They Thought You Were Bond: Tales of the Jaguar

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Re: I noticed the Jag-u-ar commercial too! My University mascot is a jaguar Joseki 15 yrs ago. I actually like the emphasis on on Jag-u-ar. I mean it is a Britsh car at least where it is manufactured. It appears the Germans aren't going to bother teching us the proper pronouncation - the commercial still say BAY-er.

Minnikin 15 yrs ago. Funny you should mention Bayer. I just heard an ad where all the actors said "Bare. MargeryK 15 yrs ago. I imagine yuman is the speaker including the 'y' part of the 'u' sound and dropping the 'h'. I am wrong, myopic, we do use three syllables in warrior except the middle one is short. Very short. I'm practicing that right now!

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MaryJill 15 yrs ago. Conch shell. Is it conch or conk? And I read the word implacable all the time. Someone help me out here! I skim over it mostly. And is prelude pronounced prel-yude, or pray-lude? And how many Canadians end a sentence with the question eh? Enquiring minds want to know. Re: Conch shell.

I've always said conk, and that is what they say on St. In the US, we say pray-lude. Emperor-Fool 15 yrs ago. Well, usually How do you guys say it? I'm assuming jag-wahr? Now I'm thinking about how I say it Now I'm getting confused! Kaije 15 yrs ago.

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Languages Evolve, why don't we speak like Shakespeare? And if they did, I think I'd like to meet that person. Hee hee. LuggerBug 15 yrs ago. How are you meant to say it? I always pronounce it jag-u-ar. Actually, I haven't often heard it pronounced differently, though im from NZ, so maybe we're just weird. Do u guys say it jag-yar or something? Many people say "jag - wahr". I thought Jag-u-ar was a Brit thing. My personal pet peeve was Kate Jackson on the old Lincoln Mercury ads where instead of "mer-cure-ee" she pronounced it as "mer-ker-ee" or, even worse "mer-kree".

Re: I thought Jag-u-ar was a Brit thing. Jaguar is the British pronounciation. Since it's a British car originally it gets the British pronunciation. Ones that get me: strenth for strength Axks for Ask unless its on Futurama. How else do you say Jaguar? Lunakahuna 15 yrs ago. And how about nucuelar for nuclear? Relator for realtor? DebWitch 15 yrs ago. Jaguar and Ax. The thing about the pronunciation of Jaguar is that it changed overnight in the U.

One day I hear a Jaguar ad on the radio, and it's pronounced the American way, as it has been in every Jag ad I've ever heard I listen to all news in the morning, which tends towards an upscale demographic; I hear lots of ads for luxury cars and portfolio management.

Jaguar XJ6 4.2 series 1

The next day, I hear a Jag ad that uses the British pronunciation, and so it has been pronounced on the radio ever since about a year I guess. Clearly, this didn't just happen, it was a corporate image decision. FiddlerCrab 15 yrs ago.

Haha - yeah man, yeah! Jag-u-ar sounds so LeighBCD 15 yrs ago. It has nothing to do with "speech impediments".

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Think before you type, ponder before you post. MoonDancer11 15 yrs ago. I always liked saying jag-u-ar. XLonelyGuy 15 yrs ago. Jag-u-ar is actually correct talking big cat and not car. Yet more evidence that English and American are two different languages. I live near a place called Heysham, which most people living more than 10 miles away get wrong It should actually be pronounced "Heeshum" and almost all non-locals say "Haysham".

Similarly a nearby village, Yealand Conyers, should be pronounced "Yelland Corners" Re: pronunciation is fun isn't it? I've been to Heysham a few times. It's the one with the power station and the spooky ruined chapel, isn't it? The Chapel is St Peters, high on the cliffs overlooking the bay and is the second oldest place of Christian worship in Britain. You may remember the stone graves cut into the rock - there is some consternation that they may soon fall into the sea due to coastal erosion.

Yes, that's the one. I remember the graves well. I was there at night - briefly - the place creeped us out so much that we got the heck out of there as soon as we could. Re: Jag-u-ar is actually correct talking big cat and not car. I'd be inclined to think Jag-war is prefered for the cat, since the cat comes from America, and Jag-u-ar for the car, since the car comes from England.

