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Website owners get ranked, Google gets to serve their users better. You should avoid using black hat SEO since this can result in harsh penalties. Not to mention that sticking to what Google wants is better for you in the long run. Although not perfect, Google still strive to return your good contents to those who needs them. The least you can do on your side is to help Google to help you. A copywriter with previous experience developing computer simulations, managing websites and being the social media guy.

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How Google identifies good, relevant content

Expiring Domains. Japan , Naver , Yandex and Seznam are market leaders. If you already know your topic, doing KW research will zero-in the best possible words you can use to support the content you want to produce. And that goal is to provide users with the most accurate and relevant results to their search queries. Sitemaps are a technical part but it also greatly influences SEO results.

Steph W. By azfar on September 10, We rank high, you can too. Basically what SEO does. Your first guide to the SEO world. Aimed at complete beginners. Compact and super easy to read! About Azfar Hisham A copywriter with previous experience developing computer simulations, managing websites and being the social media guy. Related Articles. They are both effective in helping you optimize your site, even if you have no knowledge of SEO when you first start.

You can use both to optimize each post that you publish, but Yoast has certain features such as content analysis, SEO scoring, and focus keyword that make it easier for SEO beginners. Additionally, Yoast will create an XML map automatically, which brings us to our next point. In a nutshell, the XML sitemap is what tells Google all it needs to know about your website and all its pages. The XML sitemap lists all the content of your site, and it makes it easier for Google to find and index it.

You should enable this tag as soon as you install the SEO plugin of your choice. Using this tag for all the pages on your website will help search engines determine what the original URL of the content on your blog is, eliminating duplicate content issues. Loading speed is one of the main factors search engines like Google take into account when ranking sites. This can be done using a caching plugin. You are probably wondering why loading speed is so important, and the reason is that Google wants to provide its users with the best experience possible when they are browsing the web. In the era of instant gratification, no one wants to wait more than a few seconds for a site to load.

And Google knows it. Apart from their salary, SEO managers also generate extra income via bonuses, commissions, and profit sharing, which can increase their annual wage by 30K. If you live in the U. The salary of an SEO manager worldwide depends on experience, education, skills, and geographic location. This is a position that has a significant increase in pay for the first years of the career but reaches a plateau after that. Some of the responsibilities of an SEO manager include technical website optimization, community building, creating a backlinking strategy for clients, and overseeing the creation and publishing of content.

All of these responsibilities pertain to an SEO expert, and to those, we need to add the regular duties of a manager such as strategic planning, organization, budgeting, etc. SEO is an area of digital marketing that involves a lot of different professionals: content writers, marketers, web developers, and graphic designers. It is the job of the project manager to oversee all these team members, monitor each project from start to finish, and report to clients about the progress of their SEO efforts.

To do the latter, they use different analytics tools that help them determine how effective their internet marketing campaigns are. SEO specialists in different fields such as SEO managers, content writers, web developers and graphic designers are now more in demand than ever before, and salaries show how valued they are.

This depends on the agreements they have with each client upon being hired. Some of the responsibilities of a PPC specialist include creating and planning PPC campaigns across different digital media, monitoring and optimizing campaigns, analyzing trends and performance, and copywriting. PPC or Pay Per Click is a digital marketing strategy where the advertiser pays a fee every time their ad is clicked on.

This can be done via advertisements on websites or businesses can pay search engines to place them on the first page of search results — as ads. A PPC specialist can work with a marketing agency or be self-employed. If you already hired the services of a digital marketing agency, chances are they have in-house PPC specialists.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization | Pizza SEO

If you want to maximize the results of your PPC campaign, it is best to hire someone who knows what they are doing. After all, if the wrong people are clicking on your ads, every one of those clicks is money down the drain. Determining what the most effective keywords for getting to your target audience are is not an easy task. There are thousands of ways a person can search for any given product or service, and knowing the difference between a good keyword or a bad one is an arts-and-science combo.

A PPC specialist will know their way around keywords, and with some research, they will be able to determine which ones will be more appealing to your target audience. A PPC creates copy based on research and knowledge. This relates to our next point…. A PPC specialist knows the principles and practicalities of landing page design. If your landing page is irrelevant, conversion rates will be low. They can test different landing pages to learn what is most attractive for your target audience and improve your conversion rates. One of the main advantages of a PPC camping is that you can monitor -virtually instantly- how well your campaign is doing.

