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New boy, Hugo, initially very popular, has become a bully and turned Freddy's friends against him. Freddy will have to do something spectacular to prove he's no chicken and win back his friends. Freddy Tangles: Legend or loser Freddy Tangles and his friends are in danger. No one is scarier than the big bully, Sid Malone. Freddy must come up with a plan but this will be difficult because he's even afraid of his little sister.

Freeze a crowd A fascinating collection of witty puns, jokes, riddles and visual jokes. Fudge series Any two books from this series may be read as Challenge books and up to five more can be read as personal choice books. Fudge-a-mania Peter finds himself stuck on summer vacation for three whole weeks with little brother, Fudge, and Sheila Tubman. Peter may not like Sheila but Fudge plans to marry her. Maximum embarrassment ensues but with lots of laughs. Funny kid for president Max is the class clown always making everyone laugh.

He is running for class president but has no special talents. As the election draws near, Max with the help of his friend Hugo, tries to run a fair and honest campaign. But there are scandals and sabotage. Max decides that being the funny kid may just help him win. Funny kid prank wars Every kid wants to laugh, but Max is the boy who can make it happen. As he and his classmates head off on a camping trip, the new boy, Tyson, decides to play some jokes of his own. Max is the funny kid Monsters in the lake, smuggling ducks, dig-your-own toilets, capsizing canoes, absolutely not falling in love and beans that give you the runs are just some of the things in store for Max and his friends in this brand-new adventure.

Funny kid stand up Max is the boy who can make kids laugh. Something terrible has happened and Max seems to have lost his funny! Now Max is the 'Un-Funny Kid' right when he's trying to win the town talent quest! Heckling clowns, kidnapped grandpas, giant dogs called Steve, bungled police operations and the greatest stand-up comedy routine of all time were just some of the things encountered by Max, Hugo, Abby and Duck in this second book of the Funny Kid series.

Funny kid: Get licked With a canteen war, puppy smuggling and Redhill's first theme park to organise, it will need all of Max the Funny Kid's talents to solve this new adventure. Funny kid: Slapstick Every kid wants to laugh, but Max is the boy who can make it happen. Only now he's been forced to join the local ice-hockey team, and there's nothing funny about slipping over and getting a frozen bum. Or is there? Fuzz the famous fly Fuzz endeavours to cope with the intrusions of stardom. Gangsta Granny Ben is bored beyond belief after he is made to stay at his Grandma's house. She's the boringest Grandma ever.

All she wants to do is to play Scrabble and eat cabbage soup. But, there are two things that Ben doesn't know about his Grandma. They involve an international jewel thief and stealing the Crown Jewels. George is scientific, cautious and a pyjama wearing nerd. Chase is popular, rich, carefree and impulsive. After his latest haircut goes seriously wrong, George sparks interest from the unlikely Chase.

He sees George's potential in helping him complete a rescue mission. George doubts his abilities to help Chase but finds himself, time and again, getting the two of them out of tricky situations. Get real series Those two bad boys of grade five at Average Primary School, Harry and Jesse, have not so average adventures with their time machine. Any two books from this series may be read as Challenge books; up to five more can be read as personal choice books.

Go to the Series lists for individual book titles. Ghost and the goggle-box, The The clean-up of dead Uncle Arnold's Sydney house becomes a weird experience when Roger discovers that the old man is haunting the television set. Ghost club series Any two books from this series may be read as Challenge books and up to five more can be read as personal choice books. Ghost club: the haunted school With the help of Ghost Club, Angeline and Edgar must find out who the ghost at their school is so they can help her but first they have to convince their school principal that kids can be ghost catchers too, and they have to avoid Travis the bully, who is spying on them and causing trouble wherever they go.

Ghost club: the new kid Angeline and Edgar might be kids, but they're also two of Ghost Club's youngest ghost-catchers. Got a problem with a ghost or poltergeist. Angeline and Edgar are the experts to call. A slightly spooky but mostly funny series about the mischief ghosts can make - and the kids who take care of the mess. Girl underground Bridget wants a quiet life, including, if possible, keeping her parents out of prison. A boy called Menzies makes her an offer she can't refuse. They set off on a desperate, daring adventure to rescue two kids from a detention centre in the desert.

