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Download 26 MB. The Gospel Mind.

Download 20 MB. Guarded Mind: feelings of depression, bitterness, uselessness. Download 24 MB. God-centered Mind: living self-lessly. Download 22 MB. Godly Mind: avoiding self-centeredness; Submission, Service. Download 29 MB.

Preach The Word - Gospel Sermons and Evangelistic Preaching - David Legge

Gentle Mind: dealing with problems. Download 21 MB. Grateful, Giving Mind. Garrisoned Mind: deliverance from anxiety. Download 27 MB. How God Guides.

The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth: Are We Preaching Half the Gospel?

A Reason For Living. Genesis a. Genesis b. Genesis Download 40 MB. Genesis 3. Genesis 4. Grace Part 1. Grace Part 2. Grace Part 3: in relationships: dealing with conflict. Love Part 1. Love Part 2. Headship, Lordship, Fellowship. Download 8. Appreciation of Christ. Download 33 MB. The Believer and Trials. Download 5. Download 23 MB. Testimony 2. Download 3. Food in 1Samuel 10, 17, Christian Soul Trouble. Background to Romans Romans Download 32 MB. Download 31 MB. Download 34 MB. Daniel: Introduction.

The Gospel Is More Powerful Than You Think

Daniel: Chapters Download 30 MB. Daniel: Chapter 9. Download 14 MB. Daniel: Chapter Download 28 MB. Abraham, the friend of God. Download 18 MB. Download 35 MB. David, a man after God's own heart. Paul, a servant of God. Timothy, a man of God. Report: Siberia and India. Introduction to Stewardship. Stewardship with our spiritual gifts. Stewardship of truth. Stewardship: Intro to foundational relationships. Stewardship: Relationships between husband and wife. Stewardship with finances part 1.

Stewardship with finances part 2, budget. Stewardship goals. Stewardship and the Judgement Seat of Christ. Women in the Scriptures. Headship Part 1. Headship Part 2, Long hair. Download 0. Assembly: Why Separation? Assembly: just A place? Assembly: Baptism. Assembly: Open table? Assembly: Denominational ties. Assembly: Should we have a paid pastor?

Assembly: Women. Download 10 MB. Romans 12 Part A. Romans 12 Part B. Bring Back the Book, Ark, King. Download 7 MB. My Call, David Booth. Download 6. Report on Russia, David Booth. Where should I gather? Exceeding Joy. No sacrifice sufficient. Intro to family relationships. Foundational principles of marriage. Avoiding drudgery in marriage. Overcoming marriage difficulties. Raising small children. Raising teenagers. Waiting on God. My relationship with God. My relationship with my brethren.

My relationship with saints in need. My relationship with believers not in the assembly and unsaved. My relationship with my spouse. My relationship to the assembly. Download 13 MB. Relationships of shepherds and sheep. Faithfulness and Commitment. Christ the pattern of faithfulness and commitment. Faithfulness, priorities and the Great Commission. True life: Springs or cistern? The church pictured in O. The Majesty of Christ. The Worth of the Lord Jesus. Download 6 MB. Our Minds and our Hearts. Download 25 MB. Our Minds and our Holiness.

Two starting points

Genesis 4. The Holy One. Summer Sermon Series. Christianity does this. Austin-Sparks "How wonderfully above the situation these three men were! Joseph in Pharaoh's house.

Our Minds and our Helpfulness. Our Minds and our Homes.


Our Minds and our Hotheadedness. Our Minds and our Hopelessness. Our Minds and our Hardships. Utterances from the cross:It is finished cont. El Salvador - East Coast report. The cross.

POWERFUL PREACHING - "The Secret to Revival"

Download 19 MB. What will you do with Jesus? Download 2 MB. Two hours. Assembly fellowship. A Lost Coin. Teaching: Outline PDF. Knowing God: a prerequisite to teaching. Teaching: Connecting with people. Teaching: The Purpose of the Message. Teaching: The Preparation of the Message. Teaching: Principles for teaching and Bible study. Teaching: Presentation of the message. Ezra and Recovery. The Conscience, Part 1. Conditions for approach to God, Part 1. Conditions for approach to God, Part 2. Jacob's encounter with God. The Conscience, Part 2.

