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Geflügelte Worte, Georg Büchmann
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It took a gun to get him into this. Now he needs a gun to get out. They spent countless days dreaming of escaping their small town—and then Tommy vanished. More accurately, he ceased to exist, erased from the minds and memories of everyone who knew him. Everyone except Ozzie.

When Ozzie is paired up with new student Calvin on a physics project, he begins to wonder if Calvin could somehow be involved. But the more time they spend together, the harder it is for him to deny the feelings developing between them, even if he still loves Tommy. So when she receives an invitation from her childhood friend to leave her small town and tour art schools on the west coast, Kiko jumps at the opportunity in spite of the anxieties and fears that attempt to hold her back.

And now that she is finally free to be her own person outside the constricting walls of her home life, Kiko learns life-changing truths about herself, her past, and how to be brave. Writing in a dictionary format, Macy explains the world in her own terms. Grace Salter is the new girl in town, whose family was run out of their former community after her southern Baptist preacher mom turned into a radical liberal after falling off a horse and bumping her head.

Rosina Suarez is the queer punk girl in a conservative Mexican immigrant family. They form an anonymous group of girls at Prescott High to resist the sexist culture at their school. Told in alternating perspectives, this groundbreaking novel is an indictment of rape culture and explores with bold honesty the deepest questions about teen girls and sexuality. When the one teacher who really understood her — Mrs. With the help of an insightful therapist, Sparrow finally reveals the truth of her inner life.

Meg hates being alone, but her ADHD keeps pushing people away. It offers an intimate glimpse into the causes and devastating impact of Latino gang violence, both in the U. She gets thrown out of school. The only thing going right for Ava is her job at Magic Kebab. Which is where she meets Gideon, a poet and collector of vinyl records with an aversion to social media.

He lives in his head. She lives in her grief. The only people who can help them move on with their lives are each other. As she drifts further away from her family and closer to her dream of being sponsored, a terrible accident threatens any semblance of peace and happiness she has left. Instead of closing herself off to the people she loves, Emmy must learn to rely on those she has pushed away. Until a new family moves in. The problem, she fears, is her mind. It might not be suitably broad because she had to leave school to take care of little Jer.

In this rough-and-tumble frontier town, Jane is going to need every bit of that broad mind and sturdy constitution—not to mention a good sense of humor and a stubborn streak a mile wide. Ricky is trained, armed, and sent to battle government troops alongside his brutal kidnappers, but over his two and a half years of enslavement, he never stops dreaming of escape. Here also is the story, set twenty years later, of a fictional character named Samuel, a boy deathly afraid of trusting anyone ever again, and representative of the thousands of child soldiers Ricky has helped rehabilitate as founder of the internationally acclaimed charity Friends of Orphans.

Not just because it seems like her best friend has found a newer, blonder best friend. Or that her dad is the new stay-at-home parent. She has realized that she has seventeen hairs that have formed a mustache on her upper lip. Debut author Wientge tackles the uncomfortable—but all too relatable—subject of female body hair and self-esteem with this sweet and charming novel in the tradition of Judy Blume. Chub sets off to bring down an evil empire—and inadvertently become the least likely hero of Alanmoore Middle School. When her parents take a job running Stagecoach Pass, a rundown western theme park in Arizona, Aven moves with them across the country.

She bonds with Connor, a classmate who also feels isolated because of his own disability, and they discover a room at Stagecoach Pass that holds secrets. Graphic Novels ab ca. But something eerie is happening in town, leaving the local afterlife unsettled. Blue has to find a way to protect Hamal, even if it means… leaving him. Reborn as a boy named Soupy, she meets Remy -Ramshackle- Smith, a hobo who takes her under his wing.

Set in , this is the story of two misfits with no place to call home, who build a relationship during a train hopping journey toward the sunny promise of California. But one day, Adrienne starts hanging out with Jen, the most popular girl and leader of a circle of friends called The Group. A collection of essays, interviews and accounts on what it is to be a woman in the 21st century.

Keep telling your stories, and tell them loud. Jerkins is only in her twenties, but she has already established herself as an insightful, brutally honest writer. Be inspired to find your own path to feminism. Queeren Figuren? Hier hatte er den vielen Analphabeten ihre Post vorgelesen. Erst im Krankenhaus kommt Rashad wieder zu sich. Quinn ist schockiert. Ist sein Freund, der Polizist, ein Rassist? All Sunny wants to do is be able to play football and get through another day of school without being bullied. But once she befriends Orlu and Chichi, Sunny is plunged in to the world of the Leopard People, where your worst defect becomes your greatest asset.

Their mission is to track down Black Hat Otokoto, the man responsible for kidnapping and maiming children. Hilfreiche Bauern verstecken die beiden Schwestern in einer kleinen Kammer auf dem Dachboden. Fast drei Jahre lang leben sie dort in drangvoller Enge und sehnen sich nach frischer Luft und Bewegung. Als Witwe hat sie in der indischen Gesellschaft jede Existenzberechtigung verloren und wird von der Schwiegermutter versklavt.

Ganz unten angekommen, findet sie Hilfe und einen Ansatz zu einem weitgehend selbstbestimmten Leben. Ob das Blau des Himmels oder der Glanz in den Augen des anderen, obwohl es die aus Japan stammende Familie im Amerika der er Jahre alles andere als leicht hat. Doch Natasha soll noch am selben Abend abgeschoben werden.

Bisher wissen nur seine Freunde Essie und Felix Bescheid, die bedingungslos zu ihm halten und mit denen er jede Peinlichkeit weglachen kann. Und warum fasziniert ihn der geheimnisvolle Neue in der Schule so sehr? Ziel der beiden ist das Meer, an das Long Danzi einen wertvollen und geheimnisvollen Drachenstein bringen will. Salamanca besucht alle Orte, die auch ihre Mutter besucht hat. The crowds that come to the circus see a lively animal who plays soccer and balances on milk bottles, but Hastin sees Nandita, a sweet elephant and his best friend.

Hastin knows that the only way they will both survive is if he can find a way for them to escape. At least the dumplings are delicious. As the month passes by, Pacy eats chicken feet by accident! She desperately wants to fit in and be like everyone else, but instead she is ridiculed and made to feel different because she is Japanese.

But when Aunt Waka comes to visit, she teaches Rinko the importance of her Japanese heritage, and the value of her own strengths and dreams. There is an odd feeling around the house; while outside, in the wild and untamed forest, a mysterious animal moves through the shadows. Hiroshi, likewise, must give up his home and his hopes of winning the rokkaku kite-fighting championship with Grandfather. Faced with language barriers, culture clashes and cousin rivalry, Skye and Hiroshi have a rocky start.

But a greater shared loss brings them together.

DRACHENZÄHMEN LEICHT GEMACHT 3 Trailer German Deutsch (2019)

They learn to communicate, not only through language, but through a common heritage and sense of family honor. At the rokkaku contest at the annual Washington Cherry Blossom Festival, Hiroshi and Skye must work as a team in order to compete with the best. When nine-year-old Jess arrives in Thailand and accidentally breaks a special family treasure, it seems to only get worse.

