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I love and respect many of the people doing the charter work as individuals. How do we invite them back into OUSD? What would that look like? One day I was standing at the corner of 53 rd and International. Armed robberies had happened on three of the four corners. And what if we could mix with other, more affluent families. There are no liquor stores in this neighborhood. And here, people who are not the same are able to come together and understand each other deeply.

My job is to provide everybody opportunities to lead — engage intellectually and professionally. Everybody wins that way. But what was most striking was how teachers were treated. In Seattle there was a supply room open to everybody. The principal gave me the keys to the school so I could go in early as a new teacher to.

When I got here, the principal was asking me for weekly lesson plans, assuming I was incompetent, and treating me like I was going to steal. The first thing I did when I became principal in Oakland was unlock the supply room. I told the teachers, this is how much we have; this is what our budget is. Before that teachers would hoard! And learn. I did a two-year training when I started in Oakland to learn about coaching teachers. I really appreciate the resources — to have a sub-principal once a week.

It allows me to work with the AP with fewer distractions. Also, the work around personalized learning is valuable for us. It gives me time to think. Support schools like ours that can expand and improve, which I guess you are doing. If we were on two campuses, we could probably expand to Each school in the lab is so different. Also, it would be good to figure out how to define quality schools more broadly. SBAC scores feel too prominent. I strongly believe in academic achievement and standards — but that does not define quality.

Or are the kids just doing well because they come to school with tons of privilege. We noted that many OUSD and other educators send their kids here. How could we define what we have here? I could not have imagined what some people were going to put me through; maybe if it were horrible enough I would leave. It was spearheaded by two teachers who did not want to change their practices. I love the murals here.

Art is so essential. Here you have kids doing capoeira, art, dance. This is a guest post from Dr. Cruz, a School Design Lab fellow with Educate Dear Educators,. They spoke through tears about their schooling experiences. After the poem, I humbly urge you to read the 10 pieces of advice they gave us all. The words below in bold are titles to their pieces.

The words in quotes come directly from their soul. Have we been set up to fail to jail? And yet, even in a cage, isolated from the outs ide ,. Typed by Dr. These brothers then shared this;.

  • The Day of the Locust.
  • List of LGBT characters in television and radio.
  • Emma Watson.

Cruz, on behalf of Homies Empowerment. Note from Dr. Cruz: I am deeply thankful to teacher Ellen Dahlke, from 5 Keys, for allowing us an opportunity to come inside, and learn from the wisdom of men, who are currently caged, but whose wisdom is for free dom. Carolyn is a former teacher and Oakland public school principal. This school year, the School Design Lab has grown to add inspiring new Fellows and amazing new team members , and is looking forward to another year of accelerating school transformation for students across Oakland.

What are your top three lessons learned from leading the School Design Lab? Our first 18 months of SDL have reinforced my commitment to equity-centered design thinking. This process surfaces creative solutions and is based on the expertise of the community. It begins with engaging people who are affected, and using empathy and understanding to craft the school design. Equity-centered design thinking creates a bias for action, through one-day hacks, two-day pop-ups, and eventually, longer pilots. A lot of times we just need simple tweaks, better execution, and improved buy-in. Thinking smaller helps us focus on reflecting, learning, and iterating until we are seeing the outcomes we hoped for…and, maybe, some great byproducts that we never anticipated.

We want this process to become a habit. Communities are never static, and transformational schools must be able to respond to the shifting needs of a community with grace, flexibility, and fluency. Love the idea of equity-centered design thinking. How is it different from the typical approach? The classic planning steps are: 1. Hold focus groups; 2. Lock yourself and colleagues into a room for days; 3. Cook up a point strategic plan; 4. Develop spiffy slide deck; 5. Explain your magic solution and how it will work. There are obvious problems with this approach. First, folks are exhausted before they even start implementing; and, second, they often encounter resistance from the people closest to the problem understandably so!

