Roman Roads Reader: Drama and Lyric

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The course also includes a pdf of a student workbook, which includes the same questions as the online quizzes, although in short answer format, not multiple choice. I worked through this curriculum myself, rather than have my 15 year old son use it. The lectures from Wes Callihan were comprehensive and well thought out. Many of the plays have a back story that Greeks would have known, but we would not necessarily know today.

The quizzes were relatively easy, and the online grading was convenient. Roman Roads includes pdf files with the curriculum that include all the texts read in free editions. This program is geared for 8th grade and up, and I think that is about right. Before I started I thought the Histories unit might be kind of boring, but Callihan held my interest and made me want to watch more! There is very little difference between the DVD sets and the online version.

Old Western Culture: The Greeks from Roman Roads Media {Schoolhouse Crew Review}

The people behind Roman Roads come from a conservative Reformed Protestant viewpoint, and I am a liberal Catholic, so I am pretty far apart from them theologically. I am planning to use this with my son next year for literature and history. Read more reviews of this and other products from Roman Roads here.

Classic Christian works are included in the series, including some not on the Great Books list. In the introduction to The Greeks , course teacher Wesley Callihan presents a great explanation of how the Enlightenment influenced the generally-accepted lists of the Great Books, and resulted in the exclusion of many classic Christian works—some of which he will be teaching in this course.

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This is particularly true of Christendom series. Each course is presented in four units, with 12 lessons per unit.

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It should take about nine weeks to complete each unit, although an alternate schedule shows how each unit might be completed in as little as seven weeks. The amount of reading is about 30 to 40 pages a day with the nine-week schedule, so I would be very cautious about shortening the schedule. Each unit has its own theme. There is also a streaming option that you might consider.

There are separate student and teacher books for each unit.

Rhodes to Rome

The teacher edition is the same as the student workbook but with answers overprinted. If you prefer, you may purchase a print edition of the workbook that has the student pages at the front and the answer key presented separately at the back. Each unit begins with one or two introductory lectures.

Students answer questions in the workbook after watching each lecture. After the introduction, students immediately begin to read the assigned pages in the work being studied.

Roman Roads Reader Drama and Lyric Old Western Culture by Greek Poets Information

Video lessons continue along with both Lecture and Reading questions. These might be used for discussion if someone is available with whom to discuss them, but they might also be used as essay assignments. For each unit, students will write a to word term paper, and some of the Discussion Topics would be great for those papers. If hubris was a fatal flaw, then why was humility not considered a virtue? Lectures, which are all presented by Wesley Callihan, reflect his Protestant theology. However, his treatment of issues about which Protestants, Catholics, and Orthodox might disagree are handled so fairly that I would recommend these to Christians whatever their denomination.

The exception to this is when Christopher Schlect takes over lectures for the period of the Reformation. Schlect's lectures have much less to do with the great books that shaped that period, seeming much more like an apologetic for Protestantism.

Old Western Culture: A Christian Approach to the Great Books

For example, he has nothing but admiration for Thomas Cramner, and Schlect extols his authorship of the Book of Common Prayer. However, he gives no credit to the Catholic sources on which the Book of Common Prayer was based. Five lectures by Schlect comprise a significant part of the Reformation segment of the course, yet this is a relatively small part of the entire Christendom course.

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Although Therese hasn't gotten to the th quarters of this program yet, there is no way that I was going to wait to check out the lectures! Lord Lytton produced a popular translation and William Gladstone also wrote translations during his last days as Prime Minister. Then send it to yourself, or a friend, with a link to retrieve it at any time. The first line in the Aeneid is completely referencial to the Iliad and Odyssey. The American poet, Robert Frost , echoed Horace's Satires in the conversational and sententious idiom of some of his longer poems, such as The Lesson for Today , and also in his gentle advocacy of life on the farm, as in Hyla Brook , evoking Horace's fons Bandusiae in Ode 3.

The contrast between Schlect and Callihan is significant. Callihan is clear about his own religious viewpoint, yet he recognizes that Catholics also played a huge role in the development of western culture, and he respectfully acknowledges this. Lectures make readily apparent Callihan's complete familiarity with each of the works he discusses.