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The Box O’ Truth #33 – Rock Salt in a Shotgun
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It could be dangerous to walk with a loaded and primed weapon. My rifle uses modern "" type primers. They are the same type of primer used for reloading shotgun shells. The old-style copper primer fits over the nipple. I'll ad pics soon.

Facts, tips and tricks concerning shotgun ammunition

Your weapon is now fully loaded. It is as dangerous as any modern shotgun or rifle. Treat it with respect and never point it anything you do not wish to kill or destroy. Be safe!!! Question 1 year ago on Step 4. I've always used for around 18 years pellets in my Winchester Apex. I want to use Blackhorn When I look at your pictures and read, I see that you just put the powder down the barrel of your rifle.

Step 2: Charge the Weapon. (Put the Powder In.)

Does any powder go through the hole in the breech plug? Remember, I've never used loose powder before. Also, remember there's no such thing as a dumb question Taught my kid sound and lighting.

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He's making a good living at it. How to kill? Have yet to find it necessary. Well you shoot your eye out kid..

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Stuff on guns that aren't knex Reply 10 years ago on Introduction. Young Skunkers is out hunting with Mrs.

Step 1: Measure Your Powder.

Buy Shot Loads for Rifled Firearms & Trick Loads for Shotguns: Read 5 Kindle Store Reviews - This book goes into detail on how to make shot loads for rifled firearms and how to use them. It also goes into some detail on trick loads for shotguns and what.

I'm waiting for the rain to stop. Anyway, Pawnshops and gunshops are a good place to start. Some Walmarts carry some pretty decent ones. On-line, you can go to gunbroker. But when you want middle high-end stuff, Thompson is the way to go. They mostly sell the guns you'd find in a gunshop, but few to none medium-high end ones. The old man was a crack shot. I was picking salt out of my ass for a week.

The Overloaded Shotgun...

When my brother and I explained to my dad what happened he pissed himself laughing. It hurt like hell and he was shooting us from much further than 20 yards. What you failed to realize is you only use the largest pieces of salt when loading, none of the small stuff. Road salt works much better. Trent Gardner got 40 years for shooting the kids. I believe there are a lot of other factors that may make a salt round more or less lethal.

Humidity can cause the salt to clump up, grade of salt, type of wad, powder type and load amounts. Barrel lengths and chokes. I think there is too many factors that would affect a test like this for anyone to generalize that rock salt rounds are less than lethal. But it looks like he had fun doing his test.

And found the article very entertaining. Thank you,. Birdshot is better than rock salt. Bean bags are even better. A 2 shot taser is even better than bean bags, but only when used when a 12g with bean bags or rubber pellets are in arms reach. That is, if all he had in mind was robbery.

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The embarrassment of soiling him or herself would add to the fact. A lot of victims that have been hit with birdshot tend to have multiple pellets still inside their bodies. Otherwise you might just injure the perp, and end up with him winning a civil suit case and make you pay for all his medical costs due to the injury. Guy over on island of Kona, Hawaii supposedly killed someone using rock salt he claims back in October Hey dipstick. A real country boy would know that rock salt for sending off neighbor bulls or the neighbors dog or anything that needed a attitude adjustment without death.

TV shows and fantasy are one thing the real thing is know what your talking about to begin with. The rock salt cartridges that Railway Caboose drivers used to shoot at hobos and kids that threw rocks at trains. That way the mass and weight stays in force and then disintegrates at full speed in the air. Giving plenty of penetration power. A whitetail in your garden, a wild horse in your apple orchard, etc. A couple drops of water on the wrapped load when loading will also work. Same primer, same boom… lighter load, lighter kick. Here I am shooting it with the rock salt loads.

Original Chapters. Five of them missed shots the first day, and no one connected. I would advise anyone heading West for elk to practice shooting out to a minimum of yards unless you are willing to limit yourself to closer shots. With the right rifle, scope, load, and plenty of practice, twice that range might not be out of the question. Not true today. Serious hunters and competition shooters alike load premium factory cartridges in their high-end rifles.

Two factors still favor persnickety accuracy handloading: being able to fit the case to center in a particular chamber, and seating the bullet just off the rifling to minimize bullet jump. After confirming accuracy at yards, keep shooting out to the longest range you plan to take a shot during a hunt. If you want to stretch shots to extreme range, know that more than accuracy, bullet drop and wind drift come into play.

Say you pick out a woodchuck at 1, yards with a spotting scope. The laser range finder is on the money, and you adjust an excellent high-power scope for that distance. By the time a bullet flies 1, yards, the earth has turned enough to move the target a little closer most pronounced when shooting due east or farther away shooting due west. Something called spin drift can cause the bullet to drift to one side or the other depending on whether the rifling in the bore twists right or left. If you doubt any of this, ask a military sniper or long-range rifle competitor.

At yards none of this matters. But at 1, yards, all of it can. Another factor that comes into play at extreme range is bullet mushrooming, or more precisely, a lack thereof when bullet velocity drops too low.

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Back when shots at game did not exceed yards, enough velocity to assure bullet expansion was a given with long-range cartridges. Impact energy was the measure used to decide whether a long shot should be taken with a given load.

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During World War II , the shotgun was not heavily used in the war in Europe by official military forces. Also, time is valuable, since we probably don't have a range in our back yard. I Made It! Lever shotguns have seen a return to the gun market in recent years, however, with Winchester producing the Model chambering the. I then returned the plated 00 Buckshot to the magazine.

But as range stretches beyond yards, even with high-speed cartridges bullet velocity eventually dips below what is needed to assure proper expansion. If the bullet fails to mushroom it may penetrate better, but except for a brain or spine hit likely will not cause enough tissue damage to assure a quick, clean kill or to leave a profuse blood trail for tracking.

Most big-game bullet makers peg minimum recommended velocity for adequate mushrooming in the neighborhood of 1, to 2, feet a second. Stepping up to a. The shoulder-thumper delivers foot-pounds of impact at 1, yards.