You can know not only how much you are selling, but where your buyers are coming from. A PPC specialist can analyze this data and determine which ad placements and keywords have the higher conversion rates. SEO friendly means that a website is set up in a way -from its code to its design, text, and images- that it makes easier for search engine crawlers to index the content, determine what the site is about, and show it in search results pages.

Being SEO friendly can help a website appear in the first pages of search results and with more than 2 billion websites, and more than 5 billion daily searches, you want your site to rank as high as possible. The ultimate goal of making a website SEO friendly should be to present users with the best content possible in the best way possible. Writing SEO articles is different from other types of written content in that they are done with a concrete goal in mind. To accomplish that goal, certain guidelines need to be followed. Writing an SEO article is not only about having excellent writing skills.

Yes, good writing skills will allow you to make the piece interesting and easy to read; but it is necessary to know which are the SEO guidelines you need to stick to and how to smoothly include them to ensure the article helps your site gain traction in reaching the first page of search results. Images are another important aspect of SEO articles. Because SEO is something that needs to be done from the foundations of a site to the everyday content, an SEO strategist needs to have at least basic knowledge about the different aspects of a website, from code optimization to content creation, to web design.

This way, the collaboration with other specialists is easier. A knowledgeable SEO strategist will perform a site audit before making any decisions or developing a marketing plan. Once this is done, they can identify the weaknesses and strengths of a site and strategize and act accordingly. And what is Search Engine Optimization? It Is a set of strategies that help websites rank better in search engine results pages. However, the first rule of SEO is that users come first. Yes, it is called Search Engine Optimization, but the primary objective of search engines is to provide their users with the best content available for their search terms, so your ultimate goal is to offer valuable, engaging content to those looking for information over the internet.

In order to do this, here is what you need to know. And use them strategically throughout the text. However, this needs to be done in a very specific way:. Bear in mind that overusing keywords can make web crawlers flag you as spam and send you all the way to the bottom of the list of search results or not show your site at all.

By meta information we mean title tags and meta descriptions. These help search engines understand what the content on a page is about. This is also the information that appears in the search results pages when your page shows up as a potential hit. Which means it is what makes a user click or skip your page when presented by the search engine. That is why writing enticing meta tags can make more people click through to your site from the list of search results.

And do it in a way that makes readers want to stay on your site.

SEMrush solutions

How many times have you clicked on a search result only to find out that the content was not what you were looking for, or worse, that it was nothing related to your search? This happens because people want to get traffic at any cost and use less than ethical SEO techniques. This is what gives SEO a bad rep. To provide your potential clients or visitors with the content they need, you must understand who your target market is. If you know them accurately, you should be able to provide the information they need or want to read in a way that is appealing, entertaining, and useful.

Your content should be so useful and easy to read, that it makes people want to share it with the world. We do SEO because we want to connect our content with that vast pool of information that is the internet. We do it because we want that content to connect effectively with search engine algorithms, reliably and productively. We do SEO because we want our content to connect with as many interested people as possible.

The internet, in and of itself, is a vast network of interconnected content, and search engines serve a crucial function that has helped shaped the way it has evolved over the years. If you wish to find something — anything — on the internet that you have no previous connection with, you need to use search engines. Most importantly, if you wish for people who might be interested in your content to find it without you directly leading them to it, you need to make sure search engines know about your content. Otherwise, that fantastic video you made and uploaded to an unregistered website or that portfolio you uploaded to an online gallery no one knows about, will just sit on a server forever with no views and no user interaction and might as well have been left in your hard drive.

As I said, Search Engines are integral to the way we use the internet today, and their algorithms are the only reliable way machines have to make sense and sort out the massive amounts of data uploaded to the internet every single minute. A computer program an algorithm is still unable to understand content in the way we humans do. This idea is the principle behind SEO. That of using techniques designed to take advantage of those key characteristics by making sure they are present in the content you put out so that algorithms can reliably find it, sort it, and display it to those people that might be interested in it.

Your company did not upload a full online catalog of products just to have Bing crawl spiders all over it. You want those who might appreciate your poetry to read and maybe comment on it. Your company is trying to make it easier for people to buy from them. You tweeted to get others into a conversation you might enjoy.

SEO is about connecting your content with people, and the techniques and strategies that go into it always take that into account. SEO Experts are professionals who help webmasters increase the amount of organic traffic to their website. They provide expert guidance to business owners looking to increase organic search traffic to their website. The field of SEO is expanding and everyday we are witnessing new changes in the search algorithms.

