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View in context. I remember the thrill of watching the trapeze artist , the roar of the lions and, above all, laughing at the clowns. This early-twentieth-century Werther meets three key people: Russian adventurer and cartographer Berensky, who gives him his first balloon ride and his New York address; circus trapeze artist Nora, whose love lures him to Palermo; and Elena, an Italian immigrant to the United States.

Cecile Oumhani. Tunisian Yankee.

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Margot Robbie to star in 'Suicide Squad' spin-off. Host Paddy McGuinness asked year-old Looci, a trapeze artist from Hartburn, why she left her light on and referred to Nick - a hairdresser from Pontefract - as "Nicky" to which she replied: "Do you want to know why?

85-Year-Old Betty Goedhart Becomes the World's Oldest Trapeze Artist

It moves back and forth in the life of the main character who is only referred to as 'he'. The one thing I couldn't digest was how he decides to be gay just because he thought that his gay uncle was very cool!!! Jul 23, Tracey rated it did not like it Shelves: charity-shop-find , fiction , bad-read. Sadly this was a terrible read , but I never can abandon a book. The characters were ones that I couldn't like or have ant sympathy for. The writing style was confusing in the way it kept haphazardly changing direction. It's a book I wouldn't recommend sadly as I feel it was a very disappointing read.

No matter how I tried I could not read this book. For me the jumping around, in 3 different sectioned timelines with almost indication, was the reason I had to stop. This style is not for me, but after 4 tries and still barely finishing a few pages, I had to call it quits. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

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At first I thought this novel was going to be happy. Guess you can't judge a book by its cover. Then as I read more into it, and just thought it was trying to be all profound in a stereotypically, melodramatic, unoriginal, "modern art" type of way with the past-present-future and not naming the protagonist.

Something about this story seems a little ... fishy.

If from stretching upright — in a vertical direction — we could fall back to the same position, this incli- nation would drag us elsewhere, beyond the body and inevitably towards the other. This is an odd book, but I liked it. Load a random word. References in classic literature? It seems death follows him when his life seems to be in the height of its swing. Unfounded rumors concerning Debby Ryan's health were circulated in the wake of the death of her co-star Cameron Boyce.

However, the more I read, the harder it was to turn away. I became so attached to this pitiful main character, I just had to keep reading through all the tragedy, a Chilling. I became so attached to this pitiful main character, I just had to keep reading through all the tragedy, all the hurt, all the pain. And while at times terribly predictable, I still had to read on. It was as if reading more would somehow help me feel better. For instance, once I realized the main character's mother was still alive, I knew Edward had to die. Otherwise, where was he in the present and future stories?

The Trapeze Artist

But when Edward did die, it was heart-wrenching. All I could think about was how empty life would feel if the love of your life were suddenly ripped out of it in such a grotesque manner. With this thought I started to understand the main character more fully. Each new revelation leading to a stronger connection until finally, we have to say good-bye. As readers, we are taken through the main character's entire life.

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I am surprised it fit into such a small book. I am also surprised with the main character's death. It seems death follows him when his life seems to be in the height of its swing. I still contemplate his death, Edward's death, and lingering sentiments leave me haunted by this book. Aside: I think the main character's name is mentioned once, "Mavis. Did anyone else see that? Jun 03, Graeme Aitken rated it really liked it. Will Davis is quite unique. This new novel utilises his aerialist background and creates a work that is fresh, unique and compelling.

The Trapeze Artist unfolds the life of an unnamed narrator at three different stages of his life through three separate narrative strands. Edward is worldly, daring, and charismatic. He quickly confides that he is gay, presuming the narrator is too.

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The second strand is set 25 years later. The narrator is 40 and enduring a deadly existence: in a job he loathes and still living at home with his mother. But after a one night stand with a sexy Romanian aerialist, he makes an impulsive decision to run away and join the circus. The third strand is set shortly after his circus sojourn, when the narrator has deciding to become an aerialist himself.

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The narrative structure means that a great deal of information is withheld and it becomes increasingly intriguing as the three strands advance and entwine, culminating in a very satisfying and surprising climax. Sep 29, Kim rated it really liked it. This is an odd book, but I liked it. The main character, who is unnamed and lives with his elderly mother, runs off at age 40 to join the circus but ends up being about as miserable as he was before he ran off.

He gets involved with a circus performer who treats him like garbage and is worked like a slave by the circus owners.

Trapeze artist with diarrhea shits on 23 people

What's interesting is the way Will Davis entwines three time periods here. You get the main character's flashbacks to his teen years, him as an adult with the circus, and This is an odd book, but I liked it. You get the main character's flashbacks to his teen years, him as an adult with the circus, and his post-circus life. I found the story odd and fascinating. It is also quite sad so if you're looking or sunshine, rainbows, and a HEA ending, you won't find it here. But it does show one man's struggle with himself and his small attempt to change his life.

Jul 19, Robyn rated it it was amazing. I didn't get out of bed all day to finish this book!

It requires no disturbances whatsoever. Beautiful book, with a gasp of an ending it tells us of the beauty and danger of the circus acts. I am probably a little biased in the enjoyment of this book due to my involvement in aerial silks but it was lovely to read. Turns out the author is a trapeze artist himself, which always make for fabulous reading, as well as silks and rope. This story of a young gay boy, is told in two parallel lines, one a I didn't get out of bed all day to finish this book!

This story of a young gay boy, is told in two parallel lines, one as he is growing up and one now as he runs away to join the circus. I thought it was absolutely brilliant! This debut full-length poetry collection from Malaika King Albrecht will cleanse your world with its ripples and waves, and, like the footprints on the moon, will leave an ineradicable imprint on your universe.

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Malaika King Albrecht, Explains how uncertainty can become a catalyst for reinventing one's life, offering a guide that demonstrates how to let go without a safety net and overcome life's transitions to seek new fulfillment, success, and accomplishment. Gail Blanke, Because of Meep the Mouse's bravery, he is able to rescue his adoptive monkey family from their captivity by the King of Bim. Suzanne Weyn, She frequently would summon her mind's eye, and off she would go to some amazing adventure.

This is one book in a series of books containing this girl's mind's eye worlds. Walter-Sereg, A true life Water for Elephants, Queen of the Air brings the circus world to life through the gorgeously written, true story of renowned trapeze artist and circus performer Leitzel, Queen of the Air, the most famous woman in the world at Dean N. Jensen, Otherwise, silence reigned around him, though occasionally some employee, wandering into the empty theater, say, in the afternoon, would thoughtfully peer up at the almost imperceptible height where the trapeze artist , unaware he was Franz Kafka, Joachim Neugroschel, Chapter Dylan's Words in Freedom "I'm a trapeze artist ," Dylan announced to a couple of astonished interviewers in Like his songs, his James M.

Curtis, In one of his books, the Swiss medical doctor and counsellor Paul Tournier uses the picture of a trapeze artist to illustrate how we often get stuck in our lives hanging on to something we just cannot let go of.