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Sariah, one of Malaysia's first policewomen, laid to rest
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Loved the few cameos from her previous novel of Evan Awesome Dawson Awestruck , and his role in this one. I knew when I read the blurb about the situation that this was the coach that was mentioned in that novel. I am a fan! Always a pleasure to be gifted a review copy from the publisher via NetGalley to read for her. My opinions are my own, but I do have some bias. Her works are the best fix!

The Friend Zone is a brilliantly written tale about a talented college student on his last chance or bust. Logan arrives at EOL knowing this is it, his entire future rests on not blowing this second and only chance to graduate and change the direction of his life. A life, a past he so desperately needs to escape. His new Football coach is willing to throw him a life line - that is as long as Logan follows a very strict set of rules. Easily done right?

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That is until Logan starts spending time with Jess and realises this girl is everything he never knew he needed. Now, this is a pretty great premise right? Trust me, Ms Wilson does it justice. There were a few tiny plots that I felt bordered on a touch immature but then again, these are college students so it was understandable.

What pushes it to a four star book? The page scorching chemistry between Jess and Logan. Good grief lady! Ms Wilson has outdone herself proving sex is not a requirement for two characters to sizzle. I needed to fan myself just from the minigolf scene. But then, what did I expect from the ever talented Sariah Wilson? So much so, that I kept wondering if Logan Hunt and Jess were going to go beyond censoring themselves and feeling hot under the collar after their bouts of denial, the chest-heaving sense of attraction, the running away and the pushing and pulling. The answer, in short, is…no.

Wilson instead, does it the old school, slow-burn way: through friendship with some romantic, underlying tension and lets it grow and grow and…well, grow, with some bouts of humour in between. Apr 20, Anna rated it really liked it. I voluntarily read and reviewed an copy of this book. Thanks to the author for providing a copy of this book via Netgalley What an adorable story with amazing book boyfriend!! I'm smitten with him! Caring, tender, brave, honourable man! The heroine was about immature, a bit so so.

This book is PG, only kissing scenes, no sex Hero celibate before and after meeting heroine, heroine kissed someone else during their friendship. Jun 18, Julie Carpenter rated it really liked it Shelves: chick-lit , kindle-book , laugh-out-loud , part-of-a-series , personal-library , sports , go-to-read-agains , netgalley , review-books , I have to say that I absolutely loved Logan Hunt's character.

He was a very complex character who was not at all what he seemed at first glance. As the author delved further into his character and his background, I couldn't help but think he was awesome. I love books that leave me feeling inspired and wanting to do and be better. Logan's story left me feeling that way. I'm not going to give away anything about his story, just let you know I really liked him. Now, was he a perfect character? Nope I have to say that I absolutely loved Logan Hunt's character. Nope, but he was trying and working hard and I really admired that.

Another character I admired Yep he was great. When I said coach just barely, it made me think of the old tv show, Coach. Haven't thought of Coach in forever. The coach in this story wanted his players to succeed. He set some hard rules for some players but helped them see he was trying to help them succeed, not only in football, but in all aspects of their lives. I really liked his rules and not bending on them even though he might want to for the players. I also really liked another character in this book Ok, not really Danielle but I couldn't help mentioning her. Although, I had guessed her reasons behind the attitude she gave to Jess.

And by the end of the book, I kinda liked her. I liked the comedic moments she and Jess brought throughout the book. Absolutely loved Ben. Ok, that was totally tongue in cheek. Well, I loved Ben for the laughs he gave me I'm giggling thinking about it. Logan, you're funny and very punny! Hey look I'm a poet!

Hee Hee! Ok, there's totally a double meaning behind me saying I'm a poet, and I only meant the first one when I wrote it, because you know, I rhymed funny and punny! But after I wrote, I'm a poet, I was totally giggling even louder because of something in the book. Those of you who haven't read it yet, you will know I can't forget her character. Oh, I don't really know what to say about her. Not in a bad way, don't know. In the way that I don't want to spoil anything by talking about her. She's a complicated character like Logan. I loved their friendship and relationship.

It was very complicated. But I loved watching them trying to keep in line with her dad's yes her dad is the coach rules. Yet, the more time they were together, they harder that was. I really enjoyed this one, the characters and friendships and relationships were well written. One I think fans of Sariah Wilson will really enjoy. Content: This book deals with an attempted date rape and the emotions from the attempted rape.

It also has topics of death of parents, jail, and abuse. There is talk about alcohol and some very mild references to drugs. Some more passionate kissing. Some innuendos and references to the characters having past sexual relations but there is no sex in the book. I received a copy from the publisher, Montlake Romance, via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions in the review are my own. Happy Reading!!! The Friend Zone is an adorable college romance featuring one reformed player who is at his last chance college and one football coach's daughter that has turned her life upside down after a trauma.

I adored Logan and Jess! First, Jess is a math nerd. I love depictions of women in Science and Math. Logan is incredibly sweet. He isn't a jerk football player who is an ego manic. This is a friends to lovers story too! Logan isn't allowed to date anyone and certainly not the coach's daughter, Jess. B The Friend Zone is an adorable college romance featuring one reformed player who is at his last chance college and one football coach's daughter that has turned her life upside down after a trauma.

