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They justified this decision by referring to the serious damage that would be caused to the Spanish economy if the financial institutions were obliged to repay all of the overcharged amounts from the date of the signing of the loan contract. Normally the decisions taken by the CJEU follow the line of the Opinion of the Advocate General, so we could assume that this would apply to this issue, and therefore, we have an idea of how far back we could claim the loss suffered by the aforementioned clauses.

In conclusion, we always recommend that property purchases are made with the assistance of a specialized lawyer. Our firm, Marbellasolicitors Group, has over 15 years experience helping hundreds of clients in the purchase and sale of their properties, both on the coast and inland. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice on this, or any other topic that might interest you.

Go ahead and make an free no obligation appointment with us!!! Please contact us by e-mail: mail manilvasolicitors. Alessandra's artistic collection is made of limited editions. Each design, allows everyone to have their own style, which is why we are bespoke. Every woman is unique every piece of jewelry is special. We buy and sell the most sort after designer labels you will ever find at the most affordable prices. Including, designer bags, shoes and accessories.

Alessandra and Jacquie decided to bring modern jewellery and designer vintage together, which complements each other nicely. The Frock Exchange at Alessy has created an art gallery for fashion. In order to support this important initiative and raise public awareness of blindness and vision impairment as major international public health issues, Specsavers Opticas want to share important information about impaired vision and offer advice on how everyone can take an active role in looking after their eye health.

Nearly half of all cases are preventable. This figure is set to rise to 2. This figure is increasing every day, and there are now over 72, ONCE members who are classed as legally blind. If necessary, the optometrist will refer you directly for further medical examination to an Ophthalmologist or doctor. Know the signs — Being aware of the symptoms of these common conditions will help you identify them quickly.

They are also offering free eye tests to encourage everyone to get their eyes tested. Visit www. Con la ayuda de otra residente local, Denise Kinahan, consiguieron recaudar suficiente dinero, unos 3. Mandy Thornton from the Curtain and Bedding Shop in Sabinillas has had a very busy summer raising money and collecting food for the Hogar Betania refuge and social kitchen in La Linea. It all began when she was asked to help out whilst another of the centre's benefactors was on holiday. Mandy didn't hesitate and was soon coordinating deliveries of food and other necessary items to feed the 76 children at the centre's daycare unit.

With the help of another local resident, Denise Kinahan, they managed to raise enough money, around 3, euros, to refurbish two rooms and to provide furniture. Not only are they looking at feeding them, but also providing gifts so that none of the children goes without. If you'd like to help and donate towards this worthy cause then pop into the Curtain and Bedding Shop just along from Mercadona in Sabinillas or contact Mandy Thornton via Facebook or call 89 74 77 For more information about Hogar Betania in La Linea and the work that they do visit their website at: www.

One of the ways in which you can help Cudeca Hospice is by creating your own event within the Telethon project. Laude College, alongside Talk Radio Europe TRE , is proud to form part of a series of events that will raise awareness and funds for the wonderful charity Cudeca Hospice. Cudeca Hospice cares for over 1, people each year suffering from cancer or other advanced noncurable illnesses. Since , Cudeca has cared for more than 11, patients, coordinating from the Hospice Centre the following care programmes: Home Care Visits, In-Patient Unit, Day Care Centre and many other multi-disciplinary activities.

All the support provided is completely free of charge. The Gibraltar walk he's chosen for this issue of The Resident describes one of southern Spain's most stunning on-foot adventures, an ascent of the Rock's southern face via the Mediterranean steps. The walk is well within the capabilities of anyone in good health who walks on a regular basis provided that you have a good head for heights.

The highlight of the walk — so long as you have a head for heights - is the footpath that leads up the sheer, southern face of the Rock, popularly known as Mediterranean Steps. Distance: 10 kms Time Required: 3. There are many more treats in store. And to end an already magnificent circuit up pops Ingliss Way leading back towards the start point of. Beyond the gate climb two flights of steps, pass a statue of Elliott commander of the Rock during the Siege of then after 15m bear left up a narrow path.

