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Volume 36 Issue 2 Jan , pp. Volume 35 Issue 1 Jan , pp. Volume 34 Issue 1 Jan , pp. Volume 33 Issue 1 Jan , pp. Volume 32 Issue 1 Jan , pp. Volume 31 Issue 4 Jan , pp. Volume 30 Issue 3 Jan , pp. Volume 29 Issue 1 Jan , pp. Volume 28 Issue 1 Jan , pp. Volume 27 Issue 1 Jan , pp. Volume 26 Issue 1 Jan , pp. Volume 25 Issue Jan , pp. Volume 24 Issue Jan , pp. Volume 23 Issue Jan , pp. Volume 22 Issue 2 Jan , pp. Volume 21 Issue 1 Jan , pp. Volume 20 Issue Jan , pp. Volume 19 Issue Jan , pp. Volume 18 Issue Jan , pp. Volume 17 Issue Jan , pp. Volume 16 Issue Jan , pp. Volume 15 Issue Jan , pp.

Volume 14 Issue 1 Jan , pp. Volume 13 Issue Jan , pp. Volume 12 Issue Jan , pp. In this residue-free method, titanium dioxide particles are brought into contact with polluted water as photocatalysts. Under UV irradiation at wave-lengths below nm, change carriers are generated in the semiconductor particles that act so intensely oxidizing as to completely degrade almost all organic pollutants in waste water.

In this process, the ultra-violet part of the solar spectrum can be harnessed to generate oxidation equivalents. Thus, solar photocatalytic waste water cleaning is excellently suited for developing countries. Depths of controlled drillings by means of underground drives; Teufen von gesteuerten Bohrungen mittels Untertageantrieben.

Today, the most modern directional drilling technology not only is used in case of very deep drillings deeper or longer than 2, meter by means of deep-level drilling rigs, but also with small, highly mobile universal drilling rigs. Thus, drilling costs are reduced, and unconventional hydrocarbons methane gas - oil shale and shale gas deposits are explores economically. Furthermore, known near-surface petroleum deposits in Northern Germany as well as in other parts of the Earth such as in Romania, the U.

Furthermore, today it is possible to investigate with controlled drillings more economically and with more safe sites for a possibly final storage of highly radioactive wastes. Controlled drillings may give an answer to geotechnical questions on highly inaccessible on optimum points for drilling wells in order to plan underground cavities or to investigate tunnel axes geotechnical or hydrological.

In this thesis, first, single gold nanoparticles of various sizes deposited on such an LED were investigated. A clear enhancement is detected as long as the dipole plasmon resonance of the particle is at a shorter wavelength than the LED emission. If the plasmon resonance coincides with the LED emission or is at a larger wavelength, the enhancement turns into suppression. Numerical simulations indicate that this latter effect is mainly caused by the particle quadrupole resonance producing extra absorption. Arrays of MNPs can be produced by a special mask technique called ''Fischer pattern nanolithography'' and manipulated in shape and size by additional steps.

After transformation of the particles to spheres, a clear enhancement was detected. Light that would otherwise remain trapped inside the substrate is coupled out by resonant plasmonic scattering. Investigations on analogous structures on a transparent high-index material GaP indicate a stronger coupling between the particles than expected on the basis of literature data.

Dabei ist in drei Gruppen der Funktionalisierung zu unterscheiden: geometrische Funktionalisierung, werkstoffliche Funktionalisierung und integrative Funktionalisierung. Engineering failure assessment methods applied to pressurized components; Bruchmechanische Bewertung druckfuehrender Komponenten mittels ingenieurmaessiger Bewertungsverfahren. Zerbst, U. The paper presents the two methods, explaining their advantages and shortcomes as well as common features. Their applicability is shown by experiments with two pressure vessels subject to internal pressure and flawed by a surface crack or a through-wall crack, respectively.

Both the R6 Routine and the ETM results have been compared with results of component tests carried out in the s at TWI and are found to yield acceptable conservative, i. In der vorliegenden Arbeit wurden beide Methoden vorgestellt, wobei ihre Vor- und Nachteile, aber auch ihre Gemeinsamkeiten herausgearbeitet wurden. Die Anwendung wurde an zwei innendruckbelasteten Behaeltern mit Oberflaechen- bzw. The visualization of pannus in rheumatoid arthritis using NMR imaging.

