Planetare Systeme: Band 1 – Klassische Systeme (German Edition)

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This interactive 'online system' takes into account the user's individual circumstances such as crop and soil characteristics and the precipitation and irrigation amounts at the user's site. Each user may calculate up to 16 different enquiries simultaneously different crops or different emergence dates. The user can calculate the individual soil moistures for his fields with a maximum effort of 5 minutes per week only. The sources of water are precipitation and irrigation whereas water losses occur due to evapotranspiration and infiltration of water into the ground.

The evapotranspiration is calculated by multiplying a reference evapotranspiration maximum evapotranspiration over grass with the so-called crop coefficients kc values that have been developed by the Geisenheim Research Centre, Vegetable Crops Branch. Kc values depending on the crop and the individual plant development stage. The reference evapotranspiration is calculated from a base weather station user has chosen out of around weather stations using Penman method based on daily values.

After chosen a crop and soil type the user must manually enter the precipitation data measured at the site, the irrigation water inputs and the dates for a few phenological stages. Economical aspects can be considered by changing the values of soil moisture from which recommendations for irrigation start from optimal to necessary plant supply. Natural Attenuation-Untersuchungen "ehemalige Abfalldeponie Osterhofen".

Based on detailed site investigations it was evaluated whether natural attenuation NA may be used as a contaminated land management option at the site. Investigations were mainly based on the determination of contaminant mass flow rates by integral pumping tests and numerical conceptual modelling of the ammonium degradation.

Because oxygen supply into the plume is limited by transverse mixing a steady state plume of approx. Since beyond this reactive zone no further risk for groundwater arises, monitored natural attenuation MNA is an. Unter anderem wird ihnen eine antibakterielle Wirkung zugeschrieben. Extrakte auf Basis von Viscum album L.

Die Ergebnisse zeigen, dass in der Idealgruppe keine signifikante Blutdrucksenkung beobachtet werden konnte. English Title: Attempts to produce catalytic antibodies for hydrolysis of arylcarbamates and arylureas. Es wurden verschiedene Hapten-Protein-Konjugate unter Verwendung unterschiedlicher Kopplungsmethoden hergestellt und charakterisiert. Diese Werte korrelieren mit den Werten der wenigen bekannten Diphenylcarbamat-spaltenden Abzyme.

Dies beweist, dass die Hydrolyse in der Antigenbindungsstelle stattfindet. PhD-Thesis, Univ. LANG, M. AVN , S. Der geo- ddtische Beitrag zu dern interdisziplinlren Forschungsprojekt. Es sind dabei zwei Entwicklungslinien festzustellen. Die eine ver- sucht, die in der Statistik entwickelte Theorie auf geodaitische Hampel, F.

Kathetersysteme sowie als Langzeitimplantate z. The wish for annihilation in 'love-death' as collapse of the need for recognition, in Wagner's Tristan und Isolde. Wagner's Tristan und Isolde holds a central position in Western music and culture. It is shown to demonstrate consequences of interruption of developmental processes involving the need for recognition of subjectivity, resulting in the collapse of this need into the wish for annihilation of self and other through 'love-death' [Liebestod].

A close reading of the musical language of the opera reveals how this interruption is demonstrated, and the consequent location of identity outside of language, particularly suitable for expression in music. Isolde's dynamics are presented as distinct from that of Tristan, and in contrast to other interpretations of Tristan and Isolde's love as an attack on the Oedipal order, or as a regressive wish for pre-Oedipal union.

Isolde's Act I narrative locates the origin of her desire in the protagonists' mutual gaze at a traumatic moment. In this moment powerful and contrasting emotions converge, evoking thwarted developmental needs, and arousing the fantasy of redemption in love-death. By removing the magical elements, Wagner enables a deeper understanding of the characters' positions in relation to each other, each with his or her own needs for recognition and traumatic experiences.

These positions invite mutual identifications resulting in rising tension between affirmation of identity and annihilation, with actual death as the only possible psychic solution. The dynamics described in the opera demonstrate the function of music and opera in conveying meaning which is not verbally expressible. Mit der vorliegenden Arbeit werden exemplarisch Chancen und Grenzen der Integration von Umwelt- und Naturschutz in Verfahren der ackerbaulichen Landnutzung aufgezeigt. Dieses Konzept haben Heidt et al. Eine Auswahl der von Heidt et al.

Quantensprung Digitalisierung - Energiewirtschaft im Energieversorger, die sich dem Wandel nicht stellen, drohen den Anschluss zu verpassen. The book laid the foundations for cell pathology as a scientific discipline and was the most important publication by Virchow, who as doctor and statesman gathered so much fame that he became almost a mythical figure in his own time. The finding that every cell originates from another cell and does not develop from amorphous interstitium is actually attributable to Robert Remak.

Konzeption, Entwicklung und Evaluierung eines Messsystems zur sortenreinen Klassifikation von fluoreszenzcodierten Kunststoffen im Rahmen des Kunststoff-Recyclings Conception, development and evaluation of a measuring system for the classification of fluorescence coded plastics within the framework of plastic recycling. Peter Andreas Hansen and the astronomical community - a first investigation of the Hansen papers. We present here some results of a first evaluation.

Jahrhunderts zu befassen. Supplement to: Astronomical ephemerides, navigation and war. Scans of the documents. Scans der Dokumente. In a previous paper Wielen R. We were able to use numerous archivalia which we also describe and comment in that paper. In the present paper, we publish colour scans of these archivalia.

All the documents shown here are held in the archives of the Astronomisches Rechen-Institut in Heidelberg. Frauen, Bildung und Entwicklung. The author presents first steps towards a development-based concept of women's education in the industrialized countries. Some elements of this concept are: 1 planning and action in a global context, 2 the local or regional bias given to education, 3 promotion of an intercultural perspective, 4 reducing the power of structures that encourage oppression.

This is because women are part of the overall system and contribute to its perpetuation in the measure of their own socialization. Connections are established between the destruction of the environment and the individual, as also between the victims and assailants of racism and sexism with a view to clarifying unidentified parts of the female consciousness.

Beyond this, the role of European women in the context of colonialism and the present contact between European women and their counterparts from other cultures are examined with particular attention being paid to the exercise of power and force in the family and society. Audit of the journal "Strahlentherapie und Onkologie" Radiotherapy and Oncology ].

The statistical quality of the contributions to "Strahlentherapie und Onkologie" is assessed, aiming for improvement of the journal and consequently its impact factor. All articles published during and in the categories "review", "original contribution", and "short communication" were analyzed concerning actuarial analysis of time-failure data.

One hundred and twenty-three publications without time-failure data were excluded from analysis.

Forty-five of the remaining 58 publications with time-failure data were evaluated actuarially. Complications were reported in 16 of 58 papers, but in only 3 cases actuarially. The number of patients at risk during the course of follow-up was documented adequately in 22 of the 45 publications with actuarial analysis. Authors, peer reviewers, and editors could contribute to improve the quality of the journal by setting value on acturial analysis of time-failure data.

