher catheter-associated bloodstream infection incidence density among external central venous catheters Multivariable analyses demonstrated higher infection risk with external central venous catheters hazard ratio 2. The rate of catheter-associated bloodstream infections in the pediatric intensive care unit is significantly affected by external insertion of the central venous catheter.

Future interventions to reduce nosocomial infections on pediatric intensive care units will need to be specifically targeted at this high-risk patient group. The most prevalent hospital-acquired infections in the United States are bloodstream infections BSIs associated with the presence of a central venous catheter. There is currently a movement, including national organizations such as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services as well as consumer, quality improvement and patient safety groups, encouraging the standardization of reporting and aggregation of such nosocomial infection data to increase and improve reporting, and enable rate comparisons among healthcare institutions.

Domain modeling is a well-known method for designing interoperable processes that take advantage of existing data and legacy systems. We have combined such a model-driven design approach with the use of partitioned clinical and business logic knowledgebases in order to employ a previously validated electronic BSI surveillance algorithm in the context of a multi-center study. Arterial catheters may serve as an additional source for blood cultures in children when peripheral venipuncture is challenging.

The aim of the study was to evaluate the accuracy of cultures obtained through indwelling arterial catheters for the diagnosis of bloodstream infections in critically ill pediatric patients. Observational and comparative. General and cardiac ICUs of a tertiary, university-affiliated pediatric medical center. The study group consisted of patients admitted to the general or cardiac PICU in who met the following criteria: presence of an indwelling arterial catheter and indication for blood culture.

Blood was drawn by peripheral venipuncture and through the arterial catheter for each patient and sent for culture total culture pairs. Two specialists blinded to the blood source evaluated each positive culture to determine if the result represented true bloodstream infection or contamination. The sensitivity, specificity, and positive and negative predictive values of the arterial catheter and peripheral cultures for the diagnosis of bloodstream infection were calculated.

Cultures of arterial catheter-drawn blood are reliable for the detection of bloodstream infection in PICUs. Impact of needleless connector change frequency on central line-associated bloodstream infection rate. Bloodstream infection is the most common pediatric health care-associated infection and is strongly associated with catheter use. These infections greatly increase the cost of hospital stay. To assess the association between needleless connector NC change frequency and central line-associated bloodstream infection CLABSI rate, we modeled monthly pediatric stem cell transplant SCT CLABSI rate in 3 periods: baseline period during which NC were changed every 96 hours regardless of infusate period 1 ; trial period in which NC were changed every 24 hours with blood or lipid infusions period 2 ; and a return to NC change every 96 hours regardless of infusate period 3.

Data on potential confounders were collected retrospectively. CLABSI rates were also assessed for a nonequivalent control group oncology unit in which NC were changed every 24 hours with blood or lipid use in periods 2 and 3. National recommendations regarding NC change frequency should be clarified. Enterobacter species are the fourth most common cause of gram-negative bloodstream infection BSI.

We examined temporal changes and seasonal variation in the incidence rate of Enterobacter spp. BSI, estimated day and 1-year mortality, and determined in vitro antimicrobial resistance rates of Enterobacter spp. Multivariable Poisson regression was used to examine temporal changes and seasonal variation in incidence rate and Kaplan-Meier method to estimate day and 1-year mortality. Brief notices of Hayti: with its condition, resources, and prospects [desc. NetLibr Ebsco. The memoirs of an American. Domingo, its revolution and its hero, Toussaint Louverture. An historical discourse, NY Libr.

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