The Diary Of Pink Pearl, A Birds Eye View - Vol 1 Of 3

The Diary of Pink Pearl, A Bird's Eye View (Volume One)
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The constitution of the colony is a sort of government by Queen, Lords, and Commons, without a responsible Ministry. He also appoints the members of the Legislative Council or " Upper House," whilst the Legislative Assembly or " Lower House " purports to be elected by the people. This mockery of representation is the greatest farce in the world. The coloured people have the suffrage, subject to a small property qualifica- tion, but have no idea how to use it. The elec- tions are by open voting, and bribery, corruption, and intimidation are carried on in the most un- blushing manner, under the very noses of the officers presiding over the polling-booths.

Laws are passed simply for the benefit of the family, whilst the , coloured people are ground down and oppressed in a manner that is a disgrace to the British flag. The Act creating the post to which I was afterwards appointed affords a striking example of this. In every one of the principal out-islands there are one or more resident magistrates or justices. Formerly, properly qualified magistrates, sent out from England, went regular circuits round these out-islands for the administration of justice; but about thirty years ago the last of these disappeared, and the present system of resident justices was inaugurated.

Against the decisions of these justices, the majority of whom are devoid of any special quali- fication for their places, there was no appeal except to the Chief Justice sitting in Nassau. The people are all so poor that not only was this appeal virtually a dead-letter, but the jurisdiction of the resident justices being very limited, there were many cases that, for want of means, could never be brought into a Court of First Instance. Without giving credit either to one story which charges a magistrate with causing the death of a woman by ill-treatment, or to another which relates how a magistrate who did not wish to be bothered, adopted the plan of locking the parties and witnesses all up together till the case was abandoned, there is no doubt that acts of tyranny and oppression were daily committed.

The first thing to be done was to provide these salaries, no easy task for a colony on the verge of bankruptcy, to which all assistance from the Imperial Exchequer, even for the most laudable objects, is persistently denied! At the time of the passing of the Act, justice was administered in Nassau by three tribunals : 1 the General or Supreme Court, presided over by a Chief Justice with a salary of Z.

The new Act abolished the judge of the Court of Common Pleas and the police magistrate, and enacted that their duties should bo in future performed by the two new officers.

The Diary of Pink Pearl, A Bird's Eye View (Volume One)

The programme was as follows. For three 44 The Land of the Pink Pearl. He was also vested with a limited jurisdiction as judge of first instance. The neit thing to be done was to dispose of vested interests. The case of the police magistrate presented no diflSlculty. He was in every way fitted for the post, so the Act creating the appointments specially enacted that he should be the first of the two new officers.

As we have seen, each of the new magistrates was to have a salary of Z. As police magistrate he had the right to practise as an attorney in civil cases, a privilege highly undesirable on grounds of public policy, and contrary to the spirit of the rules of the colonial service. A bigger job was never done in Lilliput. As poUce magistrate he had a salary of Z. The family saw well that two circuits a year would soon reduce the extra amount to a very barren grant.

Had it not been perfectly well known that the other new magistrate was to come from England, there is no doubt the two salaries would have been made equal, at what- ever sum they might have ultimately been fixed. Montreal, and the Attorney- General, judge of tlie Common Pleas, and jjolice magistrate, members of thn family whose only legal training had lieen in Nassau itself. And after all the administration of justice in the colony might have been improved simply, effectually, and at a very small expense, in another vay. The Chief Justice has at present a salary of All that is required for the good of the colony is that the out-island magistrates should be liable to be periodically visited by a superior official, who ought certainly to be armed with all the powers of the Supreme Court.

Once a year would be quite enough, and the four circuits required by the present practice arc both unnecessary and unworkable. The offices of judge of the Common Pleas and police magistrate might be rolled into one, and vested in an officer with a salary of Z. As a set-off to the extra labour thrown on the Chief Justice, the new judge of the Common Pleas should have a jurisdiction co-extensive with that of an English county-court judge, which would lighten the business of the Supreme Court considerably.

What might have been. On the one hand he is invested with enormous powers over the out-island magistrate up to a certain point; and, on the other, just where his office would be of the greatest possible value, his powers end and he becomes useless. Besides which, it is, I think, always a mistake to set one man in supreme power over another bearing the same style and title. Alter the title of the superior and any sting is removed at once.