Can the description of modern alchemy in Jung's Psychologie und Alchemie be really regarded as a historical reconstruction? In his work, Psychologie und Alchemie, published in , Jung wanted to present a reconstruction of alchemy. In order to do this he used a method of psychology, which he modified and enriched with inspirations drawn from neo-romantically-oriented German medical historiographies of the nineteen thirties. Using historical materials, he intended to demonstrate the empirical character of his Depth Psychology, a widespread concept, ingrained in our supra-personal social unconscious.

The present article questions the nature of Jung's reconstruction of alchemy as historical reconstruction. The author presents the methodological bases referred to by Jung derived from his concept of medical practice and compares them with a manner of thinking typical of contemporary historical analysis. The article also presents Jung's inspirations from the medical historiography of his time, as well as the dissimilarity of his concept with the model of historical narrative construction in force in the historiography of the thirties and forties.

At the same time, it presents the elements of the "romantic inheritance" in Jung's thought, drawn from the tradition of German non-materialistic medicine of the first half of the nineteenth century. Recent historiography on the growth of periodical publishing has emphasized newspapers and journals as constituents of an emergent communications system in early modern Europe. This system comprised the newspapers, journals and other publications that contributed its content, and also the postal systems that were the principal method of distributing that content.

This article describes how the growth of this system in central Europe was supported in large measure by financial incentives that it offered to both constituents. First, in contrast with postal systems in France and the UK, the Thurn und Taxis Reichspost inserted itself as a middleman in the sale of periodicals, which gave the Reichspost an incentive to promote the trade.

Second, the financial conditions for periodical publication made their costs depend more heavily on costs that were scalable to circulation than is true today, which resulted in the viability of publications with a lower circulation. The same cost structure also made it possible for certain prominent periodicals of the era to earn considerable profits for their publishers, as illustrated in this article by Allgemeine Literatur-Zeitung, which was published in Jena from The profits and perils of publicity: Allgemeine Literatur-Zeitung, the Thurn und Taxis Post, and the periodical trade at the end of the eighteenth century.

After plausibility checks and corrections, analyses for service and cost homogeneity were performed. In cases of inadequate DRG-representation attributes were sought that would make an appropriate reimbursement possible. Conspicuities and potential solutions were checked for clinical plausibility. Results: 44 concrete modification proposals for further development of the G-DRG system were formulated and submitted in due time to the InEK.

For all modification proposals care was taken to minimise misdirected incentives and to reduce the potential for disputes with the cost bearers and their auditors services in settlements. Discussion: The publication of the G-DRG system shows which modification proposals have been realised. Essentially, an appropriate redistribution of the resources among the gynaecological and obstetrics departments is to be expected. The financial pressure that is caused by the generally inadequate financing of hospitals will not be reduced by a further development of the G-DRG system.

The analysis builds on recent work clarifying the specificity of some of these epimerases. We find three well defined clades responsible for inter-conversion of the gluco- and galacto-configuration at C4 of different N-acetylhexosamines. This work brings clarity to an area that had become quite confusing.

A table of the accession numbers for the proteins used in the analysis is provided to enable the major tree to be regenerated with the inclusion of additional proteins of interest. This and other suggestions for annotation of 4-epimerase genes will facilitate annotation. Werner Heisenberg zum Geburtstag: Pionier der Quantenmechanik. Farewell to Diversity? Presenting current policies and alternative policy options discussed at the local level for providing primary health care in rural China, we argue that decisions made in the implementation process did not respond to the special health needs of mobile pastoralists in the high plains, but were part of the central state logic of homogenising settlement efforts and health care.

Der theoretische Ansatz von James Scott zu Expansion von staatlicher Ordnung auf periphere Randgebiete wird auf den Aufbau von Wohlfahrts- und Gesundheitspolitik des modernen Staates angewendet und weiterentwickelt. Crystallization, biomimetics and semiconducting polymers in confined systems. Such an effect is of great interest for the fabrication of opto-electronic devices such as light emitting diodes with nanometer size emitting points and solar cells comprising of blends of electron donating and electron accepting polymers.

Eine solche Emulsion wird Miniemulsion genannt. In der Dissertation wurden nun z. Schutzteilchen, ein Fussel etc. Wenn sich dann einmal ein Kristall gebildet hat, kann das Wasser im gesamten Eimer schnell zu Eis werden. Planungsmodelle und Planungsmethoden.

By Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Anhaltspunkte zur Strukturierung und Gestaltung von Planungsprozessen. The topic of this article ist the question, in which phases oft he political planning process planners apply their methodological set of tools. That for the results of a research-project are presented, which were gained by an examination of planning-cases in learned journals. Firstly it is argued, which model oft he planning-process is most suitable to reflect the regarded cases and how it is positioned to models oft he political process. Thereafter it is analyzed, which types of planning methods are applied in the several stages oft he planning process.

The central findings: Although complex, many planning processes can be thouroughly pictured by a linear modell with predominantly simple feedback loops. Even in times of he communicative turn, concerning their set of tools, planners should pay attention to apply not only communicative methods but as well the classical analytical-rational methods. They are helpful especially for the understanding of the political process before and after the actual planning phase.

Physik gestern und heute Spurensuche. Archaebakterien und Phylogenie der Organismen. Many biochemical and molecular biological features support this conclusion. Coercive Measures in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in Post-war Germany, Using the Example of the "Pflege- und Beobachtungsstation" in the State Psychiatric Hospital Weissenau The patient admissions at the children's ward of the State Psychiatric Hospital Weissenau in the years , , and were analyzed regarding documented coercive measures.

Shortage of staff, mainly inadequately skilled personnel, a mixing of age groups in the patient cohort, neurological and psychiatric disorders and of patients who were in need of nursing and of those who needed treatment constituted the general work environment. Coercive measures against patients, mostly disproportionate isolations, were a constant part of daily life on the ward. This affected in particular patients who had to stay longer at the hospital and whose stay was financed by public authority. The uselessness of such measures was known, which can be seen e. The situation still escalated in some cases for example by transfer to an adult ward.

For a long time, coercive measures against patients were part of everyday life at the children's ward of the Weissenau; the actual figures are suspected to be much higher. Fiori, W. Astronomical ephemerides, navigation and war.

EP0978718A1 - Method for detection of smoke by means of a LIDAR system - Google Patents

Edition of the documents. Edition der Dokumente. During the whole period of the Second World War, England and the USA have exchanged astronomical ephemerides with Germany, even though these data were used for the navigation of warships and aircraft and were therefore of war importance. This astonishing fact is attested by numerous documents which survived in the archives of the Astronomisches Rechen-Institut ARI.

ETH Zürich - Vorlesungsverzeichnis

In Germany, the exchange was even explicitly authorized by the ministry which supervised the ARI i. We present here examples of ephemerides for the Sun, the Moon, planets and stars, and explain the position determination by means of astronomical data. Ephemerides were published in almanacs which were computed and issued by special ephemeris institutes. We describe the agreements on the international exchange of ephemerides which were reached in peace times, and the continuation of this exchange during the war using intermediaries in neutral countries, first in the USA U.