Pannusdarstellung bei rheumatoider Arthritis mittels Kernspintomographie. Schnarkowski, P. Ulm Germany ; Bader, C. Ulm Germany ; Goldmann, A. Ulm Germany ; Friedrich, J. Ulm Germany. The knee joints of 15 patients afflicted with rheumatoid arthritis were investigated using the method of nmr imaging.


Parameters of investigation were the spin-echo and fast-field-echo sequences as well as the MR signal behaviour of proliferative synovial changes following intravenous administration of gadolinium dtpa. Pannus having formed on the articular surfaces or beneath the articular cartilages was distinguishable from other changes on the basis of the increased signal intensities to be observed after gadolinium dtpa had been given.

Untersuchungen zur oxidativen Bildung von Stickstoffmonoxid in Pflanzen sowie zur Visualisierung von Stickstoffmonoxid mittels Fluoreszenzfarbstoffen. Im Pflanz Automation of the driving using the dynamic programming; Automatisierung des Treibens mittels diskreter dynamischer Programmierung. Muenchen, Garching Germany. Lehrstuhl fuer Regelungstechnik. Driving is a metal forming process throughout hammering in cold state. It can create almost any 2D and 3D metal sheets using universal tools.

During driving, many parameters of the tools and the sheets affect the forming process, which inhibits a complete automation. In this paper, a model based control for a 2D driving process is proposed. The process of stretching L-shaped metal sheets is analytically modelled. Three phases, namely hybrid deformations, material flow as well as springback and inverse bending, describe the deformation process at one stroke. This results in a nonlinear non-affine , time-discrete state space model.

A model predictive controller MPC is then designed to determine the optimal control inputs at every time step. Thereby, an objective function that describes the costs from a start angle to an end condition is minimized by means of discrete dynamic programming DDP. Unfortunately, such methods are often knowledge-based and thus restricted to extensively annotated texts, which are not available to a sufficient extent for ancient Greek. In this article, we describe an approach that is based on the distributional hypotheses instead, to overcome the problem of missing annotations.

Despite its experimental state, the method produces some meaningful results as shown in three examples. Enforcement of mandatory third party access based on antitrust law; Zwangsdurchleitung mittels Kartellrecht. Access of third parties to power transmission systems which up to now is governed in Germany by ownership rights will not run smoothly in future, although the general policy decision ended the dispute about the if, however leaving open aspects of the how. The problems arising in designing the how are currently displayed to the public by the disputes about conditions and model solutions reported from the telecommunications area, where deregulation is ahead of the developments in the energy sector.

Obviously, the contention point is not technical feasibility of third party access, but the economic aspects and the conditions offered to competing suppliers depending on access to a transmission network. Hence it can be expected that there will be conflicts of interest that will have to be decided. The legal basis for conflict management is outlined in the recent amendment to the EnWG German energy industry act , and jurisdiction will primarily rely on paragraph 6 of the act, referring to antitrust review.

The contribution here gives an outline of the legal framework conditions governing enforcement of third party access to transmission systems in the future deregulated energy market. Dies wird zur Zeit dem deutschen Publikum im Bereich der Telekommunikation mit fast taeglich neuen Varianten vorgefuehrt.

Es geht dabei offensichtlich nicht um die technische Machbarkeit der Drittnutzung, sondern um die wirtschaftlichen Konditionen fuer Konkurrenten, die fuer ihr Leistungsangebot auf den Zugang zum Netz angewiesen sind. Konflikte ueber die Bedingungen dieses Zugangs sind daher vorprogrammiert, und es stellt sich die Frage, nach welchen Regeln und durch welche Gremien oder Institutionen solche Konflikte entschieden werden sollen.

Investigation of relativistic laser-plasmas using nuclear diagnostics; Untersuchung relativistischer Laserplasmen mittels nukleardiagnostischer Verfahren. The present work explores with the development of a novel nuclear diagnostic method for the investigation of the electron dynamics in relativistic laser-plasma interactions.