An SEO expert must always keep up with such changes and catch up on the search behavior trends in order to provide the best services to the clients. Now get the Best SEO Report delivered to you, see what your website is missing -- and how we can fix the most important issues, to ensure your site has the best rankings. We offer the ultimate reporting solution for people around the world who own websites. Whether you are a small business owner, a big corporation, or own a website in between. That way, you know what changes to make. As a Top SEO company, we can do it for you or you can do it yourself.

So, let our professionals give you the SEO insights you need. Let us handle all your S. O needs and put a Top SEO company to work managing and monitoring your search engine positions. To help you get more new customers. Choosing the right SEO company is difficult. Because you have to trust the people you select to help achieve your goals. Hire me. They will offer to get you on the"golden 1st page" of search results for a cheap price. But truth to be told, they don't have enough man hours to handle all the work required. PageSpeed Insights by Google measure the speed a web page loads for mobile and desktop devices.

It analyzes the URL of your website twice: once for mobile and once for desktop. The PageSpeed Score is very important. The higher your score, the better your website in the search engine's eyes. A score of 85 and up is very good; it means that your site is performing well. But a low score means as low loading website and pages; this can lead to low user engagement, increased bounce rates, and low average time spent on a page.

Anyone can test their web pages for free with Google's PageSpeed Insights. In the past few years,Google has invested millions of dollars on PageSpeed. Get highly targeted, qualified visitors from higher search engine rankings. For more conversions,more customers, and a better bottom line. We create content for you that generates social shares and links. Because when your content is better,your search results are better. Then we spread the word online, by reaching out to people and businesses to let them know about your new resources, blog posts, and articles.

All of this delivers amazing amounts of backlinks to your site. Which brings you more organic search traffic. Important: We make sure that every article, blog post, or any other piece of content you publish is in-credible. Because average content never results in social shares or links to your site.

The relationship between you and your SEO company is vital to your success. Off-Page SEO concentrates mostly on things outside of your website and your control. There are many techniques that can improve the position of your website in search engine results, including linking to relevant, high-ranked websites.

Mainly it's about your promotion methods and techniques. Search Engine Optimization on and off site , is never a one-step process. There are no magic tricks or shortcuts.

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It is long, hard work that must be don one step at a time, with creativity and passion. If you want to rank as high as possible in search engines, know this: The harder you work for it,the more likely you are to get it. Get high quality PR back links from relevant websites and add huge improvements to your organic search rankings.

We take the articles you create and distribute them to highly-relevant blogs and websites. This creates quality links with high authority, so you rank higher in search. Fine-tuning what keywords to promote and what anchor tags to use inside your blog — this is just some of what we do to help improve your rankings. We find outdated links to your site using our proprietary tools and Google's webmaster tools.

Then we tell the relevant site to update their link or disavow corrupted links. Tip: Keep an eye on your back links and their relevancy.

  • Ubersuggest's Free Keyword Tool, Generate More Suggestions?
  • Truffles Diary (Truffles Diary Series Book 1).
  • All-Inclusive cloud-based SEO software.
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And the wrong backlinks can hurt you. By using our services, we make sure your website does everything possible to meet the search engine's guidelines. We can create a standout blog for your company, an RSS feed, press releases, case studies,help you create quality content, advise you on your social share activities, and help you get reviews from other websites. It contains no commercial SEO add-ons.

It is not a toy to play with. And it offers vital SEO insights for you. We will manage your Google Webmasters Tools and make sure your site complies with the latest search engine guidelines. Google Analytics is another amazing tool from the house of Google. It monitors traffic on your website like no other tool can. It gives any website owner an enormous amount of solid, valid information about who visited your website, when, for how long, what they were interested in, and how they "experienced" your site's search engine optimization overall. We will manage your Google Analytics for you, while giving you powerful, up-to-date reports from Google Analytics and other in-house tools we use.

So you can rank higher in search. Take the next step. Get Instant Report. Featured In:. Do you currently use SEO for you business? No Yes, but not effective Yes, could be better Very good, but want the best. In your niche, how would you describe your business needs? Going forward, what kind of expectations do you have from a company like ours:.

Please enter your details accurately so that you can schedule a meeting with us. Our Company Services. Search Engine Optimization If your page is not among the top 10 results for any given search, you might as well not have one. Local Business Seo Local SEO is the use of online marketing strategies and tools but with a more laser-focused approach.

