Jumping Class: A Short Dog Story

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Rock and Ice caught up with Dean Potter to learn more about flying with Whisper:. When the parachute opened, Dean reached back to make sure Whisper was there and well.

Dock Jumping for Dogs

They landed safely in a grassy field on the valley floor, completing the first ever man-dog tandem wing-suit BASE-jump. She knew she did something really exciting. He says he only takes Whisper on the highest, none-technical jumps with a large margin of safety, where he can deploy his chute twice as high as normal at feet, as opposed to feet. He designed a backpack, with the help of engineer Peter Swan, to fit pound Whisper and a parachute. In comparison, Dean only has one harness buckle. Dean said the idea of flying with Whisper came naturally.

Whisper also needed a few hours of exercise each day and I was getting worn out doing it all, so decided to take her with me and the idea was born. She hates helicopter rides, the didgeridoo and vacuum cleaners. But with wing-suit flying, she begs to come. But it doesn't have to feel daunting. Training yourself can become easier if you're truly seeing your thought process about your own dog and dogs you pass on the street.

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Once you recognize how you think about them, you can more easily influence what you think about them. And once you do that, better interactions will follow. All dog owners have been guilty of saying at least one, if not several of the phrases below. Of course none of us are perfect, and "should never" is basically an impossible aspiration. Here are 11 examples of things dog owners often say that should spark wariness about what's really going on. The owner is perhaps trying to calm potential fears that their dog has negative intentions, because maybe that other owner or dog looks nervous.

Even worse, the owner uttering this phrase may not have any control whatsoever over how their dog is approaching others and is just hoping that everything goes well. Their dog might be fearful, reactive, injured, in training, or simply not want anything to do with your dog. Just because your dog is "friendly" doesn't mean he automatically has permission to approach another dog or a person, nor should his unlikeliness to bite or pick a fight be an excuse for poor manners.

If you find yourself assuring people that your dog is friendly, then it may be a good opportunity to look at the bigger picture about what exactly is happening and if your dog is being, well, far too friendly. Famous last words — and words every UPS delivery person hates to hear because they are filled with naive confidence. Your dog might be the world's most goofy, loving dog but to quote a favorite song, "Never say never. In fact, saying your dog would never do something is a red flag signaling misunderstanding, or worse, denial, about what your dog thinks or feels about the world and how that might change with age, illness, new family members or other experiences.

But assuming your dog would never bite is perhaps the most dangerous assumption to make, since it makes you lax about monitoring interactions that could have serious consequences.

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If your dog has a mouth and any sense of what is going on in the world around her, she can and just might bite if pushed. It's better to know this fact and respect your dog's capabilities, comfort zones and boundaries just in case, than act as if the scenario could never pop up. Maybe it isn't, but maybe it is. On the one hand, there are a lot of dogs that get the blame for reacting to the instigation of another dog. The biggest of the dogs, or the loudest, or the one of a certain breed, or the one that ends up on the winning end often gets blamed.

However, there is a large portion of the dog-owning population who say, "It wasn't my dog's fault" and they are totally, completely, and utterly wrong.

Radio DockDogs® Episode 173 – 2 Weeks to Worlds!

Jun 15, dock jumping for dogs. into the water is measured, with the highest or longest jump winning the class. Long jumps and high jumps both start with dog and handler climbing a short stairway to reach Dock Jumping History. So I as I got more history from the owner and information we began to deduce When she was a puppy and little, her owner didn't really mind, so she learned to classes to stay “Off” of them so she has learned not to jump on her owners.

Not only wrong, but as much at fault as their dog who indeed started the altercation. This phrase is uttered too often by people who have little experience reading dog body language, and aren't interpreting, or simply aren't paying attention to, the signals their dog is sending out into the world.

Take a giant leap forward with your jumping by following these tips...

Small dog owners are an easy example; because the dog is small, many owners think it's acceptable — or worse, cute — when their dog stares at, postures at, growls at, or lunges at other nearby dogs. Their dog is small and can't do a whole lot of damage or is easy to drag by the leash or pick up off the ground when they act out. Sadly, though, it is indeed this dog's fault when something happens, even though they might be the smallest of the suspects. So if your dog tends to be in the middle of problems, start paying attention.

It might be your dog that is drawing in the trouble. This is one of the worst things you can hear or do in a social situation with dogs, especially at a dog park. There is an over-reliance on the notion that dogs have a built-in pack savvy that they'll revert to when they're among other dogs, so humans don't need to or shouldn't step in to manage social interactions. But many expert dog trainers and behaviorists will point out that a group of new dogs meeting at a dog park isn't a pack in the true sense of the word.

Further, individual dogs might not know how to give or receive cues from each other to keep a situation from escalating. So as the social tension builds, the humans simply standing by creates a recipe for a fight or psychological trauma. Some dogs are bullies, some are fearful, some aren't so great at picking up the cut-it-out cues from others or just ignore them, some have overactive play or prey drives, some are resource-protective.

Putting dogs with varying personalities together and letting them "work it out" is like taking the teacher out of a third-grade classroom and letting the kids figure it out among themselves. The earliest known appearance of the phrase is from The Boston Journal.

Dean Potter: When Dogs Fly – Wingsuit Flying with Whisper

Read the story and please share it if you like it, Glaspell deserves to be more widely known. But when he got to close he got bittin by one of the Lobsters terrieble claws! Of course none of us are perfect, and "should never" is basically an impossible aspiration. I want to do this later. Agility training is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to build confidence and help their personalities bloom! All three of these stories are important examples of Hawthorne's contribution to the genre of Dark Romanticism, and should be read. Georgina Preston, 10 Orbost.

In an article titled "Current Notes" in the February 10, , morning edition, the phrase is mentioned as a good practice sentence for writing students: "A favorite copy set by writing teachers for their pupils is the following, because it contains every letter of the alphabet: 'A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. As the use of typewriters grew in the late 19th century, the phrase began appearing in typing lesson books as a practice sentence. By the turn of the 20th century, the phrase had become widely known.

The legendary Life of Climber and Wingsuit BASE Jumper, Dean Potter

In the January 10, , issue of Pitman's Phonetic Journal , it is referred to as "the well known memorized typing line embracing all the letters of the alphabet". During the 20th century, technicians tested typewriters and teleprinters by typing the sentence. In the age of computers, this pangram is commonly used to display font samples and for testing computer keyboards. In cryptography , it is commonly used as a test vector for hash and encryption algorithms to verify their implementation, as well as to ensure alphabetic character set compatibility.

Numerous references to the phrase have occurred in movies, television, books, video games, advertising, websites, and graphic arts. It depicts a fictional country off the South Carolina coast that idealizes the pangram, chronicling the effects on literature and social structure as various letters are banned from daily use by government dictum.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. English-language pangram. Examples of how the phrase is used in font display.