Involved persons were especially H. Hellweg und W. Lindblad Sweden , and A. Kopff ARI. All those relevant documents which are hold in the archives of the ARI, are described and annotated in detail. Scans of these documents are presented in a separate supplement. Planar millimeter wave radar frontend for automotive applications. Digitalisierung - Management Zwischen 0 und 1. Digitization as a process of expressing actions and values by codes 0 and 1 has already has become part of our lives. Digitization enables enterprises to improve production, sales and to increase volume of production.

However, no standard digitization strategy has been yet developed. Even in the digitized business process management system, the most important position remains to a human being. The improvement of software products, their availability and the education system in the area of introduction and use of information technology is thus a striking feature in development of managing but also other current processes.

Astronomische Konzepte und Jenseitsvorstellungen in den Pyramidentexten. The Egyptian pyramid texts were first written down around B. They are based on the religious belief in a stellar hereafter and contain the astronomical knowledge of their authors. For example, the ecliptical belt was understood as a canal, on which moon and planets cruise; of the latter Mercury, Venus and Mars were identified. On the basis of their visibility in the course of a year the fixed stars were divided into two groups; a southern group with a period of invisibility and a northern group with continual visibility.

The ecliptical "canal" was correctly identified as a division line between the two groups of fixed stars. The aim of this book is to bring these texts foreward to a better understanding of their astronomical background. Dental-Implantate und ihre Werkstoffe. Some new trends in materials for dental implants, which also effect in the operative techniques and implant design, are described.

Advantages and shortcomings of the different material types are exemplified and correlated with their bioinert resp. The practical interest in metallic implants focussed in titanium resp. This book comprises the habilitation thesis submitted by F. Due to financial support from various organizations, it was issued in a very attractive form as a special publication of the Society for the history of the city of Kiel. The nice layout, the graphical sketches of buildings, instruments, and astronomical connexions, often designed by the author, and the scientifically precise text, written with a sense of humor, make a pleasant reading, in spite of sometimes quite extensive descriptions of architectural details or 'operating instructions' for meridan circles etc.

I have rarely read such an appealing text on astronomical history. The single chapters deal with the beginnings of astronomy in Kiel , Schrader's giant telescope from the late 18th century, Altona Observatory , the first years of the Astronomische Nachrichten, the last years of Altona Observatory , Bothkamp Observatory , the genesis of Kiel Observatory , the era of Krueger , the Kiel Chronometer Observatory , the era of Harzer , the era of Rosenberg , the decline of Kiel Observatory , and the Astronomische Nachrichten under Kobold The book is concluded with a glossary of technical terms, biographical sketches of known and unknown dramatis personae, as well as a list of references.

The author outlines lively sketches of people that were astronomically active in Altona, Kiel and its surroundings over a time interval of years. He also has evaluated private documents and has interviewed surviving witnesses of the s and s. He has located remote sources: for example, the son of the founder of the Astronomische Nachrichten, Richard Schumacher, served for some years as an assistant at the Chilean National Observatory, and had married Marie Bulling, a girl of German descent. From her "meagre diary entries" of that time published in Valparaiso in , the author suspects a "convenience marriage''.

Nevertheless, unreliable sources can provide a false picture: the interviewed custodian notes that the wife of the last official observatory director, Hans Oswald Rosenberg, was "Verena Borchardt, a Jewess from St. Petersburg'' p. This is more than incorrect. The family lived for some years in Moscow not St.

In , his daughter Helene was born there - who later married the Kiel astronomer Wirtz. In , the Borchardt family moved to Berlin, where the father became a banker, and where Verena was born. On page too, Wirtz' capricious political views are quoted: "The day when the French troops entered Strasbourg was the happiest one in my life'', for which Theiss' paper of is quoted, and it is stated "source not given''. Now, Theiss uses a study of Duerbeck and Seitter , where the precise reference in the Kiel Acta is given. Another series of peculiar statements refer to the Astronomische Nachrichten p.

Totally fabricated is the author's statement that the journal is now published by "the Astronomical Computing Centre [sic] in Heidelberg''. In spite of these slightly critical notes on some irrelevant details, I can wholeheartedly recommend this book: it is an indispensable source of information for anyone who is interested in the history of astronomy in German-speaking lands in the 19th and the first half of the 20th century. Internationale Schulreformtendenzen und das Problem der Lehrerausbildung.

The main theme of this article is that the socio-economic and educational changes which have occurred in industrialized countries in the past 20 to 25 years necessitate a thorough reform of the present system of teacher education. The first group of such changes includes the information explosion, greater occupational mobility, the growing significance and increasing role of the sciences, the development of the mass media, higher educational aspirations, technical development, the acceleration of the psycho-physical development of children and youth, and the injurious effects of the uncontrolled development of the constantly changing civilisation deterioration of the human environment, diseases caused by the effects of civilisation, etc.

In the face of these changes, teachers must not remain indifferent and teacher education systems have to take them into account. Within the second group of changes influencing the content and methods of teacher education, the most important is the generalisation of education at the pre-school, primary and secondary school levels and also at the university level. As a result, education in many types of school and at ever higher levels has lost the elitist character it still had, not so long ago, and has become a mass activity.

This has considerably affected teachers' work and, necessarily, also the work of the teacher education systems. This must also be reflected in teacher education. In order to adapt the teacher education systems to the requirements of the changing society, a reform of the goals, contents and methods of the system will have to be prepared and implemented as a prerequisite and starting point for a global reform of the entire education system. The factsheet describes the Uniform National Discharge Standards and explains what vessels are regulated and how the rulemaking will impact states.

It details the batch and phase approach to rulemaking and lists the first batch of vessel discharges. The EPA and Department of Defense used a batch rulemaking process for establishing the discharge standards for vessels of the Armed Forces. They identified and evaluated the discharges and determined which require marine pollution control devices.

Synonymie und Interlinguistik Synonymy and Interlinguistics. Discusses the relationship between traditional synonym theory and two perspectives of interlinguistics: contrastive lexical analysis and languages in contact research. The goal and methods of each are described briefly, and a new synonym conceptualization is proposed that better fits synchronic dynamics than the traditional theory.

Examples from…. Verhalten und Neurobiologie von stimmbegabten Insekten. Crickets, tettigoniids bush crickets or long-horned grasshoppers and acridids short-horned grasshoppers are well-suited animals to study acoustically mediated behavior and to search for the underlying sensory, nervous, and effector mechanisms. Several behavioral tactics are described which improve reproductive success, serve to avoid predators such as bats, or have been developed for defence against parasitic insects.

Phonotactic orientation of female crickets toward the calling male was chosen, since for this behavior the underlying sensory and nervous mechanisms have been intensively studied. Song recognition was found to be based on one critical parameter of the song, the syllable period, and the females show a bandpass behavior for which a correlate exists in local brain neurons.

Sound orientation is based on a pressure gradient mechanism in each ear, and it needs a binaural intensity comparison within the central nervous system. The papers from a symposium held at the Fern Universitat included in this collection focus on distance education in theory and practice. Contributions are written in English or in German, with summaries available for each in the language not used for the paper concerned.

