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There was even a little room to move around so it wasn't super restricting and fit like in the picture.

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I love how this has lining too! The lace is lovely as well :. For a replica, the quality is very nice.

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The printing is slightly blurry, but that happens with all replicas. It's not really that noticeable though. You can't expect them to be brand quality. The fabric is nice, and not thin. I've seen reviews saying that some DoL fabric is thin, but that was definitely not a problem here.

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It was a bit stiff, but after I wore it once, it softened some. There was no problem with the sizing, as I had it custom sized. I've also seen some people say they've had sizing issues, but you just have to get your measurements right and be very specific with DoL dresses. All in all, it's not brand quality, but it is very nice, and it's super cute.

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I'd recommend it. I'm super pleased with this dress. I ordered it at the end of december and it already arrived. I also used the custom tailoring service and the sizes are all correct, it fits super well. It's my first lolita dress so I don't have a comparison, but for me the quality is perfect. Would totally purchase a dress from this website again.

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My Lolita Dress is a platform to shop the branded top quality but cheap Lolita dresses, including sweet Lolita dresses, Gothic Lolita dresses and much more. One piece lolita dresses are refered as OP for lolita lovers, and they refer to dresses Together with petticoat, socks and shoes, we will love your lolita fashion.

I bought this dress with the overcoat, but it is a lovely piece on its own. The dress, like the coat, is quite weighty. Lots of fabric! But this means it is warm enough to wear on a cool day. The look is simplistic, but sophisticated. I wore it by itself on a cool spring day and received many compliments. The quality of the materials is good, and a hidden zipper makes the dress easy to put on and take off.

The ensemble is also stunningly beautiful, if you are considering buying the whole set. This replica is absolutely amazing.

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I am extremely impressed with the quality and accuracy to the original Holy Lantern. I was email back pretty much immediately and all questions were answered promptly and friendly.

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Everything was explained to me and it really eased my tensions. Time: It took around a month to get my items in my hand, but the biggest reason it even took that long is because a few items were sold out of stock and she had to get more, but she kept me posted about how it was all coming along. Shipping: Price wasn't too bad.

The fastest international shipping I've ever seen! It was DHL of course and from the day she notified me it was shipped, to the day it came to my door was only 4 days! I'm used to waiting two weeks just for shipping so I was extremely pleased! Fitting: Tried everything on, it all fits true to the sizing chart shown on the site.

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Price: I find it actually cheaper than most taobao resellers and for the convenience of the site in english and USD and all, I think it is worth it. I feel like it would end up the same price after all the things you have to go through directly from taobao anyway. Item quality: You will see in my photos, the item quality came in great! Everything was neatly packaged individually in plastic wrap to keep them all folded and neat and keep the wig from tangling.

The Classical puppets petticoat is just oh so soft and I really love it! All individually packaged. Classical Puppets Bell shaped petti packaged.

Bows were detachable as well as the waist ties. Overall: I give this site a thumbs up. I found it pretty easy to navigate although a few changes could be made like with any website. The communication was excellent and it is really what made me contact her for a reserve order which we are working on together at this time.

Very understanding, very fast and everything came very neat.