Remember Me. Report on India. Commendation Considerations. The Conscience, Part 3. Your sins. Gospel - Isaiah True Prayer, true power. Fervent Prayer. God-centered Prayer.

Gospel Sermons

Brothers and sisters, you will be blessed, challenged, convicted and encouraged through this sermon. This is Setting Captives Free board member Erick Hurt preaching. Let this become universal gospel preaching in your church!”. Another good question for your next long car ride would be this: What are the 5 sermons you remember most and why do you remember them? Most of the.

Esther: a surrendered life by request. Testimony, Larry Steers. Life is brief. My Beloved.

When the Gospel Saved Saul

My heart. Husbands, love your wives. Revelation, Part 1. Revelation, Part 2. Revelation, Part 3. Revelation, Part 4. Revelation, Part 5. Revelation, Part 6. Revelation Chart Harry Ironside. Solomon elevated to the throne. Solomon established in the kingdom. Solomon enabled for leadership. Solomon enlarging and enriching the kingdom. Solomon engaged in building. Solomon's erosion and enemies. Solomon's Psalm Worship, Part 1 Abraham. Worship, Part 2 Job, Marys. Temptations; The work of God; throwing in the towel. Winning, Welcoming, Weeping for souls.

Believing yes, Understanding yes, Loving yes. Romans , the Gospel. The voice of the Son of God. The Levitical Offerings. Philippians Psalm John The cross in light of time and eternity. The coming of the Lord Jesus. Purpose to be with Him. You can be sure, saved, satisfied. The Lord Jesus in Isaiah The New Birth. The Resurrection - Mark Nothing to pay. Not saved - Are saved. Great Salvation. Near-drowning experience of Scott Hayes.

Christ died for our sins. Blood, book, song, wrath of the Lamb. The crucified, conquering, coming Christ. God calling. Four requests of the Lord Jesus in John Ways that God tests us. The coming of the Lord. The setting of the meal offering. How God views sin. Without Christ, Strength, Hope. Spiritual Progress: a fresh start. Spiritual Potential. The Prodigal in the house The Prodigal Son. Partaking in the house The Lord's Supper.

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The unequal yoke. Those who subscribe to this teaching of course do not heal the sick when preaching the gospel or at any other time for that matter. Does Acts record that the disciples continued to obey his command to heal the sick? We can ascertain this by examining some of the miracles in Acts. In Acts 3 at the Temple Gate, Peter healed the beggar lame since birth. Only after that did the astonished crowds come to him at which point Peter shared the gospel with them.

The result was a harvest of souls with the number of men reaching 5, Here Peter was simply healing the sick first and then afterwards preaching the kingdom of God to the crowd which had gathered—just as Jesus commanded in Luke Then in Acts 9, only after Peter healed the paralytic Aeneas did all those who lived in Lydda and Sharon turn to the Lord. Later in the same chapter only after Peter raised Dorcas back to life did many in Joppa turn to the Lord. Again we see the same pattern: the people put their faith in Jesus only after they witnessed or heard about the miracle.

These miraculous healings were performed by the disciples clearly in accordance with what Jesus commanded them in Luke If in fact on the foreign mission field today the sick are likewise powerfully and miraculously healed as the gospel is shared, the harvest can be great among Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, and idol-worshipers—in particular in rural and remote villages unreached by mass crusades held in cities and unreached by gospel TV and radio broadcasts.

In such developing nations the majority of the population still lives in rural villages outside of urban areas. In the past of course we did not see this. Missions in developing nations in the Third World were generally limited to sharing the gospel with words only—not accompanied by miraculous evidence. At most the preaching of the gospel might be accompanied by humanitarian good works like the feeding of the poor or caring for orphans.

Why were there so few miracles when the gospel was preached on the mission field? Due to this we were not able to heal the sick effectively and consistently when sharing the gospel with the lost. But today during these Last Days the Lord is restoring to the Church understanding of exactly how he healed the sick. In that way there will be acceleration in missions leading to the fulfillment of the Great Commission before the end.