Contributions are: 1 "Distance Education as Communication: The…. Semantik und Semantisierung Semantics and Semanticizing. Argues against the thesis that exact translation is impossible, because languages reflect different world-views or different cognitive structures de Saussure, Humboldt, Whorf, Weisgerber. The possibility of underlying universals Lenneberg, Heger must be considered and discussed in the field of language teacing.

Text is in German. Renal denervation: unde venis et quo vadis? Renal denervation is a minimally invasive, catheter-based option for the treatment of refractory hypertension. Indications and contraindications for renal denervation have been defined in an interdisciplinary manner. The efficacy and safety of the procedure were evaluated. These results were not confirmed in the first randomized controlled trial with a non-significantly superior blood pressure reduction of The efficacy and long-term effects of renal denervation need to be re-evaluated in light of the HTN3 study results.

To date, renal denervation should not be performed outside of clinical trials. Future trials should also assess if renal denervation can be performed with sufficient safety and efficacy in patients with hypertension-associated diseases. The use of renal denervation as an alternative therapy e. The indication for renal denervation should be assessed in an interdisciplinary fashion and according to current guidelines with a special focus on ruling out secondary causes for arterial hypertension.

Renal denervation leads to a significant decrease in office blood pressure; however, the impact on hour blood pressure measurements remains unclear. In the first randomized controlled trial on renal denervation with a control group undergoing a sham procedure, blood pressure reduction failed to reach the anticipated level of superiority over best medical treatment. Periprocedural complications are rare, but long-term safety can currently not be appraised due to the limited data available.

Zur Biosynthese von Phenylalanin und Tyrosin. With the discovery of arogenic acid two new pathways for the biosynthesis of phenylalanine and tyrosine have been revealed. The occurrence of two, three, or four pathways for the biosynthesis of phenylalanine and tyrosine in microorganisms and plants may be a useful tool for taxonomic classifications. Investigations on enterobacteriaceae, pseudomonads, flavobacteria, streptomycetes, archaebacteria, and on Sphaerotilus, Trichococcus and Leptothrix species from bulking sludge are described. The possible role of arogenate in the evolution of the pathways for tyrosine and phenylalanine biosynthesis is discussed.

Coulometrische titration von hypochloriten und chloraten. Hypochlorite was determined by direct coulometric titration with iron II in an acetate buffered solution. Chlorate was titrated with titanium III in 2M hydrochloric acid. Amperometric indication with one and two electrodes, respectively, was used.

Mixtures of hypochlorites and chlorates, e. Sexuality and reproductive behaviour of Cereus pedunculatus Pennant and several forms subspecies of Actinia equina L. At the stage of 96 septae C. The latter appeared simultaneously in the gastrocoele. Adolescent A. Following a sterile period, oocytes and young individuals of different age groups were present almost throughout the whole year in adult anemones. Samples of the larviparous A. Spontaneous longitudinal fission was occasionally observed in adult A. This article expounds the theory that the failure of school is due to the incompatibility of the educational goals of school and traditional upbringing in Africa.

The thesis is put forward by adherents of the psychoanalytical model of child development and seeks to emphasize the discrepancies between the childhood where children are not frustrated and where their needs are cared for and the school education which represses the drives and its socialization of children.

Finding a number of anthropological studies are discussed and reinterpretations of the ethno-psychoanalytical materials attempted. Neither the evaluation of childhood in Africa nor the theory that with school come wholly new expectations of behaviour e. In conclusion, other explanations for the difficulties encountered by school in Africa are offered.

Wer kann, darf und soll bleiben?. Lokale Re-Konfigurationen im Fluchtmigrations- und Integrationsdiskurs. The current discourse on a limitation of immigration is characterized by social and symbolic boundaries, that allow some statements about the un desirability of certain immigrants and asylum seekers. The article uses the example of the city of Altena to show how, based on strategic approaches to urban development, refugee migration and its impacts are re interpreted at the local level. This book collects about 15 papers most of them by one single author on Einstein and the history of general relativity GR and the foundations of relativistic cosmology.

The matter not only deals with Einstein and his times, but also with pre-GR ideas, and with the interplay of Einstein and his colleagues opposing as well as supporting personalities. As the title indicates, all papers are written in German, but they include comprehensive Abstracts both in German and English. The book is illustrated with quite a number classical - but also some far more original though not less beautiful - photographs and facsimiles of documents. The book is edited very well, though the style of references is not quite homogeneous. There is no Index. Hentschel covers Einstein's argumentation for the existence of graviational redshift, and the initial search for empirical support.

The error analysis of observational evidence supporting relativistic light deflection is discussed in a paper by P. In particular, H. Duerbeck and P. Flin - in their description of the life and work of Silberstein, who was quite sceptic on the significance of the observational verifications a la Eddington - include the transcription of two most revealing letters by Silberstein to Sommerfeld and to Einstein In the first letter, Silberstein clearly shows his scientific maturity and integrity by scrutinising the observational evidence supporting light deflection, presented at a joint meeting of the Royal Society and the Royal Astronomical Society.

The second letter, which is more a personal letter, includes lots of political references and connotations. Some of Einstein's political views are also revealed by D. Herrmann on the basis of his own correspondence with E. Straus, a collaborator of Einstein's. In a consequent paper, S. Grundmann gives remarks on Herrmann's contribution and illustrates Einstein's attitude towards Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin.

Schemmel discusses Schwarzschild's cosmological speculations, and wonders why some people do immediately grasp the meaning and consequence of newly proposed doctrines, whereas the bulk of the contemporaneous scientists respond in a rather low profile. Jung reviews Einstein's contribution to cosmology, leading to the Friedmann-Einstein and Einstein-de Sitter universes with a detailed Appendix on the Friedmann-Lemaitre cosmology , and also presents the cosmological work of Selety, and his correspondence with Einstein.

In a subsequent paper, H. Schmidt comments on Einstein's criticism on de Sitter's solution of the Einstein field equations. Controversies with Einstein are elaborated by G. Singer on Friedmann and by K. Roessler on Lemaitre. Renn and T. Sauer discuss Mandl's role in the publication history of Einstein's papers, notably Einstein's short paper on gravitational lensing.

Finally, the book concludes with a contribution by D. Herrmann about the relationship between Einstein and Archenhold Observatory where Einstein gave his first Berlin popular lecture in , the transcription of H. Treder's public address at the Einstein memorial plaque, and an inventory list of about 50 Einstein memorabilia - monuments, busts, plaques - compiled by W. This book is based on ideas approached in a historical context from the individual perspective of the authors. It is a real treasure trove of information and basic references on the history of GR, and it also covers quite some grounds with mathematical equations.

The hydrogeochemistry of the Cretaceous Emscher Fm. Beneath a weathered zone, unweathered rocks containing pyrite were found. Groundwater data from the Emscher Fm. The spatial distribution depends on the presence of Quaternary cover sediments. The main mobilization mechanism of both contaminants appears to be pH-triggered desorption from mineral surfaces.

