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Format: Paperback. This book is an extraordinarily powerful novel about power, life, love, loss and revenge set against the backdrop of atrocities perpetrated by the Pinochet regime in Chile from onwards. It opens with a heart-stopping scene set in , which sets the tone for the whole book and makes the reader realise that there are going to be some events in the novel that are hard to stomach, then flips back to and the disappearance of Charlie's father which is the catalyst for everything that happens afterwards.

We are introduced to the powerful Tomas Abrego and his family who are Charlie's link to Chile - one he will revisit repeatedly through the years and to whom he is inextricably connected in a myriad of complex ways. There are so many interesting and thought-provoking themes running through the book.

The Pawn Isolated: Valeant, Philidor and the Annals of Fraud

Naivete is a big one. The naivete of Charlie and the Abrego sisters as they meet in their youth and become friends, unaware of the tensions between their parents.

The naivete of Charlie in his early days as a journalist reporting on events in Chile, believing that as a journalist and a Westerner, he is somehow separate from and protected against the atrocities being committed by the regime he is exposing; and how the characters have their illusions exposed - sometimes brutally - over time. The book explores the complex nature of relationships and how we can be torn apart by conflicting emotions. How bonds formed early in life can remain strong and have a stranglehold on us, even in the face of compelling opposing forces and against our better judgement and how it can be very hard to battle against them, even while we strive to prove we are dispassionate or they run contrary to other emotions in us.

However, hard we try to step outside ourselves and remain impartial, we are all human in the end. The background of the political upheaval in Chile and the atrocities that occurred at that time are fascinating and appalling. It is a period of history I knew a little, but not much, about before I started reading but it is beautifully interwoven into the book in a way that made me want to explore more about the period. Having a deeper picture of what went on made me angry and so extremely sad. You can't help be moved by this book, particularly as the characters are so beautifully drawn and the novel so well-plotted that you become quickly invested in what is going on, which makes it all the more painful and shocking.

To begin with, I found some of the prose a little dense and convoluted for my tastes; I had to concentrate very hard at times to follow the course of the over-long sentences that slowed the pace at the beginning. I eventually got past this and settled in to the authors' style of writing and this would be my only minor criticism This book is a stunning piece of political fiction and I would highly recommend it to anyone curious about this period of South American political upheaval.

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Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Like he did in his earlier novel The Collection of Heng Souk, Wilsher is fascinated by political uprisings and social unrest, but likes to view it through the perspective of the individual, not of the government or those in power.

Wilsher is fascinated by guilt and morality, and how politics can shape those choices, making the unconscionable action acceptable and the noble action dangerous.

Christine Jones

That he does all of this while telling a love story that spans decades, as well as telling a family saga, all combines to make The Glass Diplomat a satisfying, rich read, one that is undeniably political while also being extremely personal. Hence, I agreed to read his next and kinda enjoyed this one too. He knows his father was killed but have always wanted to find the people behind this childhood tragedy. How far does he go to find the culprit, and whether or not he is able to do justice to his father, makes the rest of the story.

What I Liked As mentioned earlier, the book is a political story with familial drama thrown in, that spans decades. I liked the idea of the story. It is gripping and touching at the same time.

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Other characters such as Maria and Sophia are important as they, together, form the nucleus of this sentimental story. Although it is enjoyable, I found it to be stagnant at places. Uh-oh, it looks like your Internet Explorer is out of date. For a better shopping experience, please upgrade now. Javascript is not enabled in your browser.

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Mariard Volume 2 Glass Pawns (Mariard Glass Pawns) eBook: Christine Jones: Kindle Store. Mariard Glass Pawns [Christine Jones] on *FREE* Mariard Glass Pawns Paperback – April 11, Book 2 of 2 in the Mariard Series.

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