Summer Sizzle: Stories of Love, Lust, and Passion

They Love Each Other With Passion And Lust
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There, he was exposed to his first passion in life: street art. In a time where such art was frowned upon, Deladonne was on a mission to desensitize the stigma of graffiti, as for him street art was a form of artistic expression on which, who practices it would be able to tell a story, his own story. Therefore, at the age of 13, his pseudonym Spore was born. It was catching on quickly in the Miami street art scene, and a time later, with a strong influence of graffiti complemented by the love for his city, Daniel Deladonne decided to pick up and devote to his definitive creative art form: photography.

In the following years Deladonne was able to successfully gain a significant reliability and a consistent coverage of his work via Instagram, as well as he was capable of practicing his artistic photography in a variety of specific fields that Daniel Deladonne determined for his presentation, naming them as Photography in the field of: Fashion, Street, Travel and Film.

Daniel Deladonne has worked with several galleries around the world, including A. Galerie in Paris, France. His artistic photography was on display during Art Basel Miami week There, he presented a large photography depicting an aerial view of the sea and the beach taken from an helicopter. It is very important to point out the innovative method that Daniel Deladonne has used for taking his beach photographs, as they are not been taken from a drone, but they are been made from the direct eye of the artist shutting aerial views of the landscape with his camera, which makes them very unique.

On it, nature meets human through a figurative real life portrayal from the sky of the water and the sand merging with a geometric rhythm represented by some promenading people, the beach furniture and its equipments, in an overall equilibrate, as well as attractive balanced composition, cleverly captured by the expert eye of the artist behind the camera. Due to the attractiveness of the image, his beautiful light and bright colors, the pristine depiction of the sand, the ordinate arrangement of the beach furniture and the shining view of the sea, we believe that this exquisite artwork will be very admired by the Art Collectors and the general visitors attending the Art Fair.

After his service in the Israel Navy, he relocated to the US in the mid 's and changed his name to Ty Joseph in the process. At first, he toured the US as a musician and eventually settled in Los Angeles. In LA, Ty obtained a degree in liberal studies at California State University Northridge, established a career in real estate and developed his involvement in the zestful nightlife of Hollywood. In , he returned to his early passion of painting, starting a successful career as a visual artist.

While his artwork is influenced by Pop Art, with bold, eye-catching depictions, Ty's paintings incorporate original and attractive elements that enhance his exquisitely and elegant style. By applying symbolic and subtle insinuations which often deal with social interaction, Ty reveals his motivation for creating and defining his identity as an artist.

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Ty works from his residence in Hollywood, California. I would want my biography to be the first letter of my birth city - which is H, and the first letter of my adoptive city, which is L. There is much one can paint just from that. When viewed from a distance, these patterns create an illusion of unity that, upon closer inspection, reveal a much more complex, multi-faceted image, much like the idea of individuality itself.

People will always be an essential source of inspiration to me. It can be anything they do, such as the way someone sneezes or records their voicemail greeting. Then there are the more intrinsic things, such as beauty, clothes, what he says, or she does. I am mainly interested in people I know, or I almost know Los Angeles is such a great place to meet interesting people. Going out in Los Angeles is like no other thing With the help of technology, I can now take great pictures on my phone at night I am an artist that feels the need to be working even when painting is not accessible.

So I use photography as a tool to document my experience when I socialize Exposures is not just about my experience. It is an effort to collectively share experiences that are somewhat linked to a common ground, such as the nightlife scene or the art scene, something that is currently happening. And if someone decides that they want to be a part of it they can. They can then think up how they can be interesting and inspiration to others. In , presented by Contemporary Art Projects USA at Santa Fe Art Fair, a bold-eye signature sweeps of L-shaped patterns are a prominent view in the sophisticate large painting Chanel by Ty Joseph that, with intensity and subtle humor, merges social and human themes rising beyond the Contemporary.

He credits his affinity toward nature to this idyllic time, yet another side of him is passionate and enthusiastic. Ebooks and Manuals

Developing fluidity, mindfulness and color, Kaiulani's Art is unique by its own, inspired by his background from Hawaii and several years residing in Venezuela expressed in sculptures, paintings and art objects. For the viewer, his Art is strong and imaginary, like the archipelago he comes from. After various years painting, I decided to make sculptures, choosing wood as the element of transformation. I created my 'Totems', mystical ancestral pieces conceived through my vision and sensibility A new chapter in my career started using metal for my Artworks, allowing me to present projects on a higher scale, monumental sculptures, and art in public spaces, among others.