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An excellent set. Crawford's appointment was on every ground indefensible. For more information regarding the partners with whom we share data, please see our Partners List. Sort order. Fine condition, still in the original plastic mailing pouch. Simon is an enthusiastic scientist, with his own laboratory in the basement of the Chipmunks' house and is known to read classical literature as well as science texts. There is now no bank at all.

I need hardly say I did not evolve all this out of my inner consciousness as soon as I arrived in the colony, but I was not long getting on the right tack. Eahmings Mr. I SOMETIMES wonder if a criminal undergoing a term of imprisonment for the first time does not, at the beginning, experience a certain amount of pleasure from the mere novelty of his life. The first fortnight of our life at Nassau was certainly a very pleasant time, yet looking back upon it, there is but little I can recall that was specially remarkable in any way, save that all around us had the charm of novelty.

After some little looking about, I hired the schooner Eastern Qaeerij 38 tons, from one John Alfred, a Portu- guese hailing from Lisbon, who had adopted this very un-Portuguese cognomen upon joining the United States Navy. The first view of the Eastern Queen was a great step on the path of disillusion. Seen from England, my circuit had seemed the most agree- able part of my official life.

This was the fancy picture!

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It was now already clear that I was to travel in a wretched cargo boat, with a cabin void of furniture, comforts, and even decencies. I had yet to learn that this cabin — wretched as it was — was fifty per cent, above the average of Bahamian schooners, as it was thoroughly well ventilated and fairly large!

I had also further to learn the important fact, that — in spite of Governor Blake's opinion to the contrary — any one condemned to travel regularly in these waters goes in constant danger of his life. This is partly owing to the natural risks he runs at all seasons — some are better than others, but it is after all only a question of degree — partly to the habitual recklessness of the Bahamian sailors. I found a companion for the first part of my circuit in the Government Inspector of Schools, a Gloucestershire man, who came out to the Bahamas in 1 This was a great advantage to me both financially and socially, for he turned out an agreeable, well-informed companion, who sang a good song.

He travelled with me also on my second circuit, and though our opinions differed materially on nearly every point, our intercourse was always harmonious, and I reckon the time spent in his company among my pleasant recol- lections of the Bahama Islands. At midnight on Monday, November 15th, — or more correctly speaking, at 12 a. The human element consisted of the inspector, myself, Henry William Carey, P.

As we beat out of the harbour we had to pass close to the Santiago which had that afternoon come in from Cuba, and was waiting to continue Berry Islands. As I gazed at her brilliantly illuminated hull, and heard the whirr of her engines, which were slowly getting up steam for a start, how I envied the occupants of those luxurious state-rooms, about to sail to a land brimful! My companions were soon fast asleep, but I could not tear myself away from the deck, so fascinated was I by the still novel sight of the great bright stars that globe themselves in the heavens in those latitudes, and throw long trails of light upon the waters.

The night was lovely, with just enough breeze to propel the vessel gently over a smooth sea. What wind there was was fair, and everything on deck was silent, save that the man at the wheel kept on chanting Negro hymns to himself in a low tone, the melodious munnur of which was not unpleasant to listen to. Next morning we were running past the Berry Islands, belonging to the Bahama group, but too thinly populated to be of any account.

A friend of mine visited one of them when on a fishing expedition and found it inhabited by a solitary couple, an old negro and his wife. Next year he went there again. The old man was dead, and the old lady had buried him just outside the door of their hut, " for company " she said. K 2 52 The Land of the Pink Pearl. No cruise in Bahamian waters is complete without a " wreck," and on the afternoon of this first day of my first circuit we passed the wreck of the Juliet, a fine English steamer that had gone ashore on a bank called the " Gingerbread ground " about a month before.

She was surrounded with schooners busily engaged in taking off her cargo and materials. It was not until nine o'clock at night that we got near to Bimini, as Vargas, who is a very careful man, had preferred to make the distance miles instead of , which he might easily have done by going through a certain passage with which he was not intimately acquainted. He is a stamp of man who not only does not shirk responsibility, but will share it with no one, and even when we had a pilot on board he would often take a round- about route, causing us to lose many a weary hour.