Wer kann, darf und soll bleiben? Urbanisation processes increase land-use conflicts and ecosystem destruction globally. Especially in China, a country with an outstanding urbanization rate, city governments are challenged by environmental and health problems. Urban green spaces - subsequently defined as urban biodiversity and ecosystem services - can minimize numerous environmental risks and at the same time contribute to the citizens' well-being and quality of life. In this highly relevant field of nature conservation, geographical perspectives are required - in science, politics, policy, planning and practice.

Der Rohingya - Konflikt:. Genese, aktuelle Situation und geopolitische Aspekte. The Rohingya in Myanmar are often described as the most persecuted minority in the world. In the former Burma, the Rohingya are considered illegal immigrants and have been denied citizenship for decades. Since the end of August , more than , Rohingya from Rakhine State have fled to neighboring Bangladesh.

While the public usually discusses the ethnic-religious and humanitarian causes and effects of the conflict, the political, economic and geopolitical interests of directly and indirectly involved actors also play a role. The contribution at hand argues that migration, especially of refugees, has received growing recognition in public and academic debates in the past few years. It traces the reciprocal references to a highly dynamic research subject within migration scholarship, public discourse, and politics.

It thereby highlights the value and risks of a space-related perspective. In addition to an outline of established and newly emerging research fields within geographic migration research, the contribution opens the debate on practical implications of the addressed topical challenges within the field. Physik gestern und heute: Visualisierung mit der Schlierenmethode. Cornularia cornucopiae is a colonial coral whose polyps arise singly from stolons.

In contrast with other octocrallia C. Therefore, tissue preparation for electron microscopic investigations can be performed. The presence of a calyx such as the theca of hydroids, in which the polyps may be completely retracted, is conspicuous. The calyx consists of three layers. The structure of the basal layer suggests massive collagen. The body wall is connected with the calyx by living desmocytes.

The histology of the oral disc and the actinopharynx is identical. The ventral side of the polyps bears the siphonoglyph. Below the pharynx the inner edges of the mesenteries are free and form the mesenterial filaments. The two ventral mesenteries differ from the others; the one is long and exhibits a large and heavily flagellated filament, the other is short and lacks a filament.

The muscular system is represented by gastrodermal circular fibres in the body wall and by radial and longitudinal fibres in the septa; a large septal retractor muscle is missing. The sperm cells of Patella coerulea Patellacea , Monodonta turbinata, and Gibbula tumida Trochacea were investigated by means of transmission electron microscopy. Their head contains an apical acrosome and a roundish nucleus followed by 4 or 5 mitochondria and a centriolar apparatus which consists of two centrioles, one of which bears a flagellum.

The sperm cells of Monodonta and Gibbula are very similar to each other and differ mainly in size; Patella exhibits more differences very small acrosome, subacrosomal space, variable number of spherical mitochondria origin of spermic dimorphism? The development of the sperm cells shows no peculiarities. Elastolysen und Hauterkrankungen mit Verlust der elastischen Fasern. Diese im Mittelalter neu erprobte Form basierte auf der Entdeckung des Blutkreislaufes durch William Harvey Examples for genetic engineering are the transfer of nuclei between cells of higher animals and the introduction of heterologous DNA into bacteria by means of plasmids.

The former approach will help to establish new ways in animal breeding, the latter provides bacterial cells that produce proteins of medical importance. The moral justification of related studies in man is still open, but the possible risks of gene technology can be coped with by adhering to proper safety regulations. Rede und Gesinnung Speech and Ways of Thinking. Analyzes some of the basic ideas in Georg Franklin's book "Versuch einer neuen Lehre von den vornehmsten Gegenstanden der deutschen Sprachlehre; nach den Regeln der Vernunftlehre in sechs Abhandlungen verfasst" and compares them to those of such modern linguists and philosophers a s Searle, Austin and Wunderlich.

Concludes that…. Provides the answers to common questions about the Uniform National Discharge Standards, including what they are, how discharges were evaluated, what vessels are covered by the regulations and how states have been involved. Migration und Flucht als Forschungsthemen der Geographie. Eine Standortbestimmung. It is argued that film and representation in general does not merely reflect a preceding reality; it also actively serves to construct it. It is shown how Scott's film privileges one particular perspective on an actual event and how this point of view is objectified and installed in the memory of Western media culture.

What potential implications does an increased blurring of fact and fiction in the representation of war have? What are the consequences for political and pedagogical practice? What role can cultural studies play in these processes? Common Market assistance. At most places there is now electricty and piped water.

European Common Market. In Greenland the vote was 2. Six other aerospace companies also are maturing launch vehicle and spacecraft designs under CCDev2, including Alliant Techsystems Inc. For more information, visit www. Image credit: Space Exploration Technologies. For accurate planning of vertical borehole heat exchanger systems, knowledge of thermo-physical ground parameters is critical.

This study reports laboratory-measured thermal conductivity and diffusivity values of Mesozoic sandstones Lower and Middle Buntsandstein from four wells. The measurements were made on drill core using an optical scanning method. The mean thermal conductivities of the sandstones range between 2. The mean thermal diffusivity values range between 1.

Thermal properties are closely related to the petrography and lithostratigraphy of the sandstones. Additionally, three temperature correction methods were applied for the purpose of evaluating the comparative accuracy and the correction schemes with respect to local in-situ conditions. J Geophys Res, , are most suited for the respective sandstone data set. The 36 letters edited in this contribution touch on Emil O. Some complementing passages about background subjects are incorporated, viz. Emil O. Urban areas are a focus of increasing conflict with regard to water use and water protection.

Many of these contaminants are related to human behaviour and activity, such as pharmaceuticals, personal care products collectively PPCPs and endocrine-active substances, and are increasingly found in urban water systems. However, the behaviour and the effects of these contaminants in the environment have been widely unknown until now. Consequently, it is important to pay more attention to such substances and to explore new integrated methodologies including flux calculations as well as chemical and biological investigations for determining the impact of human activities on urban water systems and on processes within the urban watershed.

The overall goal is to assess the risks to humans and the ecosystem, and to support the development of suitable management strategies. Critical Reviews in Mathematics Education. Materialien und Studien, Band 9. Four papers are presented which view research in mathematics education from different perspectives. Reviewed dataset that also includes post-reprocessed level1 and level2 data files from November to May refer to "Additional Information".

In doing so, they have not only departed from the Soviet-style education model, but also recognised that education constitutes a key issue in competition. Despite some economic problems, the education reforms in these countries have been regarded as part of a major effort at integrating themselves into the European sphere of knowledge. Many of the efforts and measures in education policy envisaged and carried out since the systemic change occurred have led not only to revitalizing national educational heritages, but also to the independent adoption of other European and international trends and topics in educational discourse.

Thereby, these states have proved to be considerably more innovative and flexible than the "older" members of the EU. The prospect of being taken up into the EU has probably helped accelerate the entire process. The present study focuses on some key overarching developments in the educational landscape of states in Central and Eastern Europe, even as it is apparent that these are proceeding along different paths at different speeds.