At thirteen, Negi yearns for her own bed, privacy, and a life with her father, who remains in Puerto Rico. When Negi defies her mother by going on a series of hilarious dates, she finds that independence brings its own set of challenges. Eine Autobiografie, kein Jugendbuch. Her mother says she has to take every opportunity. She accepted a scholarship to a mostly-white private school and even Saturday morning test prep opportunities. But some opportunities feel more demeaning than helpful. Friendships, race, privilege, identity—this compelling and thoughtful story explores the issues young women face.

Can Teenie get her act together in time to save her friendship with Cherise and save herself from a potentially dangerous relationship? Sharon G. Miss Saunders is tough, and through this, Maleeka learns to stand up to tough-talking Charlese. Shelia P. Tough because Daddy is away with the army fighting in Iraq. Joseph struggles to keep Mama clean while trying to make new friends and join the school tennis team. The judge gave him a year in a group home—said he had to write in a journal so some counselor could try to figure out how he thinks.

The judge had no idea that he actually did Miguel a favor. Fearing he stole it, she too keeps it secret. She learns it comes from the distant colonized planet of Malem, where her father caught the illness that eventually killed him. When she is training to be a translator, she is co-opted into travelling to Malem. But how will she find out who that is when no one can know that she, an off-worlder, has a Malemese diamond? Her world is rocked when a year-old African-American boy, Emmett Till, is killed for allegedly whistling at a white woman.

In the hot summer of , twelve-year-old Patsy takes care of her three younger sisters. After boarding the first-class train car at Michigan Central Station in Detroit and riding comfortably to Cincinnati, Patsy is shocked when her family is led from their seats to change cars. As summer wears on, Patsy must find a way to understand her experience in the colored car and also deal with the more subtle injustices that her family faces in Detroit. Stevie is a bookworm, yet she longs to fit in with the cool crowd. With the assassination of Dr.

But what starts as a series of angry grumbles soon turns to brutality as Anniston residents show just how deep their racism runs. Sarah Dunbar is one of the first black students to attend the previously all-white Jefferson High School. An honors student at her old school, she is put into remedial classes, spit on and tormented daily.

She has been taught all her life that the races should be kept separate but equal. Forced to work together on a school project, Sarah and Linda must confront harsh truths about race, power and how they really feel about one another. All Sunny knows is that people from up north are coming to help people register to vote. And things get even trickier when Sunny and her brother are caught sneaking into the local swimming pool—where they bump into a mystery boy whose life is going to become tangled up in theirs.

Following their cultural tradition, they will plan an arranged marriage for her. And until then, dating—even friendship with a boy—is forbidden. When Naila breaks their rule by falling in love with Saif, her parents are livid. Convinced she has forgotten who she truly is, they travel to Pakistan to visit relatives and explore their roots. Despite her greatest efforts, Naila is aghast to find herself cut off from everything and everyone she once knew. Her only hope of escape is Saif.

Emily M. Cam is soon forced to move in with her conservative aunt Ruth and her well-intentioned but hopelessly old-fashioned grandmother. Survival in Miles City, Montana, means blending in. Then Coley Taylor moves to town. Beautiful, pickup-driving Coley is a perfect cowgirl with the perfect boyfriend to match. She and Cam forge an unexpected and intense friendship — one that seems to leave room for something more to emerge. Then, Tommy vanished.

His older brother Bosten is always there to defend Stick. Molly knows that promises are often broken, so she hatches a plan to bring her mother home: Win the Lakeville Middle School Slam Poetry Contest. But as time goes on, writing and reciting slam poetry become harder. Who cares about walking when you live to run?

As she struggles to cope with crutches and a first cyborg-like prosthetic, Jessica feels oddly both in the spotlight and invisible. But Helen Keller needed more than a teacher. And if anyone was a match for Helen, it was the girl they used to call Miss Spitfire. Everything changes when Joey meets Dr. Charles Mansell and his baby chimpanzee, Sukari. Her new friends use sign language to communicate, and Joey secretly begins to learn to sign. Als Ben im Nachlass seiner Mutter einen geheimen Hinweis entdeckt und Rose sich eine einmalige Gelegenheit zur Flucht bietet, ergreifen die beiden Kinder die Chance und riskieren alles, um das zu finden, was sie so sehr vermissen: Freundschaft, Liebe und Geborgenheit.

Denn Ali ist stark, fair und unbesiegbar. Zusammen mit seinem ebenfalls krebskranken Freund Felix erstellt er eine Liste mit Dingen, die er unbedingt noch erleben will: einen Weltrekord aufstellen. Teenager sein. In einem Luftschiff fahren. Ihm ist unbegreiflich, wie der Rundfunk seine Gedichte ablehnen kann. Adrian sieht sich als missverstandener Intellektueller und allein gelassen im Kampf gegen eine uneinsichtige, unsensible Umwelt. Darauf stehen drei Adressen. Tu endlich was! Doch als mit Ruby, dem Elefantenbaby, eine neue Attraktion in die Mall kommt, wird Ivan aus seiner Lethargie gerissen.

Ari nicht. Ari fallen Worte schwer und er leidet an Selbstzweifeln. Dante geht auf in Poesie und Kunst.

Full text of "New English-German dictionary = Neuestes englisch-deutsches Wörterbuch"

Ari und Dante werden Freunde. Wie es ist, so richtig reiche Eltern zu haben wie die Scheffel-Reibachs? Eines Tages macht er eine schockierende Entdeckung: Er ist unsichtbar! Fleur hat sich ihn ausgedacht!


Was in der Zeiten Hintergrunde schlummert; [31]. Wo findet es sich aber in dieser Form zuerst gedruckt? Gechannelt durch Greg Giles - ascensionearth In the present chapter, however, I focus on the place of Ostalgie in cinema, a forum that, at the end of the s, was one of the first to bring the word to widespread public awareness. The majority of lesbians, however, were lower-middle-class women who hid their sexual identity by engaging in discreet social and sexual relationships. Die Liebe ist der Liebe Preis, [43]. Manchmal haben wir uns als ein Raumschiff gezeigt, damit ihr die Wahrheit lernt.

Lo, und reist in einem schwebenden Auto quer durch die USA. Erst in letzter Sekunde wird das Schreck-Dou mal wieder vom reichlich aufgeblasenen Superhelden Captain Saubermann gestoppt. Joshua steht vor der Frage: Superschurke oder doch lieber Held? So ist er gezwungen, sich zu verstecken. Luke ist beeindruckt von der Tatkraft und der Lebenslust, die Jen aufbringt.

Strengthened by an unexpected friendship and a caring teacher who gives her a chance to step into the spotlight, Grayson might finally have the tools to let her inner light shine. He loves pitching for his baseball team, working on his graphic novel, and hanging out with his best friend, Josh. But Shane is keeping something private, something that might make a difference to his teammates, to Josh, and to his new crush, Madeline. Als die Nazis ihn nach seiner Flucht aus dem Ghetto entdecken, wird er im Traum auf wundersame Weise vom Helden aus seinem Lieblingsbuch gerettet.

