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The place is immense. Cold, cavernous. Silent, despite thousands of people quietly doing their picking, or standing along the conveyors quietly packing or box-taping, nothing noisy but the occasional whir of a passing forklift. It also tells me how many seconds it thinks I should take to get there. Dallas sector, section yellow, row H34, bin 22, level D: wearable blanket. Battery-operated flour sifter.

Twenty seconds. I count how many steps it takes me to speed-walk to my destination: Olive-oil mister. Male libido enhancement pills. Rifle strap. Who the fuck buys their paper towels off the internet? Fairy calendar. Neoprene lunch bag. Often as not, I miss my time target. Source: Internet Retailer Top Guide. Plenty of things can hurt my goals.

Find a Rob Zombie Voodoo Doll in the blue section of the Rockies sector in the third bin of the A-level in row Z42, my scanner tells me. It could be five minutes before I can move on to, and make it to, and find, my next item. That lapse is supposed to be mere seconds. This week, we newbies need to make 75 percent of our total picking-volume targets. You really need to make your targets.

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Lots of retailers use temporary help in peak season, and online ones are no exception. But lots of warehousing and distribution centers like this also use temps year-round. The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that more than 15 percent of pickers, packers, movers, and unloaders are temps. There are so many temps in this warehouse that the staffing agency has its own office here. Always, they can be let go in an instant, and replaced just as quickly. Everyone in here is hustling. At the announcement to take one of our two minute breaks, we hustle even harder.

People who work at Amalgamated are always working this fast. We run to grab the wheeled carts we put the totes on.

One worker says he had an asthma attack while working a night shift

Online retail giant Amazon makes its staff work under "unbelievable" pressure in " slave camp" conditions, with employees at their warehouses. Peeing in trash cans, constant surveillance, and asthma attacks on the job: Amazon workers tell us their warehouse horror stories.

We run past each other and if we do say something, we say it as we keep moving. Especially the lift in the Dallas sector, whose bar has been installed wrong, so it is extra prone to falling, they tell us. Be careful. Seriously, though. We really need to meet our goals here. Thing that looks like a landline phone handset that plugs into your iPad so you can pretend that rather than talking via iPad you are talking on a phone. And dildos. Really, a staggering number of dildos.

At breaks, some of my coworkers complain that they have to handle so many dildos. Best practices. But no laws. Merry Christmas. I got you this giant black cock you wanted. A middle-aged lady near me used to be a bookkeeper. All around us in the break room, mothers frantically call home. I suppose that if I were responsible for a child, I would have no choice but to risk leaving my phone in here, too. But the mothers make it quick.

So we chew quickly, and are often still chewing as we run back to our stations.

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The days blend into each other. A supervisor who is a genuinely nice person comes by with a clipboard listing my numbers. But her hands are tied. She needs this job, too, so she has no choice but to tell me something I have never been told in 19 years of school or at any of some dozen workplaces. Because in my Or for the staffing company that works for that company, anyway. Which is a nice arrangement, because temporary-staffing agencies keep the stink of unacceptable labor conditions off the companies whose names you know.

Though Amazon has been named in a similar suit. And that is how you slash prices and deliver products superfast and offer free shipping and still post profits in the millions or billions. But it is. So butch up, Sally. He has appeared next to me as I work, and in the silence of the vast warehouse, his presence catches me by surprise. His comment, even more so. By the fourth morning that I drag myself out of bed long before dawn, my self-pity has turned into actual concern.

When I arrived, I stashed my lunch on a bottom ledge of the cheap metal shelving lining the break room walls, then hesitated before walking away. I cursed myself. Pick it up! I probably look happier than I should because I have the extreme luxury of not giving a shit about keeping this job.

Airport-style security and breaks cut short by waiting in line

PillPack Pharmacy Simplified. I am still hitting less than 60 percent of my target. But her hands are tied. His comment, even more so. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. They stood outside, masses of them, shivering for an hour as snow fell on their bare arms. But no laws.