I cursed his prudence repeatedly at the time, but on my second circuit I often wished him back. As everybody in the out-islands usually goes to bed about seven o'clock in the evening, there were no lights to be seen on the shore, so we did not dare to go close in till daylight ; but almost as soon as the sun was up Mr. But one appeal had been entered for hearing, which had been withdrawn before I arrived, so there was no regular work for me to do.

Here, Duties of a Circuit Justice. First the magistrate expects him to listen to a long tale of complaints and represent them all to the Government, and to advise him about everything. Secondly, the constable con- siders he has the same claims on liim as the magistrate ; and thirdly, everybody else in the settlement considers he or she has exactly the same claims as both magistrate and con- stable!

I was expected not only to advise the people on points of law, but also as to their most private affairs, and once I was even asked by a man whether he might not commit bigamy! I found Mr. Stuart a very superior man, to whom it was a real pleasure to be of service, and I spent that day and evening in his company.

My first day's experience convinced me that it would be necessary to extend the scope of my powers to render my oflfice effective, for as soon as they heard I was in the settlement people flocked to me with cases they wanted tried. They were all matters which ought to have been settled but which I had no power to try, and probably never would be settled at all because the parties were all too poor to go to the Chief Justice's court at Nassau.

There are two Biminis, North and South. The 54 The Land of the Pink Pearl. It was originally settled in the year by five families, containing forty souls in all. Formerly the inhabitants devoted themselves entirely to wrecking, and the harbour and road- stead were celebrated as a rendezvous for wreckers. Since wrecks have become less common the people have been driven to try and get a living by more honest means, such as agriculture, spongeing and turtling. Now and then, however, a big wreck such as the Juliet comes along, and then the whole population, like old hunters hearing the voice of the hounds, break away from everything and follow on.

He owned a schooner, with which he was wont to hang about the Great Bahama Bank, close to the Biminis. If he saw a likely-looking vessel coming along, he would board her, and sometimes succeed in bribing the captain to let him run her ashore. From what I could learn, some portion of the Biminites formerly engaged with their neighbours the Cubans in the slave trade, and near here is a small cay where the Cuban slavers used formerly to land their human freight until they could get a chance of taking it on in detachments. There was also a small sugar factory here; but, like most others in the Bahamas, it is now closed.

South Bimini is about double the size of North Bimini, from which it is separated only by a narrow channel. Most of the inhabitants work holdings here. It possesses a largo lagoon of clear water with a sandy bottom running through groves of mangroves, where flocks of ducks come in the winter from Florida. The great difficulty the agriculturists in these islands have hitherto had to contend with was finding a market for their produce, and in no less than cocoa-nuts were rotting on the ground.

This was merely because, as everywhere else in the Bahamas, they have hitherto had no idea of any foreign trade except through the medium of Nassau and Nassau merchants. They are now beginning to realize that they are but forty miles from the coast of Florida, and just before I left the colony an American was nego- tiating with Mr. Stuart for establishing a castor- oil plantation and mills on the island. In scarcely any of the out-islands is there a doctor or anything in the nature of medical advice except a few old women with some knowledge of simples, and in one or two places a clergyman qf the Church of England who has had some medical training.

Even children are brought into the world in the most primitive manner, often with the most serious results to the unhappy mothers. The day I was at Bimini I was implored to come and see a poor young woman suffering from puerperal fever. Having no medical knowledge, I could of course be of no use. A day or two Grand Bahama. The day I was there he might have been in time. About 11 p. If it is going too far to say they were " mountains high," they certainly were " hills high ;" for every time they broke they completely hid some houses that stood on high ground just in front of us.

Landing in a small boat under such circumstances is not a pleasant operation, especially if you happen to be lame of one leg, and it is a matter of importance to jump on shore just at the right moment. However, we escaped with nothing worse than a wetting. There was no work for me here, but my com- panion had to inspect the school, and in the then condition of wind and waves it was impossible for our vessel to remain long where she was.

It was therefore arranged that she should be sent round 58 The Land of the Pink Pearl.

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Meantime we were to be the guests of Mr. Joseph E.

