Perdus dans la tempête (Aventures au poney-club) (French Edition)

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Le Milliard Perdu Et Retrouve.

Sortie des élèves de maternelle au Poney Club de Mohammedia

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On the left page: a text to describe the position. Children are introduced to Classical Music and its greatest composers in this best-selling series. Sound Books My little Satie April A beautiful introduction to a contemporary composer, one of the pioneers of jazz! Extracts from: Ode to Joy Pastoral symphony Concerto for violin op. Following the tremendous success of My English Nursery Rhymes see below , this title presents songs from the 5 continents, sang by natives in their own language!

A unique concept and a fun way to introduce children to foreign languages. Listen to the most famous and traditional lullabies from around the world and discover different traditions. Children will travel far thanks to the tender and exotic illustrations drawn by Sophie Rohrbach. Discover the most famous songs in English kids love learning from an early age! Each song has its translation beneath in French to be translated in your language. A fun way to learn English!

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Each title has 5 tabs and 6 sound chips. Each story is enriched with a specific game to pursue the reading experience. Upcoming: Goes to the library August Each title is a recollection of gentle moments with mom, dad, even with a baby brother or sister. September Scratch, smell and recognize your surroundings thanks to 10 fragrant stickers! Each scenery evokes familiar places for toddlers.

In the woods, we discover the smell of mushrooms. In the garden, the smell of fresh-cut grass. On the beach, we smell the sea. Touch, look and recognize familiar objects and animals! More than pictures and 20 materials to help children develop their language skills while they touch different materials.

They will discover various sensations. Various materials on each page: soft flocking, spot varnish, flakes, holographic images, etc. Relatable images: a child lying on the grass for example. The reader observes and touches, as if he were on set. A cardboard format, practical for toddlers. A recreational activity book with all kind of activities to let children discover the world around them, the environment and nature.

It comes with two pages of stickers. April June A Montessori calendar which allows children from years old to understand how time passes, but also discover letters, numbers, the five senses, the world and nature. It includes stickers to customize the calendar. In both boxes, one dedicated to numbers and the other one to letters, children will find a book and rough cards which they can follow from the tip of their fingers, thus allowing them to use their senses to memorize each number or letter. The perfect titles for the Montessori education at home.

A concept based on the Montessori education. Co-author is head of a Montessori school. A box set with a quality box, a book, cards. May Make your children discover wonderful activities suggested by a Montessori teacher to familiarize them with letters, numbers, nature and environment. Stickers are included to help complete the different exercises in a fun way. A brand new series of Montessori activity sets which will allow children to familiarize with basic concepts as letters, numbers, and time but also to develop skills as lacing!

Each set comes along with instructions written by a Montessori teacher, an activity book and materials. April A 4 meters timeline with over 20 pages of stickers! In this 12 month timeline, children will put a sticker each day of the week.

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A new set with 26 double-sided rough cards with the alphabet in print and cursive, as well as images which go along. It comes with an activity book and instructions to use the kit! Children will learn how to add numbers thanks to Montessori! A set with 20 rough cards with numbers, 86 rough cards with beads, 9 auto-corrective addition tables, a frieze from 1 to 20, an activity book and instructions to use the kit!

à : to, toward, towards

This activity set comes with rough cards with the alphabet as well as images which go along, but also an activity book to take their first steps on reading and writing. This activity set comes with rough cards with the numbers from 0 to 20 as well as images to associate, but also an activity book. Thanks to laces and a series of elements with holes a tree, several animals, flowers, fruit , children will develop their concentration, dexterity and their fine motor skills, which are essential when they will earn to write.

My 3 years old box set At 3 years old, children discover their first board games and learn the concept of team play. The box set comes with three different games with simple rules. It includes: a big board game about nature and animals, with pieces and a dice; 24 memory cards and a lotto about the seasons. At 5 years old, children know how to count and play more difficult board games. The box set includes: a goose game, a piece memory and a war card game of animals.

At 4 years old, children learn to observe and to sort objects. The box set includes: a big search and find board about the city with 40 objects to find; 6 vehicles puzzles with 3 pieces each and a cards dominoes. A fantastic picture book about equality and freedom! Fortunately, their grandma has a lot of ideas to ease their impatience until Santa comes. In this interactive picture book, just like an Advent Calendar from 1st to 24th December, children will discover 24 treasures that symbolizes Christmas time, season change, and the joy of preparing the holidays with family.

