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So what does this mean for the fish species depicted in the famous Pixar saga? The popularity of the lovable Dory, star of the new tale, will lead to millions of its fish species being transported by sea, land, and air, causing the disruption of their fragile ecological process, of which the new film stars are a part of.

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Making use of the sea has been an ancestral means of livelihood, but in the case of the Dominican Republic there is a perception that the ecological impact of fishing for the purposes of the food market is greater than that of the ornamental fish trade. Given that neither trade is properly regulated or supervised, the consequences of both could prove irreversible. How many fish of that weight need to be extracted to reach such extraordinary figures? Even more tragically, the dark side of this industry threatens the health of coral reefs and populations of other organisms besides fish.

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The possible consequences to which they are exposed derive not just from damaging extraction methods but also from the fact that importation brings not just fish but vectors of pathogens that put our species in jeopardy. Both are raw and rich, insightful and enduring. Music to my ears!

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John has been slowly releasing many of the files that once belonged to New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, who investigated the murder of JFK, and actually made an arrest in the case! Thank you so much, Cynthia, for giving authors a voice that goes behind the story. The only thing our living room was missing was some barbed wire and craters where the bombs exploded. Log In Register My Favorites. From there, Mason says Pixar regularly returned to the Canadian office for more input, big and small. Cassandra Szklarski, The Canadian Press. Once lauded as a hero and defender of the frontier during the Civil War, Claymore is on trial for murder, and it is truth that saves him, yet he is his own worst witness.

Bazinet: First of all, I want to acknowledge Cynthia Hamilton for recognizing the uniqueness of one of my characters. She called Dory intriguing, complex and fascinating. My experience with the character backs up her observation. Dory is unlike any of my other characters. Why did I want to write a dystopian kind of tale in the first place?

The Saga of Bear -

With that in mind, I wondered how a person would handle some impossible situation. As soon as I asked the question, a tale began to unfold! For the first few pages, I used a third person point of view POV. However, before long, I was suddenly writing from a first person POV.

Finding Story Leads to Finding Dory

In fact, I was a little shocked when it happened. But this incident should have been my first clue that my character, Dory, was a very strong-willed and determined type of individual.

The Saga of the Nuleys: Volume One

I got the feeling that if I was going to write about him, Dory wanted the facts and his feelings expressed in a way that was more of an experience than an account. Once Dory stepped in and began telling his story, everything about the writing intensified. In a way, Dory explained the origins of his extreme personality when he talked about his relationship with his father. From the time he was just a young boy, he knew that to survive, he had to be as tough as his angry, raging parent.

Our house was a battle zone. The only thing our living room was missing was some barbed wire and craters where the bombs exploded.

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It was a world of opposites. Dory could behave like a hostile loner, but he also had a very soft side.

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It was that side of Dory that shared a teddy bear with his frightened brother when they were five-year-olds. It was that side of Dory that painted Madonnas.

'Finding Nemo' sequel set for November 2015

Standing back, I think I got more than I bargained for in terms of the courage and staying power of a human being. All of them appear as loners who have separated themselves from the rest of humanity. After being hurt repeatedly and having their hearts beaten to a pulp, they totally withdraw.

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And it seems to take an extreme circumstance for them to come back to their true selves. It seems to always be there, outside the walls that people put up.