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From the inspiring historical background of the unique period which has affected the lives of so many to t A debate that's 2, years old, and running… Do Jews need Jesus? If Jesus is not the Jewish Messiah, if He is not the savior of the world, if He is not the promised redeemer God sent to restore Israel and redeem the nations Isaiah , then bringing His message to the Jewish people is a grav In this treasure of a book, author Richard A.

Robinson tours the Take a fresh look at food through the eyes of Scripture. What was the "forbidden fruit" in the garden of Eden? What was in the bowl that Jesus dipped into at the Last Supper? In this beautifully illustrated full-colour book, you will find a uniquely in-depth survey of every aspect of food in the Bible.

You'll learn what people ate and drank in B Jews for Jesus founder Moishe Rosen and his wife, Ceil, have written an instructive, informative, and inspiring guide for Christians who want to share the love of Jesus with their Jewish friends. This much-needed how-to manual explores Jewish beliefs, how to answer objections, conversation starters…and that's just the beginning! In a perfect world, how would we live?

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Limitations due to market integration. Kharangate, Chirag Rajan Experimental, theoretical and computational modeling of flow boiling, flow condensation and evaporating falling films. Gilland, Kaitlyn Elizabeth Short-term effects of a Western diet on the number of brainderived neurotrophic factor immunoreactive neurons in the hypothalamic arcuate, ventromedial and paraventricular nuclei. Luo, Qianwen The cloud-radiative forcing of the U. Hrycik, Allison R Spatio-temporal diet variation and movement decisions of Lake Erie yellow perch.

Someday believers in Yeshua will find out. Until then, we have the Sabbath. Shabbat is a foretaste of the world to come, a glimpse beyond our hurting world. Above all, Shabbat is fulfil Get in touch with the Jewish roots of your Christian faith as you learn the meaning behind Jesus' claims to be the "Light of the World" and to give us the "living water. More than , copies in print!

This treasure of a book, written by the founder of Jews for Jesus, will help you understand how Jesus fulfilled each one of the Old Testament prophecies about the first coming of the Messiah. Who could Ten years ago there were only a few hundred Jewish Christians in Israel. Today that figure is over 10, and the number is growing rapidly.

Some of the leading Messianic believers are starting to look to the future and turn their attention to passages in the Bible that talk about the role of Israel being a light to the world. Read the intrigui There will never be a closer, more compelling look at the man behind the mission known as Jews for Jesus. Called to Controversy, over ten years in the works, tells the truth about Moishe in a variety of voices from his past.

Find out: What Moishe Rosen was like Discover the Jewish Jesus What relevance does it have for us that Jesus is Jewish and what difference should it make to our faith?

In The Jewish Jesus, David Hoffbrand explores the answers to these and related questions in a way that is accessible to everyone. As you see how Jesus lived, thought and taught as a Jewish man, you will come to know Author Julia Fisher presents fourteen true stories from Jewish, Arab, and Palestinian believers living in Israel and Palestinian areas that describe what God is doing despite the current tide of political and religious turmoil.

Reconciliation is at the heart of each story, though reconciliation in the context of the Middle East is fraught with d The author carefully explains the significance of each feast, the materials necessary to observe them, and full directions for the events. Passover Next Door is a beautifully illustrated read-aloud book about celebrating Passover. Come join Claire and Cara as they pay a visit next door and discover Passover! Learn how the story of Passover Real people…real choices—choosing Jesus! Compelling stories, high drama.

An aerospace engineer, a Supreme court lawyer, a Holocaust survivor, a wife and mother. The list goes on. Nineteen Jews from various walks of life share the inspiring stories of their singular walk with Jesus. The happy endings of these fascinating testimonies could bring a Your kids will be encouraged by learning God's names. The names of God contain powerful promises for you and your kids, revealing who He is and the many roles He fills in your lives. When your tween son or daughter ages learns these names they will have greater confidence in who they are in Christ and also gain a valuable tool they can u Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus is a must-have resource book.

The first compendium of its kind for decades, it is the first of three planned volumes. This first volume addresses thirty-five different objections comprehensively with an engaging, readable style. Future volumes will include theological objections, objections based on messianic This book answers the question: "Why is Jesus great?