What are some examples of equity-centered design thinking in SDL? Principal Ashley Martin and her team are starting small, learning hard, and working tirelessly to creatively solve the problems that impact their kids. They engaged their families in the redesign process and visited lots of schools. They tried tweaks like modifying team teaching configurations, using flexible seating, and tinkering with how to best implement learning stations. When an approach resulted in gains, they went deeper. The result? An improving Kindergarten program with a personalized approach.

Hoover took the time — and frankly the risk — with smaller hacks and are now launching an exciting prototype of their education model from which they will continue to learn. How about your other top two learnings? Another important lesson from our pilot came from our SDL Fellows. They told us they needed more than technical support; they needed to develop as equity-centered leaders to manage the complexity of the work.

So now we work on leadership development too. We believe that both the technical and adaptive leadership skills are critical and learnable. And your 3rd learning? School transformation demands systemic change. Schools exist within specific contexts — districts or charter organizations, in communities, and within a regulatory structure. Change cannot happen exclusively at the site; other parts of the system must also adapt.

But the District central office still shipped the school boxes of math curriculum, even though they were not using it! A waste of money — something in very short supply in OUSD these days. Could OUSD move from a factory-model approach to one that is more user-centered? Instead of ordering the same thing for all schools, could funds be given to leaders and their site councils — those closest to the students and community — to determine the best use?

Nevertheless, we hope that our SDL fellows can help system-level iteration and improvement. Future installments of our extended interview with Carolyn will tackle the tough question of how one advocates for more schools in a system with arguably too many already, how to improve existing schools while also supporting new programs, and what all this means for the future of the School Design Lab as it iterates and evolves with the changing landscape of Oakland. Over the next several years, this group will work through the complex process of envisioning, designing, prototyping, launching, and continuously improving a transformational set of Oakland public schools.

Together, this cohort will have the collective capacity to serve 4, Oakland public school students. Any way you cut the numbers, this is a powerful and impressive group of designers. Facebook Twitter. A Year in Review: The Progression of Our Transformational Schools Work For schools to become high quality, transformational schools, they have to be committed to interrupting policies and practices that perpetuate oppression.

As with many of our efforts, nearly all of which involve working directly with those closest to the problem — teachers, school leaders, students, and families at school sites, we learned along the way and adjusted in response to feedback: Less programming, more time implementing and iterating: Although they valued the programming, our leaders requested less time in meetings so they could spend more time applying the learning back at their sites.

More time reflecting, less time on documents: Similar to the extensive programming, while the foundational documents felt relevant, some of the other artifacts felt too compliance driven rather than moving the work at the sites forward. Leadership is both active and reflective — it has to alternate between participating and observing. Leaders needed a space for deep reflection. Tim Chown Network development manager I am responsible for developing and promoting new network-oriented services. Nerija Chvainickiene Research contracts officer I provide operational support to digital resources directorate colleagues who deliver broad range of services and projects that support teaching, learning and research in higher Mark Clark Subject specialist: infrastructure lead Drawing from sector specific experiences, I assist institutions access and exploit the most appropriate IT solutions, while leveraging as much efficiency as possible.

Tony Claxton Procurement coordinator tony. Paul Clayton Financial X-ray lead accountant paul. Louise Cleaver Contract support administrator I am currently responsible for the framework evaluation project where we are reviewing circuit contracts that have come out of their initial contract terms, and Kiri Cleaves Executive assistant kiri.

James Cleeter Security analyst irt csirt. Peter Cliff Senior innovation developer I am leading on the architecture and development of Jisc's intelligent campus research project. Karen Colbron Digital content manager My role is focused on access and use of digital content for learning, teaching and research. Sian Cole Contract manager sian. Nick Collins Group tax manager nick. Pete Collins FE and skills services manager I work within the FE and skills digital content team to manage interactive learning resource services for our FE and skills members. Angela Combe Account manager As an account manager I ensure that members experience a strong and personalised relationship with Jisc, enabling them to have ready access to our full Sharon Cook Account manager As an account manager I ensure that members experience a strong and personalised relationship with Jisc, enabling them to have ready access to our full Simon Cooper Security operations manager irt csirt.