An additional aim of this work was the determination of the real laser peak intensity via the interaction of an intense laser short-pulse with a solid target. The nuclear diagnostics is based on a photo-neutron disintegration nuclear activation method. The main constituent of the nuclear diagnostic are novel pseudoalloic activation targets as a kind of calorimeter to measure the high-energy bremsstrahlung produced by relativistic electrons. The activated nuclides were identified via the characteristic gamma-ray decay spectrum by using high-resolution gamma spectroscopy after the laser irradiation.

The high-energy bremsstrahlung spectrum has been deconvolved using a novel analysis method based on a modified Penfold-Leiss method. This facilitates the reconstruction of the spectrum of bremsstrahlung photons without any anticipated fit procedures. Furthermore, the characterization of the corresponding bremsstrahlung electrons in the interaction zone is accessible immediately.

The consolidated findings about the properties of the relativistic electrons were used to determine the real peak intensity at the laser-plasma interaction zone. In the context of this work, experiments were performed at three different laser facilities. The results obtained with the novel nuclear diagnostics method have lead to an advanced understanding of high-energy electrons produced in relativistic laser-plasma interactions.

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What is more difficult to justify, however, is the English transcription of Chinese names. Its activity during an 18 hour long term run was constant in contrast to the reference. Words exist as kind of organisms or memes - they reproduce in proper environment, mutate and evolve through a natural selection. Among the methods of phenomenological psychotherapy there established in the last years and got its stable prominent position the method of bibliotherapy - the usage of the written texts created not specifically for the psychotherapeutic discourse as the means of psychotherapy. Es soll gezeigt werden, wie Euler bzw. Without reliable methods for the exact determination of the FCS in Am III complexes, the quantification of the covalency in the metal-ligand bond is not possible.

Particularly, the capability of the nuclear activation-based method to determine the real laser peak intensity at the relativistic laser-plasma interaction zone was demonstrated. Results of ultrasonic disintegration of sewage sludge in practice; Ergebnisse des Praxiseinsatzes der Schlammdesintegration mittels Ultraschall. Friedrich, E. Using high-performance ultrasonic sludge disintegration in different stages of sewage and sludge treatment is found to be an innovative approach for reducing the accruing amounts of sewage sludge in terms of both mass and volume.

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By means of practical tests with sludge disintegration at sewage treatment plants, its effects are demonstrated. An Hand von Einsatzerprobungen der Desintegration in der Klaeranlagenpraxis werden die Effekte der Desintegration vorgestellt. Uterine cervical cancer. Preoperative staging with magnetic resonance imaging; Zervixkarzinom.

Praeoperatives Staging mittels Magnetresonanztomographie. Collettini, F. The treatment of uterine cervical carcinoma is largely dependent on the tumor stage. Despite significant inaccuracies in the clinical examination, uterine cervical cancer remains the only gynecological form of cancer still largely staged according to clinical findings. Although imaging is still not included in the staging the recently published revised FIGO Federation International de Gynecologie et d'Obstetrique system encourages the use of modern cross-sectional imaging magnetic resonance imaging MRI and computed tomography CT.

Due to its high soft tissue contrast MRI allows excellent non-invasive assessment of the cervix with direct tumor delineation as well as assessment of the prognosis based on morphological factors. Therefore MRI is considered to be the optimal modality for diagnostic evaluation starting from FIGO stage IB1, for radiation therapy planning, and for exclusion of recurrence in follow-up. In this paper we give an overview of the role of magnetic resonance imaging in preoperative staging of uterine cervical cancer.

Die MRT ermoeglicht dank ihres hohen Weichteilkontrasts ein ausgezeichnetes nichtinvasives Staging des Zervixkarzinoms mit direkter Tumordarstellung sowie einer Prognoseabschaetzung anhand bildmorphologischer Faktoren. This final report for the Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE takes a look at methods of supplying small equipment such as Internet telephones, web cams, hubs, hard discs, audio equipment, point-of-sale terminals, game consoles etc.

