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And in the future, I'm sure I'll continue to run. But this was recommended by several dear friends as something light and guaranteed to make me smile.

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Well I did smile, a lot. But I cried, too! Dog shifters? Truly not my thing, I like wild predatory shifters, but the characters in Easton's story were so wonderful I couldn't help myself. The narrator was above average, I loved the character's voices, but the recording was rather poor. Constant changes in volume and one could detect a lot of stops and starts. Overall, if you like a sweet shifter story, I'm fairly certain this will be your cuppa. This was the perfect blend of comedy and sweet romance. I was laughing out loud at a lot of what the characters were saying, thinking, and doing. Especially Lily, Lance's mom.

God, I loved her. And a town filled with dog shifters I want to move there. Small town hijinks and lovely townspeople. What's not to love? And if that isn't enough, the Sheriff's a bisexual Border Collie shifter with black fur and blue eyes. And having gay-for-you thrown in was just icing on top of the puppy pile. Lance and Tim were really cute with their awkwardness.

I was worried over the potential drama Lance's deception could cause, but while there was angst when it finally came to a head, it didn't suffocate the story. Matthew Shaw was a pleasant surprise, as well. Pleasant voice and he did well with the comedic parts.


There was noticeable breathing, though, and some fluctuations in volume. It didn't really bother me because I was enjoying the story so much. Looks like this is part of a series, but it's a complete story and the next book is about a different character. Can't wait for the next one. This was so much fun. Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why? I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. Not only was it a hilarious tale, but it had a sweet romance, great main and secondary characters, and even a little drama thrown in.

What was one of the most memorable moments of How to Howl at the Moon? Oh geez, how can I narrow it down? The vet telling Tim to give Chance a bath made me laugh so hard I cried. Their thoughts when they were having sex were so funny! Lance acted like such dog, going after that scent.

How does this one compare?

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Dogs Bark, Humans Laugh (Three Moons Book 2) eBook: Magnus Schei: Kindle Store. [DOWNLOAD] Dogs Bark, Humans Laugh (Three Moons Book 2) by Magnus Schei. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and.

I don't believe I have. I liked his voice and the way he did the characters voices. I just wish he would either get a new mic or get something to put in front of the mic that would cut down on his sharp S's and how loud his breathing was. If you were to make a film of this book, what would the tag line be?

Where man's best friend is his dog I loved this book. Laughed through most of it and know I will re-listen to it quite often. Another fantastic book by Eli Easton. I love stories by Ms. Easton and this book was no exception. Her take on shifters is quite refreshing. So many hilarious moments. I am glad that Tim and Lance Chance figured things out and got together. I'm also happy that Marshall got his comeuppance. I certainly hope that we get more stories about this town, narrated by Matthew hint, hint Roman's - he's wonderful.

Would you say that listening to this book was time well-spent? Why or why not? Yes, I liked it a lot. The concept was a little different but it was done believably. And it was cute. There relationship was done pretty well. They were cute together-in both Lance's form. I really liked both characters. They were both a little awkward in a good way. I liked the side characters as well. The investigation scenes towards the end of the book seemed out of place to me. They didn't really fit into the rest of the book that was fairly lighthearted.

I really liked the book but it did wrap everything up really quickly. I would have liked more time with the characters, but it didn't bother me as much as it did in Easton's other book "The Trouble with Tony".

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Even if you aren't a shifter story fan, even if you aren't an Eli Easton fan, which, frankly, are both excellent reasons to read this, you should get this because of Matthew Shaw's narration. He's absolutely brilliant. Actually this is my 2nd time reading HTHM. But Gosh do I love Lance and Tim.

I could understand Lance's pain and desperation near the end. Tim too. I loved it all. Except the goo goo talk. God that must have been embarrassing. Lol Fun. Alive and Sexy as hell.

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That ability is then transferred to their off-spring and thus a shifter is born. Tim is a horticulturist whose hybrid plant ideas were ripped off by his ex-boss. Tim also is very nervous in front of alpha-males and Lance is ALL alpha. At first, Lance thinks Tim is growing an illegal crop and stoops to using his shifted form to spy on Tim.

However, how is Lance going to break it to Tim that the dog he loves is really the man he fears? Sure, there are some common threads, but by and large this is a truly unique look at shifter lore. The sex is hot. The emotion is deep and abiding. And the humor is sharp and witty. If I could describe a perfect book it would be this: Eli Easton writing a shifter book.

He did great! He was funny and easy to listen to. I really enjoyed listening to this story and will be listening to it again and again! Really good story, pleasant and engaging. Just wish it was a little longer as would have given more room for character back story and so on. So many 'aww' moments in this story. It made me laugh and cry. I loved it.

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Great narration from Matthew. The only thing I'd say is the continuity was off at times. There were occasions when the volume fluctuated and I could hear when the recording stopped and started again. Simple romance story situated in April in California. So why the cover shows snow is a mystery. With my 'overall' rating I mean technical quality.

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The narration was good but often I heard something stumble in te background. The noice cancelation was horrible, sometimes working sometimes not. This was a fun, light-hearted story that had good narration. This was so much better than reading the story, and the only reason I'm knocking half a star off is that the quality of the audio wasn't that good. I loved Lance's howls as Chance, and I laughed out loud every time but Lily still irritated the hell out of me, and Lance still needed several good smacks upside the head for the way he treated Tim. I love this book so much and story is great.

I recommend this book to anyone! By: Eli Easton. Narrated by: Matthew Shaw. Series: Howl at the Moon , Book 1.

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