Give peas a chance and other funny stories Fourteen clever, funny tales, featuring a host of crazy characters. While Ginger and her dog organise the ultimate party, Wilton the worm meets Aristotle the nose germ in an unexpected location and Ben tries to save the world by not eating his vegetables. Gizmo, The When a boy steals a Gizmo for a dare, weird things began to happen. Glister series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books.

Glister: the family tree Glister and her father live at Chilblain Hall, home to an orchard with a remarkable collection of trees. It includes the very special Butterworth Tree. It is said that when the Butterworth Tree blooms, a bumper crop of Butterworth relatives, from the past, present and future, will fall. Glister longs to have a big family. Graphic novel format. Glister: the haunted teapot Strange things happen around Glister Butterworth. One day, a teapot is delivered to her home and when Glister makes a cup of tea to share with her dad, they find they have uninvited company.

An unhappy writer, Phillip Bulwark-Stratton, is haunting the teapot and demanding Glister's help to write on his behalf. Glister: the house hunt Glister lives in her family home, Chilblain Hall, where the wind squeals through the gaps in the window frames and anything can happen. When the chairman of the village-in-bloom competition insults Chilblain Hall, the house gets in a huff and disappears. Going for broke Nathan Foley wants more than just a participation award, he wants to be in the book of world records.

His hairbrain attempts to break a world record with his two, less than helpful friends, Ronnie and Weasel, are more likely to result in his death by misadventure than great recognition. Goosebumps series NEW Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books.

Goosebumps the movie 2: Haunted Halloween When Sonny and his friend Sam find a ventriloquist dummy labeled Slappy in an abandoned house, they decide to take him home. What they don't realise is that they've brought him to life Gowie Corby plays chicken Gowie is not a chicken but spending the night at Cricklepit School, where ghosts are rumoured to roam, is a big dare to accept. Grandpa's great escape Jack's Grandpa wears his slippers to the supermarket, serves up tinned tongue for dinner and often doesn't remember Jack's name.

But, he can still take to the skies in a speeding Spitfire and save the day.

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Great shave, The Stix and his mates think it's a great idea to temporarily dye their hair green when they go to watch their favourite band, the Screaming Greenie Meanies. But, after the concert, the green will just not wash out. When school goes back and the principal insists the green hair has to go, Stix discovers there is something even worse than green hair. Guess who's coming for dinner Horace Pork-Fowler's diary reveals an interesting invitation to Eatem Hall, the very strange abode of Dr Hunter. It appears to be an innocent weekend but it becomes doubtful that Horace and his lovely wife will survive.

Hannah's winter Contemporary and humorous, this story is dotted with snippets of Japanese language and culture, as Hannah and her ghost friend attempt to solve an ancient riddle. Harriet Bright series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. Harriet Bright: holiday hullabaloo Harriet Bright is going to have the best holiday ever, as soon as four things happen in her life. Until then, she's in a real hullabaloo. The clever and zany Harriet Bright will get into your head and whisk you away on adventures.

Harriet Bright: the star you are Harriet Bright is a quirky, nine year old girl with a best friend, Melly Fanshawe. Three different, funny stories tell you why adults don't laugh as much as children, what might happen when you research your family history and what you do, if you enter a talent quest, to win a year's supply of chocolate bars.

Haunted Halloween: Slappy's return Slappy's back! The demented dummy and all his creepy pals are back for this sequel to the hit Goosebumps movie. Scholastic's early reader has all the chills, thrills, and laugh-out-loud horror of the new movie. Illustrated with 48 pages of color photos from the movie!

Based on the Goosebumps film. Heir of mystery A cross between Dickens and Monty Python, this is the second book in the Unlikely Explots trilogy chronicling the adventures of the McNally family. Fergal McNally's pickled brain has been stolen. The McNally children must stop fiendish Mr Maggs. Hester the jester Hester wants to be the next court jester, but it is unheard of for a girl to take on that role.

There is also the slight problem of a king who is quite happy to chop off heads if he is displeased. Hester must fulfil her ambition without losing her head. High wire A bizarre circus creeps into Nod's Limbs, bringing with it strange and wonderful entertainers. The mischievous twins might join the circus when it leaves town just to avoid the wrath of Heimertz. Hooey Higgins and the big boat race Hooey and his friends, Twig and Will, think they have built a boat that will win the home-made boat race.