Discover the well-known American Indian myth of the hummingbird through this gorgeous picture book made with laser cut pages. This little bird tries to save the forest from a fire taking tiny drops of water in its beak. A beautiful ecological message: each citizen takes actions and contributes as he can to save the planet. By Muriel Tallandier Illustrated by Mizuho Fujisawa A beautiful picture book with flaps and several interactions for children to play and explore.

Take a walk into a forest, get to know different types of trees and animals with this tender and poetic story, which invites children to relax, but also to see, feel, touch the nature around them! Stories to learn how to manage your emotions! Thanks to tabs and flaps children will learn how to deal with each of them. All because of his shyness! Miss Fear follows Jeanne everywhere! How can we reassure her? Marnie would love to have as much attention as her little brother Hubert: he gets the best gifts! This morning Victor is in a good mood! What a lovely adventure! Jules is not in a good mood this morning!

Discover 6 brand new and original stories, one per emotion, in a lovely bookcase that you can take everywhere! Children will learn in a gentle way how to deal with anger, joy, proudness, fear, jealousy and sadness. My first early learning activity sets A new declination of a successful series: activity sets for the year olds!

Cards to scratch, to color, to decorate! These lovely kits specially crafted for the little ones come with: 2 scratch cards, a wooden stick adapted to their age , 5 cards to color and to complete with 50 foam stickers and a sticker sheet. New series! The first scratching search and find book! Rainbow the unicorn has lost its colors! Help it find them again through magical sceneries! Scratch each page with the help of the wooden stick and find the 24 elements hidden inside it.

A cardboard book with 8 scratching sceneries and a wooden stick. A new and practical concept: to use this watercolors, no water or paintbrush needed, just a stick! This kit comes with 5 watercolor sticks, a stencil and 8 wonderful sceneries to color. Pompoms are a simple but fun activity to create adorable objects! Fairy tale mosaics A complete kit which includes 7 cards and mousse stickers of which are glittered!

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Decorate 6 extraordinary bird cards with coloured sand! All you need to organize a birthday party! A complete kit with invitations, 6 masks to color, accessories for your own photo booth, a club flag garland, stickers to customize your party and guide with games ideas. Christmas metalized cards A kit with 5 pages of stickers, 5 transfer metal transfer sheets and a wooden stick to decorate beautiful Christmas sceneries. August Cards to bring to life thanks to movable parts to create and different materials to stick for a 3D effect!

Detach the sticky parts from each card and pour your glitter on them! Scratch off the black ink from the cards with the included wooden stick to reveal magical colours! Thanks to stencils, you can reveal wonderful exotic animals from around the world by scratching the black ink with your stick.

A set which includes: a page book, 8 scratch cards made to write messages to your friends, 8 envelops, 4 decorations to scratch and attach with golden yarn, stickers to scratch and a wooden stick! A complete set box on a successful format! It includes 12 scratch cards 4 of them, shiny , stickers to scratch, a stencil, 4 sceneries to scratch, a wooden stick and a pages book with stories. A complete kit which includes 10 scratch cards, 4 stencils and a wooden stick to make beautiful works!

Thanks to stencils, you can reveal wonderful animals while scratching the black ink with your stick. A complete kit which includes 10 cards and a wooden stick. New in the series: some scratch cards have a silver pantone! You will reveal wonderful animals when scratching the ink with your stick! A super cute kit in the shape of a lovely animal with creative activities inside! Treasure hunt game A 45 minute treasure hunt for 3 to12 children! A complete kit with 20 parchments with riddles to hide, 12 invitations, 12 rewards and a full instruction guide for the organizer! June 30 game cards to take everywhere with a pencil included!

Create origami jewellery and paper pearls! This kit includes: 50 patterned sheets, 1 booklet with 8 different models, thread and cotton and 6 pearls. Just follow the detailed step by step indications to create lovely aquarelles! January You will find all you need to make adorable origami animals in this pack: sheets with patterns, sheets with folding to practice, and a step by step guide with 8 models! Follow the steps and create your stunning foldings, simply!

And with the free pearl string provided in the pack, you can create your very own origami garland!

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Un portail comme neuf! The ghost riders of Ordebec Book L'armee furieuse Author. Lectures on group theory and particle theory. Holmes hotel with no way out. Sir Francis Cromarty reconnut cette statue.