Climb another flight of steps then continue up Olive Tree Climb which merges with a broader path which leads to a red post box. Passing through the gate to the gardens continue parallel to Europa Road to a footbridge, cross the road then head up Engineer Road.

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Continuing to climb the road leads to another set of gates and a. Angling left beyond the ticket box to a barrier you reach the beginning of Mediterranean Steps. Passing a signboard detailing the fauna of the Upper Rock the path cuts left and climbs steeply: ropes help your upwardly mobile course. Reaching a bricked up building 1 hr angle right through a tunnel beyond which you pass two bunkers: the views from the platform just beyond the second one are breathtaking.

The Walk The walk begins in front of Landport Gate just beyond the drawbridge. From here cut through two tunnels to reach Casemate Square. At the far end of the street pass beneath an arch then cut right across a pedestrian crossing. Here cross the road, pass right of a restaurant to the lower station of the cable car then angle left across a car park to the gateway to the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens.

Passing a group of antennae you reach the highest point of the walk as vistas open out to the west. Here cut right down a narrow road for m to a junction and sign Angling right here you pass a signboard telling of a Spanish attack on the Rock in Cutting right then left, drop down its second section. Cut right at a brick building then left through a gate and continue. Follow the path up past an old bunker. Crossing a plastic pipe, you reach a fence.

Cutting right the path climbs then arcs left, parallel to a low wall. Reaching a Give Way sign continue straight on towards the entrance to The Great Siege Tunnels, angle left down Willis road for m then loop hard right. Here angle right and drop down to a crenellated tower then follow the road as it angles left. Just as it arcs once more right past two huge palms cut left along a One Way street. Reaching a sign for Castle Steps turn right down a flight of steps which angle right then left to a junction.

From here retrace your steps to the start point of the walk. En general, el festival fue impresionante, y una seria oportunidad de conocer a gente muy interesante. The film, which was set in Gibraltar and the Costa del Sol, featured a cast of local talent, many of whom were appearing on film for the first time. A key part of the Festival is the 24hour film challenge in which the filmmaker, with the cast and the crew, or just alone with a camera and laptop! The task is to write a script, direct the actors, shoot the film, edit, sound and music, and deliver the film in 24 hours.

For more information on the Marbella Film Festival or Ruddock Films you can visit their websites at www. All at Mirror Mirror will be encouraged to take part in Michael Jacksons Thriller, played by our DJ for the evening Daniela, who will film and edit this into a fantastic music video where everyone can get involved!

Using primary sources in the social studies and language arts classroom

As its Halloween, why not dress to impress for Michael Jacksons Thriller! This is our Halloween warmup! We will post the completed video on Facebook for your enjoyment and for you to share with your friends! If you want to see some PartyOke examples, then search it on the internet! See you this Halloween Weekend at Mirror Mirror!

Loveliest Flowers on the Costa! These arrangements and bouquets are uniquely and individually designed by Marion Ruth according to the dress and colour choice of the bride and look amazingly real - they have the advantage of being perfectly matched and exactly as chosen for any bride's special day as they can be ordered and delivered in advance. Her talent and skill in creating many special wedding flowers and arrangement was much recognized in the UK where her profession as a Silk Florist brought so much enjoyment and delight to so many people.

Having retired to Spain, she is once again able to share her passion for expressing the beauty and quality of real flowers in lifelike 'silk'. Facebook Loveliest Flowers Vodka and tomato juice, well seasoned with a kick of spicy heat and seasoning, a Bloody Mary cocktail in your hand may well scare the trick-ortreaters away.

Come along and be scared……. En todos destaca la plasticidad y la consonancia. The exhibition consists of 16 works in a range of techniques including charcoal, pencil, and watercolour mainly. The works are a tribute to ancient forms of communication integrating ancient symbols from Nigeria, Egypt, India, China and Japan.

You can visit the exhibition until 28 October from Tuesday to Friday from 9 am till 1. Entrance is free. La huerta, los montes, el perro, la comida, la viuda, la nada, y los caballos, los reales y los alazanes imaginarios. No dejes que el dolor, la tristeza y el hambre, se apoderen de tu esperanza, porque el gozo se transparenta en las aguas ya para siempre.