Comparison of hydraulic and chemical properties of sediments from flush- and core drillings in the area of Peine Germany. Because of financial constraints, investigations of nitrate metabolism are often based on disturbed borehole samples. It is arguable, however, whether disturbed samples are suitable for these types of investigations. Disadvantages of disturbed samples in comparison to undisturbed core samples are well known and include possible contamination of the sample by mud additives, destruction of the sediment formation and the insecurity concerning the correct depth allocation.

In this study, boreholes were drilled at three locations to a maximum depth of 50 m. The extracted samples, as intact sediment cores and drill cuttings, were studied with regard to chemical and hydraulic parameters of the aquifer sediments. The results show: 1.

At the beginning of the 18th century U. Junius tried unsuccessfully to collect and publish the most important manuscripts of Johannes Kepler.

»MNM v1.0«

Ref country code : GR. Calise Eds. Further analytical calculations and MC simulations are necessary to include the elasticity of the obstacle. Farrugia, eds. Grgec, M.

Hansch pursued this plan until the end of his life. The result was only one volume with unpublished letters which appeared in Sozialindex und gewichtenregeling. In Germany and the Netherlands spatial information about the social structure of the inhabitants is used for the coordination of financial and human resources in the local school-system. The aim is to reduce educational inequalities by taking the social context of the schools into account.

The article explains two approaches. In North Rhine-Westphalia Germany a so called Sozialindex is used to distribute additional teachers to municipalities with difficult social surroundings. The Dutch government uses an instrument to give each pupil a weight gewichtenregeling depending on the specific educational background. Combined with an evaluation of the school location an additional budget, if necessary, will be payed. Propeller-tip geometries as well as the radial This construct. Video im Anfaengerunterricht.

Describes the production, at the Goethe Institute in Osaka, of video programs for teaching beginners in German. Learning goals, actualization, sample topics and variation scenes are presented; the teaching process in ten points is discussed, theoretically and on the basis of experience. School foreign language texts should use dialogs oriented to likely actual needs of the learners.

Learning goals in schools, unlike those of language courses for adults, should include social competence and personality building. The following are discussed: course content, methodology, and the use of media for developing speaking and receptive…. It has been common practice for decades, especially since the Convention on Biological Diversity was adopted in Rio , to protect certain marine areas, and the possibilities and scope of such marine protection measures have been widely discussed.

The Helsinki and Oslo-Paris Conventions for the protection of the marine environment, which are relevant for Germany, provide a framework for the establishment of marine protected areas. More protected areas are being added to the system. Information on the current status of both marine environmental protection systems is provided in this paper. Developments and consequences of school profiling in general-education schools in selected European countries and perspectives for implementation in Germany - The development of a school programme, e. This paper focuses on the background and the significance of this development in school politics but also on the potential and the challenges which come with the profile formation of schools on an individual as well as systemic basis.

Furthermore, the author introduces and discusses examples for the profile formation of schools and classes by looking at concrete projects. After that, recommendations are given for school programme work in individual schools. The focus is especially on German-speaking countries such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Soziale Welten von Schulern und Schulerinnen. Provides a survey on projects, authors, topics, and methods in recent ethnographic studies carried out in Germany and elsewhere. Describes embedding scientific student ethnography into a field of discourse. Concludes with a prognosis relating to the future perspectives of this segment of educational research.

If these are eliminated, which is relatively simple over a water surface, the differences between calculated and measured The relative variation of the divergence with height is somewhat greater over water than over land, due to the different temperature profiles. Discusses the extent to which five popular English teaching texts distinguish between active and passive vocabulary in learning English, and pleads offering concrete suggestions for more attention to the vocabulary aspect in constructing teaching textbooks for junior high schools. Towards Automatic Threat Recognition. York: Bantam.

Content and Language Integrated Learning by Interaction. Fremdsprachendidaktik inhalts- und lernerorientiert. Volume Content and Language Integrated Learning CLIL is an established approach to support multilingualism in Europe by teaching various school subjects in an additional language. The practices used, however, vary considerably. Our book considers this diversity by looking at CLIL scenarios, defined as learning environments supporting content learning,….

Initiation as a basic property of behavioral activity is functionally analyzed and discussed at the level of voluntary behavior. Fixed action patterns often are not released by stimuli but are generated by the animal itself through brain processes of the Darwinian type. Initiation improves the chance of survival. It is a prerequisite of goal-oriented behavior, an essential constituent of operant conditioning and presumably the first step in the evolution of thought. According to I. Kant a person is free if, by following his own directive, he does what has to be done.

This definition meets the two central criteria of initiation: the independence of releasing stimuli and the adaptive value of the behavior generated. The theory of Wilhelm von Humboldt concerning the role of the university is discussed, focusing on four imperatives regulating its activities--unity of research and teaching; the empirical sciences; science and socialization; and science and universal enlightenment. The current status of the university is assessed in relation to these ideals. Groundwater can play an important role in lake water and chemical budgets.

The spatial distribution of Rn activities max. Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements. Mikutta , A. Voegelin , J. The course addresses major biogeochemical processes that drive the cycling of different groups of trace elements heavy metals, redox-sensitive trace elements, chalcophile elements in the environment, and the chemical methods that are used to study the behavior of these elements in the geosphere. The students gain a detailed understanding of the sources and the cycling of trace elements in the terrestrial and aquatic environment. The interaction of environmentally important trace elements with abiotic and biotic geosphere components as well as their abiotically and biotically driven transformations will be discussed.

The course deals in-depth with the major biogeochemical processes controlling the cycling of different groups of trace elements heavy metals, redox-sensitive and chalcophile elements in the environment. Sources and cycling of trace elements as related to interactions with abiotic and biotic geosphere components, and abiotically and biotically driven transformations will be discussed. The techniques most commonly used to study these processes will be presented as well. Selected handouts lecture notes, literature, exercises will be distributed during the course. Students are expected to be familiar with the concepts of aquatic or soil chemistry covered in the respective classes at the bachelor level.

This lecture is a prerequisite for attending the laboratory course "Trace elements laboratory". Die StudentInnen werden die Gelegenheit haben spezifische Szenarien zu berechnen. Besonderes Augenmerk gilt den Dienstleistungen des Bodens Regulierungs- , Produktions- und Lebensraumfunktion und deren Bewertung auf der Basis von Bodenkartierungsdaten. Numerische Modellierung im Wasserbau.

Vetsch , A. Die Grundlagen der numerischen Modellierung im Wasser- und Flussbau werden vorgestellt.

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Actual planetare systeme band 1 klassische systeme german edition pdf ebooks. Find planetare systeme band 1 klassische systeme german edition. Le bruit qui tue nouvelle noire french edition. String quartet no 12 in f major op 96 viola. Planetare systeme band 1 klassische systeme german edition. Lone star.

Die Anwendungen beziehen sich auf die Modellierung von ein- resp. Boes , I. Vertiefung von Spezialgebieten im Wasserbau und Kennenlernen der Vorgehensweise und des Ablaufs von Wasserkraftprojekten. Ein weiterer Schwerpunkt liegt in der typischen Vorgehensweise und im Ablauf von Wasserkraftprojekten im In- und Ausland. Flussmorphologie und naturnaher Wasserbau. Weitbrecht , M. Detert , M.