Just follow the detailed step by step indications to create lovely pop-up cards you can kindly offer around you! In this pack, you can create 5 beautiful shiny works thanks to metalized cards! All you need to do is detach the precut sticking surfaces on the cards and put a metal transfer sheet on it to make princesses shine! Each one comes with a 1-meter poster, stickers to complete it and a pages booklet to answer all your questions!

Learn while having fun! April A set with a book with all accessories to discover plants and animals: a magnifying glass, cards with explanations, an explorer notebook. Thanks to the page book learn how to make your own herbarium and customize it with 20 stickers! September A set with a book with 10 scientific experiments to make at home stepby-step! It comes with all the material needed for each one: 2 test tubes, a pipette, a stirrer and an inker. September A set with a book with 10 magic tricks to make at home step-by-step and impress your friends! It comes with all the material needed for each one: a magic rope, a card game and several foam balls!

A book with optical experiences to recreate at home, 20 optical illusions cards and all the material to build a cardboard periscope, a whirling disc and a spinning-top. A complete kit with: a pages book, 20 game cards, cards and mirrors. Paint with water and see adorable animals and vehicles appear in colours!

A unique concept: all you need is a tiny bit of water to reveal the different drawings on each page. A practical way to teach small children how to hold their pen and how to colour, without making a mess. Alice, 18 years old, has taken a year off after high school to work in a concert venue.

Tonight, the internationally acclaimed K-pop band BTS will perform there! Backstage, she bumps into Sun, one of the leading singers, and his manager. When they see Alice, an eccentric idea comes into their mind: what if they staged a fake relationship with the young girl to ease fans and media?

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Will Alice accept an offer that will change her life? June But when a disabled student arrives at school, everything changes! Max seems to be in a lot of trouble! To the rescue! Call ! So you, who are reading these lines by a desperate boy, come save me! After his lively summer vacations, Max arrives in high school where new adventures await for him!

Only a few weeks to get used to his new environment, he has already a huge challenge ahead: become a student council! Max is ready for the summer break after a stressful first year in high school. His dad has planned a big surprise for the family: he has bought a motorhome and will be taking the family on camping trip! All rights reserved.

THE essential guides to know everything about Minecraft! A guide that reviews from A to Z all the basis of a specific subject, from the first steps to more detailed developments for experts! Hardback, fully illustrated, for young players. You will discover useful and amazing information about materials and techniques, but also detailed step by step to create the most amazing constructions! How can you create a giant zombie? How can you ride a llama?

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Where can you find colored wool? These questions and many more are explained in this fully illustrated guided! A strong subject among Minecraft players! Updated editions versions 1. After defeating the Endernova, the terrible enderman who wanted to conquer the Overworld, Billy and his friends go on to a new adventure in the Nether, while the kitten learns how to manage its magical powers; but did Billy actually make the Endernova disappear?

Readers will find all of the emblematic characters from the main series in this spin-off. In the company of a ghast almost cheerful and a not-so-evil witch, Billy develops incredible supernatural powers!

Charlotte will lead the investigation! After a questionable ultimate joke, he is assigned with the dumbest whiter skeletons of the whole Universe. The only issue? August But for Mervyn, it goes beyond that. Between family pressure and his rival mockeries, things will be harder than expected for the little green monster.

In this fun and unique diary, follow the intense training to become the best exploder of the Overworld! The hilarious account of an impossible quest for the sake of fashion told by the most determined cube of all Minecraft! Gladly Bern, the destroyer zombie, can count on Bruce his loyal friend, who gives him great advice in grunts. He has one major goal: inspire zombies to work together towards a common goal: conquer the Overworld! But this Ender dragon is bored! Follow the adventures of the dreadful Ender dragon thanks to his amusing journal which will let you visit the whole Overworld!

May These are adventure games in which a group of people is locked in a room with other participants and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles and clues to escape the room within a set time limit. Thanks to a notebook with precious information, you will have to do everything in your power to find him and get out of the temple alive! Chicago, You are locked in H. Holmes hotel with no way out. Holmes if you want to survive. You are trapped in a zeppelin transformed in a lab, the commands are completely locked.

The Professor, whose identity remains a secret, keeps testing your logic and self-control. Your challenge? Locked up in a spatial station, you realize that all exits are blocked. The lack of oxygen and a strange presence running around will challenge you to find a way out as quickly as possible. Are you ready to enter the world of the ruthless Lovecraft?

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During a village exploration with friends, you suddenly come across a ruthless warrior. Trapped in a unknown place, you will have to free yourself without fighting.