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Leaders who are rooted in Christ are able to lead with His supernatural power. The RightNow Conference is for pastors and ministry leaders looking for refreshment and a chance to grow in their faith. Rooted in Christ, Not Just Equip Your People for a Rapidly Kicking Safe, Comfortable Our Mission and Message J. Greear 35 MINS God's Blueprint for the Local Horton 34 MINS Prayer is a frequent theme in Scripture, but students often struggle with questions about the purpose, practice and power of prayer.

Is this invisible God just a magic genie in heaven who gives me what I want? Does God really want to hear from me, and if so, how does He talk back? If God already knows everything, what's the point of praying?

Crazy Love

Why doesn't God always answer my prayers? Over four powerful sessions, we'll explore these tough questions and hear students share how prayer impacted the tough situations they were facing. Francis Chan will unpack what the Bible has to say about prayer, helping teens understand how they should pray, what they are called to pray for, and why God invites them to communicate with Him.

These seven inspiring videos will help you dive deeper into the content of the book as you explore themes like: It's until death do us part. Then comes eternal rewards or regrets depending on how we spent our lives. While we cannot allow lesser things to destroy our marriages, we also cannot allow marriage to distract us from greater things. A jealous God asks us to pursue Him first and most. Then life makes sense, and everything falls into its proper place. Love, laughter, and intimacy were all created to be enjoyed. So there is a way to love family deeply without ignoring heaven.

It all comes down to our focus. Jesus was right. We have it all backwards. The way to have a great marriage is by not focusing on marriage. Note: This video series works best in conjunction with the book.

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A link to purchase the book is below. Marriage in Light of God's Marriage in Light of Christ's Marriage in Light of Our And how should a healthy understanding of doctrinal issues—like The Trinity, the Church, sin and salvation—impact the way we live and act toward God and others?

We will all face times where our faith will be challenged either by other people or by difficult circumstances. That's why it's critical that we have a foundational knowledge of the core beliefs of Christianity and a willing heart to obey God. In these seven dynamic sessions, students share real-life stories about their own struggles to live out the essentials of their faith on a daily basis.

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And Francis Chan provides powerful teaching from Scripture to help teens understand the core of our Christian faith. Francis is a nationally recognized speaker focusing mostly on college-aged adults and pastors. He's committed to teach directly from the words of Scripture and is passionate about seeing the next generation of American Christians display a much deeper love for Jesus and their neighbors. In April , Francis stepped down to pursue ministry that God laid on his heart and continues as a non-staff elder of the Cornerstone Church.

Francis lives in Northern California with his wife, Lisa, and their five children. Are you stuck in a rut? It's easy for Christians to find themselves caught up in the life of cluttered schedules, rhythms, and routines dictated by our culture. Many feel stuck in the routine of life—their jobs, relationships, and daily circumstances.

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They know it's not the life they dreamed of. And they feel stuck in a life yearning for deeper meaning. The Unstuck Bible study has been designed to help guide you out of the ruts and pitfalls that so often ensnare us all. Each of these teachers will draw from the lessons of the award-winning short film Journey to Jamaa —a true story about two kids who are forced to search for hope in a broken world.

The dynamic combination of the film, profound biblical teaching and powerful real-life stories from everyday people will help you and your group get unstuck and back on the path to a life of purpose that God intends for you!

Francis Chan - Crazy Love Audiobook Part 2/4

What does the Bible mean when it tells us to fear God? Is it a kind of respect or reverence as many in the church seem to see it today, or is it really more of a paralyzing fear that can drive you to your knees in trembling? A clear understanding of what the Bible teaches can lead to a true fear of God, which can ultimately lead to the life we were intended to live. BASIC is a 7-part short film series that invites us to reclaim the simple, full, and beautiful journey that church was always intended to be.

What does Jesus mean when He tells us to follow Him?


Editorial Reviews. Review. Nicola Marsh is a RBY (Romantic Bookof the Year) & National Crazy Love (Looking for Love Book 2) by [Marsh, Nicola]. Crazy Love book. Read 87 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. All's fair in love and matchmaking!Sierra Kent doesn't do love. Whi.

Are we supposed to just agree with what He says, or does He really mean we're supposed to do the things He did and live the life He lived? Once we understand how to follow Jesus, we see the hard life that might be in store for us, and then the real question becomes not how, but why we would want to follow Him in the first place.

God gives each of us the gift of the Holy Spirit, our source of supernatural power. But today the church acts neither "super" nor "natural. Maybe once we understand who the Holy Spirit is, the church can stop being so ordinary, and can start being the agents of change in the world that God designed us to be.

Are we doing church the way the Bible instructs us? Are we supposed to gather in a building once a week to sing a few songs and hear someone else talk about God? Are we really supposed to take Communion facing forward in silence, eating dry wafers and drinking wine from tiny plastic cups?

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Is that the church Jesus ask His followers to create? Join Francis Chan in these unique study sessions as he encourages Christians to examine the early church and consider returning to the concept of church described in the Bible. Are we really supposed to take Communion facign forward in silence, eating dry wafers and drinking wine from tiny plastic cups? What were God's intentions for communion? Jesus clearly tells us to "do this" so we remember Him and the sacrifice He made for us.

But is there more to it than that? Why was the first communion an intimate gathering with Jesus's twelve disciples, instead of the multitudes following Him? Why did early believers go from home to home for the Lord's Supper? Because biblical church is about true community; it's an intimate, full-time commitment with fellow believers to fear, follow, be filled, fellowship, teach, pray, and remember.

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Trust me on this. I don't want to claim that the Spirit can't work through a "simple reading" of Scripture or that there are no valuable insights to come from such a reading. Well, if you're damned sure about that, fine, then the book wasn't written for you. Not sure where this leaves, say, Mother Teresa, who focused more on taking care of people than convincing them to say prayers. Kelly Elliot has created a handful of characters that are so interesting, endearing and real. That intrigued me.

Need help call: Work as Worship RightNow Conferences. Twitter Facebook Instagram YouTube. Interested in learning more about RightNow Media? Add to Channel Select the channel that you want to add this piece of content to from the dropdown and click the "Add to Channel" button. You do not currently have any custom channels. Please visit your custom library to add channels. Add to Channel. Embed Code:. Add New Contacts [x]. Enter or paste email addresses from others in your church or organization spouse, group members, pastors, etc. The God of the universe — the Creator of nitrogen and pine needles, galaxies and e-minor — loves us with a radical, unconditional, self-sacrificing love.

And what is our typical response? We go to church, sing songs, and try not to cuss.

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Does something deep inside your heart long to break free from the status quo? Are you hungry for an authentic faith that addresses the problems of our world with tangible, even radical, solutions? God is calling you to a passionate love relationship with Himself. And once you encounter His love, as Francis describes it, you will never be the same.


Yet millions today are content to be mere observers at church. Many more have left, brokenhearted and cynical. But God is waking up His people—people who will risk anything and sacrifice everything to be the dynamic, world-changing Church of Scripture.

When Jesus returns, will He find us caring for His Bride—even more than for our own lives? In May , he left Cornerstone to work directly in mission with the poor locally and internationally. Chan has given all author royalties for Crazy Love to the Isaiah 58 Fund. He and his wife Lisa currently live in Southern California with their four children. Check out the chapter videos for Crazy Love below. Francis gives you an overview of each chapter and asks the same tough questions as in the book.

God Is Love.