Adderley, an African gentleman, who is both magistrate and schoolmaster — a combina- tion not uncommon in the smaller settlements. He owns a great deal of land, and keeps a number of cows of a small but pretty breed. This is almost the only island where the people now own cattle in any quantity, but they complain that the price they fetch in Nassau is so low that it does not pay to rear them. The soil of this island is good, and might, with judicious manuring, be made very productive; and it is so near Florida that a trade might easily be established with the States.

In the days of slavery it was fairly flourishing, but now the curse of Nassau and the Nassau merchant is upon it. It is about ninety miles long, and in some parts of considerable width; yet, with all its advantages, it has but a population of people, who can barely exist. Nearly all the inhabitants are black, some few only showing traces of white blood. The slave- owners here must have been principally Scotch- men, for the emancipated slaves all took their masters' names, and the names here are nearly all Scotch, such as McPherson, Uepburn, and trrant. School Inspection. Adderley brought to my notice a case in which men building a schooner for a Nassau merchant were being paid, at a low rate of wages, in flour instead of cash.

We " sampled " the flour, which was invoiced to them at ] I. I attended the inspection of the school, where ninety-nine young darkies, of all ages, are edu- cated. The pupils were examined in the three R's, and geography, history, and music. The latter was evidently the favourite subject, and the children sang well.

Old and young are dressed in their best, homes are deserted, work left to do itself as best it can, and the school-house and adjoining yard are crowded with an excited throng. Adderley and his family do all their own 6o The Land of the Pink Pearl. This was one of the very few places in the out-islands where I tasted fresh milk, and the only one in the Bahamas in which I tasted fresh butter, which is unknown even in Nassau itself. Here, too, I ate sugar-cane for the first time. It is rather like stick at first, but very nice when you get used to it.

A great deal of damage is done here to crops of all kinds by birds called "blackbirds," that look like black parrots, and are in no way related to their English namesakes. Adderley's house is a fair specimen of the dwelling of a well-to-do out-islander. The out- side walls, up to a certain height, are built of stone and covered with plaster, above which point they are continued by upright pieces of pine wood, commonly called lumber, connected together by wattled palmetto leaves.

As soon as the walls are completed, uprights are erected to support a piazza. Both house and piazza are then covered in with a large sloping roof common to both, thickly thatched with palmetto leaves, which form a most useful and substantial shelter. With few exceptions, ceilings and glass are unknown in the out-islands. But though the Adderley house is thus primitive, it is not devoid of some of the elegancies of life, and the scrupulous cleanliness of every portion of the interior is very pleasant to look upon.

After a night comfortably spent on a bed stuffed with what is called bed-grass, our crew came to fetch us, and we started to walk a mile to the head of a large lagoon called Hawksbill Creek, where our schooner's boat was awaiting us. The hawksbill is the sort of turtle out of whose shell " tortoiseshell " ornaments are made. So the name raised hopes of catching something that might fetch a price in the Nassau market.

But we were out of luck, for no turtles came our way. A row of several hours brought us to where the Eastern Queen was lying, about four miles out at sea. We found Captain Vargas in a great state of excitement. He hurried us on board, exclaiming, " Oh, la! Peckso, getty we sho'," meaning thereby that the vessel would get ashore if we did' not make haste and get off. Vargas's mode of speaking English is original. Though he has been forty years' in the colony he has never suc- ceeded in mastering the language.

It means " I expect Conversation with him under these circumstances is not easy ; and Matteo, his Cuban cook, is even more difficult to understand. Still, as the former is a good sailor, and the latter an excellent cook, one is glad to overlook their little eccentricities of speech. It was about 3 p. It was jnst 3 p.

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The first day or two we were haunted per- petually by the shadows of two places called Mangrove Cay and Seal Cay. The former wo never seemed able to get away from, the latter wo never seemed able to reach. In whatever direc- tion we tacked they were for ever appearing, dis- appearing, and reappearing.