Reputation Management Today, nearly every business transaction starts with a Google Search. Google Maps Marketing The prime source of pone calls and walk-in traffic for local businesses is Google Maps. Social Media Management More than 1. Some of Our Companies Clients. How Did You Find Us? You were referred to us If you were referred to us, it is because the awesome job our team performs every day for our clients. What is SEO? Seeing is believing Only a top SEO company can rank on page one of Google for the most competitive search terms, after watching this video, you will most likely end up as our client, so please a look:.

We can help. There are 3 reasons why. Take the next step! Content: Unsurprisingly, once you know what words your type of customers are using to find what you offer online, you need to start producing content that aligns with what they are looking for. On-page Optimization: This one may require a bit more technical know-how, but with a few guides and patience, can be handled by most people. How much does SEO costs? Most SEO agencies charge monthly fees for their services: SEO is an ongoing process that requires time, analysis, and course corrections for the results to start showing.

It is not something that happens overnight. As such, it is not uncommon for SEO agencies to work on a monthly retainer basis. Most SEO companies especially those who prefer to work with bigger clients almost exclusively are less flexible when it comes to pricing, and offer only one model. Hourly pricing also exists: Sometimes, you aren't interested so much in a full SEO campaign coverage, as you are instead looking for some consultation, or want a very specific task to be carried out on your content. Pricing can be directly related to quality: It is only natural that more experienced firms, who have handled a wide array of companies, charge more for their services.

Multinational SEO companies might offer an advantage: As far as pricing, clients might find an advantage in choosing SEO firms that operate in different countries. While exclusively based companies in the US charge according to market, companies with a presence in other parts of the world might be able to provide more affordable pricing by outsourcing tasks.

How do you write an article for SEO friendly sites? Do some Keyword Research: Doing KW research can help you on different fonts depending on the way you go about it. If you already know your topic, doing KW research will zero-in the best possible words you can use to support the content you want to produce. Let the research inform your word choices, and it will increase the overall effectiveness of the piece. Format Properly: Formatting is crucial in any type of internet content, and you should be aware of the kind of formatting that fits the article you want to write.

Talking about the format in a vacuum is difficult at best. Much of it depends on your goals and adapting those to your audience. Provide Value: Last but not least, is value. Is SEO Free? Some popular tasks often used in SMO are: Social Media Platform Assessment: Although any of the major social media platforms out there right now are bound to bring something to the table as far as marketing advantages, not all platforms are created equals. Each one has a different flavor, follows different customs, and sticks to different trends, but in the end, they all distribute content.

Interconnectivity and cross-pollination: SMO should not occur in a vacuum. Instead, creating positive feedback loops between your social media marketing efforts and your other type of digital marketing SEO and SEM helps potentiate the whole scheme by feeding on one another. Some of the most common SEO practices are: Keyword research and implementation Optimized content creation On-page optimization design, load times, navigation, readability, etc. PPC Listings. Social Media Paid Advertising.

Metrics management and optimization. Another big difference between them is accessibility. What skills are needed for SEO? No matter your particular goals for a piece of content online, if you are doing SEO for it, the aim is to drive more people to find it through search engines and interact with it. The whole discipline is based around the way in which the internet was built, and how we use it to share information today. Any SEO project comes hand in hand with content. Content that can effectively carry a message.

Content that will stand out from the competition and get you the views you are after. However, some of the most valuable are: Critical thinking. Effective communication. Decision Making. Advantages of an SEO focused approach Organic growth : Costs: Most SEO strategies can be implemented without the need for direct investment, especially if you take care of them yourself, which suits your need for advertisement on a tight budget. Branding: Having well-placed pages on organic results drives more credibility and user awareness to your content than advertised links. While it takes longer to get there, this might provide increased CTR and conversions as you begin to be placed as an authority on the subject.

Challenges of an SEO focused approach Organic growth : Windup: SEO strategies usually take longer to take hold and start showing results, which might be an issue when you are on a schedule or trying to bring awareness to your content in the least amount of time possible. This means that proper SEO is very involved and time-consuming. High targetability: On platforms like Instagram or Facebook you are offered an ample array of variables to make sure your ads are reaching precisely the people whose attention you are trying to attract.

Categories like age, sex, and interest can help make sure your message reaches your audience. Customization: While you have little control over how your content is displayed on organic search results and which pieces of content will get featured, PPC ads are highly customizable. You are in full control of what will be presented and how. Particularly in the beginning when you are fine-tuning the ad into efficiency. Competition: Even after you have attained the perfect ad that gives you the results you want, competitors can come around and copy it, or simply outbid you and make it less effective.