But he decides to be her friend and help her gain the attention of a guy she is crushing on. Logan has some hilarious nick names for Ben the crush and I was laughing out loud multiple times. Both Logan and Jess are attracted to each other, but they know that absolutely nothing can happen. Logan can't lose his literal last chance and Jess wouldn't put him in that position. The string of "non dates" that occur between Logan and Jess allow them to really learn about one another and build a great friendship.

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Logan is so funny with his quippy nicknames and funny one liners. Bash, his roommate is hilarious as well with his creative ways to swear without swearing since cussing is against the team rules. The Friend Zone had me laughing and swooning in equal measure and I fell in love with the characters! This isn't a typically college sports romance with a jerk jock and a nerd girl.

Its not a fake romance trope. Wilson didn't go for any of the "obvious" tropes in The Friend Zone and the story is all the better for it. The Friend Zone. Coach nodded at Ford, who walked over to the white board and picked up a marker. Coach kept talking. But I had the feeling the worst was yet to come.

On or off the field. Respect has to be earned. No one did. I really enjoyed this one. I loved the college setting, plot and characters.

REVIEW: #Awestruck by Sariah Wilson

Full review to come. May 26, Christina rated it it was amazing. The plot was good, with two people becoming friends and fighting to stay that way when they both want to be more. I loved the coach and the life lessons he was trying to teach the football team. And despite being very hard to live by, Logan does his best to follow the rules. Jess and Logan were such good friends and their flirting and bantering were so fun.

I loved the added depth that came from each of the protagonists backgrounds- each came from their own set of difficulties and were changed as a result of it. Jun 14, Anne OK rated it really liked it Shelves: kindle-unlimited , reads. Charming and fun-to-read from cover to cover. Jess and Logan were such a great young college couple, although they had a few challenges to get through.

You'll find that their challenges are a bit different from most college sports romances. Logan is definitely not the standard-written college jock making the story all the more unique -- and Jess is just the perfect girl for him as he is the perfect guy for her. Loved having this break from the angsty and dark kick I've been on lately.

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Apr 12, Samantha Kennicott rated it it was amazing. I have been anxiously awaiting the newest arrival from Sariah Wilson, and it definitely didn't disappoint. The Friend Zone is a book that I know I will read over and over for its heart, humor and depth. I fell in love with both lead characters. There's Logan, the swoon-worthy quarterback who is determined to do more with his life than the dysfunctional parents who raised him.

Logan is strong and ambitious and totally driven to achieve his goals, but he's also incredibly caring and sensitive, not I have been anxiously awaiting the newest arrival from Sariah Wilson, and it definitely didn't disappoint. Logan is strong and ambitious and totally driven to achieve his goals, but he's also incredibly caring and sensitive, not to mention hilarious and totally gorgeous. He's not looking for love, only for redemption and the chance to fulfill his dreams, but then he meets Jess and realizes how much he needs someone to care about him.

And then there's Jess, a woman who has survived both the death of her mother and a vicious attack and betrayal that sent her spiraling into an identity crises. She hides behind her trust issues and overprotective father as an excuse not to put herself out there. That is, until Logan Hunt comes along and she finds her heart healing and her ability to trust and open up to someone returning.

There's just one problem: Logan and Jess are forbidden to date- her father is the football coach with a no nonsense set of rules for his players to follow, one of which prohibits dating. So for most of this story, Logan and Jess are trying to fight their attraction to each other and focus on staying in the Friend Zone. It's incredibly difficult for them, and nearly every scene between them is charged with the romantic tension they're barely holding back, which makes for some super hot chemistry.

But mixed in with that are the delightful and touching layers to their relationship- the fun, easy friendship and the emotional depth they are able to share with each other. It felt so satisfying to watch the progression of their relationship, which was a new twist on the best friends to lovers category within the romance genre.

These two weren't long time best buddies who eventually realized they loved each other. These two were more "love at first sight", but because they couldn't act on it, they became best friends instead. Which, of course just made their love stronger in the end.

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I will always, always, always buy everything Sariah writes, and I can't wait to read the stories of some of the fun and loveable side characters from this book. For now, if you're looking for a sweet, clean romance with plenty of heat and even more heart, The Friend Zone is the book for you! Feb 06, Tara rated it really liked it. I liked the characters even side ones like Bash and Keilani and the college setting was fun! And their inner dialogue seemed more than normal and it started to feel a bit redundant.

Sariah Wilson remains one of my favorite auto-buy authors an 3. Sariah Wilson remains one of my favorite auto-buy authors and this was still way better than most clean romances out there! The Friend Zone by Sariah Wilson was a terrific read.

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I enjoyed every last word. One of the few books I wish was longer than it was.

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Logan Hunt has hit rock bottom in terms of being kicked out of college and playing football. He was given one final chance to go to school and play college football, but he and the team had so many rules to follow. Jessica Oakley or Jess, was the coaches daughter and Logan's math tutor. Sparks were definitely flying with these two. Inspiration Behind Starstruck. The idea for Starstruck came from a couple different places. First off, I am a lifelong fangirl. And as such, I follow some of my favorite people on Twitter, including actor Justin Baldoni, one of the stars of Jane the Virgin.

I have been a fan of his character and the man portraying him since day one.

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