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Die Bibel (Deutsch Martin Luther translation) German Bible: mit Illustrationen. ILLUSTRATED by Dore
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But the modern versions have changed the internal content of those books. However — to continue — the version produced by Westcott and Hort is specifically innacurate in — at least — 2 respects: a the sources from which they chose to translate, and b the corrupt and innacurate translation which they deliberately produced The Manuscripts that Westcott and Hort translated from are themselves innacurate and contradictory ;.

Those manuscripts come primarily from 2 sources: Codex Vaticanus and Codex Sinaiticus. Both of these are claimed to be from the 50 falsfied manuscripts which the neo-pagan Emperor Constantine commissed Eusebius to make for him. Constantine himself worshiped sol invictus and the vision of the sign that Constantine claimed to have seen in a vision was NOT a cross, but was actually an egyptian Ankh, as Eusebius himself makes very clear in the Greek-language history of Constantine written by Eusebius. Despite these facts, Vaticanus and Sinaiticus were used by Westcott and Hort. Vaticanus and Sinaiticus are false copies of the New Testament, though they do agree with Arius and with Origen Origen was later excommunicated for false doctrine by the Church Councils, for those who care.

It remains an impossible task for the modern reader, reading now in a translated language [such as English] to know which section of which verses in English are accurate, and which sections are NOT accurate, even if based only on Vaticanus and Sinaiticus. But if you were to study both Vaticanus and Sinaiticus side-by-side and compare the results, then you could read and know and confirm the contradictions as as this is, since they are both false manuscripts.

A line by line comparison between Vaticanus and Sinaiticus has actually been done and this work done by Professor Hoskier [well trained while at the University of Michigan] is available online for Free. Hoskier Pt 4 ; Most modern versions of the New Testament in other languages yes, but especially in English are based on the work and manuscripts collated assembled by Westcott and Hort. Sorry if this gets too far in the weeds for those who are just beginners.

Here may be an easier way: 1. We should not be surprised that many have happened to find self-satisfaction in the myriad of false versions of the Old and New Testaments. They make no claim to NOT lead you astray. The Bible is the number one bestselling book of all time.

It was true 50 years ago, and it is just as true today. The only reason it is not on the New York list of booksales every week, is that if it were, it would always be at number one. Simply look up the number of the top selling books, and then look at Bible sales.

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In many cases, the publishers don't even change the name of the editions, prefering instead that most will be misled by the false label. They hope that the public will NOT realize that the content between the covers has been entirely changed, and is now very different from what a Christian would have read in their Bible years ago. The Reina-Valera rejects the earlier accurate Greek manuscripts from which the Spanish translation of Reina and Valera was made, using instead the falsified Nestle-Aland, which is based on Westcott and Hort.

This information — about which text in Hebrew or Greek was used to translate for the particular version, in this case the NKJV - is right in the preface or the introduction of the NKJV. Kittel himself rejected Christianity, the claims of Jesus Christ, and the inspiration of the Old Testament, even though he translated it. His academic career benefited, but the spiritual fallout of his text has been disastrous and confusing, usually most to those who study it, not realizing its false content.

The Translator — in this case, Rudolph Kittel, was accurate and disclosing of his apostasy ; at least in his books , of his rejection of the New and Old Testament. He wrote books where he stated his falsehoods. Unfortunately for him, it was simply that HE did not believe in what he mis-translated.

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But that did not change the fact or the truth of the information contained in the accurate versions of the Old and New Testaments A little more knowledge ;, a little more searching ;, a little more dedication to truth ;, and to God ; and to historic accuracy ; all those factors ; might have helped him understand the God he claimed would not be found in his own mistranslation.

However, regarding Kittel's views about his own attacks on the biblical text, this information was available to those who searched independently for themselves, in the works of Kittel. It was just that this information about him was They are technically Bible societies Kittel was a false teacher, who rejected the Bible, and who also despised those who were Hebrews.

His son Gerhard Kittel continued in the footsteps of his father, serving as theologian directly under the Fuhrer and as an advisor. After WWII, he was tried for war crimes. Infiltration into Christian circles of leadership is nothing new. But the Kittels certainly raised this to a new level. They rejected the claims of the Old and New Testament, and their own behavior towards those who were Hebrew was abominable, and a STRONG and serious violation of multitudes of commandments and instructions about how to treat those who are Hebrew.