Something that is nearly impossible to do with organic growth strategies. What does an SEO Agency do? Once the right channels have been identified, your SEO agency will set your campaign goals. What does an SEO Consultant do? What is an SEO company? What is an SEO specialist? Lastly, an effective SEO specialist needs also to be an effective marketer.

Write for people first: This is the cardinal rule as far as content writing. There was a time, when the internet was younger, where black-hat SEO practices had keywords being plastered all over sites with text that were little more than blocks of spam. Since then, search algorithms have learned and now punish that toxic behavior. Using relevant keywords during the writing of a value-providing piece of content is the recipe for organic growth and exposure to have your site scaling that SERPs ladder.

Effective Content writing is not limited to text: More on the technical side of SEO, most people might think that content writing only plays a role in text-form content. As mentioned before, multimedia content has text and hidden values that also require appropriate writing, and the quality of your phrases and word selection can be a boon or a weakness in any web design. So, this aspect of SEO plays a role in all instances and sides of optimization.

What is SEO Marketing SEO marketing is the use of specialized tools to analyze a website from various perspectives and find correlations between its elements and factors that help increase visibility, traffic, conversions, brand awareness or whatever it is that the client wants to achieve with his or her website. By hiring an agency, you get to skip out all the time, effort, and harsh lessons you need to go through when learning to do so yourself.

SEO For Beginners: 5 Actionable SEO Tips to Rank #1 on Google in 2019

On top of that, you get to start benefitting from the improvements made to your content in a shorter timeframe. Each focused on different tasks that come together to form a solid SEO strategy that works to your needs. Not having to depend on a single person to take care of it all makes the process much smoother. When dealing with agencies, you get more tools to gauge quality and legitimacy. Your second option is to go with a freelancer or a consultant. Why do I need local SEO services? Why SEO Services SEO services allow your organization to objectively find measurable actions that make it easier for your website to convert.

How can I improve SEO on my website? Checklist: Use proper heading and formatting to make your content more appealing to readers. Optimize your images titles and metadata. The last two mentioned are still in their infancy and it will take a few years before they become a common part of website creation and management. When we observe the search engine market in Turkey, as one might expect, Google leads the pack. We know that Yahoo and Bing are the two most preferred engines after Google in Europe and the US but in Turkey, there is a different engine which plays a huge role; Yandex!

Although Yandex has been slightly affected by the diplomatic crisis between Russia and Turkey, the search engine maintains its strong position in the market. Search engines especially Google have made major updates to their local search ranking factors but unfortunately, these updates don't seem to be rolled out in Turkey yet. It seems like it will take time for us to see these updates in the Turkish market. As we wait that to happen, we also try to guess how the effects of above-mentioned updates will change the SEO industry in Turkey.

Sadly, we can also say that SEO is taken into account as if it is only a process of link building in Turkey, thus it causes the increase of websites doing SEO which can be considered as spam. We could observe some serious changes in SERPs with the new Penguin algorithm which we are sure is about to be released soon.

We can say that the awareness on the technical part of SEO increased lately, nevertheless, this is not enough yet. We should also mention the positive improvements. Especially small and medium-sized companies invest in SEO and thus, they contribute to the market's growth and development.

The growth of the market and players involved in the SEO market consequently trigger competition and force SEO agencies to provide more quality services to their customers. Yandex is the other search engine which has been trying to increase its market share for a few years now, yet, Google still dominates the market.

While Google is the dominant player in the Turkish market, most SEO agencies ignore rest of the search engines and their webmaster guidelines. Google faces difficulties with the semantics of Turkish check Google translate and you will understand what I mean. We can still see some low-quality websites ranking high in SERPs which are not compatible with Google guidelines. Frankly speaking, sometimes I have a feeling that Google sees Turkey as a market to sell Google Adwords. The quality of SERPs comes in the second place. They also encourage webmasters to contribute in Turkish Google Webmaster Forum.

These are positive indications that Google has decided to increase the knowledge and quality of SEO in Turkey. There are hundreds of people in Turkish forums whom you can still buy link packages, and it seems that it works for some websites in Turkey. Most companies have started to understand the importance of ON page SEO and technical SEO; not only for the search engine robots but for the user experience they provide. Tools like Deep Crawl and Searchmetrics have become very popular amongst agencies and companies.

