The Angel of the Prairies; A Dream of the Future

The OA Part 2 Episode 2: Treasure Island Recap
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OA wanted to get to Homer, and willed herself to where he is. We know Hap, Prairie and Steve made the jump to the third dimension, but what of the others? No trivia or quizzes yet. Item s unavailable for purchase. Dream of the Red Chamber Book 1 Illustrated. William Andrus Alcott.

She suggests they discredit Hap instead of trying to wake up Homer. Roberts is watching them behind the 2 way glass mirrors, so they can put on a show for him. OA wonders how they can talk without words, which gives Rachel an idea. She goes to a stack of board games and knocks them onto the floor, scattering the pieces. See, CURI was based on a graduate thesis, written by a Russian student at the Sorbonne about a mystical phenomenon in Germany in the s, where a few dozen psychoanalysts discovered their patients were dreaming the same dream. The rivers of Berlin were running red with blood , men in black shirts, paired snakes.

I mean, this was a decade before the Nazis… Books have been published on it. Karim asks if Ruskin developed the game through the use of dreams. Then he guesses that it was Rhodes who designed the game, but she quit when she realized children were involved. She quit because a line was crossed, but not a moral one. I quit because Ruskin crossed that boundary. If something from a dream enters the waking world, well that is unnatural.

Rachel uses the pieces of the board games to play a game like charades. She holds up a green house from Monopoly, several kids from Candyland teenagers , and the playing board from Risk, which is a map, as Renata supplies. Hap returns to the clinic and discovers that Prairie is with the rest of the patients. Dr Roberts is excited that Rachel has had a breakthrough in communication.

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In retrospect, it seems obvious for them to have tried a picture board or a basket of objects. Hap was purposely holding back her communication skills. Rachel continues her explanation, picking up a tulip. He starts shouting and creates chaos. The orderlies use a taser on Scott. Hap orders OA, Scott and Rachel put into isolation. Roberts is stunned that everything went wrong so quickly. Karim retrieves the drone. Rhodes rewards him with a blanket and a story. Rhodes explains the process of collecting and making sense of the dreams, which Carmen already explained.

Rhodes tells him that when thousands of dreams are analyzed and turned into images, the patterns can be seen. Within a week, the probability of coincidence was gone. The green puzzle house, obviously. CURI was how Ruskin found ridesharing and blockchain. Both were confusing at first, but made sense after enough analysis.

The game was designed to lure them to it. To prepare them for it. To help Ruskin figure out what it is. So she was the student who wrote the precog Nazi dream thesis. Mo calls to let him know that Nina Azarova owns the house, through a Russian trust. Karim connects the house and the clinic on a map of San Francisco. Liam is not brain dead, as has been reported by multiple authorities. I can hear them. Every time. Hap has Liam laid out on an examination table, with the back of his head immersed in water so that the water gets in his ears. It grows a small upright stem and leaf.

There is a locked door at the end of the lab, with another keypad. Once Liam has been removed from the main lab room, Hap comes out of the locked room, implying that he took Liam into the secret lab. He hands Rachel a bunch of tools to sterilize. Rachel does. Hap goes to the other end of the lab to divest himself of his lab uniform. Rachel creeps into the locked room and is horrified by what she sees. She starts to cry as Hap drags her out of the room. They wrestle and fight, until Hap shoves Rachel to the concrete floor. She bangs her head and bleeds profusely.

As she lays dying, the camera slowly moves closer to her face, then her eye, and into her pupil. Fiery red sparks fly through her pupil, until they coalesce into the Crestwood neighborhood where the boys live. The front door is open at one house. Just in case anyone missed that the girl Karim is looking for in the other dimension is Buck in this dimension. As Rachel gets closer to the mirror, we hear the whoosh sound that heralds the arrival or departure of a soul. There are several times that it seems like OA and Homer have a subtle psychic connection that neither is aware of yet.