Yet anytime you are reading from an Old Testament in any Modern Version in English with the exception of the translation work of Jay Green , you are reading an English Old Testament, translated specifically from the work of Kittel. Look at the beginning of your modern version.

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In all cases, it will be the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia. And That Old Testament translated by occultist unbelievers Kittel Sr and Jr has a spiritual impact on those who are reading it. Why anyone would believe that this would not cause great spiritual inteference in their own life, testifies to the great lack of knowledge about how God operates.

Yet Kittels work are based on falsehoods, fictions, not to mention the errant false Old Testament manuscripts of ben Asher, dated to around years after Christ. Thankfully, the Old Testaments of the Geneva Bible, or the Bibles of Calvin, Luther or Beza do not suffer from having been mistranslated by those working for the Third reich. This does not mean that the Old or New Testament should not be used.

But it does mean that those who are seeking a genuine relationship to God, without interference from the translations and innacurate work, need to seek, find and use translations that are accurate, and accomplished by translators who actually have a connection to the God whose work they are translating. It would seem that it is time to get rid of false translations, and instead use translations that are accurate and reliable. Conveniently, that same attitude of disregard is found among many professors who teach on religion. Particularly those who teach concerning Christianity, seem somehow only to be hired, as long as they despise the text, or despise those who follow try to follow the words of Jesus, or those who take those words literally.

So their problem, honestly, is that they do not like followers of Jesus ; , especially those who put into effect, the effects of the Words of Jesus to love others. The Kittels seemed to have those same attitudes also. It would be a mistake to expect those anti-Jesus professors of religion to actually represent the very worldview and philosophy of Christianity, that they are so revolted and revulsed by. Consequently, almost no one will be led to truth, nor historical nor biblical accuracy, by trying to learn truth from those official Christ-bashing academics ; who enjoy their leisure, their tenure, and their paycheck, on the backs of students who are amassing a life of future debt with little hope of repayment known as economic slavery.

Those conclusions are not popular except with the students , but they are accurate.

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Those who are seeking truth and accurate manuscripts of the Old and New Testament, must find the accurate copies, which is those printed BEFORE they have been tampered with. They are not hard to understand, ONCE the information is known: 1. The changes ; to the Biblical texts introduced by the Roman church ; These are the changes that were instituted at the Council of Trent. These additional books were called Apocrypha.

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Page Flip: Enabled. But the modern versions have changed the internal content of those books. Conditions on Access No restrictions on access. Learn more - opens in new window or tab. Uo for bid is a very old German Bible I believe. Research family history relating to the Holocaust and explore the Museum's collections about individual survivors and victims of the Holocaust and Nazi persecution. But the Kittels certainly raised this to a new level.

The very word apocrypha means counterfeit [look it up], and those apocryphal books had been rejected within the Roman Church ; as being divine. Jerome the original translator of the Vulgate, made changes to his own Latin text from the earlier Vetus Itala, the original Latin translation that Jerome was attempting to replace. But Jerome in the preface to each book of the apocrypha which he translated into Latin, stated that the apocryphal books were NOT inspired.

By the time of the Vatican Council of Trent in the s , which is the same council that declared the apocryphal books to be Holy and Devine, the preface of Jerome, where he had stated those books to NOT be devine, was dropped from subsequent Vatican printings. The books of the Apocrypha were included in Vatican bibles starting in the s, and the Inquisition Inquisition ; continued its earlier methods ; of coercion to force people ; to falsely declare ; their belief in those false books, under penalty of death for disagreement.

Of course, being forced to admit a falsehood does not make it true. God recognizes the condition of the heart and the sincere will, and not the exterior conformity brought about by coercion, duress, or other illegitimate means. God does not want people to come to Him except of their own choice to do so voluntarily. As long as humans are living, the choice of how they respond to God is up to each individual.

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Bibel To Go: Das Alte und Neue Testament (German Edition) - Kindle edition by Jeanette Stark-Städele. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, . Die Bibel: Luther-Übersetzung: Altes & Neues Testament (German Edition) - Kindle edition by Martin Luther. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device.

