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If the UN is upset about it, they can fund additional facilities to take care of the excess in Mexico.

Eloise Hughes Smith

I do truly understand that these people are fleeing terrible conditions but unless we remain masters of our borders, those conditions will transport themselves here. We do need to revise our laws that are out dated and no longer applical to the current situation. But instead of doing so, it has been turned into a political football, with niether party putting forth anything remotely like policies that are in the best interest of our nation, not, for those who wish to come here.

Not sure how you stop the throwing of red meat to the bases, but neither extreme is feasible. Other sources claim Lucian was present at the Willard Hotel on the night of 9 January , when Eloise made her debut to society. Whatever the exact circumstance of their meeting was, following a brief courtship, a wedding date was set for Thursday, 8 February The event was held in Central Christian Church in Huntington, of which Ida Belle Vinson Hughes was a charter member at the time of its founding in The Washington Post featured a lengthy write-up the following day. In typical Gilded Age upper-class fashion, the newly-wed Smiths would have an extensive honeymoon consisting of a trip around the world.

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The voyage came to an unpleasant halt when, half-past four on the afternoon of 24 February , the ship struck a submerged object, losing a portside propeller blade. The Olympic limped to Belfast for repairs. The honeymooners undauntedly proceeded with their journey, visiting Egypt, where they rode camels and viewed the pyramids. I cannot help but wonder if the pair was in the vicinity of another couple whose fates would intertwine closely with theirs: Colonel John Jacob Astor and his young bride, Madeleine Force, who were also in Egypt at the time following their scandalous marriage the previous September.

Come early April, the Smiths were longing to return to the mountains of West Virginia. There is some speculation as to why the pair decided to return when they did. Popular consensus is that while in Egypt, the young bride discovered she was two months pregnant, though to my knowledge she did not break this news in her letters home. She wrote of their plan to return, noting that they were deciding upon whether to take the tried-and-true Lusitania , or the newest vessel of the White Star Line, Titanic.


A collection of authentic stories centered around the lives of a fisherman's family primarily in and around the City of Biloxi Mississippi and extending through the. Captain Arthur & the Eloise [Ripley A Garland] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This story provides a wonderful view of life when things.

They ultimately chose the new Titanic. Lucian had written a letter to the Ritz-Carlton in New York while they were in London, requesting the same rooms he and his bride had stayed in two months earlier when they embarked on their honeymoon be reserved for their return. He also asked that a taxi and porters meet them at the dock when the Titanic arrived. By Sunday night, 14 April, the newly-married couple had settled into a shipboard routine. They had dinner at in the first-class dining saloon.

In her affidavit, Eloise makes mention of the dinner party being held by the Wideners of Philadelphia in honor of Captain Smith, the same captain who had commandeered the Olympic on their initial crossing two months earlier. Eloise left at to go to bed. Lucian stayed behind to partake of a game of bridge with three on-board acquaintances. Eloise stated she was awakened by the collision with the iceberg, but was not particularly alarmed. She fell back asleep, only to awaken a second time when the engines stopped.

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It does not amount to anything, but will probably delay us a day getting into New York. However, as a matter of form, the captain has ordered all ladies on deck. She also picked up two of her rings. There was a delay in her leaving the ship, owing to the initial order that the passengers be loaded into the lifeboats from the promenade on A Deck. The problem was that, unlike on the Olympic , this portion of deck was enclosed by glass on the Titanic. The waiting passengers were ordered back up top. Eloise was forced to depart from her love at Lifeboat No.

At this boat, Eloise again refused to leave Lucian, insisting she would only go if he were also allowed a seat. I approached him and told him I was alone, and asked if my husband might be allowed to go in the boat with me. The boat is thoroughly equipped, and everyone on her will be saved. Whether or not Lucian in fact believed what he told his bride cannot be known.

Placed in charge of the lifeboat was Quartermaster Robert Hichens , whose actions — or lack thereof — on the night of the sinking have made him an infamous topic of debate over the past century. Eloise clearly detested the sailor. I am not of the opinion that he was intoxicated, but a lazy, uncouth man, who had no respect for the ladies, and who was a thorough coward. By on the morning of 15 April , barely two months after she recited her vows in Huntington, Eloise Hughes Smith was a widow.