The advantages of PoE over the use of separate power supply units are discussed and recommendations are made to the manufacturers and users of small peripheral equipment regarding the dimensioning and loading of such power supply systems.

Procedures and means for determining enzyme activities. Verfahren und Mittel zur Bestimmung von Enzymaktivitaeten. Aim of the invention is a procedure for the determination of phosphorylating enzyme activity by using an improved means. Cellular extracts and cell lysates, resp.

The phosphorylated antibiotic is evidenced by autoradiography or any other identifying procedure. Fields of application are molecular biology, genetic engineering, biotechnology and medical special fields. Institutionalisierung durch Imitation? Analyse von Kunststoffadditiven mittels Laserablation gekoppelt mit induktiv gekoppelter Plasma Massenspektrometrie. Die Laserablation gekoppelt mit der Massenspektrometrie mit induktiv gekoppeltem Plasma ist eine vielversprechende direkte Feststofftechnik, die sich jedoch bei der Analyse von Kunststoffen wegen des Mangels an matrixangepassten zertifizierten Referenzmaterialien nicht durchsetzen konnte.

Verfahren zum Fuegen zweier insbesondere rohrfoermiger Bauteile mittels eines wirkmedienbasierten Umformverfahrens und hiermit hergestelltes Werkstueck. Further claimed is a suitable tube product e. USE - Process to join two sections of metal pipe e. Neutralisation of contaminated areas via rail; Neutralisation kontaminierter Gebiete mittels der Eisenbahn. The problems that arose in dealing with the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster show that today we still do not have the requisite means and technology to neutralise radiation-contaminated areas effectively.

Growing terrorism, ease of manufacture and the threat to use a 'dirty bomb' make it imperative to seek new ways of countering terrorism. Transport by rail offers an effective technical means for dealing with the aftermath of radiation contamination, including terrorist threats. Diese Verbindungen sind immer wieder einmal thematisiert, aber nur ansatzweise systematisch erforscht worden.

Jahrhundert hinein existierte. Steiner Economic Re- view,, Vo1. Der Einsatz der Datenverarbeitung im. Evaluation of the energy consumption and climate comfort by means of a complete vehicle simulation; Energieverbrauchs- und Klimakomfortbewertung mittels Gesamtfahrzeugsimulation. Petr, Philipp [Technische Univ. Braunschweig Germany.

Intelligent thermal management for vehicles can significantly reduce energy consumption and improve the climatic comfort. This paper describes an approach of how to analyse and evaluate vehicle thermal management techniques and their combination with different test cycles in a connected vehicle environment as examples.

The focus will be particularly on the methodological approach. Based on the energetic analysis of the considered drivetrain topologies conclusions can be drawn about the complex thermal and dynamic relations. The analysis in turn is based on the results of the full vehicle simulation and refers to reference driving cycles and relevant environmental conditions.

The energy flow analyses derived from the simulation are used in order to develop suitable thermal management techniques, to evaluate their potential and to integrate them in the vehicle. In addition to the influence of the measures the potential resulting from an intelligent combination of techniques and their control strategies are identified. The energy consumption advantage as well as the improved heating of the passenger compartment - especially at low ambient temperatures - will be evaluated.

The empirical study shows that Mouselab in fact changes the information acquisition process, but this does not affect the quality of the preference Yet, the cognitive process preceding the choice decision is usually ignored. The eye tracking technique can be used to gain However, because of the technical requirements, an efficient application of eye tracking is often hard to realize in managerial practice. Therefore, the use of alternative process-tracing approaches like Mouselab This article examines the question if there is any information technology IT on the market that meets the needs of an energy utility for an integral and comprehensive tool to control its operations.

The possibilities offered by so-called 'Enterprise Application Integration' EAI are examined and the intelligent linking-up of various sources of data is discussed. The current and future situations in typical utilities are looked at, where the unbundling of activities threatens to make business processes that are already complex even more so.

Various models for the integration of existing IT applications such those using 'peer-to-peer' architectures, data warehousing and 'middleware' applications as well as their advantages and disadvantages are discussed. An example is given of integration using a 'middleware' solution in the maintenance area.

