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Actually Henry Wadsworth Longfellow , Driftwood Wikipedia has an article about: William Wordsworth. Wikisource has original works written by or about: William Wordsworth. Categories : Pages including material from Bartlett's to be reviewed English poets Romantic poets Poets laureate Mystics Anglicans births deaths. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read Edit View history. April 21, at pm. John Lennon said he felt old when he was 24 in as the Beatles achieved world-wide fame. Rock fame was often a tiny window of time and stars aged terribly fast.

May 9, at pm. December 11, at pm. Confining hippies to the 60s? I can see the rationale. Great point there. This post and all these comments have made my day. May 27, at am. But I dunno. My dad always told me I was a hippie born just a little late, though I was also a full child of the 70s and 80s. September 6, at am. Those should have been there. I like those. Louie Louie…people used to always argue about the lyrics and how they were really dirty if you could understand them or heard the right version, etc.

That song, too, has a certain down and dirty stridency like Rising Sun. Thank you. September 6, at pm. Janis Joplin is like the queen of hippies. I should have given more weight to Joplin. You did a good job! December 29, at am. And one could argue, a lot? December 29, at pm. January 10, at pm. You missed to single greatest, quintessential hippie anthem…considering that you missed the greatest, your entire list is a bit of an epic fail.

Themes, Motifs & Symbols

A year later, they held a feast to celebrate their survival and to thank their hosts, without whose practical support they would surely have perished. I was waiting for your discipline, and your sighs of disappointment. A Rose That Never Wilts. And as for obscure Doors songs, I think you might just be able to justifiably call Queen of the Highway as an obscure Doors song from the Morrison albums. Then kindly wait for daddy daughter dates to feel love that wants nothing from you. Today we formally say goodbye. To destroy — not create.

You also missed the second greatest, as well. Frankly, any tunes that came out after are hardly hippie anthems. For number one, Something in the Air by Thunderclap Newman. Hotel California?

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Louie Armstrong, honestly…Louie was not a hippie. January 11, at am. Tell All The People is a rather obscure Doors song, not one of their best, but yes, a great hippie song. But I can see how that argument could be made. Going to California is obviously a hippie song. Generally speaking the hippie era ends with the death of Jim Morrison. Generally speaking, LA Woman is the last album that you could call a hippie album that came from and belonged to the era, of the era. Hyacinth House is a good hippie tune and Riders on the Storm probably also qualifies. After Riders on the Storm, we are getting into progressive rock and soft rock Eagles.

Hippie songs usually would be concerned with such things as: rebellion; subversion; peace and love; drugs; anti-war; etc. I would suggest that you might be the first person ever to classify Louis Armstrong as a hippie singer. BTB, the end of the hippie era as symbolised by the death of Morrison was precisely what the Illuminati for want of a better name who murdered him, wanted.

The last thing they wanted was for the hippie era of subversion, anti-war statements, peace and love, drugs, free love and so forth to drag on into the 70s, with the Vietnam War dragging on, with the Illuminati For want of a better name , CIA, and so forth, trying to put over the hoax Moon landings and bring some new space escapades to the table after the Moon landings hoaxes. A continuation of the hippie era into the 70s would have put considerable strain on the ongoing Vietnam effort and a continuation of the drug taking, free thinking, subversiveness, and so on, of the hippie culture would have presented the Illuminati for want of a better name , CIA, conservatives, and so forth, with far too much of a challenge in terms of putting over their hoaxes — such as Munich, Apollo, the Space Shuttle program, and their evil warmongering in Vietnam.

Misty Mountain Hop…also a quintessential hippie anthem. Sorry about that : No offence intended. The time has come! If you want an obscure Doors tune from the Morrison albums — the post Morrison albums with the exception of American Prayer are pretty obscure, obviously , then there are hardly any to choose from — I can scarcely even think of one single Doors song that could be called obscure. The Doors are one of a tiny handful of bands for whom virtually every single song, bar none, is essential. Wishful Sinful is literally the only Doors song from the Morrison albums that I can think of — any that was, weirdly, released as a single!

Tell All the People is certainly not obscure — it is the opening number for good reason, because it is an outstanding anthem, with a wonderful tune and outstanding production of The Soft Parade album. No need to comment. Outkast in a list of hippie songs is just ridiculous. And Fun. And for someone who calls Doors songs obscure, there are an awful lot of obscure selections on your list. How about Levon? Plenty of hippie-esque interpretations possible there. Again, I really struggle to see how Tiny Dancer is a hippie song….