I never was able to form the faintest notion of when either of them first came in sight or finally disappeared. I only know we did get past them at last. The two pigs afforded constant occupation. They ran loose about the deck, but were not supposed to come further aft than the companion. After about nine days at sea, I think they began to have an idea that camp- stools were not agreeable when brought suddenly and heavily down on the back, and that a voyage of discovery to the after part of the vessel was apt to entail unpleasant consequences. If Captain Vargas or Matteo the cook were asked any question as to his breed, they would reply with very solemn looks, " Oh, la!

Cuba dog, gooda for hog, gooda for sheep, gooda for duck, gooda for every ting. The very sight of a gun drove him to the verge of distraction, and he would rush wildly howling up and down the deck, torn in two between his terror of hearing the gun fired and his terror of jumping overboard to avoid it. It was next to impossible to make friends with him, for he always rushed away howling if one attempted to pat him.

Only, very occasionally, at meals, would hunger tempt him to sneak close enough to take any morsel that might be offered, with which he would immediately rush to the furthest corner of the deck, for fear it should bo taken away again. Nature had not done much for the appearance of this remarkable animal, who was long, wolfish-looking, and singularly 64 The Land of the Pink Pearl.

Prom the Friday to the Monday we had all but dead calms, and on the Saturday we passed over one of those wonderful sea gardens for which these waters are famous. There is one near Nassau, well known to American visitors, but this one is superior to it in every way. These marine gardens are made up of the most exquisite submerged coral bowers and grottoes, rivalling the choicest productions of the vegetable world in form and colour.

One can hardly believe one's eyes when all their unexpected beauties are revealed for the first time. The madrepora or branching coral is very abundant, as are also the astrcea or brain coral, dlcyonoid polyps delicate coral shrubs , and alg By all of which are of fairy form and attrac- tive in colour.

Gorgonias and sea fans, much diversified in size and colour, and clusters of purple sea feathers wave gracefully in the clear water, like flowering shrubs in the wind. It would be impossible to imagine any situa- tion better for the thorough examination of a sea garden than that in which we found ourselves on this particular morning. Our vessel was not going fast enough to interfere with the most Sea Gardens.

Into deep alcoves and recesses, under shelving masses of coral, did we peer with wondering eyes, almost looking for some Lurline or sea-nymph basking in the sunlight that seemed to penetrate right down into this glorious submerged coral world. The fish that dart about or lie sleeping in these coral caves harmonize well with the general beauty of the scene, for their colouring is gorgeous, and their motions extremely grace- ful Some are yellow, some emerald, some a rich scarlet; some silver and satin, others ringed, striped, fringed, tipped, or spotted with all the colours of the rainbow.

Sponges abound in every direction, clinging to the coral rock. The glazed end of this machine laid on the top of the water makes a perfectly smooth surface for the eye to look through. On the day of which I write no glass was needed, for the surface was perfectly calm, and through the water, which is clear as crystal in these latitudes, p 66 The Land of the Pink Pearl. I set my boys — every darky, however old, is a boy — to work diving.

Whatever I threw over they fished up, and also brought me up three sponges that, after having seen them in their natural state, I might watch them through the process of curing to the final stage. I not only had the pleasure of watching the process of cur- ing, but of smelling it too, which is not pleasant.

The sponges were first left on deck for two or three days till they were dead and certain parts rotted off, then put in a bucket of water for several more days, then dried in the sun, and finally nicely trimmed and made ready to be pre- served as reminiscences of my first circuit. The next day Sunday we did a lot of fishing, but the day was not allowed to pass without an attempt at religious observance.

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Pink Pearl, the Moluccan cockatoo, lived alone The Diary of Pink Pearl, A Bird's Eye View (Volume One) · Rating details · 6 ratings · 1 review. Pink. The Diary Of Pink Pearl, A Bird's Eye View - Vol 1 Of 3 - Kindle edition by Jes Fuhrmann. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or.

Carey, my orderly, read the Bible aloud to a congrega- tion consisting of Theophilus Rolle, John RoUe, and Sam Gowan ; Jem Arnett, a sturdy Episco- palian, sat by the wheel apart reading the Church service; the captain and Matteo, who were Catholics, kept aloof from all the proceed- ings. A good part of the day the boys spent singing hymns. In fact the Bahamian darkies generally are singing hymns when they are not either working, eating, drinking or sleeping. Green Turtle Cay.