Turkey has one of the highest mobile penetration with more than 30 million young people using their smartphones all day long. Investment on mobile SEO and mobile user experience have been rapidly increasing since last year. These events worked like an eye opener for most digital marketers and SEO professionals in Turkey. Companies increase their allocated budget for SEO each year. Like everywhere in the world there are some good quality SEO agencies and the bad ones.

Unfortunately, SEO experience of decisive digital managers are fairly new, most of them confuse Google Adwords with organic search results, that is why they can easily select an SEO agency or company which sooner or later they will regret. Turkey is an emerging country with more than 30 million young people who are regularly shopping from the Internet.

It is not rocket science to say that the importance of SEO will continue to increase in Turkey. There are several challenges Lithuanian SEO agencies have to deal with. Since these methods are less time consuming, they can be sold at a lower price. But the results are short term and in most of the cases, they end up as a traffic drop or even a penalty.

This leads to a second issue. SEO services started to gain attention only years ago. Not being confident about the result, most of the clients try cheaper usually shady SEO services and burn their sites. After this happens, they come back to proper SEO agencies willing to pay extra. More and more Lithuanian companies are expanding to foreign markets. This increases a need for professional SEO services in foreign or global markets. This trend will definitely continue.

So, more and more Lithuanian SEO agencies will need to learn how to compete in these markets. And those who will fail to learn this will have to deal with much local market and much smaller budgets allocated to the home market. The SEO market in Lithuania is quite chaotic. I can count more than 50 companies that offer SEO services, while the whole market share in Lithuania reaches 2. Due to the fact that people in Lithuania mostly speak in Lithuanian, Russian, and English languages and they get relatively low wages for hours spent while working, typically from 30 to 60 Euros, a large part of SEO services is being exported.

However the more powerful neighbors such as Russia is where there is no language barrier, and several agencies specialize with Yandex Search Engine system. The google. Also, we still have some operating spam actions, which in fact should not even be available which we do not want at all! Speaking about the complexity of the language Lithuanian language is one of the most complex in the world , it accounts for why we sometimes face certain problems when some Lithuanian keywords can't be normally understood.

For instance, when the case of the word changes at the same time changes the root of the word that are being comprehended as two different keywords by search engine system. In terms of market growth, this SEO boom started years ago. Some time having passed, some specialized SEO agencies have settled in the market and have raised the perch of this service quality high enough. From that time, the budget and the amount of the competition growth is clearly visible in every year.

Today, people who work with SEO are called real professionals, while previously SEO specialists were considered to be sorcerers or even worse - charlatans. However today, even the most famous or biggest companies first ask for our advice and only later on take an important step such as entry into the market. Due to the fact that in Lithuania there are not enough related content sources, we deal with a problem of the relatively small market of outside SEO.

Therefore, the fight for the positions sometimes happens really fiercely. The whole fight is happening not only according to good content strategy, but also because of the collaboration with portals and so on. It is quite common that Social networking websites are being utilized for SEO purposes, but again due to market size the usage of social networking websites itself is not always properly used. The fight for positions in the strongest Lithuanian SEO markets is like a daily routine with persistent spammers who suddenly pop up in the Google top All in all, the writing of SEO articles is quite widely prevalent these days and now I can count about journalists and writers who offer SEO article writing services.

Gone are the days of low-tech link building and on-page specialists working in silos at Irish agencies; the majority of cutting edge SEO practitioners here in Ireland who have a proven track record of success are doing so by combining a wide range of skills and offering them as part of a holistic SEO package, so we see firms consolidating outreach, content creation, graphic design, technical SEO, dev implementation and the creation of bespoke tools to offer clients a truly robust offering under one roof.

The level of in-depth knowledge of solid, technical SEO has been increasing at an encouraging rate both among our agency peers as evident at top-notch search marketing events such as Learn Inbound and 3XE but also among our clients themselves. Exciting times ahead for us Irish SEOs as we wait with baited breath for the next big algorithum update from our neighborly overlords in GooglePlex IE, at least we know where they live if they come for us!

Swedes are known for being early adopters when it comes to the Internet and technology which in turn has made the Swedish SEO market competitive. Especially if you consider that we are only 10 million people. Sweden is by far the most competitive of the Scandinavian markets. This also makes the knowledge level of SEO relatively high compared to other markets, both among industry experts and companies. From being a niche channel, SEO is becoming one of the most important marketing channels for many Swedish companies.