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Sapiencia del ladrido alegre y demandante. Ella fue amor. Pues sabed que ahora lo poco es mucho para ellos. Nor do many of us evoke the wilder beaches of the Costa de la Luz or the footpaths that run just a few metres from the Atlantic surf. There are oceanside rambles close to Bolonia, a stunning ridge walk on Gibraltar by way of the Mediteranean Steps, and some great walks close to Estepona, Manilva and Casares.

Most walks described are circular whilst linear walks come with advice on how best to return to your point of departure. All are welcome, baptisms, marriage blessings and funerals by arrangement. Further details are on www. George Charity hace entrega de un cheque por valor de 1. La Duquesa Charitable Society of St. The nursery school provides education to some very poor children, without which progression to the partly funded state school is near impossible. This donation, amongst other funds. For more information on the works of the Nyland Knight Charity visit www.

The event will be held at the Sabinillas Sports Centre in Sabinillas, Manilva, on Sunday 13 November from 11 am and will feature dozens of stalls selling all kinds of arts and crafts, ideal for. There will also be a fashion show organised by the Saint George Charity with an opportunity to buy some top quality clothes, shoes and accessories at bargain prices.

If you are interested in taking a stand at the fair please contact secretary dcso-stgeorge. Department headed by Dean Shelton, all the musicians who gave their time and talent for free, all those who helped out by selling raffle tickets, those of you who donated prizes for the raffle and those who bought tickets or just gave cash, your generosity.

All consultations are free but CAB Spain is funded by donations, so if you feel that their advice has been valuable then please make a donation in the tin provided. Contact: info citizensadvice. CIF G One of the shops sells quality secondhand clothing, shoes, hats and accessories; whilst the other sells a wide range of secondhand furniture,decorative items, household goods, books, cds, dvds, etc. Thanks to our generous donors there are new items in the shops daily, so visit regularly so as not to miss out on that bargain. As well as stocking some great items the St George Charity shops also rent out various items such as wheelchairs, walking aids, travel cots, etc.

The shop management welcome donations of quality secondhand items, and can arrange collection if needed. We are also looking for secondhand books, especially in languages other than English, to populate are extensive bookshelves. For enquiries either drop into the shop, call or email secretary dcso-stgeorge. Donate your unwanted items to the St George Charity Having a clear out, moving house, or redecorating? If so The Duquesa Charitable Society of St George is always happy to accept second hand items of furniture, decorative items, household goods, pictures, mirrors, for sale in our new shop in Sabinillas.

The St George Charity also accepts books, dvds, cds, record, clothes, shoes, and accessories the proceeds from which goes. Items can be dropped off at the new shop in Plaza de las Naranjas square in Punta Almina during opening hours - Monday to Saturday 10 am to 1. Call Gary on or email secretary dcsostgeorge.

Contacta con secretary dcso-stgeorge. Volunteers needed Too much time on your hands? Would you like to be part of a local charitable association? Please contact secretary dcso-stgeorge. Sabinillas - Tel: Pero evitar el aburrimiento del perro es posible. Y es que los juguetes ayudan a combatir el aburrimiento cuando la mascota se queda solo en casa. Contar con una variedad de juguetes puede resultar de gran utilidad para acabar con su tedio. Pues, de nuevo, en esto los animales no son menos. Una dieta basada en restos de comida no es saludable para ellos,.

La pauta es olvidarse de los cuencos de comida rebosantes de bolitas y hacerle trabajar un poco por su comida. Bolitas de pienso ocultas en tubos, que el animal necesita sacar con ayuda de sus patas, y hasta comedores con forma de puzle sustituyen a los cuencos tradicionales.

