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On the Google search results page a small snippet highlighted gives some information about the result.

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Although Google decides what to display in this section, you can make a suggestion to Google by using the meta-description tag in your HTML. Clear description is important because once you get listed on the search engine results page SERP , you want to convince the user that your result is better than the ones above and, most certainly, those below you.

The meta-title and H1 headline should be logically related, as meta-title is like a promise, which the headline and the rest of the page fulfil. In many cases it makes sense to have the same H1 as your page-title, which is just fine, though you are also missing out on an opportunity to diversify your SEO-keywords. H1 can give confirmation to the user that he or she landed on the right page.

A Minimalist Guide to SEO: Get It Done in 6 Simple Steps

Not quite as old as the Bible, hyperlinks are definitely as old as the Internet itself. It works particularly well if the links come from highly trusted sources, such as Wikipedia. If your content is valuable for others, there is nothing wrong with contacting relevant influential blogs or websites hinting them about linking to your content.

Your website structure can grow into something of a content-tumor with information piling up in corners. Make sure a user can easily navigate to every valuable section of your website.

Don’t Forget These Basic SEO Strategies

Google can only travel through your website by following the links. Design the information architecture and your navigation elements as the main navigation. The only really important thing is, that they will both work and that one redirects to the other. Now go on and try it for your own website in your browser and either save yourself from ongoing embarrassment or give yourself a pat on the back. Good example: feel free to check out our design portfolio and some of our clients.

Google gathers all the anchor texts and loves to understand what it is about. A picture is worth a thousand words. From a search engines perspective, this is plain wrong! Depending on the subject of the website, this may bring you visitors through Google image search! Ever noticed how you like looking at faces and clicking on images more than on long sections of text?

1. Get your page titles right

If you think about it, when someone is searching for budget template in Google, they probably want to see a list post of different budget templates that they can use on their own. Some of the results are hair salon websites; some are blog posts. Google dominates the market because of the sheer size of its index, as well as the way it calculates page relevancy: i. Of course, more specialized search engines also exist. Would Google start to think that something fishy was going on, and devalue the importance of those links?

And if you have hours left, spend it on wonderful content. Great content makes the Internet go around.

6 Simple SEO Tips For Small Businesses - Search Engine Land

You can search by keyword or phrase in the text. Pages analysis allows you to compare up to three pages - Title of page, description of page, headlines the h1, h2, h Check whether the alt is fill up and check the density of words on the page. Headers from the server respond with a brief description of the response.

SEO for startups in under 10 minutes

At the same time, you can check up to 5 sites. The tools to transform the text.

You will find such things as removing paragraphs, change the case of text, some of the tools for working with HTML text. Words tree shows several parallel sequences of words.