Sofort herrscht Chaos: Ein Unfall? Ein Anschlag? Was sollen sie selbst tun? With minimal food to eat and harsh living conditions threatening his health, Jack manages to survive by thinking of his family. Noch keine deutschsprachige Ausgabe, Poignant and comlex, these two characters will give readers glimpse into perhaps the most tumultuous time in modern American history.

But then Auntie Snowdrop gives Michael a medal, followed by a photograph, which begin to reveal a hidden history. A story of love and loss. Nick is stranded on the plantation, forced to work as a servant to the new rulers. As life in the village grows more dangerous for Nick and his young friend, Mya, they plan their daring escape. Und: Es gibt bessere 2. Nothing, that is, until his eleventh birthday.

But one day, other tower blocks on the estate start falling down around them and strange, menacing plants begin to appear. His best friend Tommy abandoned him. One day, he sees a creature that looks kind of like a large dog, or maybe a small boar. And as he watches it, he realizes it eats plastic. Only plastic. He has never been the tallest. Or the best at gym. He was a star on his cricket team. But when his father suddenly sends the family to live with their aunt and uncle in America, nothing is familiar.

While Bilal tries to keep up with his cousin Jalaal by joining a baseball league and practicing his English, he wonders when his father will join the family in Virginia. But playing baseball means navigating relationships with the guys, and with Jordan, the only girl on the team—the player no one but Bilal wants to be friends with. Enlisting the aid of the Lost Boys, Jax and his friends battle fairy tale villains to see who can get their hand, or their hook, on it first. Hauptfigur; noch keine deutschsprachige Ausgabe, Under the tutelage of a lizard guide named Henrietta Peel and an aeronaut Vijay, the Farah and her friends battle camel spiders, red scorpions, grease monkeys, and sand cats.

Hauptfigur, noch keine deutschsprachige Ausgabe, The stray dog was ugly, and a thieving rascal, too. But he sure was clever, and a smart dog could be a big help on the wild Texas frontier, especially with Papa away on a long cattle drive up to Abilene.

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But can Travis do the same for Old Yeller? His father, unable to accept Habo, abandons the family; his mother can scarcely look at him. His brothers are cruel and the other children never invite him to play. Only his sister Asu loves him well. Then, the family is forced from their small Tanzanian village.

Seeking refuge in Mwanza, Habo and his family journey across the Serengeti. His aunt is glad to open her home until she sees Habo for the first time, and then she is only afraid. Suddenly, Habo has a new word for himself: Albino. But they hunt Albinos in Mwanza because Albino body parts are thought to bring good luck. A man, a woman — a blood clot. Kristian and Mette met twelve years ago; they have a house and children.

That all changes in a single stroke. The film opens with the audio of a call to emergency services. We are immediately drawn into the intimate space that the film creates between the audience and its subjects. The year-old man has to re-learn even the simplest things — walking, setting the table. Mette does everything she can to get him out of the rehab clinic and back home as quickly as possible. But he has changed. Sine Skibsholt and her crew followed the couple and their children for a year. Yet the film succeeds in respecting boundaries, although it documents, among other things, the sorrow of irretrievable loss.

Ruti Murusalu, born in Tartu, is a scriptwriter, documentary filmmaker, and producer. She studied education, theatre, and psychology before working as an assistant director, director, and producer for Estonian television. Over the years, she has made dance her specialty. The Tallinn Ballet School is home to fledgling dancers, young talents with ambition, and ballet divas.

The film is a cross-generational look at an institution. Since its founding in , the Tallinn Ballet School has launched many dance careers. Director and dance expert Ruti Murusalu draws a portrait of the renowned training institute as a place where different generations of dancers cross paths. It starts with the very little ones, who receive stringent instruction in the basics at the barre. Then there are the young adults, close to graduation, and the former ballet stars, who teach, judge, and counsel the up-and-coming youngsters.

The film follows the dancers closely, especially her. From the harsh practice regime that takes everything out of her, both physically and mentally, we also accompany her to international competitions and performances. The film makes it crystal clear how much work and stamina, as well as how many tears, go into fulfilling the dream of becoming a ballerina. Estland , 53 Min. Aber als Mensch war er auch sehr zerbrechlich. Rivo sei ein Psychopath, diagnostiziert ein Arzt im Krankenhaus. Bald darauf nimmt sich der Mann, mit dem sie das Leben geteilt hat, das Leben. Rivo was a soldier in the Afghan war.

After Hanna left him, he took his own life. The film deals with the topic of post-traumatic stress disorder. But as a person, he was also very fragile. But his return to a life without military equipment, uniforms, and a chain of command results in a breakdown. He constantly struggles with himself and his environment; his days consist of confusion, arguments, and tears.

A hospital doctor labels him a psychopath. After four years, Hanna gives up, leaves him, and moves to Australia. And soon thereafter, Rivo, with whom she has shared her life, takes his own. Director Keedus documents these events in the past tense, combining footage from army camps in the Helmand province of Afghanistan with interviews with Hanna, while entries from her blog are read in voice-over. These fragments highlight precisely how the individual experience of war remains a void in our society. Estland , 55 Min.

Sulev Keedus, geboren , ist ausgebildeter Musiker und schloss ein Studium der Erziehungswissenschaft in Tallinn ab. Keedus ist seit freischaffender Filmemacher und hat bislang vier Spielfilme und 14 Dokumentationen gedreht, darunter u. Sulev Keedus, born in , is a trained musician. He completed studies in education in Tallinn in , then in screenwriting and directing at the VKSR in Moscow in When Russia decides to hold the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, it marks the end of an idyllic era in a village founded by Estonians.

The village of Estosadok, founded by Estonian settlers near Sochi not far from the Russian Black Sea Coast, boasts fertile soil, an excellent climate, and a breathtaking mountain panorama. A small community of Estonian origin lives in this glorious and peaceful corner of the world — until , when Russia decides to hold the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Now a section of the village has to give way to a ski jump. Instead, they must stand idly by while business people and the government ruthlessly develop the surroundings.

Natural features are indiscriminately destroyed. The courses of streams are changed; highways and train lines are built; hotels and housing are erected. In the end, Estosadok is part of a lifeless ski resort. Ein herrliches und friedliches Fleckchen Erde — bis zum Jahr Ein Teil des Dorfes soll einer Skisprunganlage weichen. Estland, AT , 46 Min. Man kann sein Leben nicht bestellen wie eine Pizza. Das Zusammenleben ist nicht immer friedlich, doch die Nachbarn bilden auch eine Gemeinschaft, in der man sich kennt und hilft.

Sie sitzen in der Gartenschaukel, spielen Karten und feiern Grillfeste. Social housing in the north of Helsinki is slated to be torn down; soon the residents will have to move out. The director documents life in her former neighbourhood. In the 60s, the Finnish state built social housing here that became home to many people. Now one of the buildings is scheduled to be torn down.

Photographer Heidi Piiroinen once rented a one-room flat here. She documents everyday life in the housing community with her camera, up to the day of the move. Life together is not always peaceful, yet the neighbours form a community, in which they know and help each other. They sit on the garden swing, play cards, and have barbecues. Teenagers skate in empty spaces; men reminisce about the war. Then it comes time to take the curtains down. Finnland , 47 Min. Heidi Piiroinen, geboren , lebt in Helsinki.

