Hints for Lovers (Illustrated)

Hints for Lovers by Arnold Haultain
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This is all changing with the digital age ushering in an era of author-led ebook publishing and with a little help from crowdsourcing. The Internet has also enabled fast and effective circulation and exchange of documents, ideas and feedback.

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The same activity is becoming commonplace among designers and authors, sharing book covers for feedback before they go to publishing. Before you get started on creating a brief for a cover design, or before starting to design one yourself, you need to decide on the message you want to send. Boiling it down to the motivation, incentive and emotion will help you generate tons of ideas or visual metaphors that determine the imagery, choice of color palette, typography, and layout that help you capture what the book is all about.

Good luck! Generate excitement.

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Grab attention. The main goal of every book cover is to generate excitement. The cover is one of the best tools in your marketing arsenal.

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The book cover is the hook that will help you to promote your book. The book cover should show what genre the book is. Look at these two book covers. It is an easy task to understand what kind of books are in front of you, right? If your book is non-fiction, its cover should communicate the tone of the book. Pay attention to its scope. It is really cool when the book cover explains the scope of the book allowing the reader to manage her time. It is good practice to look at bad design examples too. Unfortunately there are so many bad cover designs.

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Be careful with fonts and stock images. Create a Realistic Book Cover in Photoshop Look at this step-by-step Photoshop video tutorial and see how easily the book cover design process could be!

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This one of the simplest but still useful. Designing Book Covers Tutorial Advanced This is advanced level video tutorial, but why not have a try? Plus, the best ideas often come to you when you're not thinking about work or your to-do list at all. If you need a burst of creative inspiration, Instagram could be that spark.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Arnold Haultain was born in India to British parents but Hints for Lovers (Illustrated) - Kindle edition by Arnold Haultain. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Arnold Haultain was born in India to British parents but lived most of his.

Innovative creators and brands also amass millions of Instagram followers; the inspiration game is a big business. While the photos and videos filling many Instagram accounts delight and entertain with beautiful composition, celebrity selfies or raccoons that think they're dogs , others find unusual ways to use the medium and give your brain something to chew on. So give your thumb some exercise and check out these creative and thought-provoking Instagram feeds that can inspire your own work.

His feed is a collection of sketches, doodles, animations and finished artwork. Every blog post is chock-full of interesting nuggets of insights on topics of creativity, learning, life, love and more. Popova is a fanatic reader and absorber of information, and she culls what she's learned from books and interviews with inspirational creators, authors, musicians, artists and very smart people. If you find difficulty finding the time to read her epic Sunday newslett er all at once, Popova's Instagram feed is like Brain Pickings "light," providing a few excerpts and highlights throughout the day.

Does it ever like your phone is your entire world? It is for Anshuman Ghosh, too.

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Challenging the perception of what's real and what's not, he creates mini iPhone-sized screens with paper. He proves that you can be creative with even the smallest of canvases. If we could easily return to our carefree childhood selves, we'd all be oozing with creative ideas, right? In this feed, Angie Keiser captures the imagination and creativity of her 6-year-old daughter, who she calls Mayhem.

Her form of expression?

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Dresses made out of paper. What started as an idea to have a little fun became a full-blown obsession for both mom and daughter, whose materials include construction paper, tissue paper, wrapping paper, gift bags and whatever sorts of other paper they can get their hands on. The elaborate paper dresses are inspired by those that appear on red carpets and ideas from Mayhem's own mind.

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Be bold! For, were one to allow his lips to remain centered, there would be wide expanses of lips, untouched and, therefore, wasted. Each of the entries includes fascinating descriptions, fun tidbits, and detailed artwork that makes it easy for readers to identify their own beach discoveries. Our Publishing Partners. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.