The brain seed and its activation in the house, which stimulates it to grow into a plant, is just weird, at this point. But what is the meaning of it? As in Part 1, gardens, trees and plants are a motif. Fola was correct in her assumption that the game was connected to the house and preparation for the house.

What is it that she considers so unnatural? Something going on in the house? I have a sense that Karim may have entered another state when he went to Dr Rhodes house. It played out very much like a fairy tale. For the record, this is his process of getting there and getting information from her, in fairy tale language:. Karim got the address from Mo while in a boat on the water in the Bay.

Then he took a long drive through woods and mountains to the bookstore, where a wisewoman helped him and gave him an item that would help him find what he needed, the book, The Parable of the Sower. He followed another wisewoman up a tall mountain to a secret place in an old forest where a witch lives in isolation. His gift was outside the door, but the door was open, inviting souls to enter, but suggesting the book was only enough to get him a meeting, not enough to pay for what he needed.

He passed through the house, as if it was a portal. On the other side, The witch, Dr Rhodes, mingled a robot and crows very symbolic in folklore and spoke of prophetic dreams. She tells him her secrets, but not all of them. He is skeptical of some, but she tells him enough to convince him her secrets are true, and that he is her successor, the one who needs to figure out the magic that she could not.

She shares all she can with him, without endangering him more than necessary, for there are evil forces at work here. He descends from the mountain to fulfill his quest and move to the next level of growth. Karim has been on a journey through time and space all along during these two episodes, and female helpers have regularly appeared to assist him: Mrs Vu gave him the quest, Mo is his trusted partner though she works in the background who also represents life, Fola, Carmen, the bookseller, the delivery woman, and Dr Rhodes have all given him the next step or clue at the right time.

Fola and Rhodes also mentored him. Dr Rhodes has flown with the crows for many years, making her magic exceptionally powerful, but also connected to death, as well as prophecy. Could the movements of the crows and the drone mimic the 5 movements that facilitate interdimensional travel? Is that what Dr Rhodes was perfecting?

What Does 'The OA' Stand For? Prairie’s New Name Has A Significant Meaning

Was she teaching the crows to do the movements for her as much as she was teaching the drone to blend in with the crows? The one thing missing from the fairy tale is food or drink. He did have the beer at the bar with Carmen, with the prophetic bottle cap, no less, so that may be what began the spell that drew him to Rhodes. It seems like a stretch to count it as food coming from her, though. Did Rachel write it there herself, hoping Prairie would notice? Did Prairie notice, but stay silent about it? Did Rachel visit the FBI as a disembodied spirit, or did she jump into another body?

Maybe Rachel has jumped into Elias, since her name is behind him, at his place of work? The color red also makes it significant. It was a life changing event for Rachel and killed her brother. In this episode, Treasure Island, Rachel makes contact with Buck. Is he connected to her brother in some way? The veil between dimensions is thinning, and events from other dimensions are bleeding through.

She favors perseverance and avoiding distractions. Hap is playing his games like battles, and has turned interdimensional travel into a war, when it should be a mystery to unfold. He keeps a band of hostages to do his bidding and facilitate his research, but ultimately, he works alone. His concept that his prisoners are his collaborators is a delusion. The other characters are frequently stuck and might take years to get past the obstacle. Some are more persistent than others, but as a group, the 2 heretofore separate branches are able to explore mysteries, even though the outside world threatens to turn the members against each other.

Does death unstick you in other ways that allow dimensional travel? Is that how Rachel got to Crestwood? When you die without preparation, can you will yourself to a certain dimension? Is that what Rachel did? Does death unstick you in time, from loved ones, or from the tether to your own parallel selves?

Or are you reincarnated in another dimension? He crawls through ducts tunnels and we now know D2 Homer reaches into the duct for himself. Then he eats the sea creature anemone from the glass aquarium in the Treasure Island rec room. I think colors in the red family have something to do with reaching the next spiritual level.

Karim drives an orange car, and discovered the dreamers while in a glowing red light. In his NDE, Homer is wearing pink and eats orange.