Heidi Piiroinen, born in , lives in Helsinki. Life for Aisku, Elsa, and Alisa revolves around one thing — hobbyhorsing. Atop a wooden steed, among likeminded people, they can be their real selves. The equestrians compete against each other at tournaments all over the country. Aisku also has high ambitions and is already a sought-after coach. And sensitive Elsa is mostly just happy to have found a place in this community where she feels at ease. Auch Aiksu ist sehr ambitioniert und bereits ein begehrter Coach.

Finnland, SE , 90 Min. Humans have been fascinated by fire, water, earth, and air since antiquity. For the ancient Greeks, the four elements were the basis of all existence — for each of the protagonists of this film, one of those elements is the basis of everything they do.

There is an Austrian base jumper, who not only experiences an adrenaline rush during freefall, but also a sense of the sublime. A Finnish free diver, who feels free in the complete solitude under the ice. The Spanish fire-fighter, who battles fires with all his strength, yet still harbours a fascination with the flames. And finally, the Austrian cave explorer, who forgets time on his days-long expeditions deep into the rocks. The filmmaker spent four years with these four, all of whom push the envelope.

With impressive imagery, she shows each of them in their element, allows them to talk about their thoughts and feelings as they face it. Natalie Johanna Halla, geb. Natalie Johanna Halla, born in in Linz, is the director, writer, and producer of numerous documentaries, most of which deal with social and humanitarian issues.

Deutsche Premiere Do So 4. Miikka has shot more than 1, hours of footage so far, most of it of dragonflies. When he was six years old, Miikka saved a dragonfly in his classroom that was about to be stomped on by another boy. This film documents an obstinate passion. It combines home video footage that the now year-old Miikka has been making since he was a child, with interviews, creating an unbiased portrait.

At the same time, the film shows us a young man growing up — Miikka used his camera to document not just the world of insects, but also himself getting older. Der Film zeigt eine eigensinnige Leidenschaft. Finnland , 63 Min. Und immer wieder bei Demos. The mood is tense in Finland — the flood of refugees, combined with cuts to social welfare programmes has pitted people against each other. The search took her to racist rallies, soup kitchens, the local pub, and refugee centres. And many demonstrations. Her film shows a divided and emotionally charged country, in which the necessary reasoned debate hardly seems possible.

Oula and Tapsa are one model of what that might look like. Despite opposing convictions, they are respectful in their discussions with each other. Where, you might ask? In the sauna, of course. Finnland , 93 Min. Elina Hirvonen, geboren , ist Schriftstellerin, Journalistin und Dokumentarfilmerin. Elina Hirvonen, born in , is a writer, journalist, and documentary filmmaker. She studied literature at Turku University, and documentary filmmaking at Aalto University in Helsinki. The purpose-built town of Visaginas was meant to be the future. But 40 years after its founding, prospects are uncertain for the former Soviet showcase project.

In aerial view, Visaginas was supposed to look like a butterfly, with four wings, one for each nuclear reactor. It was built from the ground up in northeastern Lithuania in to house workers at the Ignalia nuclear power plant. But now its future is uncertain; the Soviet Union is a thing of the past, the atomic piles long since shut down. What remains is the largest pocket of the Russian-speaking minority in Lithuania. She met people who refuse to be beaten down despite the gloomy outlook, who continue to cultivate their traditions and culture, and see Visaginas as their home.

They have not given up on the dream of a community, but because of their presumed loyalty to Russia, they face increasing hostility. Die Retortenstadt Visaginas war mal die Zukunft. Menschen, die den Traum von der Gemeinschaft noch nicht aufgegeben haben, sich aber aufgrund ihrer vermeintlichen Russlandtreue zunehmenden Anfeindungen ausgesetzt sehen. Dora ist arbeitslos und in finanziellen Schwierigkeiten. Sie nimmt das Angebot an. Wir sehen Menschen bei der Arbeit zu, und wir sehen die Entbehrungen, die diese Arbeit mit sich bringt.

Wir stinken, sind schlecht gelaunt und geschafft — und alles dazwischen. One woman, together with 24 men on a fishing boat in the North Atlantic? Dora is unemployed and in financial difficulties. She accepts the offer. Then, because the job was her last resort, off she went. This film shows life at sea, its unadorned images underscored by gentle guitar sounds. We watch people at work, and we see the hardships this kind of work entails. Dora has been at sea many times before, but never as a cook.

Dora shoulders a great deal, including not least of all, the recurring weeks of separation from her loved ones. Island , 52 Min. He teaches film at FNV university. Internationale Premiere Fr 3. Baldvin Z, born in , originally worked for television as an editor, cameraman, and producer, and shot commercials and music videos.

Deutsche Premiere So Fr 3. A film about the curious and tragic life of the super-strongman. He bent handcuffs as if they were paper clips and tore iron chains in two. Back then, everybody in Iceland knew about the man who everyone called simply Reynir the Strong.

That includes Baldvin Z, who says this film was a labour of love, who was fascinated even as a child by the strongman and escape artist. Using archive footage, and interviews with friends and family, he draws a picture of an energetic, yet oddly hidden man. He grew up in care homes and was dismissed by many as a simpleton, but his unusual strength afforded the truck driver a modicum of fame. He even drew some attention as an inventor. But paranoia, alcohol, and violence also played a role in his life, which ended in an early death.

This cinematic portrait often leaves you speechless. Island , 87 Min. Und erfunden hat hier anscheinend jeder schon mal etwas. A place where golden hands, a talent for improvisation, and inventiveness still have value — the garage co-op as a retreat for the post-industrial proletariat. The Soviets once erected entire villages of garages on the outskirts of their cities.

These days, Latvian men indulge their individuality at garage co-ops — with no interference from wife and children. In these sheds, amidst the junk parts and motor oil, these outwardly normal men create entire worlds. They weld, hammer, fiddle about, and barbecue. One might be building animals from scrap metal; another is researching a rather ominous electrotherapy. One is tending birds; the other is forging his first coat of chain mail. And it seems everybody here has discovered something at least once. The film gives us an entertaining look inside a microcosm for men.

And both men and women seem to agree it helps keep a marriage healthy. Lettland , 37 Min. Ihre Arbeiten werden europaweit in Ausstellungen gezeigt. She works in Riga as a multi-media artist and set designer, and her work is shown in exhibitions world-wide. Sie arbeitete als Regieassistentin bei litauischen und internationalen Produktionen und wurde u. Jurate Samulionyte, born in , completed her film studies in She worked as an assistant director for Lithuanian and international productions. Vilma Samulionyte, born in , is a photographer.

Her photos have been in numerous exhibitions in Lithuania, Denmark, and the Czech Republic. Weltpremiere So Fr 3. But Ella turns back, driven by love. Then the iron curtain separated her from the rest of her family, and all traces of Ella were lost. When she was 72, she killed herself; her life remained a mystery to later generations of the family. In unhurried, rhythmic sequences, underpinned from time to time by a lovely soundtrack, the film unfolds from a family story into a reflection on the cruelty of the 20th century. Ella kehrt um, der Liebe wegen.