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Averi- guelo Vargas xaeaiXiS, literally, let Vargas ferret it out, or, more generally, find ii out if you can, — a variation of Horace's credat ludaeus Apella, Relative Pronotins. With preface and appendix of valuable confirmatory letters prepared by Prof. I am pleased to announce that next month I will be publishing my third book that is set in our area. Based on Howay's edition of Hoskin's journal no. The Scotsman in Canada, by Wilfred Campbell For any info on how to get fitter, leaner, stronger then get in touch, but remember to speak with your GP before starting any new exercise regime. The affix -isimo is applied to the pure stem of the adjective agreeably to the following laws : — The Adjective, 75 a.

Sin embargo, una de las razones por las que un can disfruta tanto de los paseos al aire libre se oculta en su olfato: los olores disparan su mente. Five Great Ideas Against Pet Boredom Bored pets develop behaviour problems such as excessive vocalising or chewing the furniture, to get the attention of its owner and end his sadness for feeling abandoned Ronald Rosenfeld D. Does your pet get bored? Although scientists point out that certain doses of boredom are good for people, as they stimulate creativity, no one likes to be bored all the time.

Given this concept, pets are no exception. Pets without stimuli can develop behavioural problems, such as destroying the furniture in the house or going for the rubbish bin, for the simple joy of getting to capture the attention of their owner. A bored pet that sleeps all day or spends too many hours alone lacks the necessary motivation for normal development.

This explains why it is not surprising that a pet with a lack of stimuli may demonstrate its lack of entertainment with behavioural problems such as excessive vocalising, destruction at home or disobedience. These behaviours are the only way the pet has to communicate to its master that it has a problem. However, its boredom can lead to even more serious disorders. So a pet that does not get the attention and care it requires can even develop health problems. But avoiding boredom for a dog is possible.

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Here are five great ideas to achieve this. How to choose their toys "Toys are not a luxury for dogs or cats , but a necessity," explain the vets from the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. It has been found that toys help combat boredom when the pet is left alone at home.

But they also provide for their well being helping to prevent the development of problematic and unhealthy behaviours. Having a variety of toys can be useful to end their tedium. There are pets who prefer soft toys, others who are more pleased by the balls for them, while go mad with the dolls that make noise. Your preferences must be taken into account when choosing the most appropriate toys for them.

Prepare them special food Who does not enjoy a good meal with new flavours and maintained homemade recipes made with honey? Well, here again, our pets do not want to be left out. A diet based on food scraps is not healthy for them, but this does not mean that you cannot reward, them occasionally, with a little chicken boneless and lean , delicious homemade food for dogs or cats and cans of wet food. In addition, "the lack of mental stimulation in dogs and cats can provoke many food problems as an inadequate diet.

Therefore, eating disorders, such as coprofagia, compulsive eating and even obesity, which also are related to boredom and, according to psychologists, a lack of incentives," warns Tony Buffington, veterinary nutritionist with the American Animal Hospital Association. This can be achieved by the making of homemade cookies and trying various methods to fill a Kong or other toy with rich and tasty pet snacks.

Tasty Toys Provide tasty toys, interactive toys, to make eating for them more stimulating, are the latest trends. In addition, they are a fun and healthy way to stimulate their minds. The idea is to forget the bowls overflowing with food pellets and make them work a little for their food. Pellets hidden tubes think that the animal needs to get to with the help of its paws, and even feeding implements that are a bit of a puzzle to replace traditional bowls. In this way the mind of the pet gets some mental exercise and is presented with. Provide Aromas Provide pleasant pleasing aromas, it is common to underestimate how important the sense of smell is for our pets.

One of the reasons why they enjoy both being outdoors and walks are the hidden smells they encounter: the sense of smell triggers their mind. In addition to the outdoor excursions, you can prevent their boredom with foods that contain new and varied smells. In addition, in the list of olfactory games that stimulate the animal mind it is possible to find several that will help to placate boredom. Any ideas?

Create a tracking course and see if they will search the hiding place for a very odorous pet search stash, with the hidden treat as a reward! Teach new tricks Dogs and cats are intelligent animals that also need to feel that they are useful and that can learn new things. Tricks for dogs as learning to sit, teaching them cats can be taught to walk with a lead not to pull on the lead or for dogs and cats train them to come when called, to play with toys or other objects, these may be just some suggestions as valuable tools used in animal education and by making it a bit of a game for them may well also be fun diversions for them!

