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Orville is the real biological successor to Star Trek, as the co-producer is actually from the original Trek series, and who apparently wasn't too happy with J. I think Orville is building a strong fan base pretty quickly. IMO, the Orville should just keep doing what it's doing, and just polish and perfect it. Let the actors relax and mold into the characters. And build on the universe they are creating. They shouldn't be drawn in to try to make it more ST like, or more comedy like. Trying to fill the shoes of ST legacy is not what Orville I think ever started of with, nor should it try to do as popularity rises.

The tone and tempo they set in last episodes is great. Just keep making them and avoid outside noise and hype. Have you noticed how on Rotten Tomatoes that STD is 83 with critics and 58 with viewers, yet Orville is 19 with critics and 92 with viewers? The thing that CBS, Abrams and critics it seems, don't understand is what ST was really about for the audience which then became fans. They are treating it like so many things before..

But we already had a vision which we loved and followed while it lasted. What we, the fans, wanted was for someone to pick it up and continue with it. We never asked or wanted "re-invention" of the brand. Someone else's "vision" of what ST "ought" to really be like. And that's the issue. That, and the completely un-realistic characters, plot developments and conclusions For a war and heavy sci-fi, Battlestar Galactica holds the throne, and STD looks like a toddler in that setting.

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It's what went on before BattleStar Galactica, and it paints a chilling portrait of a society slipping into madness and decline as it's own decadence and vices consume it morally from below while it's run away technology is rotting it out mentally from within. Since the show aired, I have been alarmed at how our society is literally following in its footsteps, especially in regard to lusting after the wonderous promises of AI. But thats JJs timeline, and nothing rotated. So Ethan, Einstein owed his insights in part to imagining what the consequences of traveling at the speed of light would look like.

What would we 'see'. It may not mean anything to ask this question, but what if we could go faster than c? What would we 'see'? What consequences would there be? How about time? SB Relativity implies mass mass would become an imaginary number and time would flow backwards braking causality. Imaginary mass going backwards in time So I would start going back to where i cam from and would get younger. Imagine you are in a spaceship in Earth orbit and watching a live TV broadcast. Later your spaceship starts moving straight in any direction you chose.

You keep increasing speed towards speed of light. And if you could go faster than speed of light, then the broadcast video would start going backwards! SB: And those situations with time are actually what would be happening to you from people of Earth point of view. If I truly went backwards in time at the standard rate would I get younger or older? What if it turns out that we can time travel, but when we get there we are as we were or would be at that time. According to Relativity, when someone travels close to speed of light using a spaceship, time slows down for the spaceship and everyone inside of it.

Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye by Victoria Laurie

They travel to future but not because of moving faster in time. It is the opposite, they move slower in time, so they age slower. And time in rest of the Universe moves forward at normal rate. So people of the spaceship travel to future, but it happens like a side effect. So what would happen, if the spaceship moving faster than speed of light, is not really travel to past. The people in the spaceship would get younger, but time for rest of the Universe would not flow backwards. It would still move forward during the travel of the spaceship.

So if the spaceship came back to Earth, the crew would not find themselves in the past. But they would be younger. So there would be no danger of Grandfather Paradox, meaning causality would not be broken. But if someone used a wormhole to travel to past assuming also possible then causality would be broken Grandfather Paradox. The only thing I definitely liked about this episode was the mention of Spock, and the way they tied Sarek's choice to reserve his son's spot in the Vulcan Expeditionary Group, at the expense of Michael's spot, a choice that was wasted.

Very little dialogue between the characters. My opinion is there should be a balance between dialogue, action and narrative.

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This story had more narrative than anything else. I prefer more dialogue, or at least a balance, so I most likely will not read more from this author. But, that's just me, and I still think this was a very good story. Taige Branch is a psychic who freelances for the FBI, her specialty is finding lost or kidnapped children. When Taige was young she lost her parents and was sent to live with an Uncle who hated her and called her a demon every day she was in his presence.

The summer she was 16 she finally met someone who she could connect with, Cullen Morgan, a rich boy who came for a vacation. They were inseparable that summer and every summer for the next 4 years, then Cullen experienced a tragedy that he blamed Taige for not stopping. He kicked her out of his life and she was changed by his actions. For twelve years they were apart and then tragedy strikes Cullen again and he seeks out Taige's help, but also wants her back in his life.