I love being around books. When my scanner tells me the book I need is on the lowest level in section 28 of a row, section 28 of the eye-level shelf of that row may or may not line up with section 28 of the lowest level. Or I can crawl. Usually, I crawl. There are other disadvantages to working in books. Lots of the volumes are stored on the second and third floors of this immense cement box; the job descriptions we had to sign off on acknowledged that temperatures can be as low as 60 and higher than 95 degrees, and higher floors tend to be hotter.

They stood outside, masses of them, shivering for an hour as snow fell on their bare arms. Netflix Matthew J. I start inadvertently hesitating every time I approach my target. One of my coworkers races up to a shelving unit and leans in with the top of his body first; his head touches the metal, and the shock knocks him back. In the first two hours of my day, I pick items.

As Amazon Hits $1 Trillion in Value, Its Warehouse Workers Denounce “Slavery” Conditions

The majority of them zap me painfully. I feel bad for the supervisors who are trying their damnedest to help us succeed and not be miserable. I produce a deep frown. One suggestion for minimizing work-related pain and strain is to get a stepladder to retrieve any items on shelves above your head rather than getting up on your toes and overreaching.

But grabbing one of the stepladders stashed few and far between among the rows of merchandise takes time. Another is to alternate the hand you use to hold and wield your cumbersome scanner. Time is not a thing I have to spare. Workampers are people who drive RVs around the country, from temporary job to temporary job, docking in trailer camps. Amalgamated advertises positions on websites workampers frequent. In this warehouse alone, there are hundreds of them. There are people who make the goals. One of the trainers does. She works here all year, not just during Christmas.

One of the permanent employees has tried to encourage me by explaining that he always makes his goals, and sometimes makes percent of them. He shrugs when he admits the size of the bonus. Even some of the employees who are total failures are still trying really hard. Her eyebrows are heavy with stress.

Employee Review

I am still hitting less than 60 percent of my target. But so long as I resign myself to hearing how inadequate I am on a regular basis, I can keep this job. But that would cost space, and space costs money, and money is not a thing customers could possibly be expected to hand over for this service without huffily taking their business elsewhere. And workers have filed lawsuits against online retailers, their logistics companies, and their temp agencies over off-the-clock work and other compensation issues, as well as at least one that details working conditions that are all too similar.

That case has been dismissed but is on appeal. Fulfillment centers want to keep clients blissfully ignorant of their conditions. Further, she said, now that I mentioned it, she has no idea how to go about getting any information on the conditions at the 3PL she herself hired.

New book details brutal working conditions at Amazon warehouses

Nor how to find a responsible one. Like fair trade or organic certification, where social good is built into the cost. If they are aware how inhumane the reality is. And a whole lot of other industries— hotels , call centers—take advantage of the price controls and plausible deniability that temporary staffing offers. This is the kind of resignation many of my coworkers have been forced to accept. At the end of break, the workamper and I are starting to fast-walk back to our stations. The shocking revelations came as part of a BBC investigation into working conditions at Amazon warehouse s, which found that level of pressure staff are put under could cause "mental and physical illness".

One warehouse employee told the BBC that conditions were comparable to a "slave camp". Stress expert Professor Michael Marmot said Amazon staff were suffering "all the bad stuff at once", adding: "The characteristics of this type of job, the evidence shows increased risk of mental illness and physical illness. And it seems to me the demands of efficiency at the cost of individual's health and wellbeing - it's got to be balanced. The investigation saw year old undercover reporter Adam Littler get an agency job as a "picker" at Amazon's Swansea warehouse, which has , square foot of storage.

Littler was given a handset telling him what to collect and put in the trolley, giving him a set number of seconds to find each product as it counted down. The scanner beeped if any mistakes were made. Littler's scanner tracked his picking rate and if it was too low, he was told he could be disciplined. After working a ten and a half hour night shift, he said: "I managed to walk or hobble nearly eleven miles, just short of eleven miles last night.

I'm absolutely shattered. My feet are the thing that are bothering me the most to be honest. An Amazon spokesman said: "The safety of our associates is our number one priority and we adhere to all regulations and employment law. Independent legal and health and safety experts review our processes as a further method of ensuring compliance.