A hynm's more melodious dan wot an antem is, sar! Green Turtle Cay does great credit to the resident justice, who has managed to get the settlement into excellent order. Among his mul- tifarious duties he has to assess the rental of the houses for the purpose of taxation.

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I found seventeen appeals against his assessments set down for hearing. From conversations with him and the Church of England clergyman, I gathered there was scarcely a house in the place of the clear annual value of lOZ. The word " basis " seemed to puzzle him dreadfully! As far as I could make out, he had an idea the legislature would not have imposed a house duty unless F 2 68 The Land of the Pink Pearl. So he had just walked round the settlement, picked out all the best-looking houses, and assessed them at that amount. As we had lost so much time on the road, we were determined by hook or by crook to get off that night.

So my companion got his school together, and I held a court at 7 p. However, as I allowed nearly all their appeals, they forgave me. An Act of Parliament had been passed empowering the local authorities in the out-islands to give permission to any person to build a wharf, " whose land abuts upon any harbour. After which example of the combined Abaco to the Abaconians. After getting aground, getting off again, and having to run under the lee of a little bay to take shelter for twenty-four hours from a gale, dur- ing which time it i:ained incessantly, we arrived off Cherokee Soimd on Sunday morning, Novem- ber 28th.

The landing here is very disagreeable, as one has to wade for about half a mile, and rim the risk of cutting one's feet with broken conch shells, or else ride on a man's back, and take the chance of being pitched over if he happens to stumble. Going on shore, I ventured to wade, but found the foot-cutting process so disagreeable that coming back, I yielded at once to Jem's earnest entreaty, " Git up dar. Boss I Git up dar 1 I'se strong enough to carry you. Boss I " and allowed myself to be carried ignominiously to the boat on his back. I have often been carried on shore since then, sometimes pick-a-back, sometimes in a man's arms — baby fashion ; but I have never again tried the wading process.

The island of Abaco contains about , acres, and its population in was The sea, as a rule, abounds in fish and turtle; but in the fisheries failed altogether, and when I was at Cherokee Sound the inhabitants were on 70 The Land of the Pink Pearl. In such distress was this settle- ment that Captain Vargas bought a boat for 6Z. They come of a fine stock, for they are nearly all the descendants of Loyalist soldiers, who fought for the king in the War of Independence, and were rewarded by grants of land in this island.

Their one idea has been to keep the stream of their white blood pure, and they have married in and in till nearly all the whites in the island are related by ties of consanguinity. They are now in such a debased condition that they have lost all trace of their origin, and men with good old English and Scotch names have no idea where the cradle of their race is to be found.

The Diary of Pink Pearl, A Bird's Eye View - Vol. 2 of 3

Probably their apparent want of brain power is due to in-breeding. Or was it, perhaps, that all that America possessed of in- telligence was enlisted in that struggle on the side of independence, and that those who fought for the " Old Regime " had no brains to trans- mit? They are nearly all Wesleyan Methodists, and. McDonald, 71 as an instance of the depth of ignorance in which they are sunk, one of their leading men assured a friend of mine that the Pope had recently " turned Methodist, and joined class! But there are exceptions to every rule, and in Abaco the exception is Mr.

McDonald of Cherokee Sound. The Sunday we spent with him was very pleasant. His house stands in a tropical orchard fair to lookupon, where numerous rabbits run about and increase and multiply to their hearts' content. He has also a fine flock of flamingoes, an aviary for doves, and other pets. For this worthy magis- trate is fond of animals, and my colleague quotes a story of how a pair of wild mocking-birds came and built their nest, and brought up a family close by his house, as a proof that animals know where to find their friends.

His house is filled with 72 The Land of the Pink Pearl. As a magistrate and schoolmaster he has earned golden opinions. His great-grandfather was a ship-builder on the Clyde, and his grandfather a Loyalist soldier, and no- where north of the Tweed could you find a family of a more perfect Scotch type than that which assembles daily in the little parlour at Cherokee Sound. Apropos of types, I met at Hopetown a family named " Malone.

Yet they still speak with a pronounced Irish brogue!