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A well-tried project implementation process is described. Die Inszenierung der Toten. Full Text Available For the self-perception of the Kingdom of Italy, founded as late as , the soldiers killed in action during WW I played a particular role. The war memorials built for them along the front between the Stelvio Pass and the Isonzo River, the frontier to the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, are a case in point. After their seizure of power in , the Italian fascists radically converted the memorial culture from the mourning of the dead to their celebration as fascist martyrs.

New war memorials were built, now rather driven by the ideas of heroism and sacrifice for the nation — and for future wars. These new war memorials were also erected in regions where no fighting had taken place during WW I, as in South Tyrol, at the Brenner or the Reschen Pass. This was a clear indication of their function as an instrument for political propaganda. Modeling for pipe decontamination by means of high-frequency percussive action; Modellerstellung fuer die Rohrdekontamination mittels hochfrequenter Schlagwirkung. The formation of persistent scales in pipes causes lower flow rates and therefore represents an economic problem.

The contamination of scales - which usually is the case in most industrial applications - also poses a problem with respect to the scales' environmental compatibility. The currently applied techniques for the removal of these scales involve the use of auxiliary materials which accumulate large quantities of secondary waste that is costly to be disposed of.

In this research, an environmentally friendly removal method for tubing scales was developed and qualified. The analysis of the currently used technologies formed the basis for the analysis and systematic evaluation of different principles of removal action methods. Consequently, a concept for a new impact based removal method was established.

Mitbegründet von Gerold Ungeheuer (†)

The mechanism of this technique is the application of a high-frequency percussive action by a geometrically defined tool. The impact on the scales cracks their surface and causes their fracture and thus the detachment from the pipes. Compared to alternative removal methods this proposed technique works without any auxiliary material and thus prevents the production of secondary waste. The investigation of the impact process was carried out in a newly developed test rig.

In this test rig, the maximum forces of the percussive tool were measured with shear force sensors on the tubing surface and the resulting stress on the tube was obtained. The evaluation of the measured values using the method of descriptive statistics demonstrated that the high dynamic stress of the tubing due to the complex tool motion is based on a normal distribution. Based on this evaluation, the effects of the influencing factors on the stress of the tubings were systematically measured and outlined in a mathematical model. This model describes the dependency of the tool and the process of related factors that influences the tubing stress.

According to this model, this stress is composed of the different impact intensities and frequencies which are transmitted by the percussive tool. The stress model was then simulated and the effects of the influencing factors were demonstrated for different parameters combinations.


For the investigation of the removal process through this new percussive technique, cement stone was used to simulate different types of scales inside tubings. The effects of the influencing factors of the tool and the process have finally been identified in extensive ablation studies where the effectiveness of the percussive technique for the removal of stubborn tubing scales is being demonstrated.

New X-ray refractometry for nondestructive characterization of high performance composites; Charakterisierung von Hochleistungsverbundwerkstoffen mittels Roentgenrefraktion. Labor 6. Facing the basic relevance of single fibre bonding for the mechanical properties of composites relating testing methods are requested. These have not yet been satisfactory. A new nondestructive method provides a fast and precise tool to determine the fraction of debonded fibres by refraction of X-rays at the interface of fibres in composites.

The systematic analysis of thinwalled unidirectional tapes of carbon fibres in thermoplastics results in specific characteristics of different lots. These were successfully exploited for the improvement of the processing parameters. The new method is selective for fibre orientation. The detection of specific defects in composites of orthogonal fibre orientation is performed by X-ray refraction topography.

First investigations reveal clearly the detectibility and identification of impact damages and paper inserts. Tropospheric trace gas measurement by tunable diode laser spectroscopy. Final report. Messung troposphaerischer Spurengase mittels Dioden-Laser-Spektroskopie. A TDLAS instrument was built which simultaneously measures four selected trace gases and is sufficiently sensitive for use in 'clean' air conditions. The instrument is the first of its kind to be used for measurements aboard ship platforms in clean marine air.