Sie wird ihre Familie nie wiedersehen. Litauen, DE , 84 Min. Vor sechs Jahren begann der Krieg in Syrien. Lean singt ein Lied, spielt mit ihrem Onkel, teilt sich mit ihrer Schwester einen Lolli. A young girl travels with her family from Syria to Sweden. The war in Syria began six years ago. The film follows events entirely through the eyes of one of those children, allowing us to see it from the point of view of a very young refugee.

Three-year-old Lean is on her way to join her grandfather, who lives in Uppsala in Sweden. There is no narrative to accompany her journey; nor are there any explanatory interviews. Lean sings a song, plays with her uncle, and shares a lollipop with her sister. Those everyday moments in a situation that is almost beyond endurance become a symbol of a rigorous humanism. Norwegen , 70 Min. Seit arbeitet er als Kameramann und Regisseur. He has been working as a cameraman and director since As he stands before a court of law, one thing is clear — Noah has to change his ways.

This exceptional comingof-age docu-drama is based on real events. In , the Oslo suburb of Haugenstua was the focus of the Norwegian press. It was there that 19 young men, most of them teenagers, threatened and robbed young people of their own age. Jon Haukeland takes that attack as the starting point to tell the story of Noah. He was peripherally involved in one of the cases, but at trial he gets off lightly. In still, pleasant images, the film gives amateur and professional actors a lot of space, and makes it clear how difficult it is to adapt to a new life.

In ruhigen, wohlkomponierten Bildern gibt der Film Laiendarstellern und professionellen Schauspielern viel Raum und macht deutlich, wie schwer es ist, sich in einem neuen Leben einzurichten. Norwegen , Min. Sie spielen, basteln, feiern Geburtstag, tragen ihre Konflikte aus — immer liebevoll begleitet von den Erzieherinnen und Erziehern, die eben gerade nicht erziehen, sondern den Kindern stattdessen erlauben, sich zu entfalten. Ein stiller Protest sei ihr Film, sagt Margreth Olin.

Man sieht Erziehungsinstitutionen danach mit anderen Augen. One year in a Norwegian kindergarten. The film shows how important unbiased attention, unregulated play, and friendships are to children. Acquiring skills and learning basic knowledge have become the order of the day even in kindergarten these days. Here, you learn what growing means in the forest.

Margreth Olin calls her film a silent protest. Silent, perhaps, but extremely effective. After watching the film, you will look at educational institutions in a different light. Norwegen, , 90 Min. Mit dem u. Margreth Olin, born in , went to college in Volda and then studied media and communications in Bergen and Oslo. She has made numerous prize-winning shorts and documentaries since Sie hat Film in New York studiert. Elsa Kvamme, born in New York in and raised in Oslo, founded one of the first free theatre groups in Norway.

She studied film in New York. Eugenio Barba began revolutionising theatre in in an Oslo air-raid shelter by founding the Odin Teatret theatre collective, which still exists today. The Odin Teatret abandoned traditional venues to appear in parks and on streets. A paragon of exuberance, theatre founder Barba allowed his actors to develop pieces themselves, and the stage was open to spontaneity. Director Elsa Kvamme, a former member of the troupe, dug up many archival recordings for her film. Here she speaks with the theatre-makers -- characters one and all -- and we learn something about unconventional and effective methods of organising our lives and work.

Every time routine threatens to set in, Eugenio Barba creates an earthquake and shakes up the group. One year, he leaves the Odin Teatret and goes to live on a dollar a day. Immer wenn sich Routine einzuschleichen droht, veranstaltet Eugenio Barba ein Erdbeben, das die Gruppe neu ordnet. Norwegen, DK , 66 Min. The seal hunting trade in Norway is finished. But despite an EU ban and the withdrawal of subsidies, an old skipper and his crew take to the seas one last time.

Hunting harp seals is a centuries-old tradition in Norway. In some families, generations of men have taken to the seas between Greenland and Iceland, where the animals, prized for their skins, gather on the ice. But seal hunting has long since fallen into disrepute. Public outrage, an EU ban on trade in seal products, and the withdrawal of state subsidies spelled the end.

One hundred years ago, ships regularly set out on the hunt; today only one remains. Along with his first officer Espen, he hired a crew. Without being judgemental, the two filmmakers accompanied the ship on the hunt. Norwegen , 98 Min. Gry Elisabeth Mortensen, geb. Gemeinsam mit Trude Berge Ottersen, geb. On the first day of school, Sofia and Max face new demands in a strange world.

The film is a sensitive look at how they get their bearings bit by bit. Sofia and Max are now of school age and everything has changed. They must be quiet when the teacher is talking. The camera follows the two five-year-olds close up and at eye level as they gradually get their bearings in the new surroundings, with its many rules.

Filmmaker Janne Lindgren takes her subjects seriously and is interested in the details of the little dramas along the way, whether successes or frustrations, as they squirm through the first tests, or despair at the thought of reading. Lindgren gives us a unique insight into the educational system — from the perspective of the children who are expected to integrate into that system. Sofia und Max sind jetzt Schulkinder, und nichts ist mehr wie zuvor. Sie sollen still sein, wenn die Lehrerin etwas sagt. Norwegen , 45 Min. Denn Kabeljauzunge ist nicht nur in Norwegen eine beliebte Delikatesse.

Sie zeigt, wie sie zwischen Arbeit und Kinderpartys, Schneidewettbewerben und der Dorfpizzeria zu guten Freunden werden und dabei eine stattliche Menge Geld verdienen. According to an old Norwegian custom, it is children who cut the tongues out of the cod. Nine-year-old Ylva lives in the city. Like her mother, her aunt, and her grandfather before her, Ylva want to work as a tongue cutter. And since time immemorial, young children have taken on the job of cutting the tongues out of the fish. Cod tongues are a delicacy, not just in Norway. Solveig Melkeraaen, geboren , hat Dokumentarfilm an der Hochschule in Lillehamer studiert.

Neben kurzen Spielfilmen und Auftragsarbeiten realisierte sie bereits mehrere dokumentarische Arbeiten. In addition to narrative shorts and commissioned work, she has made several documentaries. Kersti Grunditz Brennan is a filmmaker and editor. A look back at a glamorous era. Beginning in the s, Harry Schein was one of the most influenctial people in the Swedish film industry. Using archival material and interviews, the film reconstructs his turbulent life. Born in in Vienna, Schein was sent to Sweden by himself at the age of 11 by his Jewish mother, where he managed to survive as a refugee, and go on to a career.

He was married to the actress Ingrid Thulin for more than 30 years. In the s, Harry Schein focussed his energy above all on committed political opposition to the growing resurgence of right-wing extremism. Mehr als 30 Jahre war er mit der Schauspielerin Ingrid Thulin verheiratet. In den Neunzigern hat sich Harry Schein vor allem politisch gegen den wiedererstarkten Rechtsextremismus engagiert. Jahrhunderts wuchs Hervor Wester als uneheliches Kind auf. Ihr Enkel bringt ihre Erinnerungen in Wasserfarben auf die Leinwand. Juni wurde in Stockholm ein Bastard geboren.