Flusshydraulik und Sedimenttransporttheorie werden zusammengefasst. Flushydraulik und Sedimenttransporttheorien werden zusammengefasst. Angewandte Glaziologie. Funk , A. Es werden physikalische Grundlagen vermittelt, die zum Verstaendnis praktischer Anwendungen noetig sind. Verstehen der Grundbegriffe sowie der wichtigsten physikalischen Prozesse in der Glaziologie. Voraussetzungen: Es werden Grundkenntnisse in Mechanik und Physik vorausgesetzt. Anpassungen und Wechselwirkungen der aquatischen Biologie. Exemplarische Erarbeitung Oekologischer Prinzipien anhand von Grundlagen aus aquatischen Oekosystemen.

Anpassungen der Organismen an spezifische Standortfaktoren. Strukturen und Funktionen der Lebensgemeinschaften und ihre Adaptationen an die Umwelt. Stoffhaushalt und Energiefluss. Aktuelle Situation in der Schweiz und aktuelle Sanierungsstudien. Advanced Environmental Assessments. Hellweg , R. This course deepens students' knowledge of the environmental assessment methodologies and their various applications. This course has the aim of deepening students' knowledge of the environmental assessment methodologies and their various applications.

Implementation of Environmental and other Sustainability Goals. How to make sustainability operational - in industry, business, and other organizations? The course provides a basic understanding of how sustainability can be made operational in practice. Students will be able to understand requirements, constraints and success factors for integrating sustainability thinking into the typical business thinking, operations and processes.

The course is given in five 3-hour-sections. It contains lectures, discussions, and case studies during course time. In addition, individual case studies in-between the courses, will be given at most course days. Course documentation as well as case study descriptions are provided during the course. There are two ways to approach the course's issues: a Looking at how to integrate sustainability into 'standard' management: "Von den Zinsen statt vom Kapital leben", iO article. If you have specific interests or questions, let me know at arthurb ethz. You run only two risks with such an email: either I can include your issues - or I can't Hajnsek , O.

Frey , A. The course should enable the independent use and handling of SAR data for environmental parameter estimation. At the end of the course the student has the ability to: 1. Read and display multi-parametric SAR data 2. Apply and pre-process SAR data speckle filtering, polarimetric and interferometric processing steps 3.

The main focus of the course is the handling of multi-parameter SAR data for environmental parameter estimation with the following content: 1. Application of different speckle filtering techniques 3. Derivation of the coherency and covariance matrix 4. Application of polarimetric correlation functions 5. Application of different decomposition techniques 6. Generation of a polarimetric SAR interferometry data set from a simulated forest 7. Processing of the polarimetric SAR interferometry data set 8. Estimation of environmental parameters segmentation, soil moisture estimation, forest height estimation, etc.

First readings for the course: 1. Woodhouse, I. The content of this course is offering to apply the theory to practical excersises using the free software PolSARPro. Structural Reliability and Risk Analysis. Structural reliability aims at quantifying the probability of failure of systems due to uncertainties in their design, manufacturing and environmental conditions. Risk analysis combines this information with the consequences of failure in view of optimal decision making.

The course presents the underlying probabilistic modelling and computational methods for reliability and risk assessment. The goal of this course is to provide the students with a thorough understanding of the key concepts behind structural reliability and risk analysis. After this course the students will have refreshed their knowledge of probability theory and statistics to model uncertainties in view of engineering applications. They will be able to analyze the reliability of a structure and to use risk assessment methods for decision making under uncertain conditions.

They will be aware of the state-of-the-art computational methods and software in this field. Engineers are confronted every day to decision making under limited amount of information and uncertain conditions. When designing new structures and systems, the design codes such as SIA or Euro- codes usually provide a framework that guarantees safety and reliability. However the level of safety is not quantified explicitly, which does not allow the analyst to properly choose between design variants and evaluate a total cost in case of failure.

In contrast, the framework of risk analysis allows one to incorporate the uncertainty in decision making. The first part of the course is a reminder on probability theory that is used as a main tool for reliability and risk analysis. Classical concepts such as random variables and vectors, dependence and correlation are recalled. Basic statistical inference methods used for building a probabilistic model from the available data, e. The second part is related to structural reliability analysis, i. The framework of reliability analysis is first set up.

Methods based on Monte Carlo simulation are then reviewed and illustrated through various examples. By-products of reliability analysis such as sensitivity measures and partial safety coefficients are derived and their links to structural design codes is shown.

The reliability of structural systems is also introduced as well as the methods used to reassess existing structures based on new information. The third part of the course addresses risk assessment methods. Techniques for the identification of hazard scenarios and their representation by fault trees and event trees are described.

Risk is defined with respect to the concept of expected utility in the framework of decision making. Elements of Bayesian decision making, i. Bayesian networks are introduced as a generic numerical tool for solving such problems. The course also includes a tutorial using a software dedicated to real world structural reliability analysis. Ang, A. Risk Assessment of Chemicals. Projektarbeit zu Chemikalienbewertung mit Schwerpunkt in den Bereichen: Analyse u. Modellierung der technischen Prozesse, Charakterisierung der Umwelt- und Gesundheitsrisiken.

Vorsorge- und Schutzmassnahmen. Modellierung der technischen Prozesse, die den Umwelteintrag bestimmen, z. Gebrauchsformen einer Chemikalie. Toxikologie sowie Methoden der Risikoanalytik. Projektunterricht; Umfang total ca. ISBN Chemie aquatischer Systeme. Grundlagen der Chemie aquatischer Systeme. Wokaun , A. Scenarios for world energy demand and CO2 emissions, implications for climate. Methods for the assessment of energy chains.

Potential and technology of renewable energies: Biomass heat, electricity, biofuels , solar energy low temp. Wind and ocean energy, heat pumps, geothermal energy, energy from waste. CO2 sequestration. Scenarios for the development of world primary energy consumption are introduced. Students know the potential and limitations of renewable energies for reducing CO2 emissions, and their contribution towards a future sustainable energy system that respects climate protection goals.

Scenarios for the development of world energy consumption, energy intensity and economic development. Energy conversion chains, primary energy sources and availability of raw materials. Methods for the assessment of energy systems, ecological balances and life cycle analysis of complete energy chains. Biomass: carbon reservoirs and the carbon cycle, energetic utilisation of biomass, agricultural production of energy carriers, biofuels.

Solar energy: solar collectors, solar-thermal power stations, solar chemistry, photovoltaics, photochemistry. Wind energy, wind power stations.

microscope sessions x 3

Ocean energy tides, waves. Geothermal energy: heat pumps, hot steam and hot water resources, hot dry rock HDR technique. Energy recovery from waste. Greenhouse gas mitigation, CO2 sequestration, chemical bonding of CO2. Consequences of human energy use for ecological systems, atmosphere and climate. Fundamentals of chemistry and physics are a prerequisite for this course.

Topics are available to carry out a Project Work Semesterarbeit on the contents of this course. Corporate Sustainability. Hoffmann , J. Die Vorlesungsinhalte werden in interaktiven Vorlesungen, Gastreferaten, Fallstudien und Praxisbeispielen vermittelt. Transdisciplinary case study research deals with complex real world problems. Therefore, it relies on a strong methodological knowledge base and practical application skills.