In order to guarantee that the instrument function continuously for several weeks at a time under the difficult conditions encountered at sea, a variety of innovative technical developments were necessary. The TDLAS instrument was used to investigate boundary layer tropospheric chemistry in one engineering test and four field campaigns. Three of the field campaigns took place on board the German research vessels.

The measurements on board the research vessels enabled different types of tropospheric air to be investigated: i clean maritime air; ii maritime regions influenced by continental sources of trace gases and pollutants, in particular the coastal region around the west coast of Africa was thoroughly investigated under downwind conditions.

Sales gas hydrocarbon dew point control with a refrigeration plant; Konditionierung des Kohlenwasserstofftaupunktes im Verkaufsgas mittels einer Kaelteanlage. Konieczny, J. A new refrigeration plant was put on stream in the gas plant Aderklaa, Austria in the fall The quality criteria inherent to hydrocarbon dew point of the sales gas have already been accomplished.

The contract Allgemeinen Netzzugangsbedingungen defines the hydrocarbon dew point at the value of 0 C with a pressure ranging bar g. A propane cycle produces the required cooling energy. The propane cycle consists of two propane compressors, one of them as back up, a condenser, an accumulator and an evaporator. Process gas coming from the sweetening plant Aderklaa I is lowered to a temperature of C, where approx. When the refrigeration plant was designed, attention was given to the operating costs to keep them low.

After commissioning and start-up, full operability of the new plant was tested and documented. The pre-set project goals were accomplished, with respect to both the technical point of view and the economic aspects. Intra-group separation of rare earths using new organic phosphorus ligands; Intragruppentrennung Seltener Erden mittels neuer phosphororganischer Liganden. Rare earth elements REE have unique magnetic, photophysical, and chemical properties and they are therefore used in numerous high-technology applications.

However, to this day, the isolation of pure rare earths from primary and secondary raw materials is very challenging. In this work, the hydrometallurgical separation of neighboring rare earths e. The separation of rare earths yttrium and all lanthanides except promethium was investigated with fourteen new organophosphorus compounds. Oxygen-bearing phosphinic acids yielded good separation results for heavy rare earths dysprosium to lutetium.

For light rare earths lanthanum to neodymium , particularly high separation factors were realized with synergistic systems containing an aromatic dithiophosphinic acid and a co-extractant, such as tris 2-ethylhexyl phosphate TEHP. Optimization studies of the latter extraction system revealed an extremely high separation factor SF of 4. Another focus of this work was to understand the extraction mechanism. Studies revealed a dependency between the selectivity for rare earths and the coordination number of the formed complexes.

These data provided additional information about the origin of selectivity for neighboring rare earths. With regard to the industrial capability of the investigated extraction systems, the chemical durability of ligands was studied under process-relevant conditions. Qualitative and quantitative analytical methods e. After the decomposition products had been identified, reaction paths were proposed. The impact of this decomposition on the separation of rare earths was followed, in single extraction experiments, over a period of up to several months. Full Text Available [english] Introduction: Communicative competence is essential for daily medical routine.

The usefulness of communication-trainings for physicians is described in various publications. However, specific trainings in paediatrics are rarely found. A characteristic for paediatric work is that the primary communication is not only with the patient — the child — but also with the parents.

Data of self-evaluated communicative competence in contact with parents was collected from all participants before and after the training of the intervention group. A follow-up survey to record the transfer into clinical practice was conducted with the participants after six months. Results: After the training participants of the intervention group showed an increased feeling of communicative competence in reference to communicative situations that were explicitly practiced in the training. However, a group effect was not found.

In the follow-up survey participants reported an improved self-perception and specific elements of the training that facilitated the daily clinical practice with parents and their children. Discussion: The training of specific relevant clinical situations lead to an increase in perceived communicative competence and competence in handling difficult encounters with parents. Communication trainings should be integrated not only into the medical student education but also into post-graduate education curricula. Nach 6 Monaten schloss sich eine Nachbefragung bei den Teilnehmern zum Transfer in den Klinikalltag an.

