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Islamic Mediators Facilitate 'Two Legal Systems' in Germany
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Five sets of respondents explore the actors, factors and dynamics of violence in different settings among them Colombia, the UK, Nigeria, Mexico, Myanmar and Guinea-Bissau. They debate issues as diverse as the inter-connectedness of political, social and private violence, the need to work closely with government agencies, civil society and agents of violence, as well as the merits of specific participatory methodologies.

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They discuss what peacebuilding and other initiatives have achieved, and where they have fallen short. The Dialoge is rounded out by an introduction by the editors and a "response to the respondents by the lead authors". Lehrerinnen und Lehrer sehen sich vor neue Herausforderung gestellt, denn eine wachsende Zahl von Kindern und Jugendlichen ist selbst aus Kriegsregionen geflohen oder hat Verwandte oder Freundinnen und Freunde dort.

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It presents stand-alone articles as well as scholar-practitioner dialogues. Berghof Policy Briefs present commentary on conflict-related political issues and events. The short online format focuses on policy recommendations for political decision-makers, opinion-formers and influential civil society actors.

We also produce, in cooperation with external experts, multimedia materials videos, podcasts, DVDs, cartoons, posters, e-learning courses, etc. Berghof Papers cover policy, research and practice reports and contain selected in-depth contributions to the fields we work on. They are written by Berghof staff and invited affiliates, partners and guest researchers. The Berghof Glossary on Conflict Transformation defines and discusses 20 core terms related to conflict transformation, which shape the work of the Berghof Foundation.

Local Governance in Yemen. Theory, Practice, and Future Options. This work focuses both at the local level in Hadhramawt and Dhamar and at the national level, to improve inclusivity, relaunch the local political process, and engage a broad range of stakeholders in discussions about the current challenges and potential future shape of local governance arrangements in Yemen.

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Edited By Peter Rosenberg, Konstanze Jungbluth and Dagna Zinkhahn Rhobodes

The edition of the Berghof Glossary revisits the main principles and approaches that we use in our work to supports people and conflict parties around the world. Strategic thinking and conflict transformation. A reflection on and from the Basque Country. The disarmament and dissolution of the Basque separatist group Euskadi Ta Askatasuna, better known under its acronym ETA, is a unique example of a creative and unilateral transition to end armed conflict. After the collapse of the negotiation process between the Spanish government and ETA in , an internal debate within the Basque pro-independence movement led to a change of strategy.

The new direction eventually resulted in the disarmament and dissolution of ETA in May How did it come about and what lessons can be drawn from this case for other conflicts? This report looks at these questions in detail, based on in-depth interviews with actors who took part in this democratic transition process as well as on the direct involvement and experiences of the author himself.

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Urko Aiartza previously coauthored another Transition Series report on the Basque peace process, covering the period and the various attempts at negotiation between ETA and the Spanish Government Aiartza and Zabalo This report updates it, while concentrating more specifically on internal strategic decision-making, and highlighting the innovative aspects of the current peace process.

Section 3 focuses on the internal debate and the paradigm shift promoted by the Abertzale Left and its consequences. It describes the idea of unilaterality and its potential capacity to transform interparty dynamics. Section 4 focuses on the consequences of the previous strategic shift, mainly the end of the armed campaign and the opening of a possible scenario for talks.

Section 5 analyses the stalemate that the transformation entered after the arrival in Government of the conservative Popular Party.

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It also analyses the ability of the Abertzale Left to try to overcome this stalemate through the opportunities opened by the new paradigm, and reviews the role of civil society in this new scenario. Finally, in Section 7 the author highlights some relevant lessons that can be learnt from this unique process. Peace Prevails Pashtu version. Dari version.

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Transitions Series No. This study analyses the peace and reconciliation efforts of the Afghan government and the armed opposition group, Hezb-e Islami. It identifies enabling factors and limitations of the peace process, the resulting agreement and its implementation, as well as lessons learnt that can be used in future peace negotiations in Afghanistan. Hezb-e Islami was founded to establish Islamic governance in Afghanistan during the s.