Many of these seem to be little more than personal favourites that you have more or less arbitrarily chucked in. And as for obscure Doors songs, I think you might just be able to justifiably call Queen of the Highway as an obscure Doors song from the Morrison albums. RIght now I have really exhausted my comments on this blog.

Sorry to go on and on. Great response!! Your definition of hippie is as worthy as mine. Your response is hippie. Conspiracy theories are hippie. Morrison is an interesting focus. Morrison on the beach with Manzarek seems hippie to me. Later Morrison of beers and strip clubs seems less hippie. These two famous conspiracy theories — that are promoted by the very same folk who use the same term pejoratively — are certainly not hippie. There is nothing hippie about claiming that real crop circles are a man made conspiracy!

There is nothing hippie about claiming that the authentic Jewish doctrine contained in the Protocols is really a hoax and a conspiracy. As for innocence, there is no greater innocence than the truth. There is no greater sin than deception. That song really is astonishing in its prescience. As for Morrison, yes he was a boozer, but he never lost touch with the occult. If he had been allowed to live, if Lennon had been allowed to live, if Cobain had been allowed to live, if Tupac had been allowed to live, if Kennedy had been allowed to live, if Lincoln had been allowed to live, if Holly had been allowed to live, instead of murdered at the behest of the Jewluminati for want of a better term — the world would be a profoundly different place.

These kinds of murders really do change the world going slightly off track here sorry. An opinion that says that defines Outkast as hippie is extremely tenuous. Conversely, an opinion that defines Jim Morrison as hippie is much more valid. In the same way, not all opinions are automatically valid. Thus, someone claiming that Outkast, Fun. Peaceful Easy Feeling is as soft rock as soft rock gets. What aesthetic of Peaceful Easy Feeling is hippie? Your definition of hippie is ludicrously broad.

Why no Springsteen or Mellencamp on your list? Why no Costello or Bragg? Why no Pulp or Blur? Why no Billy Joel? By your definitions, virtually any artist whatsoever could qualify as hippie. There is no way that Louis Armstrong and Outkast fit into the paradigm — no way at all. This is a very common and very regrettable fallacy. Granted, some of those lyrics of Tiny Dancer are tending toward the psychedelic. They defined and still define psychedelia and the occult in music and popular culture. I think The Doors got closer to the truth than anyone else, including Lennon.

I think you can construct the case that the hippie era was about getting close to the truth — and away from the lies evil lies of the Kennedy assassination, the evil warmongering of Vietnam, the evil manipulation of MKUltra, the evil deception of the USS Liberty incident, the evil deception of the Gulf of Tonkin incident, the evils of drug prohibition, and so on and so forth. Ecstasy had or was taking over from LSD, and with it disco was replacing the more rebellious and experimental forms of musical expression. Punk and new wave were replacing psychedelia.

It would be easy to write a whole book on the topic, and many books have been written. So today I have scoured the Internet and found this gem of a post. Hippie does have the kind of thing you express, a hyper-knowing, off the radar, sensibility towards evil, secret, status-quo America. But I guess I think of Hippies in two ways: 1. April 22, at am. March 31, at pm. Prithee sirrah — thou offendest me with such a trifling epithet. Scientology — egad. Back off, you simpering cur. I am in fact a Calvinist.

Leonard Cohen belongs to the Susan Sontag generation of existentialist Big Think—the drearier the better. Would a few spoonfuls of syncopation kill him? His verbal overkill parallels the convoluted preciosity of French post-structuralism he was born in Quebec. The acclaimed Canadian actor Donald Sutherland stands around in that film like a big, moist-eyed mope Basset Hounds on Broadway? Whipped cream, anyone? Your rude and bigoted commentary is NOT appreciated here. Run along and play with your Right-wing hater friends now, like a good boy.

Thanks, love. May 21, at am. To Hell with Hippies:. June 10, at am. Hi there, I desire to subscribe for this blog to get most recent updates, thus where can i do it please assist. June 23, at pm. The Doors are timeless. It should be in the top Yet I think some people would say the Doors are not jingly-jangly enough. June 25, at am. On a day like today I could help you see On a day like today I could help you be Tall, brave and strong! June 29, at am. June 28, at pm. June 30, at am.