Dieses Kind war ich. Berichte von einer Kindheit ohne Vater in einer grausamen Zeit. In early 20th century Sweden, Hervor Wester grew up as an illegitimate child. With hand-painted watercolour animations, her grandson brings her memories to the screen. That child was me. Now he has turned it into an atmospheric animated film. This is an account of a growing up without a father in a cruel era. Hervor lived in foster families and homes — and from time to time with her mother, Ada, for whom getting through every day was a gruelling battle.

Schweden, NO , 57 Min. Westers Arbeiten waren bereits international bei zahlreichen Einzel- und Gruppenausstellungen zu sehen. His work combines painting, text, sculpture, video, and film, and has been seen internationally in numerous group and solo exhibitions. Sie arbeitet als Journalistin und Projektmanagerin in der Medienbranche.

She works in the media industry as a journalist and project manager. Denize and Filip are expecting a baby. A period of deep grief begins. It is rare for a documentary film to have such intense proximity to its subjects. With its conscious lack of distance to its subjects, it breaks the silence that the bereaved often still encounter in our societies. Denize und Filip erwarten ein Baby. Aber in der In seiner bewussten Distanzlosigkeit bricht er das Schweigen, dem Trauernde in unserer Gesellschaft oftmals noch immer begegnen.

Schweden , 78 Min. Dann steigen Menschen in einen Bus. Eine Mediation in durchkomponierten Bildern, ohne Dialoge. Two sisters are clearing out a large middle-class flat following the death of their aunt. The place was once their home, occupied by their family for generations. Layer by layer, their memories are exposed.

Observations on a country road in eastern Latvia depict what changes while all else remains the same, and what stays the same while all else changes. Seasons change; buildings persevere; the landscape remains vast. Sometimes a car drives through, or a horse runs by.

People board a bus. A meditation in composed images, without dialogue. Laila Pakalnina ist eine der renommiertesten Filmemacherinnen Lettlands und hat zahlreiche Kurz- und Dokumentarfilme sowie einige Spielfilme gedreht. She works as a visual artist and director. Finnland , 24 Min. Lettland , 25 Min. It was a place without class or age limits where people could provide rhythm to their day, let go of their worries while floating in the water, and find a sense of community.

Er hat mehrere Musikvideos gedreht. Nils Petter Devold Midtun has been a cinematographer for film, TV and commercials for more than 20 years, and has made a number of music videos. Siw Angell-Olsen is an assistant director and location manager. And Day-to-day Routine provides the usual — Satanists move in next door, the ceiling falls in.

Als William es ausspricht, hat Cecilie es schon kommen sehen. Die beiden werden ab jetzt kein Paar mehr sein. They drop ecstasy together one last time, embarking on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Rarely has the portrayal of a breakup been so convincing and universal. Zurzeit studiert er an der Filmschule Super He is a student at the Super16 film school. The idea that something might happen to him torments the year-old. And the thought keeps running through her head: what if she did something to hurt him?

Well-acted with vivid imagery, this film addresses the way that obsessive-compulsive disorder penetrates the surface of seeming normality. Lucas Helth, born in , attended the Station Next youth film school while he was in high school in Copenhagen. Dieses Winterwochenende will er mit ihm auf der Insel verbringen, auf der er als Kind mit seinem Vater war. An ihrem Geburtstag schleppen Freundinnen sie zur Aufheiterung in einen Klub. Doch das geht daneben. Since his divorce, Harri sees his year-old son far too seldom.

But he wants to spend this winter weekend with him, on the island he visited with his own father as a child. When they miss the last ferry, Harri takes the direct route across the ice. Helen is far from being over her divorce. On her birthday, her friends drag her to a club to cheer her up. But things go wrong. Eventually though, Helen becomes an intruder in the house where she lived with her ex. A subtle drama about letting go when a relationship is over. Anna Hints, geb. Tanno Mee, geb. Anna Hints, born in , studied literature, ethnology, photography, and film directing.

Estland , 19 Min. Olavis Ehe steht kurz vor dem Aus. Olavis Freund Thomas will helfen, aber wer hat hier wirklich ein Problem? In Berlin ist das Bier billig und das Leben leicht. He retreats to his holiday home on a lake with a pile of books, seeking peace. Sometimes you just feel like the roof is coming down on your head. By taking metaphors seriously — and expressing them visually — the film portrays hidden thoughts and fears.

Wonach dann bei Iuvenal 9, "O Corydon, Corydon! Nach Herders erst nach seinem Tode erschienener Recension Ausg. Suphan, Bd. II, S. Juli heisst es:. Akt, [S. In "Dichtung und Wahrheit" Buch gedenkt Goethe seines am Er schildert sich darin bei Tische zwischen Lavater und Basedow sitzend. In den "Leiden des jungen Werthers" B. II, unterm Dies deutet weiterhin auf Ovid , der "Met. In der "Iris" Jacobis , Bd. Auftritte des 1. In "Erwin und Elmire" a. Aus Goethes Ballade "Der Fischer" [26] wird citiert:.

In Musik gesetzt von Siegm. Seckendorff", Weimar , S. Das von Goethe am 7. September an einen [S. Briefes vom 3. Vielleicht zuerst von L. Das [S. Aus dem im 8. Der letzte Vers beruht auf 1. Korinther 10, ". Cicero pro Roscio Amerino 42, "Non in omnes, arbitror, omnia convenire"; Properz 4, 9, 7: "Omnia non pariter rerum sunt omnibus apta"; Tacitus "Ann. Zu Grunde liegt wohl dem Allem das freche "si libet, licet", was Julia zu ihrem Stiefsohn Caracalla sagte, als er sie zum Weibe begehrte bei Spartian : "Antonin.

Caracalla", c. In der "Terpsichore" I. Werke", her. Aus Goethes "Faust. Ein Fragment". Echte Ausgabe. Dies ruht auf 5. Buches von "Wilhelm Meisters Lehrjahren" erschienen und kommt in dem am Schlusse stehenden Liede des Harfenspielers gedichtet :. Werke 19, Dahinter steht bei Goethe ein anderer Gesang des Harfenspielers, welcher beginnt:. Goethe citiert sie in "Wahrheit und Dichtung", Juni ; Auftritt wird citiert:.

Aus Goethes ebenda S. Aus dem zu Schillers Todtenfeier am Huber, Lafontaine, Pfeffel u. Cotta; wiederholt und erneut bei der Vorstellung am Cotta Band von Goethes Werken erschienenen "Faust" wird citiert:. Sie kannten wohl die Lehre des Mani 3. Vorgestellet anno heisst es im "anderen Auftritt":. Nicht Goethes Erfindung, sondern ein altes Wort. Juli Morgenbl. Das war aber damals nur bei den in Chatham angefertigten Tauen der englischen [S. Seit besteht der Brauch in Englands Flotte. Dort sagt I, 6 der Tempelherr zu Daja: "Weib macht mir die Palmen nicht verhasst, worunter ich so gern sonst wandle".