Recently Luis Kaiulani has also kindly created important sculptures in relevant public spaces, like his donation to the Village of Flossmoor and Flossmoor Hills Elementary School in Illinois. Luis is also preparing sculptures for a prestigious hotel to be presented next December during Art Basel Miami Week. Presented by Contemporary Art Projects USA, Luis Kaiulani will exhibit several artworks, either a variety of self-standing sculptures, as well as a wall artwork at Art Santa Fe, NM, where he had already a great success last year selling several pieces and receiving an Award.

His Art is always very admired by the Art Collectors attending the venue. From , lives in Miami, FL. Before devoting his life to Visual Art, as a B. Hospitality Management from Florida International University, he was general manager and partner at Indian Creek Hotel, Miami Beach, winning awards for restoring the hotel to its s glamour.

In , as fulltime sculptor developed his artistic creativity in self-standing sculptures and wall installations. His abstract Art depicts images from his imagination that he wants to share with others. Three-dimensional creation always interested him. He brings life and motion to new or recycled metal, connecting his works to each other, as their textures reflect an inner world of fertile vital imagination. His first Abstract Series Tropical Metal, inspired by the plants in his garden, was followed by Square Chain and Construction Series, motivated by our environment's construction.

A visit to Morocco inspired his Levitation Series. On his Turbulence series he made viewers visualize motion over each metal piece, some like imaginary wooden surfaces in contrast to others looking as metallic boiling elements, to remind the Universe's changing evolving nature composed by opposite forces that create the equilibrium for unexpected peaceful end results.

Moved by nearby nature and people, he expanded creating new shapes, reaching balance, essential form and grace, obtaining the equivalent of perfection of any form of Art.

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Summer Sizzle: Stories of Love, Lust, and Passion - Kindle edition by K. L. Middleton, LR Potter, C.J. Pinard. Romance Kindle eBooks @ Summer Sizzle book. Read 31 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Cops, Firemen, and Military Men who doesn't love a man in uniform?.

Raw materials and powerful images assembled by Zammy create vibrations by penetrations, provoke contrasts, inner spaces and deep holes projected to the infinite, while metal filter the backgrounds as these works become intriguing beauty. Composition, equilibrium and balance are qualities of his Art. At once we experience the effects of color, form and symbol. On the Series of Polygon Graffiti, he combines geometric shapes that interact representing non-real objects based in real images and experiences.

On his poetic artworks, inspired by his life and travels, nothing is left to improvisation.

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This was a freebie. Donation for one of the Summer sizzle raffle prices is done. E-Mail : curator contemporaryartprojectsusa. The author also makes him funny and has him pulling at my heart strings at the length he goes to help his sister and protect her! Don't let the pretty name fool you. As Ayla continues to hone her craft of fighting and perfecting the use of weapons with the help of her mentors, Evan and Karina, she continues searching for both the vampire who turned her into the hybrid she's become, and head vampire Linden, the

Assembling artistically designed elements on a flat surface, he transforms it into a rich surface plentiful of texture and color to interact among metal elements, backgrounds, attaching pins, space, light and shadows. Raw materials are used without additional decoration. On a recent work, a new ingredient appears on top of the raw color coated material. A simple metal stripe becomes a unique vibrating element under the masterly creative act of the Artist.

For Zammy emotion is paramount in the symbiosis of abstraction and feeling. He depicts emotional instants of life using paint, wood, metal, acrylic, creating a variety of textures, colors and visual effects to suggest stress, torsion, equilibrium or pain. At Scope Art Fair Miami, he portrayed not only an image, but an event. After a hit-and-run driver rolled over his foot as he crossed the street, he used Art to replicate the life experience of his reconstructive surgery and months of rehab in ZMM HSS Series created when he got back on his feet, born from the X-rays of his damaged foot that he transferred on canvas, stretched over wooden boxes, topped with metal and painting to express his pain and revival.

Zammy said: "Life. It happened so fast.

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From happily walking across the street to finding myself on the pavement with excruciating pain Art was always within me! Every piece is strong, clean, often undulating and at other times straight clean lines. In my work, energy flows to form clarity and purpose. While water and words are easy to pour and impossible to recover, metal shapes into form. But it is the emptiness inside the forms that holds the shadows. Since then, she has created her artworks using collage technique. Her works can be seen in many private collections.