Personalmente me encanta el juego, me gusta. Las sesiones de entrenamiento se dividen en grupos por edades. El Club de Rugby del Estrecho es como una gran familia. And based upon your kids natural strengths or weakness choose a sport that can stimulate it or channel their energy. There are many different skill sets involved in a rugby match, getting fitter is just one of them.

I personally love the game, I like its structure, its breakdown into different physical elements and I love its disciplines. I introduced my son to Rugby Tots aged just 4 years, and I have never looked back. They have. They have many coaches, from young kids volunteering their time outside their own training, to ex-professional players who want to pass on their own experience to the next generation.

The training sessions are made up into small aged relevant sections, kids will learn about the game itself, the rules and skills. They will learn to run, catch, throw, kick communicate, listen and have a ton of fun doing so. There are various different national training camps that occur throughout the year, where kids with ambition can challenge themselves to learn more and aim higher.

It is great to watch kids grow and develop, mature with the game and make you proud on match day when they set up the winning Try or score under the posts. There will be a monthly column in The Resident on Estrecho Rugby Club, following the teams and their matches, all events being held locally and its progress. Not every child will be keen on team sports; some kids are not keen on.

Remember, train wiser, not longer! For any info on how to get fitter, leaner, stronger then get in touch, but remember to speak with your GP before starting any new exercise regime. Electricity meters from euros Top quality installations. All areas covered. Los Corales Junto a Mercadona. Steel framed hospital bed for sale Hardly used Electrically operated - fully adjusts for height and elevation both head and feet.

Wooden head and footboards and side rails. Size 92 cm x cm mattress 90 cm x cm. The strength from home crowd support was proven yet again when the Dutchman Joost Luiten claimed victory at the KLM Dutch Open and the following week Italian golfer Francesco Molinari was victorious at his home Open picking up his fourth career European Tour title at the Italian Open. A Frenchman Alexander Levy won the Porsche European Open and then a week later the most watched golfing event in the world started.

Scratch the surface and look just below this hugely televised grand stage and you will see the next generation of golfers who are honing their skills in the dream of making their rookie season debuts. I am proud to say that I have a few friends playing on the tours just below the main tour, striving to be the next generation and I follow their efforts just as closely. This month it made me proud. The greatest test of golf also started in the last month with the first stages of the European Tour Q School.

The Q School is a series of tournaments played across Europe, open to any professional golfer in the world. Round one is nine individual tournaments. Only the top 20 from each tournament will make it through to the next round of four tournaments to be held in Spain. The top 15 players at the end of the final stage are all given a full card to participate on the main European Tour itself. I am thrilled to see a few of my Friends who use the Costa del Sol as their winter training bases, make it through the first stage.

An extra special congratulations to my Spanish boys that are safely through the first round and now back competing on home soil. Jordi Garcia Pinto, Borja Etchart. Good Luck everyone. Keep on grinding. The event once again proved why it is one of the most televised sporting events across the globe. The Americans led by three points entering the day and pulled away from the Europeans despite some early adversity on Sunday. The first match of the day set the tone, as Patrick Reed and Rory McIlroy thrilled the crowd with an incredible display of golf and emotion on the front nine.

Reed pulled ahead on the back nine and hung on for a 1 up victory with a birdie on 18 to give the Americans their first point of the day. Reed-McIlroy was the most emotionally charged match of the day, but the Sergio GarciaPhil Mickelson match turned out to be the best golf played all day. It was the only match halved on. Sunday as both players shot a 63 with a combined 19! The match is going to go down in Ryder Cup history as one of the finest ever final day matches.

The Europeans won three of the first four matches, as captain Darren Clarke sent out his big dogs early to put points on the board. The Ever cool Swede Henrik Stenson was too strong for Jordan Spieth and secured a second point for the Europeans with a masterclass of golf, as we have come to expect from him.

