The Good Son: The Life of Ray ,Boom Boom, Mancini

The Life of Ray ‘Boom Boom’ Mancini: The Good Son
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The Life of Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini

After the mills at Youngstown Ohio closed for good. Lenny Junior returned to the sport, saying he had some unfinished business. As his style was not suited to the amateurs. And America was falling in love with the Mancini story. Following the violent death of his older brother Lenny. Ray jumped straight back into the ring, with tunnel vision and determination to achieve his goal of a world championship.

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Failing in his first attempt at the WBC world championship. Ray Mancini would finally claim the WBA world lightweight title in Gary M. But it is another father and son that give this documentary its emotional resonance. While Miller poignantly films scenes of these strangers connecting, these moments also seem a bit forced. It seems odd that this interaction is their first after three decades. There is no articulated motivation about why these men choose to meet now, other than for the sake of this film.

If this sounds epic, it is - and yet it is not a long book. I can think of no other book so packed with information that is such an easy read. For the two days that it took me to read it, I resented every brief conversation that took me away from it. Even more shocking is the evidence Kriegel presents to suggest that Richard Greene, who refereed the fight between Mancini and Duk-Koo Kim in which Kim was killed, did not commit suicide a few months later out of guilt or grief, but is more likely to have been murdered.

Kriegel is so precise in his reporting that I could spot only one possible error; Mancini is introduced to a well-known actor, who later complains that Mancini was so aloof and so full of himself that he shook hands disdainfully with his fingertips. While this might indeed have been intended as a slight, it seems that neither the actor nor Kriegel are aware that top-level boxers are often protective of their hands, on which they depend so much, and tend to avoid conventional handshakes, opting instead for light fist-bumps, hugs or quick squeezes with the fingertips.

But, aside from that, Kriegel gets everything right. He seems to be somewhat fixated on relationships between fathers and sons, the focus of his previous books, which I have not read. Oct 07, Dimas rated it really liked it. I'm one of the young folks out there who can still call themselves a boxing fan.

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What I am not, however, is a boxing historian. So any chance I can get to read up on some of the old-time guys, I take it well, old-time for me. I'm in my early 20s. A couple of months ago I found out that veteran sportswriter Mark Kriegel was writing a book about Ray Mancini, one of the most popular boxers from the 80s. I have, however, heard some details about his battle with Duk Koo Kim, a championship fight that was so brutal, Kim would end up losing his life. That fight is covered extensively in the book, and it sort of represents the start of the end for Mancini as a boxer.

After that bout Mancini would fight eight more times, losing four of those battles.

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Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Here is the story not just of the rise and fall of a great prizefighter from a hard-luck industrial town—rendered, throughout, with tremendous heart—but of fathers and sons, and brothers , of America's hunger for mythic heroes, of the tragic collision of two lives. Certificate: Not Rated. Release Dates. But he would lose the fight and die during the process. Jun 30, Rating: B Full Review…. Documentary Biography Sport.

That bout also represents the split of the book. Kriegel takes a chapter out to tell the story of Kim and his upbringing. It truly is mesmerizing stuff and easily the most memorable portion of the book. Kudos to Kriegel for doing the in depth reporting and making sure Kim is represented well. Kriegel really is a beast of a writer. If there's a weakness in the book, it's parts of the conclusion. I don't want to say too much, but the fate of Boom's parents seems kind of skimmed over.

The Good Son: The Life of Ray Boom Boom Mancini

But those are minor grips for a book that I found fascinating. Oct 21, Marcia Ferguson rated it really liked it. Seldom have I come across a book on the "NEW" table and snatched it up immediately.

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Directed by Jesse James Miller. With Ray 'Boom Boom' Mancini, Mickey Rourke, Ed O'Neill, Mark Kriegel. The outcome of the WBC Lightweight title bout. The Good Son: The Life of Ray ',Boom Boom', Mancini and millions of other books are available for instant access. view Kindle eBook | view Audible audiobook.

The thought of reading about Boom Boom Mancini and his boxing career was a surprise, and a must-have. If not, we're just lucky. The book was a page-turner and I'm always impressed by tons of footnotes and an index in the back of the book. Well thought out, and pro Seldom have I come across a book on the "NEW" table and snatched it up immediately. Well thought out, and professionally written.

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I appreciated the photographs and wish there were more. The tragedy of Duk Koo Kim, and the attention the writer paid to Kim's family added another dimension. Any tale of fathers and sons is irresistible; obviously Ray was a caring father. I would have liked more detail about Ray today, and also whatever happened to Diana Louise Kirkwood. But what came across was something very difficult to achieve I was a fan Nov 01, Jeffrey McKinley rated it it was amazing.