In this lecture first the theoretical foundations of embedded case studies as well as embedded case study methods ECSM are presented. Second, the students acquire in depth knowledge with respect to selected ECSM. At the end of the lecture the students should: Know: -Functions and purpose of embedded case study methods -Which methods are or could become an embedded case study method? Be prepared for: -The Case Study The lecture is structured in the following three parts that frame the lecture: - Theory and methodology presentation by the lecturers - Specific methods presentations prepared by the students with subsequent discussions - Rationale, goals, and relevance of transdisciplinarity - Case Study Introduction by the responsible researchers.

Scholz, R. Embedded Case Study Methods. Integrating quantitative and qualitative knowledge. Thousand Oaks, London: Sage. Further papers and book-chapters complementing: Scholz, R. Multivariate Methods. Hansmann , M. Die Veranstaltung behandelt multivariate statistische Methoden wie lineare Regression, logistische und Probit-Regression, Varianzanalyse, Clusteranalyse und Faktorenanalyse.

Weiterhin werden multivariate Methoden wie Varianzanalyse, Clusteranalyse und Faktorenanalyse behandelt. Sustainable development is a joint commitment of governments, business, academia and civil society to sustainable economic, environmental and social change. The course illustrates the approaches and standards business, government and civil society apply to meet the challenges of sustainable development. Students are to get familiar with the core ideas of sustainable development and with models of sustainable development in business, economics, and politics.

They learn about how different social actors respond to these challenges. Students are introduced to the concept of sustainable development and the roles of business, policy, civil society and science in achieving sustainable economic, environmental and social change The concept of sustainable development is introduced by reviewing the international conferences and initiatives through which it was shaped, including the World Conservation Strategy, the Brundtland-Report, the Rio conference, the Millennium Development Goals and the Johannesburg conference.

Furthermore the core ideas of sustainable development, upon which different understandings are based, are explained. Regarding policy, the course will present insights from political science and law. The course will focus on the nature and impact of different theoretical concepts of sustainability on political processes and policies at international and national levels. Special attention will be dedicated to sustainable development assessments and the use of sustainability criteria and indicators in Switzerland. Regarding enterprises, it will be exemplified which chances and risks are posed by the quest for sustainability.

Then it will be illustrated how companies can respond to this challenge on a strategic level with a special focus on stakeholder management. On an operational level, concepts and examples for green technology design are investigated. Science, Technology and Public Policy. Technological change plays a crucial role in efforts to create a more sustainable future.

In this context, policy decision makers must design rules that minimize its risks and maximize its benefits for society at large. The course discusses this challenge from an interdisciplinary perspective taking into account legal, economic, historical, development and environmental aspects.. Science and Technology Policy is normally associated with the improvement of national competitiveness; yet, it is also an integral part of effective environmental and development policies.

The course will discuss the challenges and opportunities of technological change in terms of sustainable development and show how public policy on the national and the international level is responding to this change. In this context, students are to become familiar with the basic principles of political economy and New Growth Theory and how such theories help explain political decisions as well as political outcomes in the area of Science, Technology and Innovation.

State interventions are either designed to regulate e. This will be illustrated by looking at different industries and different national systems of innovation. Subsequently the positive and negative consequences for society and the natural environment will be discussed from a short-term and a long-term perspective. Reader with issue-specific articles.

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Aerni, Philipp. What is Sustainable Agriculture? Ecological Economics 68 6 : Aerni, Philipp and Thomas Bernauer. World Development 34 3 : Aquatic Sciences ATDF Journal 4 2 : Arthur, Brian. New York: Free Press. Burk, Dan L. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Diamond, Jared. New York: Norton. Freidberg, Susan. Cultural Geographies', 14 3 : Juma, Calestous.

Stern eds. International Cooperation in the 21th century. New York: Oxford University Press.

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Overwalle Van, Geertrui. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Rosenberg, Nathan. London: Routledge. Von Hippel, Eric. Democratizing Innovation. Warsh, David. Knowledge and the Wealth of Nations. New York: W. The 2-hour course p. The course materials will be available in form of an electronic Reader at the beginning of the semester. The class will be taught in English.

Students will be asked to give a a presentation 15 Minutes or write a review paper based on a article selected from the electronic script, and b they will have to pass a written test at the end of the course in order to obtain 3 credit points in the ECTS System. Seminar on Transdisciplinary Research for Sustainable Development. Pohl , M. Stauffacher , B. The seminar is designed for students and researchers MA, PhD, PostDoc who use inter- and transdisciplinary elements in their projects.

It addresses the challenges of this research: How to integrate disciplines? How and in what role to include societal actors? How to bring results to fruition? We discuss these questions based on case studies and theories and on the participant's projects. The participants understand the specific challenges of inter- and transdisciplinary research in general and in the context of sustainable development in particular. They know methods and concepts to address these challenges and apply them to their research projects.

The seminar covers the following topics: 1 Theories and concepts of inter- and transdisciplinary research 2 The specific challenges of inter- and transdisciplinary research 3 Involving stakeholders 4 Collaborating disciplines 5 Exploration of tools and methods 6 Analysing participants' projects to improve inter- and transdisciplinary elements. The seminar is specifically suitable for PhD or PostDoc researchers. The seminar will take place at the following Wednesdays: 2. Two credits are given for a paper presentation and for active participation. Sprenger , H.

Auf dieser Basis werden die Energetik der globalen Zirkulation, synoptisch- und meso-skalige Prozesse insbesondere Tiefdruckwirbel und der Einfluss von Gebirgen auf die Dynamik von Wettersystemen behandelt. Wallace and Peter V. Hobbs, Academic Press. Wernli , S. Die physikalischen Grundbegriffe und mathematischen Grundgleichungen zur Beschreibung von Umweltfluidsystemen auf der rotierenden Erde werden vermittelt. Grundlegende Konzepte z. Eggenschwiler , J. Prognose- und Messverfahren. Physikalische Grundlagen: Schalldruck, Wellen, Quellenarten.

Zusammenhang mit der Raumplanung. Amacher empa. Siedlungswasserwirtschaft II. Maurer , P. Technische Netzwerke in der Siedlungswasserwirtschaft. Wasserverteilung: Optimierung, Druckstoss, Korrosion und Hygiene. Datenmanagement: Bedarfsanalyse, Datenmodellierung, Datennutzung. Es werden schriftliche Unterlagen abgegeben. Verstehen und Berechnung der wesentlichen hydraulischen Prozesse im Bereich der Siedlungswasserwirtschaft. Springer: Berlin. Hager, W. Wastewater hydraulics.

Springer: New York, 2nd ed. Definition Altlasten, Erkundungsmethoden, historische und technische Untersuchungsmethoden, Risikobeurteilung, Schadstofftransport, Sanierungs- und Sicherungsmethoden z. Kretzschmar , J. Auflage, Spektrum Akademischer Verlag, Heidelberg, The Nature and Properties of Soils. Prentice Hall,