If they win, they plan to hold a pirate party for Twig. However, another team of boys also wants to win the race and they are willing to play dirty to take out the prize. They are naughty, slightly scruffy boys who'll do anything to make some money. It all starts with the giant chocolate egg, then there's catching the shark in the bed and then Twig dresses up as a sea urchin and gets chased by Basbo, the bully.

Hooey Higgins and the storm Like flying? Like dogs? Well, hurry on down to Shrimpton-on-Sea Shrimpton-on-Sea is being walloped by some serious weather. So, will Dingbat the Dog survive his aeronautic adventure? Will Basbo survive the tree that falls on his toilet? Find out in this seventh wet-and-windy adventure about Hooey and friends. Gales of laughter are forecast. Hooey Higgins and the tremendous trousers The world is a dangerous place and Hooey, Will and Twig are working on their genius health and safety invention, the all-new super TremTroo.

These are super protective trousers to keep them safe from crocodiles, flying toffee-apples and log-flume malfunctions. Hooey Higgins series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. How I alienated my grandmother After discovering a long buried, mysterious device in his back yard, Michael inadvertently causes his Gran to become inhabited by an alien. Michael and his best friend, Elvis set out to remedy the situation, only to discover the future of the Earth is at stake.

Elvis is the expert in science fiction and technology, while Michael is quick thinking and can scheme his way out of trouble, as quickly as he gets into it. How Lunchbox Jones saved me from robots, traitors and Missy the Cruel Luke Abbott's school is the losing-est school in the history of losing. And that's just fine for him. He'd rather be at home playing video games and avoiding his older brother Rob and the Greatest Betrayal of All Time. But now he's being forced to join the robotics team, where surely he'll help uphold the school's losing streak.

He'll also meet a colorful cast of characters, including: Mikayla, the girl who does everything with her toes; Jacob and Jacob, who aren't twins but might as well be; the sunflower seed-obsessed Stuart; and Missy the Cruel, Luke's innocent-looking bully since they were six-years-old. But it's an unlikely connection with a mysterious boy known only as "Lunchbox Jones" that will change Luke's life. Turns out, Luke and Lunchbox Jones have a lot more in common than just robots. How Obelix fell into the magic potion Obelix is shy, overweight and bullied. Asterix decides to help him by getting him to drink some of Getafix's magic potion.

But, Obelix slips and falls in. How to eat fried worms The humorous account of a fifty dollar bet for Billy to eat fifteen worms. I hate sport Karen hates sport. When her family gives her an ultimatum about playing sport, Karen gives it her best shot but there aren't many sports that value perfect, pink fingernails. Karen must find a sport or miss out. When his dad shows him the latest prototype, Harry cannot resist borrowing it to test.

At first, its capabilities are astounding until the phone begins take on a life and personality of its own. Even Bozo, the school bully, cannot compete. Yet the Incorrigibles still manage to ruin Lady Constance's ball, nearly destroying the grand house. While it is being restored, they take up residence in London where clues about their, and Penelope's mysterious past, are discovered in the most unexpected ways.

But, when Penelope is asked to demonstrate the academic progress of her three wolfish students so the board can judge the true worth of their education, the future of her school and of her job as governess hang in the balance. Incorrigible children of Ashton Place, The: mysterious howling, The Conniving Lord Fredrick has discovered three wild children, apparently raised by wolves.

They are trophies, whom he names Alexander, Beowulf and Cassiopeia Incorrigible. They howl, chase squirrels and gnaw on shoes. Enter fifteen year old Penelope Lumley, charged with taming them in time for a Christmas party at Ashton Manor. She comes armed with a cherished book of poetry and her favourite fiction series. Incorrigible children of Ashton Place, The: unmapped sea, The Lord Ashton is about to be a father and the wolfish curse on his family must end.