Bas Cordewener Jisc international facilitator bas. Andrew Cormack Chief regulatory adviser, Jisc technologies My current role is to keep Jisc technologies and Janet Network connected organisations informed about the legal, policy and security issues around networks and networked George Couchman Service delivery coordinator george. Shirley Cousins Copac service manager I deal with the day-to-day running of Copac, overseeing operations, and heading up the team, as well as planning and participating in business-as-usual developments.

Ben Crabstick Library and archival services support officer ben. Phil Cross Application developer I work on the Journal Archives project in the areas of data input and software development. Ben Crowther Senior security analyst irt csirt. Tiffany Culverhouse Executive assistant I am executive assistant to Pete Scott, director membership engagement and Christian Evans, enterprise and public sector director. Jason Curtis Senior account manager As an account manager I ensure that members experience a strong and personalised relationship with Jisc, enabling them to have ready access to our full Dalma Dacyszyn Executive assistant I am an executive assistant and look after: Joanne Stewart, group director for people; Liam Earney, director of licensing; and Steve Masters, group chief technology Glenn Daly System support administrator glenn.

Sue Dark Assistant facilities manager I'm responsible for all Bristol office issues, finance management, and any issues relating to external suppliers and recruitment. Kareem Darwish Project support officer kareem. Tom Davey User experience specialist I am a user experience specialist working within the digital resources directorate, specifically working on our open access services. Jessie Davies Administration assistant As an administration assistant I support the membership and sales directorate with general administrative tasks.

Jessica Davies Marketing activities and events manager I am responsible for planning, creating and project managing both internal and external events in line with the corporate Jisc communications strategy. Andrew Davis Infrastructure and critical services manager andrew. James Davis Head of information security james. Noel Davis Subject specialist enterprise security and information governance My role is to provide support for network and technical infrastructure queries for all of the Jisc supported sector. Cristina De La Torre Project manager analytics cristina. Amy Devenney Senior e-resource data manager amy.

Emma Dixon Digital communications officer emma. Marc Dobson Subject specialist: infrastructure applications My area of specialism is technology to support enterprise. Julie Dollin Technical support and development officer I am responsible for the administration and coordination of a range of learning and development activities within Jisc, and support the provision of management information Mark Donnelly Senior account manager As an account manager I ensure that members experience a strong and personalised relationship with Jisc, enabling them to have ready access to our full Emma Dorrian Facilities and administration assistant emma.

Ryan Doughty Senior virtual platform manager ryan. Andy Doyle Senior account manager As an account manager I ensure that members experience a strong and personalised relationship with Jisc, enabling them to have ready access to our full Natalie Driver Service delivery team manager natalie. Sheridan Duff Technical support analyst sheridan. Martin Dunmore Lead developer I am responsible for overseeing the development of new network monitoring systems including the Janet6 OSS and the capacity planning tool.

Sarah Dunne Senior co-design manager sarah. Mark Duplok Senior trust and identity services adviser mark. Emily Dyer People services officer emily. Neil Dymond-Green UK data service impact manager My role is to investigate examples of where socio-economic data held by the UK Data Service has had an impact on academic research, national and Chloe Eagles Trainee accounts assistant chloe. Jason Eagling Jisc service desk team leader jason. James Earl-Fraser Deputy director of business development As a senior account manager I ensure that our members experience a strong and personalised relationship with Jisc, enabling them to have ready access to Liam Earney Director of licensing liam.

Alison East Portfolio coordinator alison. Sam Eaton-Rosen Senior penetration tester, team lead My role involves technical cyber security testing. Lorna Eden Senior data and visualisation officer lorna. Kate Edser Media and communications manager It's my responsibility to search out newsworthy aspects of Jisc's work, write content and to target that information at specific media.