Eine Integration von Kommunikationsschulungen nicht nur in das Medizinstudium, sondern auch in postgraduierte Ausbildungs-Curricula erscheint daher sinnvoll. Gadolinium recovery from aqueous pharmaceutical residuals by pulsed electrical discharge; Rueckgewinnung von Gadolinium aus pharmazeutischen Abwaessern mittels gepulster elektrischer Entladung. Advanced oxidation process AOP is an oxidation step releasing reactive oxygen species by pulsed electrical discharge in aqueous systems.

In contrast to processes generating ozone by external UV radiation this method is feasible for turbid liquids with solid particles. This method is currently used in particular in the field of purification of chemically polluted waste waters. Positioning strategies for decentralized energy resources providing reactive power voltage control; Anlagenauswahl und -positionierung zur Spannungsstuetzung mittels Blindleistungsmanagement dezentraler Erzeugungsanlagen. The integration of decentralized generation into power distribution grids in Germany has reached a level at which more and more grid reinforcement is required in order to keep voltages within the given limits.

The consumption of reactive power by decentralized generation systems can reduce the voltage rise, which is caused by active power in-feed of such systems. Caused by different characteristics of overhead lines and cables, this effect significantly varies. Parameter studies of four commonly used types of lines, of different power ratings of decentralized generation systems as well as different lengths of lines can quantify the effects. It can be shown that - depending on the characteristics of a specific grid - the grid capacity for power in-feed can be increased by factors between 1.

Image processing. Volumetric analysis with a digital image processing system. Volumetrie mittels eines digitalen Bildverarbeitungssystems. The book is arranged in seven sections, describing various applications of volumetric analysis using image processing systems, and various methods of diagnostic evaluation of images obtained by gamma scintigraphy, cardic catheterisation, and echocardiography.

A dynamic ventricular phantom is explained that has been developed for checking and calibration for safe examination of patient, the phantom allowing extensive simulation of volumetric and hemodynamic conditions of the human heart: One section discusses the program development for image processing, referring to a number of different computer systems.

The equipment described includes a small non-expensive PC system, as well as a standardized nuclear medical diagnostic system, and a computer system especially suited to image processing. Development and standard of batter slope monitoring by means of simple telemetering. Entwicklung und Stand von Boeschungsbeobachtungen mittels einfacher Distanzmessungen. In the search for mainly automatic measuring techniques that furnish real-time areal data on deformations in marginal batters of opencast workings, it was decided inter alia to adopt the technique of direct linear measurement across the workings at the brown coal opencast mines in the Rhineland.

The present paper describes the development of this technique from the use of instruments which initially were operated manually to the introduction of automatic measuring stations. The successful application of this technique in all the opencast workings in the Rhineland brown coal mining area is discussed. Since the accuracy obtained in electro-optical telemetering depends to a large extent on the meteorological conditions, it can hardly be increased with the instruments at present available.

Hence, it is essential that two-colour telemeters which are perfected for field-work and are not refraction-prone should be developed. Development and testing of passive autocatalytic recombiners cooled by heat pipes; Entwicklung und Erprobung mittels Heatpipe gekuehlter katalytischer Rekombinatoren. A severe accident in a nuclear power plant NPP can lead to core damage in conjunction with the release of large amounts of hydrogen. As hydrogen mitigation measure, passive autocatalytic recombiners PARs are used in today's pressurized water reactors. PARs recombine hydrogen and oxygen contained in the air to steam.

The heat from this exothermic reaction causes the catalyst and its surroundings to heat up. If parts of the PAR heat up above the ignition temperature of the gas mixture, a spontaneous deflagration or detonation can occur. The aim of this work is the prevention of such high temperatures by means of passive cooling of the catalyst with heat pipes. Heat pipes are completely passive heat exchanger with a very high effective thermal conductivity.

For a deeper understanding of the reaction kinetics at lower temperatures, single catalytic coated heat pipes are studied in a flow reactor. The development of a modular small-scale PAR model is then based on a test series with cooled catalyst sheets. The experiments show, that the temperatures of the cooled catalytic sheets stay significantly below the temperature of the uncooled sheets and below the ignition temperature of the gas mixture under any set boundary conditions, although no significant reduction of the conversion efficiency can be observed.