Penelope takes the three Incorrigible children to Brighton, where she hopes an old sailor will help to reveal the curse. But, the Babushkinov children, the wildest creatures ever seen, are also at the beach. Penelope and the Incorrigibles wonder if it is more than mere coincidence that these untamed children have also turned up in Brighton. Incorrigible children of Ashton Place, The: unseen guest, The When Lord Fredrick's long-absent mother arrives with the noted explorer Admiral Faucet, gruesome secrets tumble out of the Ashton family tree. And, when the Admiral's prized racing ostrich gets loose in the forest, the hunt is on.

But, governess Penelope is worried that, once back in the wild, the children will forget about books and poetry, and go back to their howling, wolfish ways, and not want to return to Ashton Place. Incredible powers of Montague Towers, The Ageing superhero, the Cape of Justice, asks Montague's help to deal with his pursuers who are using cryptic messages. Over six days, Montague is endowed with a new super power each day - superpower, hypnotic power, invisibility, laser vision, flight and, finally, super speed.

When Monty's nose twitches and he sneezes, the next superpower arrives. But, Monty doesn't time his sleuthing well, sometimes with disastrous results, as he searches for the evil Lord Bentwordle, who is trying to commit the crime of the century. It goes without saying A tour through fifty years of the cartoon strips, Peanuts, revealing the philosophy of Charles M Schulz at its silent best. Actions speak louder than words in this feast of visual annecdotes and comments on life.

Jabber-Walking Can you walk and talk at the same time? How about Jabberwalk? Can you write and draw and walk and journal all at the same time? If not, you're in luck: exuberant, blue-cheesy cilantro man Juan Felipe Herrera, Poet Laureate of the United States, is here to teach you everything he knows about being a real-life, bonified, Jabberwalking poet! Jabberwalkers write and speak for themselves and others no matter where their feet may take them - to Jabberwalk is to be a poet on the move.

And there's no stopping once you're a Jabberwalker, writing fast, fast, fast, scribble-poem-burbles-on-the-run. Scribble what you see! Scribble what you hear! It's all out there - vamonos! Jedi Academy series NEW Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books.

Jinxed When Jinx accidentally smashes her next door neighbour's python tank with a misplaced totem tennis ball and is expected to replace it, she needs to make some cash fast. No slow and steady job for Jinx, but all her get rich quick schemes are going awry. Joke trap, The Jesse's dad makes terrible jokes. Ben's dad sings all the wrong lyrics to songs. The embarrassment is ruining their social life. The kids hope to cure their dads with a taste of their own medicine but they're not sure dads will ever stop doing THAT joke.

Watch Gary tackle life on a leaky boat with a bad history and chuckle as he gets involved in a film romance with a difference. Selby must discover who the phantom gagsteris who keeps stealing all of Gary's punchlines. Juliet nearly a vet: Collection 1 Juliet is 10, and she's nearly a Vet. Juliet has a dog and two guinea pigs already, but if she's going to be the World's Best Vet, she needs a lot more animals to learn from.

Juliet and Chelsea get involved in a series of exciting adventures where they, among other things, organise a pet sleepover, take part in a pony show, help baby farm animals to be born, and care for injured wildlife after bushfires. Come on in and find out! Julius Zebra: Bundle with the Britons From a smelly watering hole, deep in the heart of the Serengeti, to the ferocious clamour of the Colosseum, join Julius Zebra and his motley menagerie of friends as they gear up to be gladiators.

Only if they win the love of the Roman crowds will they win back their freedom. Julius zebra: entangled with the Egyptians When Julius Zebra finds himself shipwrecked on the shores of Egypt with his trusty companions, little did he know he would soon finds himself mistaken for an Egyptian horse God, Heter.

While he enjoys all the perks, there is a downside. What happens when the Egyptian people realise he is not really Heter but a Zebra? Follow the adventures of Julius, Brutus and their friends to see if they escape. We all know zebras are handsome, eat lots of grass and are always getting eaten by lions. Let's face it, they can be a bit boring and stupid, too. But, a tussle with a grumpy gladiator can change a zebra. So, cheer on our stripey hero, Julius, as he scraps for survival in history's deadliest theatre, the Colosseum. Just don't call him a horse or Debra. Just annoying! Nine short stories which provide an insane mixture of ways to be annoying and of things that are annoying.