Alison Edwards Connections group manager alison. Kevin Egan SharePoint coordinator kevin. Gemma Elliott Membership communications manager I am responsible for establishing, maintaining and continually improving information flow processes between the business and the membership and sales team through joined up, proactive Dan Etherington Operations support officer dan.

Christian Evans Sales account director As business development director, I am responsible for our interaction with customers aligned with teaching, learning and research. Rob Evans Chief network architect I am responsible for the overall architecture of the Janet Network, looking at the technologies we use to deliver the capacity and services that our Daniel Evans Project manager daniel.

Claire Evans Digital resources support officer I am responsible for co-ordinating various regular and ad hoc tasks across the digital resources directorate and also requests from other directorates. Marie Fagbemy Office SharePoint developer I do business analysis for internal information management in the enterprise information strategy team. Sarah Fahmy Scholarly communications services manager My role is to manage the open access OA good practice initiative that aims to help reduce the burden on higher education institutions HEIs in Jonas Ferreira Graduate cross-service developer jonas.

Antoni Fertner Senior security analyst irt csirt. Peter Findlay Digital portfolio manager A member of the digital content and resource discovery team working to improve stakeholder engagement and consultation, and deliver Jisc's digitisation and archival acquisition Charmian Fisher Ledgers manager charmian. Andrew Fleming Account manager As an account manager I ensure that members experience a strong and personalised relationship with Jisc, enabling them to have ready access to our full Anita Flintoff Senior management accountant anita.

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Teaching Emma book. Read 3 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Teaching Emma: Week Two: The Dom/Sub RelationshipLength: . Teaching Emma: Week Two: The Dom/Sub Relationship Length: 11, words. Having faced week one, Emma anxiously awaits week two's adventures.

Ronan Flood Senior infrastructure engineer ronan. Rebecca Flook Associate innovation developer I'm an associate innovation developer working on Jisc's intelligent campus project. Adrian Foley Contract manager adrian. Shri Footring Senior co-design manager I currently have responsibility for the FE and skills aspects of the building digital capabilities projects, including the digital discovery tool and the digital leaders Lesley Ford Product manager - connectivity lesley.

Claire Forkner Procurement coordinator claire. Julian Fort Security analyst irt csirt. Karen Foster Executive director data karen. Helen Foster FE and skills curriculum and services support officer I support our community by responding to queries and feedback, as well as engaging with the community and teaching practitioners through JiscMail and social media Lorraine Fox Contracts manager lorraine. Tracy Francis Cyber security assessment manager tracy. Jessica Francis Research manager product and improvement jessica. Jon Francis Senior network engineer jon.

Owen Freel Account manager - Scotland As an account manager I ensure that members experience a strong and personalised relationship with Jisc, enabling them to have ready access to our full Dom Fripp Senior curation metadata developer dom. Josh Fry Director of cloud I work with members, customers and partners directly, to ensure that products and services are aligned to their requirements.

Carl Fry Account manager As an account manager I ensure that members experience a strong and personalised relationship with Jisc, enabling them to have ready access to our full Matt Gallon Account manager As an account manager I ensure that members experience a strong and personalised relationship with Jisc, enabling them to have ready access to our full Zoe Gardiner Senior project manager As senior project manager for the product and portfolio team I lead on developing a consistent approach to product management and product development across Jisc.

Patrick Garrett Business administration apprentice patrick. Jenny Gates Senior project manager jenny. Dan George UI developer dan. Fiona German Business analyst As a business analyst I am responsible for ensuring that my customers needs are accurately captured so that any software that they use is designed Chloe Gilbert Office SharePoint architect and developer I work with people in all areas of Jisc to get maximum value out of our Office and SharePoint implementation. Paul Gilkes Facilities coordinator paul. Alexandra Gilliatt Marketing activities and events manager alexandra.