Goethe mag hierauf, wie Schopenhauer "Par. Vers von Goethes am Zeller setzte es in Musik. Teile, im Buche, von "Dichtung und Wahrheit" gefunden, wo er kurz nach der Definition: "Genie ist die Kraft des Menschen, welche durch Handeln und Thun Gesetz und Regel giebt", sagt: "Wenn einer zu Fusse, ohne recht zu wissen warum und wohin, in die Welt lief, so hiess dies eine Geniereise, und wenn einer etwas Verkehrtes ohne Zweck und Nutzen unternahm, ein Geniestreich". Mai erschienenen Aufsatzes von Goethe :. I dieses Buches gebildete:.

Man hat wohl den Schlussreim des unter "Epigrammatisch" befindlichen, erschienenen Goethe schen Gedichtes "Grabschrift" beim Citieren damit verschmolzen:. Abteilung: "Jetzt da sich eine Weltliteratur einleitet, hat, genau besehen, der Deutsche am meisten zu verlieren; er wird wohl thun, dieser Warnung zu gedenken". Auch findet sich bei Goethe Cotta Endlich sprach er zu Eckermann Das ist der grosse Nutzen, der bei einer Weltliteratur herauskommt und der sich immer mehr zeigen wird".

Aus Goethes vollendetem, bei Cotta in Stuttgart erschienenen 2. Teil des "Faust" wird citiert:. Der Anfang eines Gedichtes des Johann Heinrich v. Schiller mag hierdurch zu den Versen seines "Siegesfestes" angeregt worden sein:. Seneca "de benef. Langhansens u. Gedichte, nach dem Tode d. Schlippenbach ", Mitau , S. Heines "Buch der Lieder" "Junge Leiden" Jahn "Mozart", T. IV, S. Zur Liebe will nicht: kann ich dich nicht zwingen. Man kann doch wohl niemand zur Liebe zwingen". Musen-Almanach auf das Jahr , S. Friedrich Ludwig Beneken setzte das Lied in Musik. Johann Heinrich Voss ist zu nennen wegen des im "Vossischen Musenalmanache" von befindlichen, von Joh.

Abraham Peter Schulz komponierten Liede. Die Stelle, nach welcher das Distichon gemacht ist, steht in Lessings "Briefen, die neueste Litteratur betreffend" Brief, , Nur muss [S.


Tiedge :. Die Verse des vierten Gesangs der "Urania" sind die citierten. Der Gedanke freilich ist nicht neu, denn schon Cicero , Laelius, cap. Kaufmann" von H. Der Anfangsvers eines Liedes von Chr. Overbeck , das zuerst im Vossischen Musenalmanach v. Ferner beginnt, auch in "Frizchens Liedern" Hamburg , S. Hurka komponiertes Lied Overbecks :.

Balthasar Gerhard Schumacher geb. Januar im "Flensburger Wochenblatt". Es beginnt also:. Aus Aug. Leipzig Lischke, jetzt Karl Paez erschienenen Liedes, welches beginnt:.

Flaschner , steht S. Koblenz das Lied dadurch um, dass er den 5 Strophen desselben 5 neue Strophen vorstellte. Regierungs- und Medicinalrate a. Weiterhin ruft der alte Moor:. Akt, Sc. Mannheim Gedruckt in der Buchdruckerei zu Tobolsko", S. In derselben "Anthologie" bietet in dem Gedichte: "In einer Bataille. Von einem Offizier", S. Dies wird also citiert:. Ferner finden wir in "Kabale und Liebe":.

Heft, S. Heft lautet:. Siehe "Et ego in Arcadia". Was in der Zeiten Hintergrunde schlummert; [31]. Mein Roderich! Mein Rodrigo". Die Sonne geht in meinem Staat nicht unter. Die erste Aldiner Ausgabe des Herodot wurde in Venedig gedruckt. Nach Edmund Dorer "An Calderon zum Mai " "Die Gegenwart", 4.

Juni , S. Hier ist die Stelle, wo ich sterblich bin; [37]. Zu Menschen sich verirrt? Die Liebe ist der Liebe Preis, [43]. Unrecht leiden schmeichelt grossen Seelen. Aus Schillers ebenda, IV. In dem Gedichte "Die Ideale" S. Verse der Schiller schen Parodie "Shakespeares Schatten". Aus Schillers "Hoffnung" Aus dem "Ring des Polykrates" S. In seinem im Okt.

Seneca : "Natur. In "Wallensteins Lager" , 5. Der Anfang der Kapuzinerpredigt [45] in "Wallensteins Lager" lautet:. Es treten im Lager zwei Arquebusiere auf, philisterhafte Gesellen, die sich zweimalige Kritiken zuziehen, im Diese Sage wurde zu einem Melodrama verarbeitet, in welchem ein dressierter Pudel die Hauptrolle spielte, der den Pariser Janhagel in Begeisterung versetzte. Der Pudel wurde jedoch heimlich verschrieben, Goethe ging am Abend der Theaterprobe, am In Goedekes "Historisch-kritischer Ausg.

Das Auge sieht den Himmel offen, [47]. Kapitel I. Der Anfang der "Piccolomini" lautete:. Clauren und gegen diesen geschriebenen Romans "Der Mann im Monde" noch bekannter geworden ist;. Simrock, "Quellen des Shakespeare", 2. Ebenda, S. Daraus wird citiert:. Aus der zweiten Scene des Prologes zur "Jungfrau von [S. Die Jungfrau von Orleans" u. Berlin, Unger erschien, wird citiert:. Ein Schlachten war's, nicht eine Schlacht zu nennen; [48]. Eine Geisterstimme", aus dem der Endvers citiert wird:. VI, 4, 2]: "nec esse ullum malum praeter culpam".

In der zweiten Scene wendet Gertrud ein Wort an, das nur die Wiederauffrischung eines alten Sprichworts ist:. Dem Mutigen hilft Gott! Graf zu Stolberg in seiner "Romanze" ; "ges. Was da kreucht und fleucht, [50]. Allzu straff gespannt, zerspringt der Bogen. Klingers Trauerspiel: "Die Zwillinge" , wo es 2, 2 heisst: "wir wollen den Bogen nicht zu stark spannen, damit die Sehne halte". Aus dem durch Schillers Tod unvollendet gebliebenen "Demetrius" citieren wir:.

Cicero "d. Marcelin Sturm , ehemaligem Augustiner". Keiner will dem anderen ausweichen. Nachdem sie ihre gegenseitigen Passagiere durchgepeitscht hatten, trennten sie sich. Diesmal gab jeder der beiden Reisenden ein besseres Trinkgeld. Wem entlehnte er diesen Schwank?

Durch Aug. Auch citiert man den Sammeltitel einiger Schriften Kotzebues :. Spiele, 9. Diesen Anfangsvers citieren wir in der Form:. Es steht in Splittegarbs Liedersammlung, Berlin , 2. Kirnberger in Berlin komponiert. Nach einer Familientradition war der Verfasser [S. Leiche" ausruft: "Welchen grossen Weltschmerz hat der Maler hier mit wenigen Strichen ausgesprochen". Wir aber brauchen "Weltschmerz" heut im Sinne von "schmerzlichem oder eingebildetem Ekel an Welt und Leben"; und dazu schlug abermals Heine [S.