Just another day In another disastrous day at Average Primary School, fifth class horrors, Harry Harvard and Jesse Harrison, have ended up on detention. Things start looking up when Harry and Jesse notice a space ship perched in the top of the tallest tree in Average Park. The aliens on board are able to be just as much trouble as our two heroes. Just crazy! Is this the right book for you? Do you ever look in the mirror and see a crazy maniac staring back at you?

Do you like to read stories about kittens, puppies and ponies getting mashed and pulverised? Do you sometimes get the urge to take your clothes off and cover yourself in mud? Do you often waste your time taking crazy tests like this one? You are completely crazy. You will love this book. You are not far off completely crazy.

You are per cent sane, normal and well adjusted. You must be crazy! Just disgusting! Includes a terrible agonising death by flesh-eating zombies, a battle with brussel sprouts the sprouts win and the disgusting fact that cockroaches can live for nine days without their heads they only die because they starve to death. Do you do any or all of the following: pick your nose, talk in burps or wee in swimming pools?

Do you ever wear the same undies two or more days in a row? Do you wish you knew the most disgusting thing in the world? Do you think brussel sprouts are a delicious mouth-watering treat? Do you like stories about dead flies, giant slugs and mysterious brown blobs? Just doomed! Just Doomed! With nine superb stories of mischief and crazy happenings, readers will be hooked instantly.

But is this the right book for you? Do you often find yourself feeling that everything is about to go horribly, terribly and utterly wrong? Have you ever lost or destroyed a valuable item that didn't belong to you? Have you just accidentally enraged a very large and bad-tempered bully? Are you years old or over? Just Macbeth When Andy, Danny and Lisa are transported, with the help of a little Wizz Fizz, to eleventh century Scotland, they realise it's more than just time travel.

Everyone thinks they are characters from the Shakespeare play, Macbeth, and Andy discovers he is married to the most beautiful girl in the world. But, trouble arises when Andy kills his wife, his best friend and many kittens, puppies and ponies. Just series NEW Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. Just shocking! Do you wish you could drive around in a monster truck crushing everybody and everything that gets in your way?

Do you love watching videos of people having painful accidents? Do you do any -- or all -- of the following: touch electric fences, play with loaded mousetraps or put buttons up your nose? Do you think stories about exploding pink butterflies are funny? Do you ever laugh so hard that you feel like you're going to throw up all over yourself Just stupid! Do you worry about getting sucked into the top of escalators? Do you believe a bogeyman hides under the bed? Do you automatically turn around when somebody calls 'Hey, Stupid!

Do you think that being able to stuff your mouth full of marshmallows is a sign of superior intelligence? Just tricking! Do you ever pretend that you are dead to get out of going to school? Do you like to ring up people you know and pretend to be someone else? Do you leave banana skins in the middle of busy footpaths? Do you own any of the following items: fake dog poo, rubber vomit, gorilla suit? Do you wish that every day could be April Fools' Day? You are what practical jokers call a 'victim'. Kid normal Eleven year old Murph's mum has been unable to find permanent work, so the family has had to move many times, not only homes but towns and schools and Murph has just about given up on staying put in one place long enough to make and retain friends.

When all the schools in this latest town are full Murph and his mum have an even bigger problem until by pure chance they stumble upon a school hidden behind many corners and backstreets. Murph is accepted and there begins an education like nothing Murph has experienced before. It appears that somehow Murphy has landed in a school aimed at finding and training super heroes, with each of the students having some sort of magical capability, although some appear to have little use such as a boy who can make his head swell like a balloon or a girl who can make thunderstorms.

Can these skills, along with Murph who has none, really save the day? Last day School has almost finished for another year and Harry Harvard and Jesse Harrison are looking forward to the summer holidays. But, first they're going to make sure that the last day of school is an unforgettable one. Laugh your head off again Nine short and funny stories by some of Australia's award-winning writers of humour. Read about a mischief-making monkey, the perfect pie, a trouble-attracting Great Dane, an unlikely corn chip, a displaced King and lots of other funny things.

Laugh your head off and again and again 9 authors, 9 stories, to make you laugh your head off again and again! Laugh your head off series NEW Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books.