Helen Eloise Freudenberg (1928-1989)

Aboard the rescue ship Carpathia , a first-class passenger kindly donated her bunk to the young widow. Eloise was appalled by the manner in which Bruce Ismay spent the remainder of the voyage to New York.

Ismay occupied the best room on the Carpathia , being in the center of the boat, with every attention, and a sign on the door. Back in West Virginia, several local newspapers bolstered feelings of false hope that both Lucian and Eloise had survived the disaster. Sarah B. Cochran of Uniontown, Pennsylvania, a maternal aunt to Lucian Smith, had received a telegram from the offices of the White Star Line confirming the rescue of both her nephew and his bride.

Recent best man James Smith travelled with Mrs. Cochran by rail to New York to meet the Carpathia when she docked. Also waiting anxiously at Pier 54 on the rainy evening of Thursday, 18 April were Congressman and Mrs. Hughes, as well as a maternal uncle to Eloise, Mr.

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Taylor Vinson. The congressman had been staying at the Willard Hotel in Washington, D. At some point during the solemn remainder of the crossing to New York aboard the Carpathia , Eloise found a friend in fellow first-class survivor Robert Williams Daniel. Robert was a year-old banker native to Richmond, Virginia, returning to his home in Philadelphia with a newly-bought French bulldog. Her family then whisked her away to the Waldorf-Astoria without her making a statement to the press. In it, she allegedly claimed that the sailor placed in charge of the lifeboat she was in — which would have been Robert Hichens — was intoxicated, and because of his condition, the women were forced to do all the rowing.

Though she never had any kind remarks to give of Hichens, she would later, as I quoted earlier, refute this claim. A further interview printed in the Intelligencer on 22 April was even more sensational. Captain Smith appeared to be especially gratified at the record he was making for the Titanic , and already a whole day had been cut off its schedule.

These alleged quotes, if they were in fact stated at all, are far-fetched at best, and one has to wonder if the young widow were not the victim of creative journalism, as many survivors were known to have been.

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Her actual affidavit, subscribed and sworn-to one month after the disaster on 20 May , is far less sensational. She makes mention of the alleged lights seen on the horizon by other passengers and crew, though she was skeptical about them being, as many of her boat mates believed, another vessel. Some people seemed to think it was a fishing smack or small boat of some description. However, we seemed to get no nearer the longer we rowed, and I am of the opinion it was a star.

I could not until I had looked a long time; I think it was the way our eyes focused, and probably the hope for another boat. I do not believe it was anything but a star. Eloise made her way back to the family home in Huntington by train.

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Faced with the devastating fact that Lucian had perished in the disaster, the teenaged widow held out hope that his body might be retrieved from the North Atlantic and returned to her. So confident was she in the search effort, she began planning a lavish mausoleum for Lucian to be interred in. Sadly, Lucian Philip Smith was not one of the silent passengers who had been identified. With no body to place within it, plans for the costly mausoleum were abandoned.

The event was made all the more somber by the fact that scarcely three months earlier, Eloise had stood and exchanged vows with her lost love at that very alter. The service was presided over by the Reverend C. Bass, the recently-resigned pastor of the church. On 28 May, Eloise and her mother were in the senate galley in Washington, D. Following the closing statements of the American and British inquiries, daily reminders of the disaster in the press tapered down.

Yet, seven months after she arrived back home, Eloise Hughes Smith would once again find her name in the headlines in connection with the disaster that took away her love. As gave way to , Eloise Hughes Smith was trying her best to piece together her life post- Titanic. His role in her life, as we will soon see, was far from over.

Smith, when alive in Huntington, was reputed to be possessed of considerable means as well as the heir to the estate mentioned above, so that it is not unlikely that his widow may receive a large bequest. With the assistance of her brother-in-law, James Smith, the estate of Lucian Philip Smith was settled by January And while Lucian had indeed belonged to a wealthy and affluent family, it turned out that very little of that wealth was actually his. The large bequest the newspapers had speculated about was not to be had.

Robert Williams Daniel, the young Philadelphia banker who had carried an inconsolable Eloise Hughes Smith down the gangplank of the Carpathia at Pier 54, began calling on the widow in , much to the chagrin of Congressman Hughes. The following year, on 26 November , he lost his father. Around , Robert entered the insurance business.