Rookie Thomas Pieters from Belgium came of age, winning his singles match against a very strong JB Holmes and catapulting himself onto the worldwide golfing stage with a Steller Ryder Cup performance. Having only secured his European Tour card a few years ago at Q school the meteoric rise of this young man is testament to how brilliant his game is.

However, the depth of the Americans proved to be too much as the United States started to get rolling in the middle of the afternoon, posting win after win until they reached 14 points. It was only fitting that the final, clinching point of the event came from Ryan Moore, the task force's 12th and final captain's selection.

Moore put up 2. The United States is now home to the Ryder Cup for the first time. With two years. Calum McGregor. Follow our local golfing talent in The Resident as they compete across the globe. For regular updates visit www. I love playing at home and finally we got this tournament back and hopefully for many more years.

Parker birdied two of the last three holes, with fellow LET player Ellie Givens caddying over the weekend. The King is dead, long live the king US golfer Arnold Palmer, viewed as one of the greatest and most influential players in the sport's history, has died at the age of Palmer died at the Shadyside Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he was undergoing heart tests. During a long career he won more than 90 tournaments worldwide, including seven majors and was hailed as "golf's greatest ambassador" by The US Golf Association.

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Your philanthropy and humility are part of your legend. The golfer was loved as an everyman superstar, and even had a drink. Arnold Palmer was the most important golfer to play the game, says the BBC's golf correspondent. Iain Carter. Fellow golfing great and a close friend of Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, said he would "miss him greatly. We just lost one of the incredible people in the game of golf and in all of sports. Arnold transcended the game of golf. He was more than a golfer or even great golfer.

He was an icon. He was a legend. A New Golf Shop opens in Duquesa! On Tuesday 4th October, Roadrunner Leisure announced an expansion of their leisure activities with a new local Golf Shop in Puerto de la Duquesa, offering a range of quality Golf Clothing and Accessories. Callaway, Oakley, Peter Millar, Glenmuir and Ecco are a few of the brands available for ladies and menswear. Garmin watches, Oakley sunglasses, Ogio golf bags and a range of accessories: gloves, balls, tees, towels etc to complete the range.

With a variety of products on display and extremely competitive prices, no quibble guarantees and next day delivery on preorders, the Golf shop also offers an excellent opportunity for the perfect gift with Gift Vouchers. I say satisfying as on one occasion a little guy of about 12 came in with his family. He desperately wanted Wi-Fi but his parents said he had to use his pocket money. He made a deal with me that if he had it for three days on the daily rate could he extend for the weekly rate if he could afford it.

Which he duly did and was very chuffed with his negotiation skills. On another occasion a chap arrived to find his electric wheelchair with batteries dead as. His wife came to our shop and asked if we could help as he was stranded at home on the terrace, we replaced the batteries the same day. The reward came when the chap himself came to the shop in his wheelchair, wearing his Roadrunner T-shirt that he had purchased earlier in the year, to convey his untold gratitude that we were able to help him so quickly.

This can be a very satisfying business. The support we have had from everyone including friends, tourists and local business people has been tremendous and beyond expectation. With the addition of the Golf Shop we have managed to increase our range of leisure services to the community and visitors. With much more planned we look forward to the year ahead and your continued support. Roadrunner Leisure, found opposite Il Capitano on the first level in Puerto de la Duquesa, began in April this year offering a range of hire equipment: bikes, mobility scooters, wheelchairs and baby equipment.

They soon added short term Wi-Fi and TV solutions for weekly hire and increased their range of activities to include Boat trips, Fishing, horse riding lessons and pony trekking. With a new Golf Shop we wonder what might be next on the horizon. The Foundation provides information on all the key cancers, including breast cancer, cervical cancer, throat cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer, testicular cancer and bowel cancer. Honorary Chair, Ronan, will host the first Golf Challenge in partnership with Maria Bravo, Founder of the Global Gift Foundation, that is dedicated to philanthropic events worldwide; to help raise funds and make a difference towards children and women across the globe.