Touching book about a boxer who achieves his dream of winning the title his father never got a chance to win and the guilt of having killed a man in the ring. Ray Mancini's story was something seemingly crafted by a gifted screen writer, especially on the day he knocked out Frias in the first round to win a title. But less than a year, after 14 brutal rounds, his opponent would never regain consciousness, tainting the story book tale with blood.

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This is one of the best boxing books I have read in a long time. Nov 15, Scott Holstad rated it it was amazing. Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini was my favorite boxer as a young teen, and remains my favorite even today. He could knock the living daylights out of you, could take a punch, and his story was awesome. Until tragedy struck. I assume most everybody knows about it, and it takes up a large portion of the book, but the author does a great job of treating it with dignity and respect.

Boom Boom was born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio, a rust belt former steel town with a big Mob presence. His dad had been a fi Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini was my favorite boxer as a young teen, and remains my favorite even today. His dad had been a fighter and was the number one challenger in the world, up for the title fight, before World War II called and ended his career with a drastic injury.

Ray grew up idolizing his father and it seems like he always wanted to be a fighter. He decided early on that he would one day win the world championship that eluded his father, and he would do it for his father. And he fought with fury. He had real presence about him, a magnetism, charisma, and since I lived in the Pittsburgh area with Youngstown so close by, he felt like a homeboy to me. Oh yes, I rooted for him. He trained hard and he fought hard. Forgive me if I don't get my facts straight, but I read this in e-book format and can't go back to look up the figures, but by age 20 or so, Boom Boom was something like or , most with knockouts.

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He was a lightweight. When he finally won the world championship, you feel like cheering alongside Ray. He fought a few more fights, but as is the case, you have to fight the top challengers to hang onto your belt, and in , an unknown South Korean named Duk Koo Kim was the top challenger. Watching video of him, Ray and his team felt like he mirrored Ray in never stepping back, in always pursuing with dogged tenacity, in taking punches, and dealing out punishment.

Ray, always confident, was a little worried, but he trained hard and when it came time for the fight -- which I think was held outdoors in Reno -- he was ready. But the fight was difficult -- for both fighters. They pummeled each other. They held nothing back. They both bled and bruised and inflicted pain. It was a 15 round fight and it was pretty even until the 14th, when Ray caught Kim and knocked him out with a series of blows. Ray's family and team rushed the ring, and he celebrated, but he missed seeing Kim taken out on a stretcher to a local hospital, where tests showed he had severe bleeding in his brain.

He wasn't going to live. Within about three days, Kim was dead and a lot of people now viewed Mancini as a murderer. It was devastating! He couldn't believe it. And he thought, as did others, it could have been him. This death in the ring was the beginning of the end for Boom Boom. He'd fight about eight more times, losing four, getting abused twice by one person who won the belt off him Bramble. His heart wasn't in it anymore, so he retired. At age 23 or However, the book is a lot more than just this. It shows Ray meeting his virginal Cuban American wife in Miami, courting her, marrying her and having three children together.

Ray even tried to go into acting, getting some bit parts. Sylvester Stallone did a movie of the week of Ray, starring Ray. The book also has a chapter on Kim, and his upbringing, from a hard childhood to his eventual boxing stardom. It shows the pregnant fiance he left behind, his mother, his family. Ray was further devastated when Kim's mother committed suicide three months after his death.

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Everywhere he went, people asked him about it, and he just wanted to leave it in the past, haunted the whole time by it. Eventually, Ray screwed up and went for another girl, an actress, was caught by his wife, who divorced him, but who remained a good parent with him for their children. In this book, we see Ray's father, Boom, getting dementia, his brother Lenny getting shot to death. There's a lot of tragedy in this book, as well as honor and excitement. It's a well researched book and surprisingly meaty for being so short.

Kriegel could have butchered Mancini -- an easy target for some -- but he treated him and everyone in the book with the respect they deserved, and I thought that was classy. I especially enjoyed the section when Kim's fiance and son came to California to visit Ray and help heal him of his demons. Even if you're not a boxing fan, this book has enough human interest in it to make it appealing to just about anyone. Jul 12, Paul Pessolano rated it liked it. Now, before you quit reading, this is much, much, more than a story about a boxer.

Ray grew up in Youngstown, Ohio which was going through a terrible time with the steel mills shutting down and the mob running the town. Ray, at the time was commanding the biggest gates and payoffs in boxing, until he met Duk Koo Kim from South Korea.