As a last point, a mathematical model of the reaction kinetics of the recombination process as well as a model of the fluid dynamic and thermohydraulic processes in a heat pipe are developed with the data obtained from the experiments. Monitoring effects of river restoration on groundwater with radon; Ueberwachung der Auswirkungen von Flussaufweitungen auf das Grundwasser mittels Radon.

The restoration of the perialpine river Toess in a floodplain of northern Switzerland Linsental included the removal of bank reinforcements and tracer studies in the river and in oberservation wells of the adjacent alluvial groundwater. The river water is continuously recharging the aquifer system and the groundwater is used extensively as drinking water.

Radon activity concentrations of freshly infiltrated groundwater are interpreted as radon groundwater age between the river and a well. A first flood after the restoration operations resulted in a widening of the river bed and in a reduction of the flow distance to the wells. Sixteen days after a second flood, the results of radon measurements were compared with those from before the restoration.

The radon age of the groundwater between the river and the wells decreased, probably as a result of the reduction of the flow distances. Concentrations of autochthonous and coliform bacteria increased after the restoration operation and even more one day after the first flood. Thus the findings on the bacteria corroborate the interpretation of the radon concentrations. The restoration has not yet reduced the quality of the groundwater, which is pumped for drinking water.

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The study is contributing to the solution of land-use conflicts between river restoration and the supply of drinking water from the alluvial groundwater. In diesem Gebiet infiltriert der Fluss ueberall und immer natuerlicherweise ins Grundwasser, welches stark als Trinkwasser genutzt wird.

Radon-Aktivitaetskonzentrationen von frisch infiltriertem Grundwasser wurden interpretiert als Radon-Grundwasseralter fuer Strecken zwischen dem Fluss und Grundwasserbeobachtungsrohren. Nach einem ersten Hochwasser bewirkten die Renaturierungsmassnahmen eine Aufweitung des Ufers und eine Verringerung der Fliessdistanz des infiltrierenden Wassers zu den Rohren. Im Vergleich mit Radonmessungen vor diesen Massnahmen, resultierten Messungen, die 16 Tage nach einem zweiten Hochwasser durchgefuehrt wurden, in einer Verringerung der Radon-Grundwasseralter auf dieser Strecke, dies als Folge der Verringerung der Fliessdistanzen.

Die Zahlen von autochthonen und coliformen Bakterien stiegen bereits bei einer Messung nach der Befreiung des Ufers und dann besonders bei einer Messung einen Tag nach dem ersten Hochwasser. That beats me. Das ist Nebensache. Das ist nicht. Das ist nicht meine Aufgabe. Das ist. Das ist nicht zu verachten. Das ist noch nicht alles. Das ist schon wahr.

Das ist streng verboten! Das ist zuviel gesagt. Das mache ich im Schlaf. I can do it on my head. Decke : manta, blanket; cubierta, techo, ceiling usu. Zimmerdecke [IE.

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Lexikalische Kategorien - Einführende Beobachtungen (German Edition) eBook: Aileen Enders: lirodisa.tk: Kindle Store. Results 81 - 96 of Bären-Gedichte von der Liebe (German Edition). by Martin K. Lexikalische Kategorien - Einführende Beobachtungen (German Edition).

Die Sache hat einen. Donner : thunder [IE. Du bist mir ein feiner Freund! A fine friend you are! Du brauchst unbedingt Hilfe. It would be this very decision that drove him into bankruptcy. Eigenschaft predicate, quality, property, qualify Eigenschaften qualities, attributes, properties. Einrichtung constitution, installation, setup, institution Einrichtungen facilities, establishments,. Er entging knapp dem Tode. He just. He thinks. His life is no bed of roses. Er hat Schiss! Er hat Schwung. He is to blame for it. Er ist ein alter Hase. Er ist ein. Er ist ein arger Tunichtgut.

He is all talker. Er ist ein paar Jahre zu jung. Er ist ein paar Tage verreist. Er ist ein Spielverderber.