Analyse und Bewertung des Land Grabbing (German Edition)

Flooding tolerance of four floodplain meadow species depends on age
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Economic Growth - Increasing Disparities? Dangerous Divisions. Rural employment in export-led agricultural industries and the impacts on asset building and well-being in small-holders households: a comparative gender analysis.

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6. Apr. Der Bericht prägte dafür den Begriff des „Land Grabbing“ (der Die Analysen der Weltbank beruhen zu einem guten Teil auf den von Sozialismus in dieser „afrikanisierten“ Version mit einem Fokus auf die Bauernschaft und FAO, with generous funding from the German Federal Ministry of Food. Oeuvres compltes de frdric bastiat tome v french edition. Analyse und bewertung des land grabbing german edition. Indistic season 1 a retold story indistic a.

State of mind. Forest ownership, the private sphere and governance in reform-socialist transition - A case study in the Northern mountain region of Vietnam. Traditional ecological knowledge, land use and ecosystem diversity in the Tunari National Park Bolivia : An ethnological approach to dialogue between traditional and scientific ecological knowledge. En ville, chacun est dans son chacun".

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Increasing the socio-ecological resilience of agro-ecosystems and livelihoods in mountain drylands from a biocultural perspective - a case study from the Bolivian Andes. Analisis de la gestion de las politicas de saneamiento ambiental en asentamientos humanos en Costa Rica, periodo Los casos de la Europa, San Martin y San Vicente. Impact and determinants of community-level SODIS-interventions: Experience from a community-randomised trial on solar water disinfection. Struggles, associative practices and processes of political commitment in Buenos Aires metropolitan area. Cases study on five 'territorially based organisations' related to FTV.

University of Basel and University of Freiburg i. Urban agriculture and operational mosquito larvae control: mitigating malaria risk in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The Geography of Welfare.

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Spatial Dimensions of Poverty and Inequality in Vietnam. Gestion communautaire des ressources naturelles et relations de pouvoir: Etude anthropologique des changements institutionnels dans les plaines du Logone et du lac Tchad. Agricultural land use and associated nutrient flows in peri-urban production systems. Assessing morbidity due to neglected tropical diseases on different geographical and resource levels.

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