June 30, at pm. August 1, at am. August 3, at pm. But is this any reason, Marx asks, for disdaining poetry? Not by any means. It is not possible for the man to become the child again. Progress, in short, need not deny us the opportunity to enjoy and respect works of the imagination which belong to earlier stages of growth….

August 27, at pm. Having a lot of fun with this list. I see some classics, some new favorites, and some eye-rollers. My suggestion for Itchypoo Park. September 19, at pm.

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September 20, at am. November 18, at am. Are you a business man, politician, artist,worker, student and you want to become rich,wealthy and famous to make your wishes come true in life. You can achieve your dreams, Powerful and famous in the whole world, Join the great brotherhood Illuminati online today and get the sum of , dollar with a free home any where you choose to live in the world and also get , dollar monthly as salary.

But all these will be given to you after seeing your interest, seriousness and willingness. Email: wealthandriches gmail. November 20, at am. November 20, at pm. January 16, at pm. April 12, at am. April 12, at pm. Get Together by the Youngbloods. But I felt the distinction was important, that the word to be used in ref. Shortly after that I could no longer access after repeated tries The Poetry Foundation page.

This appears unbelievably tyrannical to me but then, haha. Behold the power of posting on Scarriet. I think Helen Vendler has stood up on occasion for the primacy of poetry over other fields in the Humanities programs. I would eseem her for that. She has written books on poets such as Emily Dickinson and Wallace Stevens. But I just found out about that on Wikipedia. Day will serve a two-year term as Poet Laureate from May to April during which she will be a champion for poetry and literary arts in Collingwood.

Day studied literature and poetry in university and holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and Education and a Master of Arts. Marie and St. Paul Streets in downtown Collingwood on Saturday, June A simple blanket tells a riveting tale one of grand voyages big dreams, and soft cuddly kittens a lifetime of memories woven into a cozy tapestry each square a piece of history take a peek inside my life every time you seek solace under this patchwork quilt. The rainbow is a prism, a bright curtain behind which the sun sets like a bright toy.

Paul Street. Follow the Train Trail and read the pages of Poetree , displayed along the path under plexiglass. It takes place during National Poetry Month, April each year. Activities are held to encourage people to select a poem, carry it all day, and share it with others. The Poetry Booth is a poetic exchange that exists in both real time and on-line. The booth is outfitted with a vintage typewriter-style keyboard called a Qwerkywriter connected via Bluetooth to a tablet, enabling every keystroke to be collected, stored and after vetting, posted online.

You never know what impressions, thoughts, feelings and inspirations about Collingwood might show up! Some people used their time in our cool, breezy booth to create a rhyme. Others recorded their thoughts, feelings and sense impressions. Many young writers as well as adults took advantage of the installation. It seemed that everyone was inspired by the view and most of all, they had fun!

Here are some of the works created on our old-school Qwerkywriter and captured on our tablet. Ho Ho Ho off to Collingwood we go. Hey, hey, hey, where it's always a beautiful day! Ley ley ley lets go jump in the bay Ra ra ra there's no other place to stay! No place better in the world to be Collingwood Harbour shoreline with cool breeze to the lee.

I love you like April wine So please tell me what's your sign You're eyes they look so kind So please tell me let's waste some time. In a world of our own, I'm not alone. Surrounded by Earth's driven beauty comfort and company in a world that may seem empty. Be not afraid to face what may challenge you. Finding your light, beyond the night.

Poet Laureate

Far amongst the dimensions of what may or may not be. This is a story about a small town called Collingwood, where hard working men and women built ships out of solid wood. Majestic they stood, oh what a sight! These ships fought in the war with all their might! So let's be proud of the rich heritage and not forget that Golden Age! So fast and not of sight on a hot summer night. The beauty of this day can be seen with our own eyes The time we share together is bonded with love's ties. The kindness in our deeds without hesitation when we give In Collingwood we feel it it's part of how we live.

My home where I was raised as well my children have grown I am proud to live and work in such a magnificent home. Collingwood, you make me happy When I sit by the water and think Wow it'd be nice to have a drink. The water is so blue I can almost hear the cows moo as I sit with my person and say I love you. There once was a town on the bay Far far away Where two walker lovers Chatting about their future Dreaming on better days. We went on a bike ride in the afternoon sun with our good friends, we had lots of fun Our goal was the water to see all the kites pedalling fast with all of our might.