Der Prediger Friedr. In "Zelters Briefwechsel mit Goethe" V. Wo findet es sich aber in dieser Form zuerst gedruckt? Frei-Corps", 1. Schliesslich citieren wir auch den Titel von Arndts zu Leipzig bei W. Danach sagt ein Fremder in einer kleinen Stadt nach der Mahlzeit zum Gastwirt, er habe so gut gegessen wie irgend einer im Lande. Als der Fremde dies bestreitet, muss er vor Gericht einen Gulden Strafe zahlen. Hegel s in der Vorrede zu seinen: "Grundlinien der Philosophie des Rechtes" :. Ense aus Joh. Berlin Juni " trug, "in Kommission zu haben bei W.

Es steht in dem von seinem Bruder August Wilhelm und [S. Schlegels Roman "Lucinde" Berlin entwickelt, in dem es S. Koberstein "Grundriss", 5. Auflage, 4. Hoffmann gewesen. Max von Schenkendorf "Gedichte", Cotta , S. Junius An Friedrich Ludwig Jahn. Nach R. Erst A. Roms", 5. Amadeus Gottfr. Benzenberg Hieraus entstand durch E. Das Buch le Grand", , Kap. Schon Maleachi 2, 10 ruft aus: "Haben wir nicht alle einen Vater?

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Roberts Schriften". Aus Roberts Gedicht "An L. Promenaden eines Berliners in seiner Vaterstadt" stammt das Wort s. Roberts "Schriften" II, :. Sie befinden sich auch auf seinem namenlosen Grabstein auf dem alten Dreifaltigkeitskirchhofe in Berlin vor dem Hallischen Thore. Theognis , Poetae lyrici graeci, ed. Castelli citieren wir:. Zuerst in "Moosrosen" auf das Jahr , herausg. Hitzig aus Kunersdorf geschriebenen Briefe vorkommt J. Hitzig: "Leben und Briefe von Ad. Chamisso", I. Weidmann, lautet die dritte Strophe:.

Max von Schenkendorf sagt in der vorletzten Strophe von "Schills Geisterstimme" :. Seneca "de provid. Tieck , Leipz. Das von Pius Alex. Ernst Benj. Dies Lied wurde in K. Holteis "Die Wiener in Berlin" 4. In seiner "Rede auf Jean Paul" Ges. Manteuffel , als er am 8.

Daher stammt der Ausdruck:. Consuls vom 4. Lami ", Magdeburg , S. Aus Ludwig Uhland s "Wanderliedern" 7, "Abreise"; Mai , zuerst gedruckt im "Deutschen Dichterwald", S. Der wackre Schwabe oft verwandelt in: Ein wackrer Schwabe forcht sich nit;. Ruhestunde" und:. Aus Joseph Freiherr v. Heine "Buch der Lieder", Vorrede zur 2.

Thiersch verfasst und steht in den "Liedern und Gedichten des Dr. Es erschien zuerst in seinen "Gedichten", Breslau , S. Sein auf Helgoland entstandenes Lied:. Delloye", Paris , 2. Serie, No. Juni lautet:. Ins Stammbuch" abgedruckte:. Dies entsprang den Versen der altschottischen Ballade "Edward, Edward" s. Percy: "Reliques of ancient english poetry", 2. Aus Heines "Heimkehr" No. Mein Liebchen, was willst du mehr?

Am Schlusse eines Gedichtes in der "Harzreise" ; Ges. In den "Englischen Fragmenten" , Kap. I, Im Vorwort zu A. XIV, , und im [S. XVIII, 79 u. Aus Kap. Magdeburg Campe mit einer Widmung an. Menzel "Litteraturblatt", Die obigen begeisterten einen Kandidaten der Theologie, A. Aus Gust. Aus den Gedichten von Karl Friedrich Heinrich Strass citieren wir den Anfang eines von ihm gedichteten, von Chemnitz umgearbeiteten und von C. Bellmann komponierten Liedes:. Darin heisst es S. Liegt aber diesem Hasse nicht der Gedanke zu Grunde: Wer nicht isst , was wir essen, der ist auch nicht, was wir sind?

Strophe 9, die sich wiederholt in No. Das vor entstandene, von Mendelssohn komponierte Gedicht Eduard Freiherr von Feuchtersleben s "Nach altdeutscher Weise" beginnt:. Johann Hermann Detmold , der nachmalige Minister und Bundestagsgesandte, schrieb als konservativer Abgeordneter der deutschen Nationalversammlung die vielbelachte illustrierte Satire "Thaten und Meinungen des Herrn Piepmeyer, Abgeordneten zur konstituirenden Nationalversammlung zu Frankfurt am Mayn". Heft 2 p.

Jahrbuch, , S. Aus denselben Heften ist:. In der No. Das Gedicht ist unterzeichnet G. Es wird aber behauptet, dass das Gedicht schon vor in Leipzig allgemein bekannt war. Aus Fritz Reuter s "Ut mine Stromtid" ersch.

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In der "Niederrheinischen Musikzeitung" von , No. Wagner antwortete darauf s. Schon in Rob. Schumanns "Gesammelten Schriften" Bd. Tapperts in dessen "Wagner-Lexikon", Lpz. Winterthur Variscus "Ethogr. Frischlini "Beb. Hermotimi", p. Aus der "Wacht am Rhein", gedichtet von Max Schneckenburger stammt:. Anton Langer in Wien verfasste im Aug. Als Antwort auf dieses antideutsche Pasquill schrieb F. Masaidek geb. Aus der Posse "Berlin, wie es weint und lacht" von David Kalisch stammt:.

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Merckel Berlin wieder abgedruckt wurde und in Paul Lindaus "Gegenwart" vom Griesheim verfasst haben soll s. Moser geb. Scheffel s In "Immanuel Kant. Ein Denkmal seiner unsterblichen Philosophie, dem deutschen Volke geweiht von Fr. Freystadt " 1. Jahrgang und Nummer giebt er nicht an. Dies Wort scheint frei nach Heinrich Heine gebildet zu sein, der im 2. II, 12 von Berlin "der gesunden Vernunftstadt" spricht. Julius Stettenheim s geb. Aus Wilhelm Busch s geb.

Als am 9. Ein sonst unbekannter, nun verstorbener Schriftsteller Hogarten ist der Verfasser des weitverbreiteten Verses:. In einem Feuilletonartikel "tote Seelen" in der "Neuen freien Presse" II, 81 ff. Ob mit Recht, bleibt noch zu erforschen.

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Andere meinen, Friedrich Gentz sei des Gedankens Vater. Franzos citierte sich dann selbst, als er Jan. Februar steht ein satirisches Lied von Karl Henckell geb. Davon stammt das Wort. Ranudo ist Anagramm von O du Nar r. Durch Schopenhauer "Die beiden Grundprobleme der Ethik" 2.

Schopenhauer sagt daselbst ferner:. Es findet sich im Dante, der das ganze Wissen seiner Zeit inne hatte, vor Buridan lebte und nicht von [S. Diesen Satz citieren wir englisch nach Pope, der ihn in seinem Lehrgedichte "Essay on Man" 2, 1 also wiedergab:. Aubertin "Hist. Dieser Vers wurde wohl dadurch angeregt, dass bei [S.

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