Laugh your head off: Funny stories for all kinds of kids Nine short and funny stories by some of Australia's award-winning writers of humour. Some stories have a funny twist at the end, others are based around hilarious situations. But, all are very amusing and very enjoyable. Liar: the true story of David Mortimore Baxter David's exaggerations become lies that result in some complicated situations with his teacher and classmates. He almost learns his lesson. Little lunch: Triple the games This is what happened during Little Lunch: Tamara tried to find a new walking buddy for the school walkathon, Rory decided he was going to be Prime Minster of the whole country and the girls got into a big noisy argument and wound up locked inside the toilets.

A lot can happen in fifteen minutes! After a hard day's fishing, Andy and Dave decide that it would be easier to blow the fish out of the water Long class goodnight, The Justin Monaghetti is destined to be a loser. His new school is terrifying. His only friend wants to run away forever and he's just been given detention for something he didn't do. Justin isn't going to accept his fate without a fight. Louis beside himself When a burglar jumps through the kitchen window one night, Louis knows he should get him in a wrestling-hold while he has the advantage, but his heart is hammering and his legs feel like wobbly air.

Louis Beside Himself is a hilarious and companionable story about losing your words, finding your courage and arm-wrestling your way out of big trouble. Love that dog Narrative poem about an endearingly unassuming, straight-talking boy who discovers the powers and pleasures of the poems studied at school with his teacher, Ms Stretchberry. He creates a poem about his new dog and writes to one of the poets. Lucy the good Lucy van Loon knows she's a good girl.

She wonders why she's always sitting on the Time Out chair. After all, she had a good reason for tipping Jacinta's pencils all over the floor and for shrieking when her grumpy aunt called her a greedy liar. Her aunt has brought something from Holland that Lucy wishes she'd never seen.

Now, she has to figure out how to avoid it, and fast. It's time to prove she really is Lucy the Good. Lucy the lie detector Lucy is off on her adventures again, with friends, enemies and lots of accidents and Funniest Home Video moments. Macbeth, you idiot Andy Macbeth doesn't mean to be a terrible person but his three spooky aunts have predicted great things for him on the school soccer team.

So, when the gorgeous Fifi L'Amour starts to take an interest in him and suggests an easy way to ridicule the coach and take his place, it just might all be too hard to resist. Make 'em laugh Take a look at jokes and comedians, and what makes people laugh. Mascot madness The school athletic coach may be an ex-Olympian and have cutting edge training techniques but he seems to be on the other side.

Mr Brainfright's methods may be unorthodox but can they prove to be effective enough to help Henry and his friends finally win the cup for their school. Then again, they just might be hopeless and, unfortunately, too much time in the banana costume seems to be playing with Mr Brainfright's head.

Master, The Rick lives on a farm with his mum and his grandfather. They're a normal family except for one thing. Rick and his Grandpa are engaged in a constant battle of practical jokes, trying to outdo each other and claim the title of The Master. Grandpa thinks that his grandson has much to learn from him but Rick thinks otherwise and devises what he thinks is an unbeatable prank. Merchant of Venice, The: a Shakespeare story This charming series gives young readers the chance to discover the magic of Shakespeare for themselves.

In Venice, the merchant Antonio borrows money so his friend can woo a beautiful lady. He agrees that if he doesn't repay Shylock the moneylender, Shylock can take a pound of his flesh. When Antonio's ships sink and he loses his fortune, Shylock insists on the gruesome payment Midnight gang, The Tom is hit on the head by a cricket ball at boarding school and is promptly sent to hospital to recover from his injury.

While there, he becomes involved with the adventures of The Midnight Gang, a gang of patients from the children's ward, who are under the strict control of the hospital's evil, children hating Matron and scarily deformed porter. Will the Midnight Gang accept Tom into the group and can they outsmart the wicked Matron and make all the gang's wildest dreams come true?

Midsummer night's dream: a Shakespeare story, A The course of true love never did run smooth A magical retelling of the classic love story of Hermia, Helen, Demetrius and Lysander - and of the impish fairy Puck, who meddles in their tangled web of love with hilarious consequences. This series gives young readers the chance to discover Shakespeare for themselves.

Also included are useful notes on the themes within the stories and a background to the Globe Theatre. Millions When a bag full of money drops out of the sky, Damien and Anthony find they are very, very rich. Suddenly, the brothers can buy anything they want except for the one thing they really need. Winner of Carnegie Medal. Money bags Everyone knows that Brain Davis is the smartest kid at school but he certainly isn't the luckiest.