The walkway and boats were wonderful to see Collingwood in summer is a great place to be. Gentle breezes blow Scents of summer in the air. Sounds of gulls overhead Wish these days would last forever. Open the path from the mind to the heart and the world itself opens to you Infinitely spiraling outward and in All falls away and only the vibration remains.

Blue, eyes, lake, my soul Beyond the horizon, I see orange like a butterfly's wing. I will sing, my mind's fog will lift, my spirits too. This is me. My life. As it is now, until the winds change direction and I seek A new beginning. People who stop by remark on how cool the booth is.

Poems About Peace

I tell them, "It's not just the shade and the breeze. Poetry is the coolest genre there is! Participants were invited to select a card form our Poetry Jam jar and compose a poem incorporating the 3 words on the card they picked. It's early morning and the waves are high, Having a cup of coffee in the sun with green trees blowing. Waves, tree and coffee on my mind.

Once there were three ninjas who started a club. They had lots of cool swords and stuff, but no one wanted to join. So they became super ninjas. Once upon a time there was a cookie. This particular cookie wasn't just any cookie—it was a warrior cookie. Warrior cookies are the most delicious kinds of cookies and they can turn into any kind of cookie you want to make even more tasty.

This cookie was the last of them but the tastiest because she was a cookie princess. She was the last warrior cookie was because her parents died trying to protect her. Fan Mail: What a wonderful day, Day. Thanks so much for your conversation and charm. I love words that can be spoken or put down on pages. It seems to me the ones we jot down on pages seem to come alive, more so than the spoken words.

Not a poet, just a thinker! Thank you for allowing me to share. As the festival winds down, my heart fills to the brim, overflowing with the words people have shared over the past two days. I am happy to say with confidence that poetry is alive and well in Collingwood and has very much enjoyed coming out to play! Thanks to FRAM for use of the wall. What a beautiful day to invite visitors and residents to pick up a marker and write on a wall.

We didn't have to ask people twice! Inspired by the waterfront views, sunny skies and festival fun, it wasn't hard to see that folks had lots to say about their day, in 12 different languages too! Thank you FRAM for letting us use your wall and thanks to everyone for "writing the waves" with us. The Songwriters who made Elvis Presley a Legend. While many of his greatest hits originally credited him as co-writer, this was a practice that enabled a singer to collect royalties on the songs they made famous.

Hardest English Pronunciation Poem Ever: The Chaos

If you are planning such an event and would like it posted here, please let us know. For anyone who would like to read more poetry and maybe even start writing it, the resources in this section can help. Anyone can access the website; members of the League are professional poets who are actively contributing to the development, growth, and public profile of poetry in Canada.

Brian also publishes the Quick Brown Fox blog and monthly newsletter full of helpful information for writers. Be sure to include your location, as Brian creates different newsletters for different locales. The site contain numerous resources including Poem-of-the-Day, a free subscription.

On weekdays, poems are accompanied by commentary by the poets with classic poems on weekends. The group exists to encourage poetry editors and poets to talk about all styles and forms of poetry and the creative work of writing, revising, editing and publishing poems. Free to join with a basic LinkedIn account, also free of charge. Spring is Sprung! The spring is sprung, the grass is riz. I wonder where the boidie is? The wing is on the bird. Ah, Spring! April brings longer days, warmer weather and the unmistakable signs of Springtime: harbingers like the robins returning North and the first snowdrops pushing their way up out of the thawing earth.

April is also National Poetry Month. April 1: Take a gander at the water tower. April 2: Today is a day for ranting—Rant poetry that is! Look for their creations in a future Poetry Corner. T he library is also featuring poetry for all ages in the display case near the circulation desk, so take a look. Each kit is loaded with ideas and tools for anyone to build their own poem. Check out the Poetry Month display in one of the newly installed display cases at Central Park Arena.

There will be some workshops in the morning and all afternoon, local poets will be reading their poems from the Orangeville Library yours truly will be appearing live-via-Skype at And all over town, you will find poems in store windows. Check it out here:. April Poem in Your Pocket Day! If you share one with me, I will pay any outstanding library fines! Poetry all month long—a great way to welcome Spring. And look in our Poetry Corner for a lovely poem about returning home to the area in Spring from local poet gloria kropf nafziger who also eschews capital letters!

In its most recent survey, the NEA foundsteep increases in poetry readership across the board, but especially among women, minorities and adults with only some college education. Poetry has also gotten a major boost among rural audiences: almost twice as many people from non-metro areas read poetry in than in So if this who is reading poetry, what are they reading? These days, poetry is far more than words printed on a page, bound into volumes and sold in the poetry section of bookstores or tucked away in obscure corners of libraries.