Larger companies are struggling a bit with SEO. They have a hard time implementing the necessary technical changes, making Google a playing field where smaller companies still can compete with larger ones. I expect the market will consolidate in the next years. Most Swedish SEO agencies charge a monthly fee for their services. A few still work with performance-based fees, but this is declining. You very seldom find an SEO company charging an hourly fee. A perfect opportunity if you want to meet up with the SEO scene in Sweden! Swedish people have more or less always been up to date when it comes to SEO and technology in general.

Several companies have been here from the beginning of SEO and are still here while the market significantly keeps growing, which it has been doing the last couple of years. Even though we have a lot of SEO-agencies, many web-developing agencies have recently started to include SEO in their packages. Content and links have always been a key ranking factor, but instead of just obeying the current rules Google has set for us - try to understand what the search engines are trying to accomplish.

Google wants to make sure their users always get a great experience using their services, which is why they update their algorithm continuously. They reward the best user-friendly websites that can answer the questions people ask Google everyday by showing them at the top. This is a reason for why websites with fast page speed is becoming a more important ranking factor, especially for mobile traffic - forcing companies to make even lighter websites. This is probably why the Accelerated Mobile Pages AMP initiative is being launched, a format for building websites that initially eliminates websites with slow loading speed by only accepting a limited set of allowed technical functionality - optimized for fast rendering and performances.

In Bulgaria, almost all the traffic from the search engines comes from Google. In some niches such as tourism and real estate, there is a decent amount of visits from Yandex, mainly because of the large number of citizens from the former Soviet republics who are now living in Bulgaria. The levels of competition in Bulgaria are lower compared to those in the Western markets, but SEO is very specific, due to the lack of good websites for link building and quality copywriting services. An important feature is a lack of Bulgarian versions of Amazon and Ebay, which makes reaching the top positions much easier.

On the other hand, there is one or several prominent large informational websites or forums in every niche with a lot of traffic. They generally occupy the top results, which makes it incredibly difficult for the small businesses to breakthrough. The community of Bulgarian optimizers is extremely large and cohesive. Each year, many special events are conducted, the largest of which is SEO Conference Bulgaria with over attendees.

Besides professional SEO agencies, almost every web design company offers search engine optimization services, but sometimes the quality is not very good. In recent years, there has been a significant demand for in-house professionals from the large and medium sized companies. Having gathered feedback from thousands of online stores in Bulgaria, I would like to share with you some interesting facts about SEO and SEM markets in our country. Through so many updates to the Search Engine algorithms like Penguins, Pandas, Calibres and all kinds of known and unknown animals, business owners in Bulgaria decided it was very unreliable using SEO marketing companies.

In Bulgaria the level of competition is significantly lower, compared to developed and large European markets like UK and Germany for example. As a result, you can rank a website in low competitive niche in local search in less than a month. Ranking videos from YouTube on first page seems to be a great opportunity in Bulgaria for lots of domains.

Building SkyScraper articles works in competitive niches and is probably the most efficient technique for so many websites nowadays in E-commerce SEO. Content marketing has been hit in the developed markets for years. In Bulgaria, this technique has been neglected by SEO specialists and business owners who optimize their websites on their own. In the picture is different. More and more sites are starting to produce quality content. As a small country with low standards, in Bulgaria we face a lot of clients that want amazing SEO results with a few dollars, which is not possible.

When a team of SEO professionals is working on a project, the team performs site audit, errors and weak things fixing, content analysis and content improvement, link audit, links disavow if needed , social media signals, content distribution, brand strengthening, competitors monitoring, clients behavioranalysis , etc. In the next years, serious clients will understand that SEO is an investment, that keeping your website on the top requires the assistance of an SEO agency which will focus on quality of the website and give the client solutions and answers.

The most popular rate of payment for SEO services in Bulgaria is monthly. It's between Bulgarian levs, which is equal to Euros monthly. If a team of 5 people work for one month on a website's success, they want monthly salary, so monthly payments are most popular. A lot of clients have unrealistic expectations - 1st Google page in 1 or 2 months.

The worst SEO clients are those that think they know SEO and give us advice to buy links or to make huge Email marketing campaigns. So the worst problems on a website are usually caused by their owners, not competitors. FB ads and Google ads are for brand visibility mostly and for quick results, while SEO is for long term market benefits and solid brand popularization. We know each other personally and even we are competitors sometimes, other times we are friends and we help each other, which is fantastic! I'm happy and proud to be part of Bulgarian SEO community!