Trai Glasspool Software development apprentice trai. Steve Glover Principle technical specialist steve. Helen Goodenough Senior financial accountant helen. Fay Gooding Helpdesk manager I manage the subscriptions helpdesk and provide support and advice to our members who subscribe to the numerous licence agreements which Jisc Collections negotiates with John Goodland Project manager I am a project manager within the strategy and corporate services - quality management and project delivery team and help to support and drive a Ben Goodway Multimedia manager ben.

Nicole Graham Senior accounts assistant nicole. Stan Grant Principal network services engineer stan. Paul Gray Jisc service desk shift member paul. Amanda Gray Office manager and executive assistant to the director of digital resources I oversee all health and safety matters in the office; provide support to the director and the executive leadership team; ensure contracts are in place Lisa Gray Senior co-design manager I am a senior co-design manager in the student experience team, leading on research and development projects in a range of areas.

Adam Green Senior data and visualisation officer I support Jisc's Analytics Labs teams, part of the business intelligence project. Zac Gribble Subject specialist learner systems and information As part of the subject specialists team and student experience sub-team, I help members understand and utilise opportunities for digital learning. Rosie Griffin Administration and facilities assistant rosie. Denise Grimsdale Credit control manager denise. Neil Grindley Head of resource discovery I am responsible for areas of work that address how to effectively find resources that are relevant to learning, teaching and research.

Catherine Grout Head of change — service development I am responsible for finding new ways for Jisc to develop sustainable services. Vamshi Gurujala Data warehouse developer vamshi. Tony Hacche Senior network engineer tony. Jamal Haider Cloud services manager My role is in the Jisc technologies directorate that provides digital services to our members and customers, ensuring that our capabilities and expertise are applied Chris Hallahan Procurement coordinator chris. Kate Hanley-Ginger Executive assistant kate. Kathryn Hardwidge Group internal audit manager kathryn. Lola Harre Govroam service manager I'm responsible for the day-to-day operations of Jisc's govroam service, with a particular focus on contractual, financial, and regulatory processes.

Lee Harrigan-Green Chief security architect lee. Mark Harrington Analytics project manager I am working on the co-design of learning analytics solutions in digital futures. Natasha Heaney BI developer natasha. Katharina Held Quality officer I am assisting the quality manager and information security manager in maintaining and improving Jisc's management systems according to ISO and ISO Georgia Hemings Project manager georgia.

Richard Hennessy Cyber security apprentice richard. Michael Henry Software development apprentice I am working as an apprentice in software development. Karmele Hernaiz Lead developer digital resources karmele. Kevin Hickey Training consultant The primary purpose of my role is to support the development of membership and sales competencies. Teresa Higgs Training adviser teresa. Sarah Hilton People services senior project officer sarah. James Hodgkinson Apprentice developer james. Alexis Hodgson Marketing production and brand manager alexis.

Callie-Louise Holding FE and skills quality assurance tester I am responsible for testing the quality and functionality of our training websites and learnings resources for those websites. Jack Holland Shift member jack. Paul Holland Software development team lead paul. Amy Holloway Legal apprentice amy.

Nike Holmes Improvement manager In leading Jisc's response to the feedback we get from our members, I help to create an excellent member experience of Jisc. Leah Honer Professional security services coordinator leah. Josh Howlett Head of trust and identity josh. Geoff Hoyle Innovation developer geoff.

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Bill Hubbard Deputy head of scholarly communications support and director of the centre for research communications I work within Jisc's open access team to support the development and implementation of open access to research in the UK. Darren Hughes Network engineer field operations darren. Hannah Hughes Head of operations hannah. Henry Hughes Deputy security director henry.

Jon Hunt Information security officer I'm an information security officer in Jisc's information security team, focusing on communications and awareness activities. Christine Hunt Contracts accountant christine. Sarah Hunter Marketing activities and events manager sarah. Andy Hurley Delivery manager I work within the digital team, helping to ensure that our core website projects are delivered on time and in line with expectations.