The story is about finding what has been lost and what can be gained from love. Their is a feeling of heartache here but behind all that is a mystery which holds murder, insanity, trauma, and kidnapping. The other players here are Jillian Morgan, Cullen's 9 year old daughter and also very special. There is Taylor Jones, head of the special branch of the FBI which employs psychics of all types and varied talents. Taige's Uncle, Leon Carson, is a preacher and very evil man who is charming on the outside but has no love for the niece who lost her whole family in one night.

If good characters, great story, and happy endings interest you then this should be given a chance. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. I read The Missing when it first came out.

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The Missing did NOT disappoint! Chock full of suspense and emotion The Missing grabbed my heart and took it on a roller coaster ride. The kind with big drops and lots of loops. While there is a paranormal element in this book and it is a huge part of the story , for me, the part that touched me the most and has lasted with me over time was the love expressed by Taige and Cullen. Taige and Cullen's teenage love filled my soul with pleasure.

I soaked it up like sunshine. In truth, I wanted it to last forever but knew that lasting forever doesn't always come without bumps in the road.

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Some amusing situations that fit with the ironic side of life, but nothing forced and too comedic to where it takes over the book. There was mystery, though not a really in-depth mystery, and overall the whole book was fun. Jul 27, Ian rated it liked it Shelves: a-1st-in-series , g-mystery , g-paranormal , a-audiobook , t-soldiers-cops-firemen. Thank you Blizzard, for giving us yet another means of board clear. Definitely recommended reading.

Or boulders. The utter sorrow of losing Cullen's mother for both Cullen and Taige brought me to tears. I had to stop reading and just let the sorrow out. Not all readers will respond like I did. I wouldn't expect them to. I cannot imagine, however, that any reader could remain unmoved by the emotion these characters express. Luckily for Shiloh Walker, she didn't leave my heart broken into a million pieces.

Not that Walker is afraid of my wrath because typically she laughs in the face of my wrath. Despite her disregard for my fury, Walker did right by Taige and Cullen.

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Shiloh Walker gave Taige and Cullen the opportunity to work through their past and toward a happily ever after. The Missing Berkley Sensation.

Our latest Narratively story isn't available online - we printed the entire thing on a tote bag!

This book really disappointed. The story line had too many predictable moments. Unfortunately, the only exciting parts of the book were the intimate moments shared by Taige and Cullen, and even those were repetitive. You get what you pay for I guess. One person found this helpful.

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The author was so vivid in describing both the female and males emotions that this actually brought tears to my eyes. I really enjoyed the timetable showing how and when they met and how their friendship blossom to love. When his actions ended everything I wanted him to suffer, but realize he would suffer anyway, because she was no longer be in his life.

Then the story moves to where a decade has passed and they both have moved on with their lives I found myself holding my breath while they searched for his daughter--good suspense and action.

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I almost gave this 4 stars, bc of the final scene she had with her wannabe boss--it was a bit overboard. But the excellent writing and all the characters were so well written that it made up for that part. I plan to read this again and I am glad I got it in paperback.

Enjoyed the story line but first part of book has too much explicit sexual encounters. Once that part of the book is finished then a true story line with great characters started. It is well written. Once you begin right up until the last word you will be gripped by this fast gripping story. I loved it. Keep them coming Shiloh. See all 63 reviews.

He has an ease about him that you feel like you can just talk for hours. He sure is special. The information you receive and share in your readings is dead on!! I am so very grateful our paths have crossed and look forward to many more readings and creating miraculous possibilities!! And of course my daughter Vicky who is expecting is going to be in touch with you soon for a reading!!

Understanding, Caring, Compassionate! He takes your birthday and does your numbers before you arrive. I was really astonished when he continually talked about exploring, travel, the ocean, and photographing sunsets….

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He suggests I add sunsets. I could have spent 3 hours with him. Truly gifted from the heart. I love knowing my grandparents are well and looking out for all of us. What I love is the combination of his connection to those who have passed on — with past lives information. We had a phone reading and another party reading. Charles has helped me clarify my strong connection to all things psychic since childhood. Read More. A 4,Year-Old Dragon Spirit Accompanies Asian Client Feb 14, A new client of asian descent arrived at my office and I immediately felt that she was very protected by an ancient dragon spirit.

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