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In retrospect, in Part 1, purple shows up at several moments that are important. Part 2 seems to be focusing more on red and orange, so far, judging by the car and the window. Karim is already evolved and acts as a spirit guide, as evoked by his solitary nature, his home in water, and his use of orange to move through the world. The question is, where does he guide spirits to and from?

In this dimension, does a guide function more as a detective, helping others solve the mysteries of the universe? Fola seemed to recognize him as someone who could help her solve her mystery. So did Mrs Vu and Donald. People are willing to break solemn agreements to give him information. They implicitly trust him, for no good reason, just like they do with Prairie. Is he another important angel? In the Middle Ages, Virgil was thought of as a great prophet and magician. Is Karim a spirit guide, prophet and magician? The OA could be described that way.

For a more official reading, there are as many interpretations of the meaning of individual cards in a fortune as there are decks and fortune tellers, but the basic meaning of the 5 of hearts is :. As a teenager growing up in the remnants of a gated community near Los Angeles, she begins to develop a new belief system, which she comes to call Earthseed. Society outside the community walls has reverted to chaos due to resource scarcity and poverty, and mixed race relationships are stigmatized amid attacks against religious and ethnic minorities.

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She gathers followers along her journey north and founds the first Earthseed community, Acorn, in Northern California. There are obvious elements that The OA has in common with this story.

Both Crestwood, the neighborhood from season 1, and Treasure Island, are forms of exclusive gated communities which are broken. The characters are all kept in prison-like environments that become their whole worlds for all or part of each season. Empathy has played an important role in the series, which has a female lead, like the book. Could the 5 levels be used for preparation to leave earth before disaster destroys it? Is the fifth level of dimensional travel to a moon within the rings of Saturn? What is the connection between space and dimensional hopping?

Dr Rhodes was examining dreams, and saw more than she wanted to see. Maybe she saw much more than she let on to Karim or Ruskin. Maybe she saw signs of the end of the world. She might have been looking through recent memoirs for mentions of the same ideas she was seeing in the dreams, to get an idea of how close to the end we are. Ghost in the machine? Is that you? These long episodes take forever to recap. This is really a 10 episode season. Retired unschooling mom and former teacher living in Albuquerque, NM. Feminist, gardener, vegetarian, theatre enthusiast, traveler and chronically ill companion to an excessive number of pets, plus my long-suffering husband and daughter.

Also mother to wandering son and son-in-law. View all posts by Metacrone. Thank you so much for this insightful post which is so much more than just a recap. I watched Part 1 three times and as I begin watching Part 2 for a second time, my experience of it will be made richer having read your post. As a beleaguered Art Director working for a cable television network in New York City, my attention is often divided and even though I attuned to mysticism especially in the context of the OA storyline, I tend to miss some of the details that you write about here.

Like Like. Your insights and research are helping me greatly as I watch alone in my Los Angeles apartment and freak out at everything that both feels familiar and incomprehensible. Thank you for providing this vehicle for community and discussion.

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They all should have been living independent lives scattered around the country. It comes down to what each of them was thinking about and wanted when they jumped. OA wanted to get to Homer, and willed herself to where he is. Hap probably wanted to go someplace where he could continue his research and continue to have access to his captives, so he could make them help him jump again when he was ready.

Rachel and Homer, and probably Scott and Renata, wanted to stay together so they could get revenge on Hap in the next dimension. Plus, according to information given later in the season, it makes sense that they are all bound together at this point and living lives in proximity to each other in the dimensions that are close to the original dimension.

Thanks for the reply. Did they actually belong in a psychiatric clinic? The only reason they would have to be there is if Hap schemed to get them there, but Hap was Dr. Percy before the jump and they were already there. I can make a few educated guesses as to why Scott, Renata and Rachel were committed. Rachel was there because of her disability.

Scott was a down and out drug addict in D1 when Hap found him. Renata was a rebellious, gender non-conforming musician in Havana. USD 0. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift.

The Angel of the Prairies: A Dream of the Future (Forgotten Books)

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