She is one of the founders of the Fashion and Textiles major in Istanbul Ticaret University and worked as a tutor there between She established the textile brand Basement Atelier designing handbags and clutches. At present she continues to study in Istanbul. I have taken the theme recycle not only as a material, but also as conceptually to put an emphasis to vicious circle of socio-economic and historical events at the present day.

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I am questioning the material and consequently the event of dimension which develops in relation with surface. I construct my works in layouts as a stage setting, then I combine them as 30 layers on surface. I commonly use marking, focusing and signing as the indicators of my thoughts. I have shaped my last period works with mixed materials and I am leading the spectator to thinking more by intelligence and reasoning concepts in much more inherent way.

I do not let the content impress the form of my works, when I am influenced from the society that I live in, assemble datas and visuals, I collect from it and reflect on my pieces. I organize the layers in a plastic structure and construct the values that lived in and different time periods consecutively in each layer.

In this way, timeless works come into being which can be worked repeatedly. The absence of color focusses the viewer on the textures and the opulence of lines and shapes that tell a unique story, as well as highlight the artistic expression of the flower over the white or black backgrounds. After taking a course in photography at Ryerson University in , Dale earlier photographed landscapes and self-portraits, later developing her artistic style with images of maritime to urban or industrial views. After , her work embraced floral and still life themes. Now, her artworks mainly created in her studio depict botanical subjects with unique character and feeling, as the artist has mastered her composition and lighting.

In a Spanish photography magazine invited her to have ten images from her oyster mushroom series featured with thirteen other international photographers, followed by invitations to exhibit in art fairs in America, Europe and the Far East. Dale M Reid says: "Photography opened my eyes to the beauty and fragility of the world around me. I left the structured corporate environment and changed genders, it allowed me to explore and develop my creativity After experimenting with colored film, using a 35 mm camera, I was introduced to black and white film.

K.L. Middleton

Cops, Firemen, and Military Men… who doesn't love hot a man in uniform? Three sizzling stories by three talented female authors. After a few choice words in the laundry room, she decides to avoid him at all costs, but fate has a cruel sense of humor and Emma soon finds herself reluctantly agreeing to dinner after helping locate his sister. During dinner, he turns on the charm and Emma struggles with her own resolve to keep things platonic, which proves difficult with someone as sexy and determined as Chase.

On her first time out in search of such an adventure, she meets up with the very sexy Fireman Tyson Langston. Coming from a long line of casual hookups, Tyson Langston is looking for something a little more permanent. Will he be able to convince Kenna to join him on his side of the fence, or will she allow her head to overrule her heart The story moves quickly onto the action as these three friends get naked and explore the joys of… Fingering: A Story of Seduction and Abuse. Vivian could live without most of her famous playwright husband, Joel.

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However, she can't live without his finger. Find out why Vivian's so crazy about Joel's masterful appendage in this quirky, often… Flash Spanking.

Violent: A Sick Little Werewolf Love Story

A collection of 12 short erotic spanking tales that will arouse you and capture your imagination. There's even a couple of ghostly spanking tales. This stories contain hand spanking, switching and paddling. These tales are graphic in nature and are meant for adults only. Blowing My Big Brother.

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Hide and Seek: An Erotic Interlude. They say the night is darkest before the dawn,but those words carry a certain implication:that the night will end, that hope is in sight. What if the night were never to end? What if you knew that? When Ted fails to bring home a Christmas tree, Marcy makes him pay, right in front of Liz and Dirk, who have arrived to help decorate. Winter Nocturne. Buried in snow in a northern Wisconsin cabin may not be everyone's dream, but Annika is thrilled with the opportunity to write uninterrupted.

Still, when a neighboring recluse comes around for an… The Art of Erotic Writing. In this promotional freebie eBook, Jess C Scott talks about the themes and inspirations behind her works of erotic fiction. Features an essay on Fifty Shades of Grey, along with interviews and… Death by Orgy. An orgy to celebrate the summer solstice is taking place in a hay barn close to a remote English village. A naked male body lies face down on the floor, with raucous group sex going on around it. Andie was almost the perfect lover. The only problem was she was also synthetic. Under the oppressive… Mina is a gorgeous Swede who is new to America and having trouble with the sexual politics of the American workplace.