Cameron Hurst Early career full stack developer cameron. Azhar Hussain Open access services manager azhar. Gavin Husselbury Business analyst gavin. Charles Hutchings Head of market research charles. Katharine Iles Training manager katharine. Jo Ilsley Quotes coordinator jo. Greg Ince TNE licensing manager greg. Caroline Ingram Senior co-design manager I am a senior co-design manager within the research team at Jisc. Scott Innes Senior network engineer scott.

Sarah Isle Management systems coordinator sarah. Stefany Isufaj Account manager As an account manager I ensure that members experience a strong and personalised relationship with Jisc, enabling them to have ready access to our full Randal Jack Business analyst As a business analyst I am responsible for ensuring that group infrastructure projects accurately capture the requirements of Jisc staff so that any software that Silvia Jacks Senior ledger administrator silvia.

Karen Jackson Scholarly communications services manager karen. Lawrence Jacob Trust and identity services adviser lawrence. Paul Jacobs Senior security analyst irt csirt. Steve James Training adviser steve. Nick James Information security officer nick. Sarah James Project and administration officer knowledge exchange and open science and research sarah.

Adam Jeanes Security analyst irt csirt. Keith Jenkins Senior account manager As a senior account manager I ensure that our members experience a strong and personalised relationship with Jisc, enabling them to have ready access to Adarsh Jhade Business analyst I am responsible for performing business analysis across various projects. Chris Johnson Portal developer cyber security chris. Elena Johnson Group accountant elena. Alison Jolly Facilities and administration manager My role in Jisc is to provide a consistent level of administration and facilities support, and service to all staff and delegates across the Jisc Emily Jones Senior press officer emily.

Kieran Jopson IT engineer kieran. Kiran Joshi Data science developer kiran. Rina Kachhela Project delivery group manager rina. John Kaye Head of change, research john. Luke Keelan Account manager As an account manager I ensure that members experience a strong and personalised relationship with Jisc, enabling them to have ready access to our full Stephen Kelly Jisc service desk shift member stephen.

John Kelly Subject specialist: strategy law I help members to understand and navigate their legal obligations when deploying their technology-based strategies. Steve Kennett Security director steve. Nour Khalaf Financial X-Ray analyst nour. Clare Killen Content curation manager clare. Natasha King Product management coordinator natasha. Charlotte King Professional security services group manager charlotte. Hannah Kinley Senior co-design manager hannah. Veselin Kirev FE and skills developer veselin.

Andrea Kirk Change communications manager I support the development of change communications and cultural development in the context of growth activities within Jisc. Natascha Klein Administration assistant natascha. Justin Knight Special initiatives manager, trust and identity justin. Donna Knight Business systems manager donna. Sarah Knight Head of change - student experience I am head of change in the student experience team in the digital futures directorate.

Christopher Kopera Data warehouse business analyst I am responsible for providing analysis, advice and support throughout the data warehouse project to the project team and stakeholders. James Lafferty Licensing manager james. Sandy Lakshmanan Network engineer sandy. Megan Lambden Project manager apprentice megan.

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Reuben Lewarne Data warehouse service desk engineer and analyst reuben. Rich Lewis Front end developer rich. David Lewis Senior analytics consultant david. Rachael Littlejohns Procurement adviser As a procurement adviser it is my role, and that of the team, to offer advice, guidance and support to Jisc staff who are working Ann Lloyd Governance manager ann. Daniel Long Business analyst As a business analyst I am responsible for working with internal stakeholders to ensure Jisc's business processes operate as efficiently as possible.

Sian Long Quote coordinator sian. Mike Longley Senior systems administrator mike. Hugh Look Head of strategic support unit hugh. Alex Lydiate Innovation developer I develop software as part of the edtech futures team. Bethany Lyford Marketing officer bethany. Susan Lynch Head of marketing planning susan. Katie Mace Network services coordinator katie. Caroline Mackay Licensing manager Working with a variety of publishers of different digital content types, I seek to make this content available to UK institutions at the most affordable Dicky Maidment-Otlet Director of marketing I head up the marketing team responsible for presenting Jisc as a member focused, single unified, integrated and relevant organisation.

