Global Grassroots: Perspectives on International Organizing

Global Grassroots: Perspectives on Organizing
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She brings with her a deep understanding of the need for a Just Transition to challenge systems of oppression. Navigating her way through the world as a woman gives her the perspective necessary to prioritize gender justice in this movement towards a more just society.

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Cindy Wiesner is a year veteran of the social justice movement in the U. She helped co-found the Climate Justice Alliance, and she has played a leadership role in the Peoples Climate Movement that organized the massive mobilizations in New York, Washington, D.

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Social Forum National Planning Committee. Her main passions are training organizers in a transformative radical organizing model and building counter-hegemonic campaigns that not only fight what participants are against, but put into practice what they want to see manifested. She identifies as a lesbian and is of Salvadoran, Colombian and German descent.

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She is a grassroots feminist, internationalist, and movement strategist. Originally from Bali, Indonesia, she has also lived in Vancouver, BC Unceded Coast Salish Territories and Philadelphia, bringing over 10 years of grassroots organizing and strategic experience across issues of migrant justice, intersectional feminism, revolutionary mothering, and multiracial solidarity.

Cynthia is also a poet, author, and proud formerly teen single mama to a young musician. She is a community member, journalist, an activist, an artist, a writer, and fervent lover of her people.

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The Caracas session overlapped with the Bamako session. Fisher, William F. For example, nature defined as fragile and unique was associated with preservation and restoration discourses among the dwellers of Louisiana coastal communities [ 61 ]. Ecological Threat and the Founding of U. When we consider nature bonding, we can connect dweller and activist bonding via the emotional dichotomies discussed in the previous section.

Jade also works to promote international solidarity and bridge-building- primarily with Afro- Brazilian organizations, movements, and struggles based in Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro areas. It was noted that lobbying for responsive policy takes time, and to strengthen their argument for change, communities should build an evidence base of local data, as well as share strategies for navigating the legal framework.

For example, the panelists shared strategies for addressing issues concerning community land rights: mapping out hindrances for single women in India, policy advocacy based on local data collection and analysis in Nepal, a cross-community information exchange in Myanmar, and greater literacy on land institutions in Kenya. Furthermore, our team met with important partners to discuss new and ongoing collaborations, including with the Malagasy Land Administration and Land Observatory, ActionAid, Oxfam, the World Bank, and others.

This means that much of what we do together is journalistic work. We seek out inspiring and useful stories and information.

Why Organized Grassroots Women Matter in the Sustainable Development of Rural Communities

We solicit and collect articles and other writings by movement thinkers and practitioners. We do interviews and write articles and essays. We coordinate these efforts via our published "issues. Each issue beginning in will have a theme around which the content is organized. An "issue editor" coordinates the creation of each theme issue.

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Our selection of themes will be oriented towards developing, over time, a systematic body of information about solidarity economy practices, organizations, strategies, and ideas. As the content of various themes evolves on the website, we plan to publish and distribute--in printed form--resource booklets around many of these themes.

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Possible upcoming themes include "workplace democracy in nonprofit organizations," "sliding-scale pricing for economic justice," "asset-based community development and the solidarity economy," "creative financing for a democratic economy," and more. Our organization.

The World Social Forum and the Emergence of Global Grassroots Politics

GEO is organized as a democratic collective. This means that all members of the group share responsibility and decision-making power in the organization, rather than placing these powers in the hands of a single boss, director or board of directors. We act together, collectively, rather than giving or receiving directives from a chain-of-command.

Certain collective members do take more active roles in facilitating decisions and communication, and in coordinating various projects. These roles rotate over time, and people with coordinating roles are accountable to the larger collective in their work.

We make decisions by consensus, discussing ideas and proposals until we have found a shared space of agreement.