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It Is an Honest Ghost
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Whitaker limited himself to using words per book in accordance with Fair Use ; never taking two sentences together; and never making any changes, even to punctuation. People always praise fiction for being lifelike but Whitaker proves that fiction is better than life—more interesting, much more thrilling, though it is inhabited by posturing, irresponsible, self-dramatizing characters….

The tension and excitement of this prose, constantly buffeting the reader, derives from all the different and unique authors who have contributed to it. He has put the force back into tour de force. Above all, it is a uniquely gripping read. And of course, I relish in this paradox which debunks all conventional notions of authorship, authenticity, identity and even language.

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What is remarkable is how Whitaker has performed such a work of genius and pushed it ad absurdum: the extreme bending appears effortless and forms a perfect circle, wherein full authorship of book, i. Peder Zane. Elizabeth Benedict. The Wonders of Solitude.

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But I think the play rightfully does not focus on this question. Cbsd library rated it it was amazing May 02, Robert Schnakenberg. Metacritic Reviews. Edit Storyline The ghost of Mozart has abandoned Rodrigo and now he is conflicted as to whether to perform Mozart's requiem or not. Plot Keywords.

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In addition the two sentinels, Barnardo and Francisco have seen it. There is therefore a wealth of evidence to prove its existence and we are therefore more inclined to believe the validity of its arguments that the old Hamlet did not die naturally. This could also be a clue to the fact the Claudius could be corrupt. This to the modern audience may seem strange because if God has given you life then it is surely your own to do with what you choose.

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Hamlet believes is that everybody would be committing suicide if they were not so afraid of death and the afterlife and the consequences to their soul for sinning against God. Because of this, Hamlet contemplates suicide. People are afraid of what the afterlife may contain.

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The Jacobean audience believed that you have no right to commit suicide as God gave you life and therefore had no right to a Christian burial. The King would have used his influence regarding Ophelia so she would get a Christian burial, which points to the hypocrisy of the rich, and powerful who are able to buy themselves and their friends privileges. Where be your gibes now, your gambols, your songs, your flashes of Merriment that were wont to se the table on a roar.

Even his mother, the queen, will one day be reduced to a pile of bones.