At the extreme end of the island, nearest Nassau, is " The Hole in the Wall," sometimes spoken of in connection with a similar freak of nature on the island of Eleuthera as "The glass Return to Nassau. It is said the setting sun, seen through this opening, looks like a globe of fire in a framework of coral rock.

About noon on Monday, November 28th, as soon as we had finished our business at Cherokee Sound, we started for Nassau, where we arrived the same night, having been absent just fourteen days. It is a curious sensation to a person accus- tomed to the ordinary course of nineteenth cen- tury every-day life, to travel in a country where there are no telegraphs, and the wife, who is awaiting his return, merely knows that he is knocking about somewhere among a cluster of islands, and may be back perhaps to-morrow, perhaps next week, perhaps next month, perhaps not at all.

Neither is it altogether satisfactory to land in an all but strange city at 2 a. How- ever, the familiar voice soon reassured me, and a minute later I crossed the threshold of my new home. The furniture was not up to much, and would have looked bare and miserable enough in Eng- land, but there were old friends in the shape of books, pictures, and knicknacks about, and after the out-islands it seemed little short of a Belgravian mansion.

As I was not well the Governor kindly allowed me to remain at home and rest imtil December 8th, when I started again. In order that I might finish my work by the end of the year he had ex- cused me from calling anywhere except at the islands of San Salvador, Inagua, and Andros. In the last two chapters I have said so much about the two former islands that I will confine this account of the second half of my first circuit to the island of Andros, which I did not again visit.

Some alteration had taken place in the personnel of the Eastern Queen since I last saw her. I had lost my agreeable cabin companion. Captain Start again. Vargas had to remain at home sick, and his place was filled by a black man named Sam Bahmings, who turned out a good-for-nothing fellow, and incompetent to boot. I regretted Vargas as it was ; had I known as much about the careless- ness of Bahamian sailors as I afterwards learned I should have regretted him still more. Jem Amett, too, was gone, his " mamma " — Bahamian darkies never have mothers — requiring his pre- sence at home at Watling Island.

I missed Jem, who was always civil and obliging, and had a low- comedy solemnity about him that was positively delicious! He was wont to look so intensely serious that I said I would give a shilling to see Jem laugh. One day something gave him the necessary impetus, and when once started we thought he would never stop. Shortly after my first landing in the colony a native white said to me, " The morals of this place are neither better nor worse than the rest of the West Indies, only here we live in an atmosphere of hypocrisy which you do not find elsewhere. Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Sacrifice. Build-A-Bear Workshop. The Recruit. Cake Mania: Main Street. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Call of Duty: Black Ops. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 — Defiance. Call of Duty: World at War. Activision, Activision Blizzard. Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures. Candy Factory. Captain America: Super Soldier.

Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle. Cartoon Network Racing. Casper's Scare School. Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow. Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. Chameleon: To Dye For! Chao Dream Touch! Happy Anniversary. Charlotte's Web. The Cheetah Girls: Passport to Stardom.

Buena Vista Games. Chessmaster: The Art of Learning. Next Entertainment. Nep League DS. Jaleco Entertainment. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Chrono Trigger. Chrysler Classic Racing. The Clique: Diss and Make-Up. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force. Cocoto Kart Racer. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. Code Lyoko: Fall of X. Commando: Steel Disaster. Grasshopper Manufacture. Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends. Corvette Evolution GT. Dimps Corporation. Sierra Entertainment , VU Games. Crash: Mind Over Mutant. Sierra Entertainment , Activision Blizzard.

Crayola Treasure Adventures. The Croods: Prehistoric Party! Gray-man: Kami no Shitotachi. Band Brothers DX. Daisenryaku DS. Dancing with the Stars: We Dance! Danny Phantom: Urban Jungle. Days of Memories 2. Deal or No Deal. Deal or No Deal: Special Edition. Death Note Kira's Game. Death, Jr. Deca Sports DS. Powerpuff Girls Z: The Game. Gamecock Media Group , Interchannel.

Densha de Go! Tokubetsu-hen: Fukkatsu! Shouwa no Yamanotesen. Derby Stallion DS. Desktop Tower Defense. Devilish: Ball Bounder. Diabolik: The Original Sin. Diamond Trust of London. Diddy Kong Racing DS. Dig Dug: Digging Strike.

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