Book Summary David Robertson, author of The Dawkins Letters, says that he was told by the leader of an atheist society: "Okay, I admit that you have destroyed my atheism, but what do you believe? Everywhere you turn, people are wondering about the future.

For many, the outlook is gloomy. But according to David Brickner, executive director of Jews for Jesus, Christians can offer a message of a future and a hope. Future Hope takes a look at biblical prophecies and offers insight into God's prophetic timeline. The book's easy-to-read format Michael Brown refutes the traditional Jewish concept that there is a binding, authoritative Oral Law going back to Moses.

While showing great respect for his people's traditions, Brown demonstrates that when there is a conflict between the Bible and tradition, Written by the Distinguished Professor of Theology and Jewish Studies at Moody Bible Institute, this first-of-its-kind comprehensive reference volume is an essential addition to the library of those students who wish to survey systematic theology with a distinctly Messianic Jewish emphasis.

The first section deals with the Torah and the New Cove Finding Spiritual Harmony in your Jewish-Gentile Relationship can give hope and help to Jewish-Gentile couples struggling to overcome cross-cultural challenges. This booklet includes interactive sections to help partners address sensitive topics.

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Jewish-Gentile Couple booklet 58 pages, Size 8. Insights and Inspirations. Each page also includes a brief reflection to help you engage with the passage.

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Beautiful hardcover book with gold embossing and raised emblem in center. Hardcover, pages. This mature reflection of Isaiah 53, the Suffering Servant passage, is packed with straightforward explanations of profound concepts that were the hallmark of Kendall's 25 years of expository preaching at Westminster Chapel. Jewish-Christian pastor Lon Solomon shepherds the 13,member McLean Bible Church, where his incisive weekly expository preaching is changing lives. In his new book, The 23rd Psalm for the 21st Century, Lon unwraps the most famous six verses of the Bible.

Enjoy the poignant and practical style that his congregants and weekly radio show audienc Why do I feel this way? What is God doing to me? Have you ever asked these questions? Don't be discouraged God wants you to have a beautiful, intimate, and rewarding relationship with Him. He's willing to let you experience pain and suffering so that He can work in you and through you in power.

Lon Solomon provides a clear and encouragin Looks at popular views of hell and the biblical reality—and why if there is a God of justice and love, hell must be real. A great booklet to give to a Jewish friend to challenge his or her thinking about the afterlife. A wonderful collection of photographs which take the reader on a guided tour of Israel, from Jerusalem to the Negev, from the Dead Sea to Galilee.

Included is an introduction to the unique history of the Holy Land and descriptions of each Biblical location with its history.


Previously titled "Israel, Land of the Bible". The biblical holy days are not just for Jews. Christians, too, can receive the blessings of these glorious days, the greatest object lessons in the bible. What's the worst thing that can happen to a successful Jewish businessman? Perhaps it's a phone call from his college-age daughter, telling him she now believes in Jesus.

A loving father embarks on a quest to reclaim his "lost" daughter, and in the process, finds his Messiah. Growing up as a slave girl, Miriam learned how to be brave--and smart. When her baby brother, Moses, was in grave danger, Miriam and her mom save his life. As Miriam matured, she became a gifted musician and discovered other God-given talents. And when God called Miriam In this book find answers to questions like: What is a Messianic Congregation?

What can you tell me about the Hebrew Roots groups? What does 'Torah observant' mean?

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Why the need for specific Jewish missions? From Tradition to Truth is the heartwarming story of Marilyn Sternberg. Growing up in a traditional Jewish home in Cleveland, Ohio she tells with humor and pathos her journey to faith in Jesus. Many Christians are fearful of engaging in conversations about their faith with Jewish people—knowing that there are complex issues and suspicions that lie deep beneath the surface.

And yet there are many points of contact, and much common ground.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Roman Long-Gonzalez is an author of sixteen books of Granada--My Eden: Extended Epic of an Expatriate Kindle Edition. by Roman Long-Gonzalez (Author). Revised version of "Poet to Lover". An Expatriate American poet living in Granada, Spain struggles through depression and the commitment of his young lover.

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