Programming with Higher-Order Logic

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We encode each clause from the clauses of a logic programming in separate networks, which are then reduced to a single network. Added To Cart. Terms from the higher-order language are defined via abstraction. Many people learn from the tutorials and guidebooks mentioned below, together with support from the community. Download preview PDF. Get A Copy.

I've found similar questions on stackoverflow, but they're all to do with scheme, which I've never used. Check the wiki entry on Church encoding for some good examples, too. The main topic of this question is to understand how data can be represented as functions.

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But when we're in functional programming, we can also represent data as functions. So let's say you want a function pair x,y. I would highly recommend you to see this video about compound data. Most of the examples are made on lisp, but it's great to understand a concept like that. Pairs or tuples describes Products Domain, is the union of all elements of the set A and all elements of the set B:.

When I studied the signature "Characteristics of the programming languages" in college our professor recommended this book , see the chapter Product Domain to understand well all this concepts.

Extensional Higher-Order Logic Programming

Learn more about Teams. Revising for a course on automated reasoning and I don't quite understand how to answer this question: Show how the notion of pairs x, y can be defined in higher-order logic using a lambda abstraction. Cactus Cole Zimmerman Cole Zimmerman 36 4 4 bronze badges. And now, you can test what you need pi pair x y should return x I would highly recommend you to see this video about compound data.

A Framework for Object-Oriented Data Mining Based on Higher-Order Logic Programming

Alan Alan 3 3 silver badges 10 10 bronze badges. Damian Lattenero Damian Lattenero 9, 2 2 gold badges 20 20 silver badges 45 45 bronze badges.

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Lecture 8: Higher-order logic and topoi (Part 1)

Paper Title Pages. The PWM pre-emphasis method does not change the pulse amplitude as for conventionalFIR pre-emphasis, but instead exploits timing resolution. As a proof of concept, a 2nd-order timedomainpre-emphasis technique is designed and implemented using an FPGA to demonstrate thecapability of compensating for deterioration of signals caused by interconnections with higher-ordertransfer functions. Abstract: Higher order local auto-correlation HLAC can be used to analyze the different types of complicated data by limiting orders and spatial displacements.

In this paper, the basic concept of HLAC is introduced firstly.

Higher-order logic - Wikipedia

Then, we analyzed the HLAC based methods from three aspects: algorithm robustness, pattern improvement, and the changes of image functions which participate in the autocorrelation operation. Finally, the applications of HLAC-based methods are discussed.

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Authors: Guang Yuan Li.