Though the Vatican has sometimes expressed regret about the Inquisition, it has never admitted ; it was theologically wrong. It has also not repaid the fortunes, property and wealth amassed as a result of the infamy, either. And let us remember the difference between the evil deeds ; of the Inquisition, and individual catholics roman Catholics today, many of whom know almost nothing of the long history of abuse of human rights ; globally, often run out of the Vatican by wicked priests, and evil bureaucrats.

The idea that the evil and abuses of children, around the world, is the result of wrong theology and also simply a continuation of the earlier abuses of families by the Roman Catholic authorities through the inquisition, has still not permeated many of the roman catholic laymen, who are still ignorant or in denial, unaware of the need to make a difference betweeen God and the Bible on one hand, and the bureaucrats and the hierarchy that runs the Vatican globally, and often shields those who harm others ;. There seems to be as much denial in some catholic parishes about abuse, as there is denial in mainstream republican circles about the abuses fostered and protected by the Bush dynasty ;, and their continuous presidential ambitions.

The changes to the Biblical texts that started around the time of the French Revolution The changes to the Biblical texts that started in the early This is usually based on the changes of Griesbach. They were the initiators and progenitors of the movement known today as Textual Criticism ]. The changes to the Biblical texts that started in the later s. These are the changes introduced by Westcott and Hort. Geneva Bible ; 2. King James Version ; 3. Those who wish to have several choices to study from would do well to obtain all these version, and they can be often obtained online.

Keep in mind that this list does NOT signify that earlier versions are not accurate. That is not the case. And if you have questions about the meanings of words, there is even a standard dictionary to look up the words - Webster — Part 1 ;. Webster — Part 2 ;. What you do with the information is up to you. It is up to each of us to realize that we are EACH responsible for our own spiritual understanding, our own spiritual decisions, and all the consequences of those decisions.

A decision to NOT seek truth, or to not seek at all, are simply examples of decisions also, only decisions in the wrong direction. God charges each human with the reponsibility to decide their own spiritual path, and the consequences of that belong to each of us, individually. Denying this reality will not make it any less so, though God allows those who want themselves to be god to take this on, with the consequences also.

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However we each still have the right of our own choice, as long as we are living. We can change our minds, and make new decisions. The position of the New Testament is that there are forces that seek to distract and prevent you from arriving at actual spiritual truth. The usual antidote remedy or answer to this is simply to read the New Testament starting for example, with the Gospel of John , and then reading the rest of the books of the New Testament.

Way too many people have allowed themselves to be made afraid ; to even open the pages of the New Testament especially often those in Europe ;, who are trained ; from childhood by the system ;, to recoil and fear anything that has the word Religion or God in it. The content though, of the New Testament, is interesting and usually encouraging also. In this day and age, choices that help and encourage would seem to be worthwhile. On the other hand ;, maybe it does not matter what has been prepared for you ; maybe it does not matter what is coming soon ;.

Even many of the details the details ; are known. And if you happen to be among those ; who are emergent ;, or those who are the neo- charismatics ;, headed toward ; the vatican, that may be best for everyone, at least until the afterlife. Apr 26, David Ramirer rated it did not like it Recommends it for: nobody! Shelves: early-readings , dixibooks.

I read as I want At the age of six, seven Has a very good balance of retaining traditional translation approaches while updating the language. Darrel Bishop rated it it was amazing Jan 24, Daniel Alberto rated it really liked it Jun 18, Markus rated it it was amazing Feb 15, Elle C. Leander Linnhoff rated it it was amazing Oct 12, Diana rated it really liked it Jan 16, Nora Trienes rated it really liked it Sep 27, Maria rated it liked it Feb 23, Karinso rated it liked it Jun 16, Judy rated it it was amazing Aug 12, Petitcello rated it it was amazing Oct 15, Marit rated it it was ok Jan 29, Jay rated it liked it Jun 09, Sepehr rated it it was amazing Apr 08, Paraph rated it it was ok Apr 08, Kasumi rated it it was amazing Oct 27, Julia rated it liked it Jan 16, Peterg rated it liked it Jan 18, Thalia rated it it was amazing Feb 13, Hannah rated it liked it Feb 27, Niko rated it liked it Jun 18, Georg Wollmann rated it liked it Jul 30, Mahuhe rated it liked it May 28, Rick rated it it was amazing Dec 12, Josh rated it really liked it Jul 31, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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