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Daftar Isi. Bermant became a prominent Anglo-Jewish journalist, and had a regular coloumn in The Jewish Chronicle and occasionally to the national press, particularly The Observer and The Daily Telegraph.


Bermant's book, The Squire of Bor Shachor was serialized on the Radio and Bermant also appeared in several productions in person, including, in , one of the BBC's 'Everyman' series. Bermant wrote a total of 31 books; his novels and non-fiction works reflect his sometimes controversial opinions and his observations on Anglo-Jewish society. For the past ten years he has been a successful Director of the Rutley Institute of Arts. What man could be happier or more sercure? But suppose such a man makes an error, social or moral - and makes the further blunder of denying it?

During a journey abroad this happens. Afterwards, in London, truth eats its way into his life through the defences of fear, vanity, self-deception, egoism. Friends, and his religious assurance itself, fail him, and step by step he is driven to look at himself in the clearest bearable light. The other man, Lambert Corry, makes no errors.

Ongar This was the terminus of the Central line until it closed on 30 September This looks like the kind of place that would give you Brexit and tell you to say thank you. It also has the dubious accolade of being, best I can tell, the only tube station at which a pornographic film has been shot. The details are sketchy, but something saucy was filmed here in and everybody got uppity about the novelty line and station being a family destination.

King William Street And finally! For all of you brave or stupid enough to stick it out this far, there's King William Street. There's a plaque at the site of the old station, just off King William Street just south of Monument station, if you're curious.

I'm not doing Shoreditch because the East London Line is no longer part of the tube okay. So, yeah. There you go. Want more of this stuff? Image: Getty.

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The researchers claim that covering m hectares of land — roughly the size of the continental US — with trees could store up to billion tonnes of carbon, about two thirds of the carbon that humans have already put into the atmosphere. Since the dawn of agriculture, humans have cut down three trillion trees — about half the trees on Earth. Already 43 countries have pledged to restore m hectares of degraded land to forest worldwide.

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But what the new study advocates is reforesting something like ten times that amount. Image: author provided. Rewilding habitats and reforesting may be easier in the future as the world is already becoming a wilder place in many areas. This may seem a strange prediction, given that the global population will grow from 7. In Europe already, 2. In the late s, environmental deterioration in China became critical, with vast areas resembling the Dust Bowl of the American Midwest in the s.

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Six bold programmes were introduced, targeting over m hectares of land for reforestation. Grain for Green is the largest and best known of these. It reduced soil erosion and stabilised local rainfall patterns. The ongoing programme has also helped to alleviate poverty by making payments directly to farmers who set aside their land for reforestation.

This is certainly possible, and in line with other estimates. Reforestation may even result in production from farmland increasing, as was found in China when more stable rainfall and fertile soil followed the return of forests. Where the billion hectares of forest could be planted — excluding desert, farmland and urban areas. The paper insists on billion tonnes of carbon, but this seems too high when compared to previous studies or climate models. The amount of carbon that reforestation could lock up is the difference between the two.

Mature forests can store a lot of carbon, but this capacity is only reached after hundreds of years, not a couple of decades of new forest growth as assumed in this study. The most recent estimate from the IPCC suggests that new forests could store on average an extra 57 billion tonnes of carbon by the end of the century. Even if warming is stabilised at 1. But this concern ignores the role of carbon dioxide fertilisation — when there are higher levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, photosynthesis is more efficient, meaning plants need less water and can still be productive at higher temperatures.

Today, the most immediate threat to tropical forests is deforestation by people and the fires they light which get out of control , not the more subtle impacts of higher temperatures. Reforesting an area the size of the US will have massive benefits on local environments and will store a huge amount of man-made carbon emissions. It is not, however, a substitute for reducing those carbon emissions. Reforestation is essential for creating negative emissions — not reducing the amount of carbon that humans are still emitting.

There is another sting in the tail.

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Current estimates suggest areas of rainforest the size of a football pitch are being cleared every single minute. This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license.

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