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Please mention your interest in our premium package in your query. If your licenses are not in order, we will not be able to embed the font into your ebooks.

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As a general rule, we will only embed fonts in Premium Package projects. There may be times, however, when an ebook would be enhanced beyond simply using italics , boldface , or monospace type, or other common presentation practices. An example of this is a novel that makes use of incomplete character sets, or unsupported or inconsistently-supported character sets, as is the case with many non-English characters.

In almost all cases, however, we can accomplish any presentation you need using XHTML and cascading style sheets. We do not recommend embedding more than two fonts, as each font increases the file size of your ebooks.

Format Your eBook for Kindle in One Hour - edition by Derek J. Canyon

If we do embed fonts in your ebooks, we will select from among several elegant open source fonts with licensing terms that allow distribution in commercial products such as the majority of those offered at Font Squirrel , The League of Moveable Type and the Google Web Font project.

In other words, a little bit here goes a long way, so we stick to chapter headings and subheadings, and blocks of text where an embedded font makes sense. If you think your ebook may need embedded fonts, please mention it in your query with a reference to which portion s of text so we can be sure to properly evaluate your manuscript. We design print interiors for fiction, narrative non-fiction , and some types of technical manuals and textbooks.

We do not design print interiors for coffee table books , cookbooks, or other highly-stylized books. Please mention your interest in print-ready production in your query. On a case-by-case basis, we will execute a rush project. In those cases, we charge a premium at 1. A rush project is any project that jumps the queue ahead of previously scheduled work. Some exceptions may exist, but if you need us to get something done within the next 4- to 6-weeks, plan on paying the rush rate and plan on us declining the request.

We reserve the right to waive this deposit for authors with whom we have an existing relationship. Note: You may have heard or seen a few titles that were free for a long time. Those publishers may have worked with a company that works with Amazon. It will be available for free for 5 days of your choosing when you enroll in their KDP Select program. Even if you do not enroll, you must have a price tag on it for a minimum of 99 cents. You may, however, opt out of the KDP Select program before your 90 days are over.

When you do opt out, and the 90 days are over, you can distribute your eBook anywhere you like. If you do enroll, and stay opted-in, your 90 days will renew and you will be given 5 more days of free promotion. Not everyone has a Kindle. But the Kindle App is free to download and is available on the following systems:.

So is it possible to mix this pervasive and free app into your strategy for marketing your eBook? Step 7: Upload your eBook. Within hours, the remaining details will be visible on the detail page, such as product description and links related to the physical edition. Your eBook cover Your cover is everything. Think of it as a blog design: you go to a blog and have — in my personal opinion — less than 10 seconds to attract the reader. As your personal guide through this process, I highly recommend you hire a designer.

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Can I un-publish at any time? Royalties As the publisher, you determine the price.

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You can read more about it on the Pricing Page. You defined your target audience and have an idea of how to market it. You wrote the eBook, formatted, and uploaded. Keep it going.

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Promote your eBook, keep up with your readers and blog, and begin your next project. Content marketing , self-publishing, eBooks — this is our future. Snack Media will not share your personal details with any third party and will only store your details for the purpose of our newsletters.

I just recently published my ebook to Kindle and did it all myself. Your email address will not be published. Posted by charlie on 13th March in Blogs 2 Comments. You have an incredible, life-changing idea? If you already have an established platform — or want to build one — this eBook will fortify all your other online marketing efforts. Without a target audience, an eBook is useless.

Ask yourself: Who is my target audience? What do they like? What will they learn? What am I offering them for their time? How can I make this eBook build a relationship with my readers? But what about pictures? How will that appear on various electronic devices? I hope you can help with that too. Thanks a mill.

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I use images in some of my ebooks and for me, aspect ratio and resolution are very important. Using the wrong aspect ratio will warp the images and a too-low resolution can compromise the quality. You may find the following useful:. I was looking for an answer as to the best size to format my document so I have the best chance of my book no looking unprofessional — I needed a minimum size for it to flow properly. This is the first time I have seen the size that an eBook should be typed in anywhere.

Lacking this information I have formatted my new first E Book to A5 size that seems to confirm to, for example, a kindle. Working to an average of words per page I Therefore type in 12 point. My question is that if, as you recommend, working to standard 11 x 8 normal size, what size should I now type in. The same question applies to pages such as dedications, contents, etc. I wish to publish on kindle s book that has a quotation on a single page, followed by flowing text afterwards. Going to downloads your templates now too.

Thanks for that!

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You state Standard 8. But image size and page are not the same thing. If images are not sized properly they will still look very bad on any size page and the larger the page the worse images can look. Most folks like to zoom in a little on images to see some detail, especially if the ebook is an art, photography, or has many images of importance. So simply stating making the page size large enough for the ipad really has nothing to do with making the images of proper resolution.

On an 8. I prefer to use A4 sized paper to that my documents can be viewed and printed in the rest of the world and not just Liberia, Myanmar Burma , and the United States,. Thanks for that comment… I was wondering that myself as I am in Australia and we use A4 etc. Great to come across some information that can help with self publishing for an e book.

Struggling finding a publisher or agent who does not want money up front. Considering self publishing without any or too much cost. Thanks for the information Chris. I plan to do ebooks heavily populated with pictures. I had in mind, a magazine style double spread look with picture on one side and text and possibly another small picture on the other.

The amount of text will be too small to flow to another page. However, I see there are download size limitations. This must limit the amount of images I can include. Originally I considered at least 50 pages of images and text. Should I use an 8.

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Interesting point. You set the payout amount and when your account has reached that amount we will automatically pay you on the following Monday, via the method you select. An example of this is a novel that makes use of incomplete character sets, or unsupported or inconsistently-supported character sets, as is the case with many non-English characters. Definitely not! Those are for sale at Barnes and Nobles Nook store. Thanks so much for this website and your shared ideas. Alas, my Word program is in metric.