Believe me, sometimes ten minutes of networking, speaking with some colleagues on these events, could give you some SEO idea worth thousands of dollars. Different search engines use different algorithms and approaches to the site ranking. For Google - external links are important, while Yandex - in contrary - applies search engine pessimization for it.

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Therefore, specialists have to seek for the golden mean and place an additional emphasis on the internal optimization. Moreover, thanks to the current situation, Ukrainian specialists are often of a higher professional level that the ones in the West as they are used to working with the site, not with the external links. Taking into account the leading position of Google, low prices and high professional level of local executives, foreign clients often refer to Ukrainian SEO optimizers to request some work with their websites.

Being a part of Australian company Dejan Marketing, here in Croatia, we are doing everything by the rules. All of our work is white hat, and it is hard. Main reason is that, here we have a lot of old school spamming techniques bringing good and fast results, and other agencies most of them are using it. It's worth saying that Google either can't do anything about it because it's a small market, or they don't care for the same reason. This has a huge impact on prices, because they can achieve good results in relatively short periods of time and for a low price.

On the other hand, if you are doing white hat, then you'll have expensive and much longer campaign. But, better times are coming. Croatian business owners are getting more educated, or frightened by stories they read on the internet about Google penalties, and this has started to impact their decision when choosing SEO provider. So, my conclusion is that better days are coming. Go global! Suggest a topic Suggest a topic Request a feature Report a bug. Your feedback must contain at least 3 words 10 characters. Please enter valid email.

Please provide us with a valid email address so we could reply to you. Send feedback Cancel. Thank you for your feedback! Submit post. Go to Blog. Georgi Todorov December 5, The Wow-Score shows how engaging a blog post is. Learn more. Editor Update: New experts from France have been added! Romania is in the top 10 internet speed connection in world wide ranking. The Slovak market is close to the Czech one, so e-shops often launch in both countries. The second most popular search engine in Turkey is In short, SEO is a growing market in France, and it's a very interesting area to work in!

As a marketer, this could be a big challenge! Norwegian SEO Markets vs. Clients learn it the hard way SEO services started to gain attention only years ago. Go global or go home More and more Lithuanian companies are expanding to foreign markets. A winning SEO-strategy Content and links have always been a key ranking factor, but instead of just obeying the current rules Google has set for us - try to understand what the search engines are trying to accomplish. Georgi Todorov. Georgi Todorov is an independent digital marketer, specializing in outreach strategies and international SEO.

Besides his passion about digital marketing, he has graduated from university with a bachelor degree in Cultural anthropology which makes him extremely curious about anything "foreign" and "international". He is always happy to talk with new people and you can reach him at his Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. He has recently started his own blog about digital marketing. Copy link. Comments Notify me about new comments. You'll get notified of new comments on this post by email. Especially big big players are doing seo with allot of money.

Anastasiia Stefanuk. Thank you for a very precise review. These countries are famous for having the best software developers.

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Social SEO - Top Rankings bei Google & Co. (German Edition) eBook: Holger Freier: Kindle Store. A simple translation and localization of your website in German is not enough. so as to reach a good ranking in German search engines such as agency knows how to use social media, website optimization and content marketing to your website gets more traffic leading to more business for your company.

At the same time, Ukrainian developers are popular around the world for having the lowest salaries. Still, everyone would agree they are really skilled in the web development.

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We have also made a review on Lithianian developers and their salaries in our blog: [link removed by moderator]. Raymond Seo. They could try SeoDataService website because they are based in Europe as well. More power guys! I come from the cluster of worlds in the Orion Nebula and my homeland is neglectfully unrepresented in this piece of writing!

Mehul Raval. Good to see all major aspects of SEO market and facts in Europe. Thanks to all the Expert to provide information of their region. Thanks, Georgi Todorov for great efforts. Nice overview! Have worked with Pineberry, they do some amazing work over there. Thanks Georgi, knowing different points of view is always interesting. About Italy, I'd like to say that there is a good news.

Now SEO is taught at some Universities and I think it is a first step in order to bring students closer to this world. Fabryka Marketingu Sp. Seriously, how did you make this list? For instance in spain there is aleyda solis, a well known seo, in france you find no one? The french SEO are a very active community and in advance from others countries in europe.

Ask true SEO like aysun akarsu, or me ;. Hi, Serge. Aleyda was one of the first invited to participate in this material but I didn't hear back from her. And about France: Soon we will update the article and we will include France as well :. Beetle Seo. And france is not in Europe?