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What animal lives in the Yangtze River and is represented by its own rare Xingyiquan form? This member of Lepidoptera increases its weight by 10, fold in approximately a fortnight.

What is it commonly referred to as? I am a blue triplet lily that grows from a corm. Some call me a grassnut, but my common name is that of an angel. What is my common name? There's a particular kind of bird that's often used to go fishing. It typically perches with its wings spread out wide.

Why does it do that? While quietly standing at sea level, you are suddenly whacked on the ankle with a guitar. Did you hear it or feel it first? Search Education Skip to content. Home Lesson Plans Live Trainings. Lesson Plans With more and more of the world's content online, it is critical that students understand how to effectively use web search to find quality sources appropriate to their task. Additional information: Lesson Overview Lesson Plan Map Picking the right search terms Beginner Pick the best words to use in academic searching, whether students are beginning with a full question or a topic of just a few words.

Intermediate Identify unique search terms to locate targeted sources and to use "context terms" to uncover appropriate evidence. Advanced Explore "firm" and "soft" search terms, and practice using context terms to locate subject-specific collections of information on the web. Beginner Learn about the different parts of the results page, and about how to evaluate individual results based on cues like web addresses and snippets. Intermediate Use the results page to check the quality of a search process, and explore specific strategies students can use to improve their searches and their results.

Advanced Engage additional search strategies, such as generalization and specialization. Beginner Apply filtering tools and basic "operators" to narrow search results. Intermediate Explore filters and additional operators to find new ways to narrow their results. Advanced Compare results for basic searches with ones that use operators to discover the impact the right operator has at the right time. Beginner Draw stronger terms from preliminary search results, identify evidence, and explore using various media to locate specific types of evidence. Intermediate Investigate different page formats blogs, news articles, wikis, etc , and how to identify the right format for the type of information students are seeking.

Advanced Examine Google Scholar, and learn how to find specific collections of information that will contain the best evidence for students' research task. Beginner Consider, tone, style, audience, and purpose to determine the credibility of a source. Intermediate Consider, tone, style, audience, and purpose to determine the credibility of a source. Advanced Track information to a reasonable source and recognize and consider the impact of bias in assessing the credibility of information.

Culture If you came home from a trip with South African rand, Kuwaiti dinars and Japanese yen, how much would you have in U. Culture My route is marked by the shells of scallops, a journey that thousands take each year to a cathedral in my honor, deep in the heart of Galicia. Culture A branch of the U. Culture The three-lobed leaves of a tall tree are powdered and used in a traditional New Orleans dish, and the bark is the traditional flavoring for a soft drink. Culture In Russian churches the number of domes usually matches the number of altars.

Culture The column style used for this Greek temple completed in BCE was borrowed from which ancient civilization? Culture Every national flag in the world shares a common geometric characteristic, except for one country. Culture If you consecutively slept one night in each room excluding bathrooms of the Palace of the Light of Faith, how many years would it take you to sleep in them all?

Culture If a man has two swallows tattooed on his chest, how many inches has he sailed?

Flags of Our Fathers Lesson Plans

Culture A Viking was the first to photograph us, but our existence was foretold in literature by a Swift astronomer. Culture I am the son of a glove maker.

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Geography How long is the river bordering the two countries that once were home to the Hamangia? Geography If you were a ferry passenger traveling from Continental Europe to the country with twice as many sheep as people, in what town would you most likely dock? Geography You live next to the Cam. Geography What acoustic instrument was invented on this island country near the coast of South America?

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Geography What colors are the flags in Lupa on July 2 and August 16? Geography If you came home from a trip with South African rand, Kuwaiti dinars and Japanese yen, how much would you have in U. History The Father of Modern Russia taxed wearers of these in History The oldest person to sign the Declaration of Independence criticized the national emblem and suggested what as an alternative?

History The first president to be born as an American citizen learned English as a second language. History During his circumnavigation of the globe in , this expedition leader spent more money on this liquid than on weapons.

Flags of Our Fathers/Letters from Iwo Jima

Essay Topics. Which country is it? Run a line of tape on the floor between the two quotes. Despite my importance, modern viewers seem to think I have a glaring spelling error. The fighting finally ceased on March 26, Two didn't because they were abroad. You can choose from several tests that include differing combinations of multiple choice questions, short answer questions, short essay questions, full essay questions, character and object matching, etc.

History In one of my most famous works, five people die by suicide and in another the title character and 13 others are killed. History In April , I shot and killed a man. History This invention was initially created as a walking machine and then was tweaked in to become amphibious. History How long would it take to walk to all the cities that have served as capitals of the U.

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History Rembrandt painted a philosopher looking at the bust of a Greek poet. History Records show Iron Jacket had only one granddaughter. History A small town, named for the daughter of Menelaus and Helen, is famed for a particular kind of dye used for army uniforms. Questions: Have students research and bring to class news articles or photographs from the battle of Iwo Jima or the War in the Pacific.

First have students summarize what they found. Why did they choose the article? Is it an accurate account based on the knowledge gained from Flags of Our Fathers? How does the media affect domestic and world events? Which is more powerful in affecting world events — people, government, or media? One way that John Bradley tried to achieve this was by refusing interviews and maintaining a self-imposed silence about the events.

The Photograph brought America heroes and hope, and The Treasury Department sought to use its romantic image to raise funds for the war effort in a 7th Bond Tour. The surviving flagraisers were toured across the country, raising millions of dollars, and coping with the after effects of the battle.

Questions: How do the three veterans compare and contrast in their initial efforts to cope with the aftershock of Iwo Jima? How did The Photograph help and harm their healing? What did The Photograph bring to America? How does The Photograph exemplify both the romantic image and the realistic image of the battle of Iwo Jima? Ira suffers from alcoholism and eventually dies at the age of In , John Wayne stars in the Sands of Iwo Jima, which included the real-life flagraisers in scenes at the end of the movie; this casting was a public relations move.

Suribachi flagraising. The monument was unveiled in Arlington National Cemetery on November 10, Questions: According to Flags of Our Fathers, what motivates young men to such valor? Who are the true heroes of Iwo Jima? What does it say about the war, the men, and our country that the only name on the statue in Arlington National Cemetery is that of the sculptor? What lessons can be learned from Flags of Our Fathers?

Divide the class into teams of World War II researchers. Students should research their topic, write essays and present their findings with their teams. What is a hero? Who is a hero? Discuss how the American Flag has played a part in recent events. Then choose one or more of the American Flag activities for wearing, sharing, or displaying. It is widely believed, but not confirmed, that Betsy Ross sewed the first American Flag.

The flag had 13 stars and 13 stripes to represent the 13 original colonies.

Flags of Our Fathers Lesson Plans for Teachers

The flag is nicknamed "Old Glory". After many design changes the flag currently has 50 stars. The last star was added when Hawaii became a state on July 4, The 50 stars represent the number of states.

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