When an attack of the hiccups leaves him speechless during his appearance on Quizzical, Brain must let his best mate, Ted, take the spotlight on the richest game. But, even Brain's expert coaching cannot inspire confidence in Ted and it seems as though the evil plans of Prescott Heath may succeed again. Monkey and me Beanie, nicknamed due to hair loss during leukaemia treatment, is a normal, intelligent almost ten year old, getting up to mischief with the best of them.

When Beanie, with his older brother's gang, explores the derelict Black Gate, an overhead thumping spooks them. Beanie discovers the cause - a chimpanzee. With the gang's help, in particular their new deaf, signing female member, he attempts to hide Malcolm with hilarious consequences. Monkey come home When Avery finds Earl, the monkey, he hides him in his room. His parents are surprised at how much fruit Avery is eating and his mother thinks he needs deodorant. Avery must help Eric before he is discovered by the wrong people.

Monster survival guide Let Zach, Hannah, and R. Stine introduce you to the monsters from the Goosebumps movie! This survival guide will give kids everything they need to know to fight the dummies, ghosts, and ghoulies if they ever come to their hometown.

It's everything kids need to fight a monster invasion. It has its advantages, even when you've lived for ten thousand years longer than the average ten year old. When unwelcome visitors arrive, Mort and his sister have to deal with some of the stranger hobbies they've tried to keep secret from one another and the outside world. Today, might be one of the most eventful in Mort's very long life. Mortal combat: time's running out Mort, a mere 10 year old boy is on a time-travel adventure and causing chaos as he hurtles through history in his Retro, from World War II to the time of dinosaurs, Vikings and Spanish galleons, having ignored the warnings of his cloned friend Oppy about the possibility of causing a catastrophic rift in time.

Mortified Mortimer DeVere and his sister Agnetha are 10 years old and desperate to avoid school. They use a time traveling machine to flee from the strict teacher who would enslave them. As they travel through time and other lands they meet historical figures who are all eccentric. How are they going to navigate between crocodiles, zombies, weird authors and Queen Victoria. Mr Bambuckle's remarkables When a new teacher arrives for the class in room 12B, the students are in for a surprise.

Bambuckle is riding a unicycle and cooking his breakfast and already knows each student's name and background. He is just the teacher these students have always wanted, learning is fun and they do not even know they are doing it. Unfortunately, the principal is not so pleased and is doing all he can to replace Mr Bambuckle. Mr Bean's definitive and extremely marvellous guide to France Mr Bean gives advice on preparing for an overseas trip in the format of a scrapbook recording his trip to France.

He provides advice on how to enjoy French food and art and even suggestions on how to mix important things together. Mr Gum and the biscuit billionaire Mr Gum is back in another weird and wacky book, and he's as nasty as ever. In fact, he's absolutely grimsters. You'll also meet a gingerbread man named Alan Taylor who has electric muscles; the little girl called Polly; the evil butcher called Billy William The Third; the very wise man, Friday O'Leary; Jake the dog and the angry fairy that lives in Mr Gum's bathtub.

And watch out for that dastardly villain, Mr Gum, not to mention his sidekick, Billy William. It's barking bonkers. Mr Gum and the dancing bear Mr Gum is a very nasty man. Arnold Landon Other Editions 2. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Dragon Head , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jan 18, Missmath rated it it was ok Shelves: british , chinese , crime , murder , mystery. A wealthy Chinese businessman living in England agrees to build a small museum for the department Arnold works for, in exchange for three weeks of Arnold's time.

The book involves a Chinese society of corrupt businessmen who will do anything for wealth, and who incidentally vie to have the best collection of antiquities in the country. I enjoy Arnold Landon books because of the passion he has for antiquities, especially the old stone and wood of ancient buildings. He's the same in this book, howe A wealthy Chinese businessman living in England agrees to build a small museum for the department Arnold works for, in exchange for three weeks of Arnold's time. He's the same in this book, however I was disappointed. The author created a situation, then solved it for us, but without laying out enough clues to make me really care whodunit.

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"The Golden Girls" turns 30: 10 things you didn't know

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