Rather than settling into armchairs in stuffy clubs to read the classics with cups of tea, poetry fans today are accessing poetry via a range of social media. I subscribe to two daily poem feeds, one from the Poetry Foundation www. Truly an abundance of riches! Because poetry is meant to be experienced, not just read, there are now ample opportunities to engage other senses as well. The show features wide-ranging and rich conversations about poetry with various celebrities in a format that expands the notion of poetry by marrying words and images to bring the genre to life in a new way.

The who, the what but what about the why? One of the reasons poetry matters again lies in its intrinsic nature—language compressed and intensified. Poetry has the ability to convey and comment on the sense of urgency many people report feeling in these turbulent times. All over the world, people are thinking and talking and debating about who we are and want we want to become or return to.

In an age when words are used as weapons, we seek clarity, comfort and hope in whatever words of wisdom we can find. When times are dire, that's exactly when poetry is needed. At their best, poems prompt as many questions as answers, generating uncertainty and mixed feelings. Next month is National Poetry Month. For this ubiquitous contemporary ailment, poetry may be the best remedy. Take a look at Poetry Corner for a short poem that tackles a challenging subject with candor and courage.

The January blog outlined 5 emerging trends in poetry with the promise to explore each in more detail.

~ For the Love of Words, Laughter, Inspiration (and the odd sexy split infinitive.)

Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Vincent I. Kessinger is a self-proclaimed Warrior Poet, Tranquil Chaos - Poems and Lyrics by [Kessinger, Vincent]. Tranquil Chaos - Poems and Lyrics eBook: Vincent Kessinger: Kindle Store.

Back in , a major survey indicated that 17 percent of Americans had read a work of poetry at least once in the past year. Just 20 years later, that number had dropped to 6. This decline was unique to poetry among the literary arts and represented the steepest decline of any literary genre. A similar renaissance is occurring in the UK and the US, meaning that poetry is now one of the fastest growing genres in the publishing industry worldwide. There is a hunger out there for more nuanced and memorable forms of language.

It is a really good way to explore complex, difficult emotions and uncertainty. Just as we marched for civil rights and against the Vietnam war, teens and young millennials have become reengaged in political issues ranging from gun violence to climate change, and they want to be heard. Now as then poetry seems a particularly effective form to express strong sentiments.

Slam poetry and spoken word pieces are just a two of the formats by which poetry can now be accessed. Happy New Year! Here are 5 trends related to poetry you might find of interest. Over the next months, we explore each in more detail. The popularity of poetry continues to rise. The audience for poetry is changing. Saul Williams, a famous slam poet more about this later!

The survey showed steep increases in poetry readership across the board, but especially among women, minorities and adults with only some college education. The definition of what makes a poem continues to expand. Leaping off the page is the genre of S poken Word , a broad designation for poetry intended for performance v.

The focus of poetry is changing. From the the metoo movement and the call for justice from indigenous communities to the demand for equality by the transgender people, poetry has emerged as a chosen form to address important issues. While focused on different themes, many poets are turning their talents to speak to key social issues and empower the disenfranchised. How we access poetry is changing. We think of poetry as something we seek to read, but increasingly, poems come to us.

Poetry in the public eye—usually combined with visual imagery—is a growing phenomenon. If approached with an open mind, poetry can be delicious and satisfying. Poetry—good and good for you.

Poems about Peace and Love

November is a sombre and sobering month here in Southern Georgian Bay. Sombre in that the last vestiges of autumn have fallen—literally. The world is all angles of stark grey and brown until the first snowfall swaddles us in the soft white blanket of early winter. Sobering in that November is a month when we look back withlonging or regret—often both.

Gone are the lazy, hazy days of summer that burst onto the scene with such promise as spring crocuses and daffodils made way for roses and peonies, then daisies and hydrangeas and finally road asters and garden mums. Behind us now the fulsome harvest and our songs of Thanksgiving for the rich bounty this land provides us. Given the paradoxical nature of our response to war, poetry sometimes seems the only appropriate genre to address both aspects. Poetry often resides at the edge of experience as a border that is both boundary and meeting place. And death who had the soldier singled has done the lover mortal hurt.

Poems like these leave us thinking—and feeling. Between now and then comes Advent, a time of waitingin the natural world as well as in the Christian year.