Pippin Major FE and skills graduate librarian pippin. Paulette Makepeace Learning analytics service manager paulette. Guy Malkerson Group senior financial analyst guy. Adrian Manners Cost accountant adrian. Paola Marchionni Head of digital resources for teaching, learning and research I'm based within the digital resources directorate and have overall strategic and operational responsibility for a number of services and projects aimed at improving Vinay Markandya Account manager As an account manager I ensure that members experience a strong and personalised relationship with Jisc, enabling them to have ready access to our full Mafalda Marques Research analyst I support Jisc Collections in the formation, implementation, completion, evaluation and communication of its research activity.

Matt Mason Security engineer matt. Diana Massam Senior development officer I work as a project manager at Jisc, and have managed a variety of projects within different stakeholder environments. Steve Masters Chief technology officer My role is to help Jisc with its vision for the UK to be the most digitally advanced higher, further and research nation in the Ben Mathewson Shift member ben.

Jennifer Matthews Governance support assistant jennifer. Noel McDaid Senior account manager Northern Ireland As a senior account manager I ensure that our members experience a strong and personalised relationship with Jisc, enabling them to have ready access to Matt McGowan Senior innovation developer matt. Andy McGregor Director of edtech I am responsible for managing Jisc's portfolio of research and development projects. Neil McKett Full stack developer neil.

James McLoughlin Senior security engineering manager james. Joe McNocher Head of network engineering joe. Ariane Mefeukou Administration officer I work within the operations and governance team based in London. Stephen Mercer Software engineer stephen. Daniel Miles Jisc service desk team leader daniel. Emma Millard Internal communications assistant My role is to support the delivery of information and corporate communications to Jisc staff.

Caren Milloy Deputy director I contribute to the strategic direction of Jisc Collections, with a key focus on e-books and monographs, to ensure it delivers value to our members Helen Mills Research manager As a research and data analyst, my prime purpose is to design, manage and conduct a range of ad-hoc and continuous qualitative and quantitative research Hemlata Mistry Network engineer hemlata.

Louise Mitchell Resourcing partner louise. Kelly Mitchell Quotes coordinator kelly. Brian Mitchell Senior data services manager I have worked for Jisc Collections since as a marketing manager. Nik Mitev Penetration tester and security specialist nik. Gareth Moger Senior analytics integrator gareth. Lil Mogg Facilities and administration assistant My role is to support the division, and wider directorate, with general administration duties that include:Diary support to leadership teamDiary support to the account Nick Mole Infrastructure technical apprentice nick.

Marie Moment Licensing manager My role is to negotiate pricing and licensing terms for national journals agreements.

Teaching Emma: Week Two: The Dom/Sub Relationship

Jess Moore Senior media and communications officer jess. Hetesh Morar Legal and contracts manager I work in the Jisc legal team delivering legal advice to all parts of the organisation. Jack Morgan Data analyst jack. Richard Morgan Project manager richard. Laura Morgan-Smyth IT helpdesk coordinator I manage the delivery of efficient and proactive helpdesk services to users of Jisc's IT and facilities services and undertake administration, analysis, reporting, supplier Tracey Morris Customer systems support officer I provide system administration for the Salesforce CRM and Remedyforce including:Testing and implementing new developmentsAdvising on opportunities for developmentSupporting users, including technical queries, training Charlie Mortimer Recruitment officer I am always looking to recruit the best new team members for Jisc.

Hanna Muldoon Trust and identity support adviser hanna. Ged Murphy Account manager As an account manager I ensure that members experience a strong and personalised relationship with Jisc, enabling them to have ready access to our full Callum Murphy Penetration tester and security specialist callum. Chris Murray Senior infrastructure architect chris. Michael Murray Network access apprentice michael. Georgie Myers Press officer georgie. Bhupendra Naik Principal optical engineer bhupendra.