His passion is. Global Gift Foundation: Global Gift Foundation is a philanthropic non-profit organization that aims to create a positive impact on the lives of children, women and families who are in need. Created in by Maria Bravo, she personally oversees that donations go directly to the beneficiary projects being supported. Global Gift Home Casa Global Gift is the first project of the foundation, a dream come true that will try to help hundreds of children with rare and chronic diseases.

A multifunctional center in the heart of Marbella where these children can receive specialized treatment daily without having to travel to other cities. Global Gift Foundation will continue to support research for children with rare diseases with third party organizations. I had the pleasure of caddying for the French player Alexandra Vilatte Farret, ranked th in the world. A solid starting round of -1 71 put us in 5th place two shots behind the leader. Alex backed that up with a second day score of level par and not only did we make the cut but we were still holding onto our top ten place going into the final two rounds.

Fighting to the very end but not getting the rub of the greens we finished in a respectful 31st place out of the field. Massive congratulations to Azahara Munoz, who was playing a few groups behind us. Our local hero went on to claim a historic victory and one that I think she will cherish for the rest of her life. The event was a huge success, congratulations to Director Juan Alvarez and his team from Aloha golf. Congratulations to all the players that took part. It was a pleasure to spend the week on your tour and I hope that I will be caddying again at one of your events in the not too distant future.

They are a group of local ladies that love playing this wonderful game, and would welcome into the club anyone who has played before, or would like to learn to play. They have Spanish speakers, so if there are Spanish or other nationalities that would like to give netball a try, join them at training on Tuesday nights from 6. The first session free so. The season is from the end of January until the end of May, then from mid September until early December.

On an almost monthly basis there is a tournament, either played here in Manilva, or at Laude School, in San Pedro which gives them match practice. Don't worry if you haven't played for years, it's all about meeting new people and having fun. For more information join Manilva Netball Club, on Facebook. Deans Charter Fishing from Duquesa Port are putting together a winter fishing club. Almost four hundred participants took off from calle Mar to compete in the race which counts toward their score for the Malaga provincial circuit and was organized by the department of Sports, headed by Agustin Vargas, the Manilva Cycling Club, Andalucian Cycling.

Federation and the Provincial Government of Malaga. As for the fastest marathon time, Ojen native Antonio Ortiz completed the 64 km course in 2 hours and 41 minutes. I am pleased to announce that next month I will be publishing my third book that is set in our area. The book and its adventures are set in the village of Sabinillas, Sotogrande and the Duquesa ports. Touching distance is a love story. It is an inside the ropes look into the Andalucian cultures and lifestyle.

A behind the scenes look into a professional golf tour and above all a testament to my goals and my passions.

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Surprisingly the golf does not take centre stage in this book but more the stories that unfolded around the sport. Stories of triumph over adversity and healing of broken hearts. Sorrow, Glory and heartache. News and information for the western Costa del Sol in English and Spanish. See More. Puerto de la Duquesa Tel: www. It includes an innovative schools festival which allows pupils to benefit from the talks and conferences delivered by world renowned speakers.

Local authors who are not already participating in this Festival will be able to promote, sell and sign their books at a facility being set up by the festival organisers in the vicinity of the festival headquarters at the Garrison Library. How long is a bit of string? Before we entered the murky world of Lurchers we had Joe, a pedigree Staffie as our canine companion.

Thinking of getting a Lurcher Dog and want to know if Lurcher is a better choice for your household? Go here to know more. Life span, years. The lurcher is the offspring of a sighthound mated with another breed, most commonly a. As a general rule lurchers needs more excercise than the greyhound and are A lurcher is technically the result of a greyhound crossed with a working dog like.

Lurchers for Beginners has always been fearless in its expose of the truth about lurchers, and so this time we face up to that stuff they have all. Read indepth Lurcher Dog breed facts including popularity rankings, average Lifespan 12 - 15 years. Pedigree Breed? The average lifespan of a Lurcher is 12 to 15 years, and while these are generally healthy dogs, there are a few inheritable issues you should.

Meet our lovely lurchers There's a lot of talk about the latest designer dog breed these days, but we reckon that lurchers are the original designer breed!. Lurchers are crossbreed dogs common in the UK and Ireland.