It has been one of the main resistance groups throughout the various phases of armed conflict — fighting invading Soviet forces and the Soviet-backed regime throughout the s and the civil war in the s, battling the Taliban for territorial control and then, after the Taliban was ousted in , combatting the Afghan government and its international backers.

Peace Process Support in Times of Crises. The National Dialogue Support Programme's aim was to strengthen and protect the political transition process by supporting locally-owned and inclusive structures and mechanisms for political dialogue, informed decision-making and trust- and consensus-building. Yet, at the same time it had to respond to the political dynamics in Yemen which changed dramatically - and at times very quickly- between February and December Add to cart.

The Youth Space of Dialogue and Mediation. An Exploration. Berghof Foundation Annual Report Our Annual Report sheds light on the highly relevant concept of multipartiality and its guiding role for our programmes and project work. Transformative Approaches to Violent Extremism. Handbook Dialogue Series No.

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Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Both neighbourhoods are former working class areas, and both were part of an urban regeneration programme that was conducted between and and focused on disadvantaged urban neighbourhoods highly affected by structural and socio-economic change. Peace Process Support in Times of Crises. In this case, please refer to order[at]berghof-foundation[dot]org. Plan Introduction. Fieldwork was conducted in seven remote sites of humanitarian intervention,including in Nigeria, where DO actions are still limited. It notes the divergent ways in which primary schools — depending on the social geography of the city and their position within the educational market — respond to these policy changes and the changing parental demands confronting them.

Dealing with violent extremism VE has emerged as a central framework of analysis and policy-making in most Western and non-Western government agencies. Diaspora organisations DOs are newly recognised actors in the humanitarian space. Changing the past in our heads. A facilitator's guide to listening workshops. From Power Mediation to Dialogue Support?

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Children are competent, curious by nature and they want to learn. They need empathetic and devoted companions as well as a safe and prepared environment which facilitates independent living and learning. Informal learning occurs at all times and everywhere and is recognized and valued in our school. Children need reliable and dedicated relationships to participate in dialogue and to be treated respectfully in a way that their needs are taken into account.

The capacity for empathy forms the basis of nonviolent co-existence.

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Its sociocratic structure takes all participants into account and fosters trust, security and a sense of responsibility for the community. APEGO-Schule Berlin stands for tolerance and diversity in practice, which is recognized and supported by an attitude of curiosity and openness. APEGO-Schule Berlin is connected to similar educational projects worldwide both on- and offline, especially in the realm of Latin American culture but also in the surrounding urban area.

Participating families and staff members therefore have access to an extensive intercultural meeting space. We see the whole world as a place for learning and appreciate the use of digital media for communication. APEGO-Schule Berlin sees itself as an intercultural meeting place, which on the one hand supports German-Latin American children in the process of finding their own identity and on the other hand makes the experience of other cultures possible, leading to intercultural sensitivity.

Only by experiencing a new culture with all the senses is it possible to engage with it adequately and openly and to avoid misunderstandings. Intercultural competences broaden horizons and also foster sensitivity regarding other aspects of diversity. People who can experience different cultures find it easier to take on and empathize with other perspectives.

In addition to intercultural competences, command of different languages is a helpful way of entering a multicultural environment. Most people in the world grow up speaking more than one language. Learning different languages simultaneously comes easily to children if the languages are readily available. So-called immersion learning uses the natural aptitude of children to develop language skills independently. To this end, students must first of all experience the language over a long enough period.

Only by immediately connecting what is heard with actions and situations can the child learn to understand a foreign language and ultimately to speak it. Sociocracy is based on equal dignity, mutual understanding and a common search for solutions. This form of organization allows all members of the community to self-organize. This comes into being when people feel secure and acknowledged and have their needs fulfilled.

Satisfaction of fundamental needs is a basic requirement for becoming involved in relationships and for developing trust. Sociocracy is the logical conclusion of our attitude. It takes individual needs into account, yet maintains a focus on the community. Work belongs in the individual circles and work groups as well as jobs related to the daily upkeep of the school. Within the sociocratic framework of the APEGO-Schule Berlin, children learn about, experience and live different forms of decision making, e.