Of course, dumb yank that I am, I say jag-war for both. LeLoLai 15 yrs ago. If so, in Spanish it has 2 syllables: ha-gwar :. Jaguar etymology. Does anyone know how to pronounce it in Portuguese? I would think that the English pronunciation closest to the original word should be the correct one. My favourite is "Eng-a-land".

Incredible collection of 12 rare Jaguars for sale

As chanted at sports occassions. I'm afraid Jaguar is always a three-syllable word for us Brits - perhaps the marketing folk should check US attitudes to pronunciation before the next ad! I didn't realise you guys pronounced it differently. I've been known to pronounce it both ways Love Jag-u-ars. MargeryK has fine idea re marketing survey. ArJohn 15 yrs ago. I have heard it pronounced. Jag-u-ar for years. But only by Brits. Heck -- in every James Bond movie since the 60's!! I bow to your expertise then.

But I've heard nearly every Brit in a movie that does say it call the car by its three syllable name. Leicester Square.


And here I thought I was quite up on British pronounciations. That shows me! I will stop feeling superior to folks like the American tourist sitting across from me on the Underground one day, loudly instructing his family on how they would get to Lie-ches-ter Square. I find it so strange when I hear herbs pronounced erbs. And how do Americans say mirror? I'm sure I've heard it pronounced differently to how we say it- mi-ra.

Shadie 15 yrs ago. In fact, an old friend of mine used to argue about that H Of course, she was just an irratating person all the way around, so I say 'mirror', but had a friend from the east coast who said. Re: what about mirror. But more and more now I hear it cut to "meer" with just kind of a slur in the middle. It drives me nuts. I've also begun to hear more people pronouncing "poem" with one syllable: "pome.

I know all dialects are linguistically acceptible, but that doesn't mean I have to like them all. God forbid that I should ever say drapes or stationery in her hearing. Yes, there are some of those still around. I have no idea why we drop the h! Just that its the way I learned to say it. I was also corrected. Hhehee I am the same way. But it has also involved a mystery that has connected me to a lot of people in ways I could never have expected.

There is some dispute about who picked the painting I did but there is no dispute about who has it now. But when I arrived in Oaxaca this week, I thought it would be fun to investigate whether there was anything interesting or significant about it. I started by visiting several galleries and showing the gallery people a photo of the painting I had on my phone. He died in at age In the fourth art gallery I visited, the owner saw the photo and pointed to a man looking at a painting in another room.

The photo is from his gallery website. Sort of. A painting by Alejandro Santiago I found online.

Now you know where I am….

Something else that seemed unrelated turned out to be relevant. I remembered visiting that gallery. Here is Mary Jane in a selfie with sunglasses. But Jose Luis took me to the studio of Pantaleon Luiz, who is a very gifted painter, sculptor and rug weaver. Pantaleon Ruiz with a print of his painting a Mexican mask.

He was my good friend for twenty years. Coincidentally do I have to say that at this point? I had planned a second ride with Mary Jane and coincidentally Gabriel joined us for that ride. They both thought the painting on my phone looked like a Santiago.

My Oaxacan adventure had connected me to my life-changing experiences with refugees in Greece. Oh Kim, this is one of your most magical stories of all! You tell it so well, like a mystery story. Your travels to the artists of Oaxaca have brought back many memories of mine from I was a student teacher in Santa Barbara, where the art museum put on an exhibit called Artesanos Mexicanos. It focused on three brilliant artists, including two my parents and I visited in Oaxaca over my winter break. My booklet from the exhibit, that I still have, says he was born in , the same year Emiliano Zapata died.

I treasure the wooden animals he carved and signed for us. I bought a vase from her that is on my living room shelf.

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Buen viaje! Thank you Wendy! And your own story makes me feel even closer to the place. Oaxaca is very special. Kim spins a intriguing, but largely fictional, tale regarding the acquisition and true ownership of this marvelous painting which has been over my fireplace for nearly 30 years. And I arranged for and paid for the extraordinarily well crafted framing within which it resides above my fireplace! Why she has concocted this revisionist history of the acquisition of this masterpiece is beyond me.